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  1. Montpellier to be exact, just above the watersplash at Druidale :-P
  2. So the drinks are on the ladies this weekend then?
  3. http://www.martialartsplanet.com/forums/sh...765&postcount=1
  4. Have a look at this, I've actually met the guy who owns the site:- http://ggibboncock.supanet.com/ Enjoy, especially check the prank phone call section (sounds).
  5. Looks good. But a bit old hat though. Having said that, wouldn't mind a go. Only problem is actually raising the sponsorship money, that's the difficult part. The line rescue team looks interesting itself.
  6. It's a shame you feel like this, but just because there's been infighting in the past, doesn't mean there will be in the future. Have to agree with you about some of the bolt placements seeming a bit strange (why the one at Laxey right next to a slab which you can get a bomber sling around?) bu that's really something a group should decide on, which is why we need a meeting place for all the Islands climbers. I wasn't intending regular weekly meetings, more like a once monthly event, in which climbers can meet other local based climbers, exchange routes, Beta, maybe get more partners and we can debate issues such as placement of bolts, or their removal, and also a pressure group on the government for a wall maybe?
  7. Oh yeah, and thinking about it, if we're going years back, then what about all those pubs that were down where the bus station is now? Incidently I can remember the Claredon briefly being named the Buzz Factory. Who can tell me the year, and for how long?
  8. A few more pubs and clubs that have gone, some in my memory, others not:- The Tardis :-( - Now The Outback, prior to that it was the Nicky Dow). Jimmy B's - now the Office The White Star - Many years ago, Now a house, in West Baldwin. I think it's the one by the bridge, but I've only read about that one in a book. The Academy - Rushen Abbey The Hawthorn - now just a licensed restraunt, the traditional music sessions there are no more. :-( Incidently Bushy's was Yate's wine lodge before it was Bushys. That's all I can think off the top of my head.
  9. So many places to go and see, over here. Best just to wait and see when you get here. There are many regular 'touristy' things to see, and a lot of places that a few Manx residents haven't even seen if you enjoy walking. Why not go and see the Norse and Celtic crosses in the churches? Or visit some old Tholtans? Or a hill or promentary fort? Walk up Cluggid falls? Visit one of the many museums? There are nightclubs, and pubs if you're into that scene. Plenty of nice places to eat out. Or see a play or go on the tour at the Gaiety Theatre? There are loads of opportunities to do all sorts of sports? What are you particularily into? Give us an idea, and we can advise you.
  10. True, it's a heck of a lot harder when you're the only person who can stop you from falling. I find abbing with one rope to get to the start of routes is a heck of a lot more intimidating than just doing it for fun, but never the less, it is still hard the first time you abb, even if someone is belaying you.
  11. Fresh Urine is actually sterile. In certain circumstances it is preferable to use urine to wash out wounds, than untreated water which might be dirty and carry diseases. If it's your own urine, you're not exactly going to be contaminating yourself with anything you haven't already got.
  12. Congratulations on completing a personal challenge. you don't need to worry about abseiling at an organised event, as safety is absolutely paramount, you're abbing off several anchors plus have two ropes, with someone belaying you incase you have any problems. It's a good way to overcome any fears of height. If anyones got any doubts about doing an abseil, you just need to get out there and do it, don't worry about it, and you never know where it might end.
  13. Are there any IOM based climbers on this site? I would like to try and get together a local climbing club, know a few people interested. If you're an active or former climber and interested then give me an email, or post here.
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