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  1. Why are those things happening then? What's the agenda?
  2. If I were you, I'd either kill myself - or find a new job
  3. Ringwraith

    Iom On Tv.

    So our national day is pure theatre then? Prog was ok, but too much time spent with catwoman. Could have shown a few more glens etc as it was made to look pretty bleak in parts. Are we on Countryfile this week as well?
  4. It's not 'your' money once you deposit it into a standard bank account. It becomes the bank's property - and your 'asset', so yes they can impose restrictions on what they allow you to do with it. Other types of accounts and banks do exist but are outside of most people's knowledge or reach. There is a very large flight of capital from European banks at the moment, especially from Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, this is having a knock on effect to the rest of the system. Banks in France have been limiting cash withdrawals, and closing branches and or shutting down computer systems - now this. I find it hard to believe the entire system has gone down due to certain tech update glitches. A bank of this size will have mutiple back ups for their systems in bunker type facilities. Watch for more of this and job cuts within the sector.
  5. Looks like you'll be able to do that here soon:- http://www.iomtoday....-rush-1-4583789 Good idea as I would imagine if the vault is in the free trade zone in the airport and you don't take physical delivery of it you would save the 20% VAT. I may be wrong but I think that's how it works. Reference the above - Can anyone advise me on who, what, where and how this works?Please PM me..thanks There's an e-mail address at the end of the linked article Manxy. As long as the vault is customs bonded it shouldn't really matter where it is to save the dreaded VAT.
  6. Looks like you'll be able to do that here soon:- http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/business/gold-rush-1-4583789
  7. Keiser's great, been telling it like it is for years now - not that many on here pay too much attention though!
  8. Greek Bank Run Update: Up To $1 Billion A Day Now http://www.zerohedge.com/news/greek-bank-run-update-1-billion-day-now?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+zerohedge%2Ffeed+%28zero+hedge+-+on+a+long+enough+timeline%2C+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero%29
  9. Worsening failures as predicted. Usual BS about run-off causing the problems. We pump out RAW SEWAGE at our most popular beaches and other places on the island, and we also discharge into our rivers. More than £100M spent, worse water quality, raw discharges = nobody fired on the good ole IOM. Here's where definitely not to swim or eat fish from: - Raw sewage is pumped out all round the Island at Peel, Ramsey, Port Lewaigue, Laxey and Baldrine, and Andreas' shite also gets pumped out raw somewhere up north past Jurby. Sub standard effluent discharges to the sea exist at Dalby, Kirk Michael, Jurby, and 2 points in Maughold. And substandard effluent discharges to rivers (which drain to the sea) exist at Glen Maye, St. John's, Patrick, Ballaugh, Sulby, Bride, Corrany, Glen Mona and in the central valley. The shit we do manage to trap and dry to pellet form at Meary Veg, we incinerate and release into the atmosphere over Douglas - Dioxins anyone? You couldn't make it up! Loads more info on the 2010 thread http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/39977-worst-beaches-in-british-isles/
  10. The following article also mentions 13,500 troops - BUT it states that the overal military and security forces are estimated between 20,000 - 49,000, so perhaps that is what he meant. " Olympics 2012 security: welcome to lockdown London London 2012 will see the UK's biggest mobilisation of military and security forces since the second world war and the effects will linger long after the athletes have left In addition to the concentration of sporting talent and global media, the London Olympics will host the biggest mobilisation of military and security forces seen in the UK since the second world war. More troops – around 13,500 – will be deployed than are currently at war in Afghanistan. The growing security force is being estimated at anything between 24,000 and 49,000 in total. Such is the secrecy that no one seems to know for sure." http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/mar/12/london-olympics-security-lockdown-london
  11. This one's not bad for 16 It's only natural that people will question a system that is failing in almost every area. Edited to add that he's embedded a link to download his album 'for free' MDO
  12. I believe this type of ‘pot’ is only about 5-10% pure when tested, and is usually bulked out with anything from engine oil to dirt, shit and plastic. I wonder what harmful effects these substances cause to the user when burned and inhaled? I’d also imagine that much of the ‘paranoia’ associated with recreational drug use comes from the fact that these substances are covered by some pretty draconian legislation, no matter how stoned you are it’s probably in the back of your mind that you’re going to jail if you get caught out. Hemp seems a pretty amazing plant, it can be used for food, soap, cement, fuel, clothing this list is pretty much endless really – no wonder it’s banned or only grown under license in fields surrounded by armed guards, barbed wire and minefields. It was probably pretty much obligatory to grow the stuff on the island in years gone by, when it was used for making ropes and sails and the like, no doubt the state or church taxed it and made you grow it, now they lock you up and tax the non smokers to pay for that privilege.
  13. 9% drop! Hope you don't work in a bank
  14. This debate will soon be immaterial, once the nation is bankrupted it will be absorbed into the EU superstate - resistance is futile. At least then the Manx Nazis will be able to moan about people other than the English though.
  15. I'm not a racist but....
  16. Seeing as we are going further down the road of the quite clearly ‘planned implosion’ of the world economy, I thought I’d post up a link to a thought provoking film I watched over the weekend. It’s quite long, and a bit drawn out in places but was very interesting all the same. It covers multiple topics and will undoubtedly attract all the usual conspiracy, tin hat labels from the usual dickhead trolls that haunt these boards. But for those that are interested to get a different slant on what’s happening to us all at the moment here’s the link.
  17. Six men locked away in steel tubes for a year-and-a-half to simulate a mission to Mars have emerged from isolation. http://www.bbc.co.uk...onment-15574646
  18. But what happens when several people start calling you a "conspiracy theorist" nutter? Isn't that called a trend? It can be called anything you want to call it. Doesn't make a blind bit of difference to what's going on in the world does it? What, and your paranoic ramblings on here do make a difference do they? Dream on... One could ask the same of your ramblimgs??? But you still persevere...
  19. “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought on by credit expansion. The question is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.” Ludwig von Mises Austrian economist
  20. No, and I can scarcely believe you 2 think this was caused by such people / actions. The bankers allowed their staff to lend to people that couldn't afford it, in fact they encouraged and rewarded it knowing full well that many would never be able to pay the loans back. The ratings agencies then assigned good ratings to the newly developed debt structure packages, they are also to blame, as are the investment banks which sold them on. There are many others to blame, hardly any have been prosecuted just vastly rewarded and still in office. The whole financial system is rife with corruption and fraud, and it seems that it is policy not to interfere or prosecute ever, bar the odd rogue trader etc.
  21. An increase in interest rates would destroy almost every economy in the world as most nations/banks are seriously indebted, that's why it's almost global policy for zero/subzero rates now, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. However, QE will not work, and cannot work, as the level of debt is so high that it can never be inflated away without ultimately destorying the economy. The only solution is to abolish the debt, and to imprison the ones who caused it in the first place.
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