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  1. Is there any point in a strike now. notice has been given. they called the bluff of gov and failed.
  2. i like the way it lost a bolt at 14sec in!!!!
  3. well you have got to take the risk . this is what a gov job is about. just one huge gamble
  4. There has been one or two gone all ready. and these had been on 100k a year wagers. one way to cut down on costs in the long run to offer ones the chance to leave if they wish.
  5. We dont have a drugs rehab on the island. we have a drugs detox. two vary diffrent things.
  6. Would you mean the milk that is sold as a loss leader to get you in store. Uk milk farmers are getting paid less then the cost of production as well. so what your doing is just helping drive down the cost the farmer gets paid in the uk.
  7. price of milk is between 18-26ppl. most will be about 23 pence per litre. yes that is litre not pint
  8. You might find it costs the tax payer a great deal more in the long run. Ok we dont hold the TT ever again. then you will see a hell of a lot of places shut, hotels,food outlets, shops etc etc. big lose of income that then has a knock on effect to other companys that supply these ones. and u will find that the tax payer is paying more out in benfits than it cost to run the TT. I know of at least 5 companys that the TT pays for there quiet winters. its the only thing keeping them going. I seen the books of many diffrent ones and them 2-3 weeks. profits go though the roof. So MDO maybe you should look at the bigger picture in life sometimes. not the oooooo it costs me cash.
  9. gazza

    Defa Grants

    Funny really as the top earner in that list is in fact not farming. but manufacturing. in fact the top 5 are all to do with manufacturing.
  10. That explains the white english reg transit i seen today with the words hydrogen written in blue over it. !!!
  11. I'd hand mine back tomorrow. Your point is? Im sort of lost as to what it means as well. cant see why it would be a huge problem.
  12. What day is gov pay day. monday!!!!
  13. They have been looking at just the thing for a few years now. but maybe minus the rocks
  14. i guess its better thyan just keeping cinemanx going. least they have an asset at the end. unlike at the moment!!!!
  15. How much does it cost per year to fund. with them having a 40% reduction in crime becuase of them we could maybe increase funding and scrap the rest to save cash
  16. gazza


    allso the fact its flying around facebook like its on speed, id take a guess that well over 50-60% of the island knew 2 days ago!!! so i dowt this will add much to the flames
  17. There a private build. with an option for gov to buy them as first time buyers
  18. The fact that its been dry for 2-3 weeks. add in the amount of bikes going around in past week plus the normal traffic. is it any wonder that when it rained that it showed up fuel like on the roads. be it a spill or oil dripping from god knows how many cars/bikes/trucks
  19. one more part of the the jigsaw coming un done. Germany on the decline, which was to be expected as most of its goods went to the EU.
  20. sorry chinahand, i missed the roll eyes behind that part of text. hence it was to be taken as sarcastic. hope that clears it up!!!
  21. Point is. be it a cover up or what ever. this is a lot worse than when chernobyl blew her lid. (they diden try to cover that up did they) That you have to agree on. we never really will see the true effects of this for 10s of years. By then it just be one more statistic.
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