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  1. It seems to be a very long and convoluted play to ensure that Ramsey Marina never happens.
  2. I’d be ok with dying doing what I really wanted to do more than anything else in the world; being sucked off by Miss World.
  3. It does look as if the whole thing has been overkill. It will be interesting when the actual story emerges. .
  4. But wasn’t the guy who died riding a classic bike? Don’t think it was modern technology.
  5. They have to play at Rambo to keep themselves amused and they were probably bored up at Police HQ as everyone else was out policing the MGP. After all someone “nearly” got shot!
  6. Ha ha ha, suggesting speed limits for road racing. Are you Ray Harmer?
  7. Yes the boat is delayed. Rope caught round the prop shaft. Divers down trying to release it. It’s MGP week and hopefully all will be good for tomorrow. .
  8. And you nearly stopped being a deliberately provoking idiot just to try to wind other posters up.
  9. Probably can’t do anything other than question the certificate in place over the gun rather than the owners intention to kill on private property. Likely a farmer shooting some rabbits and some outraged Facebook citizen was striding uninvited across his land and reported him via Facebook for “nearly” shooting them. Nearly seems to be a buzz word for action for the IOM Constabulary - an accident “nearly” happened, someone “nearly” got hurt. It will likely all be a load of bollocks. Likely lesson learned - don’t walk onto other people’s private land while they’re shooting stuff.
  10. It wasn’t very good to be honest.
  11. Cheap is an odd concept in the public sector. It means cheap base ingredients and products delivered by some on the most expensive labour costs in the world. As long as that continues everything is fine. Eventually all departments will end up like the DOI delivering effectively nothing but inertia through an expensive and cumbersome network of managers who make up 90% of the departments budget leaving only 10% of the funds they have to actually provide infrastructure things with.
  12. Well they seem to have been able to convince at least one officer to bring a phone in up his arse if the headlines today are true. Nothing is really painting a good picture of this facility is it? It appears to be the biggest skive going and the prisoners even manage to get their ‘mates’ the guards to bring stuff in for them. In the meantime some perpetually angry crazed old bag who looks fresh out of the set of Scrubbers in 1982 shouts a lot for comedy effect yet seems to be largely ignored by everyone as the bark is worse than the bite. It really is all terribly Manx.
  13. I don’t see why people need to delight in ripping this kid apart A. She’s a kid so it’s a bit pathetic ripping into a child, B. As a young person at least she’s got a simplistic child’s view of the world. She isn’t some multi millionaire tosser like Bono preaching from the seat of his private jet, and C. We probably do need to do something about the way we live our lives before it’s too late.
  14. You’re right as he would probably beat living shit out of them. And by the way you’re hiding behind an anonymous account too. This thread is garbage. Largely due to your various feeble contributions.
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