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  1. As we speak a crack team is being assembled in City Hall to promote the Douglas City bid for the 2036 Olympics.
  2. Primator

    easy jet

    ... or in the dustbin.
  3. You are the only one talking about race, although I suspect if the Manx were a race then you would almost certainly come last.
  4. Well if the Isle of Man was never isolated and ‘special’, then what does it mean to be Manx? If it isn’t the product of the type of noble isolationism that you appear to aspire to, then it is just another bunch of mongrels clinging to a rock.
  5. Small isolated populations cannot maintain diversity; they always tend to result in a shrinking gene pool and consequential fall in genetic variance.
  6. So what you are saying is that the island’s gene pool has been improved by non-manx incomers.
  7. So was he waving a Manx Knob or is he a comeover?
  8. I think you might have made him a little incandescent
  9. So what odds do you think I might get on the threat of a Steam Packet strike just in time for the 2019 TT? - It’ll be just like the good old days....
  10. Primator


    If Wonga is no more how the fuck is IOM Government going to keep the lights on?
  11. Give all the imported bottled beer and spirits to the fish and they will piss so much Injebreck will be full to bursting, problem solved.
  12. Perhaps if the Living Hope lot produced a range of wholesome breakfast cereals then people might be more tolerant of them too ... just a thought
  13. Have you tried those ‘special quartz rocks’, there was some bloke posting on here about them a few weeks back, could be worth a try?
  14. Yeah, so avoid La Piazza ,the pubs, the campsites, the burger vans, the sanitation, the aquaducts and have a great TT.....
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