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  1. Welcome To Haneffes Bar And Grill At The Savoy www.savoyiom.com/ bla bla bla... was only saying i had a nice meal, thought that was what MF was all about....!!!!!!!
  2. most people get cover for holidays. if all places that served food closed for 2 weeks a year it would be crazy..
  3. Had a very nice meal there again on sunday..!!
  4. i do apologise for my error.. still think room for 2.!!!
  5. nothing wrong with holding hands...you are just a sad b%*%$£d
  6. the tholton bistro is amazing.. only small so need to book.. they on facebook
  7. well as the one chippy that is open closes at 8pm am sure there is room for two...!!!
  8. I was in there today with my 14 month old son, coffee was very nice and at £1.80 for a large cappuchino and 25p for a homemade chock chip cookie was good value, also the have a kids play area...
  9. You may notice i did not say i ate there or that it was good, i just said new menu with homemade stuff on it.. was picking my kids up and had a coffee, noticed menu and cakes on counter.
  10. anyone been to the NSC cafe recently..? wow new menu, lot's of homemade food, homemade cakes etc...times are changing...!!
  11. Relish are fantastic i can highly recomend them they have done many functions at my work...Kathryn 453324
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