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  1. Dont forget the 3 legs on the world cup Football
  2. Thanks, yes I am bobster but wouldnt call it fast. :-)
  3. Thought I'd share this from the other day.
  4. Hi, I got a Nikon D3200 last week and Im wanting to do a timelapse video, Ive uploaded 1000 files onto my nx2 software that comes with the camera but it only lets me upload 50 jpeg files maximum. does anyone know a way round this. Thanks
  5. ok thanks, thats who cleaned it for me so now ive decided to do it myself and have got rid of 90% of the dots but now i have bits of fluff moving about ;-) doh. getting rid of it now and getting new one so thanks for your replies ;-)
  6. Hi, Ive changed my lens and its still there, it seems to have got worse in the past week. I thought it could be mold but if everything has been pro cleaned then it shouldnt be there. Thanks
  7. Hi, I had my sensor cleaned last week but i still have dirt showing up on my pictures. I dont really know what else to do to it and its driving me mad. has anyone got any idea why these dots are still showing up and how i could get rid of them. thanks
  8. they are now saying its an error and anyone thats recieved a discount will have the money taken back from their accounts.
  9. Ps3 and xbox both having these problems. Seems to be mostly MT users. Mine is fine now, No lagging... yet.
  10. I'm getting this constant on ops 2 but everything else is fine. I know I'm not the only one and we don't know how to get around this problem. Analyzing match 0 of ........
  11. yep me and many others. had this for a week now. can only connect to locals.
  12. Spotted it tonight, must take a walk over there but will have to get there early before all the fat c**ts in that area eat it all.
  13. Yeah a blue one blew sideways over the strang and headed towards ronaldsway, I thought it had came from strang international as it was so low
  14. Noticed people on the news not being able to get money from the cash machines cus they have been emptied. Im going there soon so should i leave my cash card at home and just take euros ;-))
  15. ok thanks, just someone I know has been given a new work policy and has been told that they cannot use facebook during lunch hour inside or outside of work, even though they are on their own phone, network and does not talk about work on their facebook.. before the policy they were told to delete their facebook accounts. I just want to know just incase theres a kick off. It just seems a bit wrong and maybe some kind ofworkers rights. thanks
  16. ok thanks, thats what I thought. any posts made are in our own time and on our own home network and are not work related.
  17. Hi, I use to have a Sony dslr a200 but its no longer with us, I was wondering if my old lens would fit any of the newer or older sony camers or are they all different. thanks.
  18. Hi, not sure if this has been posted before but im just wondering if an employer can stop you using facebook outa work hours and at lunch times even if its on your own phone or laptop. thanks
  19. Good to see some people helping the elderly today. The Island aint full of wankers after all.
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