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  1. Nuttymanxmare


    Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi It was the first song that came into my head
  2. Nuttymanxmare

    Building Falling Down

    Oh great I live 100 yards away Id better get me earplugs in !!!!
  3. Nuttymanxmare

    Mf Spotting...

    Hmmm this is going to be hard for me as I don't know what anyone looks like
  4. Nuttymanxmare

    Star Wars Name, Just A Laugh On A Wednesday

    Haha Im Jedi Ge-Nea Dou Doesnt sound as good as yours lol
  5. Nuttymanxmare

    Cheery Shop Assistants

    I was in the MT shop(Victoria Street) the last week and the woman who served me was really helpful and sorted everything out for me very quickly.
  6. Nuttymanxmare

    Bushys Beer Tent Webcam

    Excellent qaulity.. Im trying to remember what I got up to in there on Friday night Its shame there isnt a camera with a larger viewing range ie over the door near camera three so you can see over the crowds!!
  7. Nuttymanxmare

    Takeaway Deliveries In Douglas

    Kirins Chinese on Bathurst Street are excellent. The portions are huge and delivery is quick.
  8. Nuttymanxmare

    House Clearance

    Ill take the washing machine What condition is it in?
  9. Nuttymanxmare


    OOOh 48 members now ive just joined
  10. Nuttymanxmare

    Timbuktu Challenge

    Good luck for the trip. Im off to The Gambia in 11 days
  11. Nuttymanxmare

    King Of Mann

    You've gotta be kidding
  12. Nuttymanxmare

    Examiner - Why I'm Glad To Be Leaving The Isle Of Man

    Ok I moved from the Isle of Man to the UK over three years ago and next year im planning coming back to live.. Living in the UK isnt all its cracked up to be believe me..
  13. Nuttymanxmare

    Famous Manx People.

    Do I dare confess that Dan Quayle is actually related to me ???
  14. Nuttymanxmare

    The Bridge

    Now that is just sooo wrong
  15. Nuttymanxmare

    The Bridge

    Gosh id forgotton about the Ridgeway!!! I do like the pubs down south too.. Best ever pub was Bushy's I miss it soo much