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  1. I was curious about these big pensions you all keep talking about. Is this it? The median average salary-linked public sector pension that is currently being paid out to a pensioner, is worth £5,600 a year. http://www.bbc.co.uk...siness-15925017 Total bollocks Mine (I'm early 50s) Has so far given me well into 6 figures so far That's index linked final salary - stopped quite a few years ago because the particular scheme was unaffordable FWIW I was under middle rank so the higher ranks must be pulling much more ( Note to crabs, it was earnt and is now paid for by the evil empire across - I'm manx but actually left to get work as there was fuck all here at the time - as many of us did - feel free to clack your claws and mention the boat anyway) Mind you it wasn't earnt by counting paperclips or sharpening pencils Incidentally the contribution rate was considerably higher than the new rate being introduced here as a reform - which anyone who actually knows the score will realise still exposes future generations to a huge liability.
  2. If you phrased your complaint using the same splenetic incoherence that you employ on here it's no wonder. Wow That really has affected me I am so distraught
  3. Salter is starting to lose his way a bit and forgetting what his role is. He should be protecting the rights of employee's rather than trying to knock Government policy (no matter what department) at all times. So one can assume that you've taken the same trouble as I have today (PM)? As in walk into the Unite office in Fort street and actually get the full story as opposed to bumming your ill informed load on an internet forum without knowing the full facts ? For those who actually care there is a petition there and being spread elsewhere you can sign in support. (Before the bucket starts rattling with crabs - I personally have nothing to do with the entire issue- one way or another)
  4. Is not a happy bunny vis a vis manx gas

  5. I've had problems (MT) since the weekend Slows so much it almost goes backwards then all is tickety boo for a while Only me on it - secure network Not dling anything Am in our beloved capital Anyone else had this? Have done the usual, rebooted router Shouted at it etc etc
  6. What free money? The Royal Family receive constitutional grants totalling approximately £30 million a year, approximately half of which goes straight back in tax. They then get taxed 50% on their personal incomes, estimated to be over £100 million in tax a year. Now, who gets free money? Oooh High Net Worth Individuals Allans gone all giddy
  7. On that particular issue Slight rant As circumstances have panned out I have been wasting time trying to get some sense from first a manx gas customer services woman and then the customer services 'supervisor' I have had a raft of crap excuses/waffle from first one then another The incompetence or just plain disinterest in the customer seems staggering I would love to let rip but won't as it's now gone as a complaint to one of my MHKs ( ha I'll see how that goes ) to try and resolve as manx gas can't seem to get their act together or be bothered too It's like trying to open communication with a selection of particularly unimaginative daleks who don't understand english. I suppose I could have tried communicating in Manx but I can't speak enough to try that. It's the second time in just over six months I've had to waste time on manx gas It's the worst customer service I've ever experienced anywhere
  8. Oh dear is this a warm up for a regiment sized Allan Bell Liebenstarte? Anyway nice to see the voice of common decency in action Is there a suplementary question on Dog Poo?
  9. Just been stood outside Tinpotland with pitch fork and burning brand - on my own - that'll show 'em

  10. Just been stood outside Tinpotland with pitch fork and burning brand - on my own -that'll show 'em

  11. I expect some businesses in Victoria street will do their best to refute that This is a time for realism not commision led pipe dreams
  12. Another cutting edge report from Radio Pravda http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=57940 Funny I thought it was 2014 Shimmin as Home Affairs Minister....
  13. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/bonmarche_earmarked_for_closure_1_4243757
  14. Off to Castle Numbskull this morning to shout Grrr! ( if required ) at the acolytes

  15. Of To Castle Numbskull this morning to shout Grrr! (if required) at the troughers

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