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  1. Just thought I would pass on that Enterprise DID collect us from Ferry terminal, cost for two days £75, plus £30 insurance waiver. We were taken back to terminal for journey home. Problems? Only one, my MANX pal forgot to collect us from Douglas, and he had my car! Les.
  2. I have to go to England for a funeral, and because of TT, can only go as foot passenger. I need to hire a car for three days in Liverpool, pref collect and return at Ferry Terminal. Recommendations and advice please. Les.
  3. OldLes


    I have MT's broadband basic package, of 12Gb per month. If I can find it online, such as mojomonkey's suggestion above, I suspect I won't have enough bandwidth. I always exceed 50%, often 80%, and last month I ran out of bandwidth on the 31st. Don't feel inclined to pay more, so I can only use freeview. I assume Eurosport is on Satelite (it was on Eutelsat 18 years ago when I moved back here), but because of the big slope and all the tall trees behind the cottage, I could not access any satelites here. Well, if I fitted a 100ft or more trellis tower, maybe, but then the planning police would
  4. OldLes


    On Sunday I learned what many probably already knew. No MotoGP on BBC TV next year. Do I give up, or is there some other way to watch it without paying out loadsamoney? I feel that paying my dues to BBC should get me a few "bikes on the box", but it seems it won't even be on advert infested ITV4. Damn all this greedy commercialism. Les.
  5. 40 years ago, I was called for Jury service. One of the barristers had a serious speech impediment. That struck me as the most in-appropriate job skill matching ever!
  6. Probably between £100 and £1,000. If you have a small suitable car, you can send me a PM and we "talk turkey". After nearly 5 years, my present little runabout is thinking of giving up on me, so I am trying to beat it at its game. Les.
  7. Wanted, small automatic car wanted. Must be reliable, and NOT expensive. Cash for right car.
  8. OldLes


    Well! Well! Things move on, and at least a partial apology is due from me! The postman brought my Vehicle Registration Certificate, together with a covering letter. Whilst the only way to have any of the DVLA's errors in the V5 was for ME to contact them, which experiance tells me would have been a lengthy and pointless exercise, the people at the Post Office vehicle licensing seem to have done themselves. The error in the chassis number HAS been corrected, and it has now been declared as FIRST REGISTERED on 01-08-1986 in ITALY. I guess that is a reasonable conclusion. For licensing vinta
  9. OldLes


    A few interesting responses, and I have had straightforward results when everything is "just so". Yesterday's Jobsworth clash was because I wanted to correct two errors in the DVLA's V5. I bought a 1937 motorbike from a dealer across who used to sell the number plates off first, so I had nothing to show. I passed all the details to the owner's club who issued a dating certificate, and I got it registered without difficulty. Another 'bike I bought from a deceased pal's estate could have been a real problem. My son wants me to leave it too him when I shuffle off this mortal coil. I hope to mak
  10. OldLes


    I bought a motorbike from across 18 months ago, and have just finished getting it roadworthy. Though test, and time to register it. Minor problems, errors in the UK V5 certificate. One digit of chassis number wrong, and it is declared as a 1986 model. It seems it was imported to the UK in about 1995, when it was declared as a 1986 bike. Since manufacture took place from 1984, and no more were made after May 1985, I visited the P.O. officials and asked could it be corrected. "Contact the DVLA, and ask them to change it" was the suggestion, even though I do have evidence. Of course they know
  11. OldLes

    Bog Cotton

    I rode over the mountain from Kirk Michael to Brandywell today, and just beyond the turn off for Ballaugh Glen, I noticed many strange white "flowers". Never seen these before. For probably the next 2 miles, I saw many thousands, and slowed down to try to see what they were, and decided they must be some sort of cotton. On the way back, I stopped the 'bike, and my wife went and picked one just by the roadside. Tonight I searched the web, and then found what looked like them in John Dog's pages of Manx wildflowers. A search for "Bog Cotton in the Isle of Man" brought me here, so I am satisfied
  12. Lonan3, thanks for comment. In fact that particular log splitter is a HIRE CHARGE I think you will find. I have looked at a few on Ebay, but there is always the excess carriage to take into account. Having said that, I may well end up buying off Ebay. I was talking to a chain saw professional recently, and he said there were many on the island which were bought, tried a couple of times, then never used again. I was hoping that one of these might pop up out of the woodwork, so to speak. OldLes
  13. If that is an attempt at a joke, conside that the word you homed in on was not in the pluoral. Why do people waste other's time with nonesense. I want a log splitter not pathetic time wasting. I have better things to do, why don't you try doing something? I am not a regular on this forum, and with unprofessional nonesense being bandied about, I am not likely to become more regular. OldLes.
  14. I am after a decent log splitter. Cash for something decent. I may even consider a non-worker, depending on fault. All types considered. My wife says I am getting too old for the log splittong axe, and my log pile is growing into years thanks to the recent heavy snow! Please ring on 878686. OldLes.
  15. I have three tables I am considering selling. They are good quality wooden ones, ex MOD which we bought about 25 years ago. I don't really want to sell, but getting desparate for space. They are 4'6" long, and 2'3" deep. Fully collapsable and easy to transport, the size being "just right". I can get all three in the back of a 1996 Nissan Micra. They are strong, (I used to sell TV and Oscilloscopes off them years ago, and more recently new motorcycle parts), not like the flimsy "pasting table" stuff some people use. If you are seriously interested, make me a sensible offer. OK to have one, two
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