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  1. 1. The Asians copy everything 2. They normally make sensible improvements along the way too.
  2. Exactly. So we no longer have a heritage feature at all so it’s all been a total waste of time and money.
  3. Who needs horse tram signals? Here we have yet another non heritage feature being added at the cost of £800k to an alleged 150 year old heritage tram system. The Victorians would have passed a stick to each other or some other such simple process. But no we need to spend £1M on a state of the art signaling system because we either want to run the worlds most modern non-heritage heritage tram way, or we want to replace it with an electric tramway. They can’t even lie convincingly enough now as even the massive convoluted lies they have made up to justify this bollocks of a project make no sense to anyone who isn’t educationally subnormal. What heritage tram way anywhere has to have a million quids worth of state of the art electronic signaling installed?
  4. But in short we all knew this would be an expensive unmitigated disaster as all the DOI seems to specialize in is expensive unmitigated disasters. That it became an expensive unmitigated disaster so soon doesn’t surprise many either. That the contingency fund (which covers unplanned expensive unmitigated disasters) has almost gone already doesn’t surprise me either. The obsession (and it is an obsession) with the horse trams especially seems to have been a huge factor in all of this going south as well. In effect one or two people in the DOI got what they wanted (the foundations for a commuter tram system which was specifically out of scope for the project) as they have absolutely no respect for the voting public, no respect for budgetary prudence, and absolutely no respect for anything other than their own warped career aspirations. The signaling is clear. The public can fuck off, businesses can fuck off, the Ministers can fuck off, and just about everyone else can just fuck right off as well as one person is right and 85,000 other people are wrong.
  5. It shouldn’t surprise you to find out why things are now that bad here. Logically it isn’t the people who are voted in for 5 years who have created this mess is it? Its the people who have been employed for 10, 15, 20 years or more etc who you can do absolutely nothing about. They can’t even be sacked. It doesn’t really matter (within reason) who you vote for. None of them can do anything about reigning any of this mess in as it’s out of control and nobody is able to wrestle control of the driving seat.
  6. Yes I’d heard the Mr Tickle suggestion too.
  7. I’m sure Baker is a perfectly decent man but who is sticking their head above the pavement on this? On the DOI side Harmer has pretty much disappeared from public view, on the DfE side Callister has managed to exempt himself from being involved in any form of investigation claiming his usual conflicts of interest he creates in his head, and now on the DOI side Baker has been wheeled in to do ......... absolutely nothing. The whole thing is a crock of shit and rather than take ownership of anything they’re all running for the hills giving the people who made it a crock of shit the empowerment to make it an event bigger crock of shit. It’s civil servants who run this island not any of those bastards.
  8. It seems that we have to maintain government over employment and enormous project opportunities for public sector managers to manage somehow. If you look back at what’s been spent since the DOI took it off Douglas Corpy - the depot has been knocked down and rebuilt at enormous cost, a huge temporary shed tent gone up, millions spent on everything including new rails. They’re now talking about knocking the stables down and rebuilding at a cost of about £3m. If they’d have just taken the trams out and put a road in it wouldn’t have maintained a load of government jobs pissing about holding up the Manx economy for years and nearly bankrupting shop owners as well as creating years of needless commuter misery so they can fanny about spending all this money to make them look like they’re doing something. What would be the logic in that (for them)?
  9. The high roof space above the shop in those pics would seem ideal for a lap dancing venue. Stick a big pole in the front and put a few red velvet chaise lounges round the edge and a some decent sound and lighting in. It could transform the Sulby economy - Spearmint Sulby!
  10. I think you’re confusing a danger wank with a suicide wank.
  11. It is badly cracked you can tell even driving along. It goes right back to statements I’ve heard from lots of people more in the know on the construction side of things that if there is no expansion gap or give between two very differently performing materials like steel and concrete then what honestly did they expect?
  12. We’ll have four of those scratch cards then fella
  13. Said everybody on ManxForums since 2002.
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