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  1. Lucky you, pity many on the isle aren't as fortunate as you eh? er, Flossie did, in post 12 of this thread (1st page ) "but now all children are to have the sealant on regardless of the condition of the teeth " Sorry but your link doesn't tell me what's in these sealants, you obviously don't have a clue what you're on about - are you a dentist? The link does tell me that the sealants leach Bisphenol A though, so that's not good for a start - especially if they are to be applied to children! We have a massively bloated and extremely expensive DHSS here, yet they cannot seem to get even the basics right i.e. teach the kids how to brush properly and give advice on diet, and in the cases required intervene early before too much damage has been done. It's hardly fucking rocket science is it, the kids are there in the schools, get out and see them, mark down the ones with rotting baby teeth and sort them and the parents out.
  2. Nah, it's about £10 per minute aint it? So what's in these sealants that are going to be mandatorily applied to all schoolkids then? And who's bright idea was that?
  4. Looks like a pile of white dog shit!
  5. Latest Accounts? Any use?
  6. Agreed, good post. Things will have to get a lot worse before people wake up, and by then it'll be too late.
  7. Don't they all look the picture of health as well!
  8. - why? And it wasn't even attributed to you anyway, it was part of my counter argument, you know the bit your reply lacked.
  9. Did you miss that I wrote I like some aspects of the TT? I watch the races and practices, same for the Grand Prix, live within the course and get trapped and it doesn't bother me one bit, and I like to see the place buzzing and people making money too. But I don't buy the some people die, but they die happy doing something they love bullshit. That may be true for some of the riders, but it certainly ain't true for the open roads accidents involving non bikers. I also question the money making apspect. With what it costs in clearing up the mess, and what we spend on the course to the detriment of other roads I doubt it breaks even, let alone turns a profit. But that said it does give the place a load of publicity. Oh and the "it's been going 100 years, so why not another 100 - people die every day anyway" well 100 years ago the roads were a lot quieter over here, and the bikes were nowhere near as fast as they are now. The TT is nuts, and I actually quite like it, but if the safety aspect of the open roads side needs improving then you'd be better off thinking of ways of doing that to preserve the festival.
  10. Like some aspects of the TT, but you really have to wonder if it's worth it due to the fatality / accident levels. Apart from the obvious human impact, even on a base cost level you have to wonder. All accidents cost a lot of money, fatalities cost even more. Think of all the hospital staff, specialist treatments, aftercare, police costs etc., etc sure I read that a fatality costs in the region of £1m? Anyway, money is nothing to the human costs, these tragedies cause an unending amount of heartache and ruined lives. Off to the pub now via the pollution filled air, whilst traversing the litter ridden, sick stained highways crunching glass underfoot - lovely.
  11. Move up north, all your problems will be solved.
  12. Nah, it's not like they trot out the government analyst every year on the radio, giving us the old, "it's all due to run-off" story is it? And the "we've made massive improvements, and we are continuing investment" line. The MCS report is about beaches and includes info on facilities and bathing water quality, it's called the Good Beach Guide and is used regularly by huundreds of thousands of potential tourists to decide where to take a holiday visit. Our beaches are great, but many lack basic facilities and are covered in raw sewage because we still pump it out that way into our rivers and the sea. Peel and Laxey FAIL this year, again, and they are popular bathing beaches. Even with the proposed new regional treatment plants our water quality will not meet the new EU guidlelines, which will be the final insult to the taxpayer after this crowd have blown all our millions.
  13. No it's not mainly due to run-off, we still pump 'raw' sewage into our rivers and the sea at many points on the island, this is the main problem. You can look up the points where this happens on the government website. IRIS is a failure, from the sewage being spread on the land, to the dried shit being incinerated and spread into Babylon's atmosphere, but don't rock the boat - a turd might plop in!
  14. Sorry Merkin, my previous post was made in jest despite its lack of a percontation point, had thought you may have twigged that from the Russian / Jap comments Can we have an ironicon added to the options list please?
  15. No it doesn't! Nuclear power is perfectly safe, and the waste is not a problem. You're just a tree hugging, luddite hell bent on stopping progress at all costs. I bet you can't find a single scrap of evidence that, that nuclear plant - or any other for that matter has ever leaked radiation anywhere in the world. Stop trying to frighten people! Chernobyl doesn't count because that was the Russians and they're always pissed on vodka, and Fukushima don't count neither coz that was caused by Godzilla. Nuclear power is safe, Sellafield's great we should be hooked up to it for cheepo leccy.
  16. He is only 4 mate, whats it like for access to sky hill? You can park at the bottom and drive/ride up the road, it isn't perfectly flat or anything and I would suggest you go in front of him in case of any on coming bikes. When you get further up it is pretty big and open. It is the only place I could think you could take him. Most of the people who go up there are on trials bikes and are pretty sound, they're not going report you mate. Sweet, i could probably get a pick up from work im sure that would get up, that near the paintballing place? You seriously want to take your 4 year old up Sky Hill on a quad? I wish you had been a Darwin Award winner, rather than potentially entering your innocent child.
  17. There are a few Freemasons aren't there?
  18. Ha ha, are you serious? That's what the Irish said, and look at them now! Fool.
  19. Coz you is a bad ass mutha fucka, who can roll with the good as well as the bad
  20. DC to offer Internet gambling, becomes first in US WASHINGTON The District of Columbia is becoming the first U.S. jurisdiction to allow Internet gambling, trying to raise millions of dollars from the habits of online poker buffs and acting ahead of traditional gambling meccas like New Jersey and Nevada. LINK That's how the mafia operates, take out the competition first, then launch their own!
  21. Agreed. There is no doubt this will be the world's worst nuclear disaster, despite the best efforts to cover the extent of the damage up. We all saw the reactor buildings explode on screen, there were hundreds of thousands of spent fuel rods stored in tanks above the reactors (who's the fucking genius responsible for that one?) - all this went sky high and is strewn across the site amongst the debris. When the first reactor building went up the BBC newsreader said "oh, it looks as though a roof has collapsed and 'steam' is now coming out" - er, no the reactor building just blew up you lying tosser! Next they'll be telling us that radiation is good for you!
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