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  1. A bacon bap is overpriced in there. I haven’t even looked at the bikes.
  2. It’s worse than that. There were pragmatic solutions a plenty. Even if a few feet of land was in dispute why not charge him a £20 peppercorn rent a year while it was sorted out? The land has little other value or use. There has been no attempt to do anything other than put the boot in on this chap for daring to try to live off the grid and do his research properly. And that’s after they used him to court good feedback at the biosphere awards. It’s typical of the usual stinky, arrogant, attitude of the Officers of IOMG.
  3. I’ve escalated nothing John. I answered the question. I was accused of being childish when I gave a straight answer quoting facts. The land wasn’t in dispute. Then it seemingly was in dispute. There were lots of pragmatic options open to the department to resolve this without kicking this man in the head. They chose none of them. As I said these boards have been very quiet lately and the debate very sedate and informative. Then ...
  4. It’s an accurate response if you read it. They helped him with the plot then registered a legal dispute over it - presumably just to fuck him over after the event. You seem to be the regular injection of childishness to these boards. I stick to facts. Are you bored as your pointless chum Neil isn’t revving up enough people on here anymore and these boards have been quite nice and full of good debate for a few weeks now?
  5. Yes the masses of public money sunk into useless, loss making, Victorian scrap by Longworth really has transformed everything.
  6. But they helped him research the plot, watched him build the house, used it themselves at the Biosphere Awards to make themselves look good - then kicked him in the balls and pulled the rug from under him. They could have decided to charge him a peppercorn rent if the land subsequently ended up in dispute (it’s an empty patch of land with no other value to anyone) - but we’re civil servants so best act like a bunch of unhelpful paper pushing fucking arseholes instead. Not unsurprising to see you standing up for such a bunch of power crazed wankers. Hopefully one will need a reference soon.
  7. If we haven’t already pissed all over “Freedom to Flourish” enough this is some sort of watershed moment. When we’re pushing a doomed locate strategy and pretty much bribing people to come here this is pretty good evidence of why we’re failing across the board and having to buy people off to come here. It’s because IOMG is far too often full of sad pathetic wankers like this.
  8. I see this has now hit the BBC TV News this evening and rightly so. It’s the perfect example of all that is wrong with the IOM and it’s public sector. No doubt there’s a CS desk jockey somewhere getting a huge big stiffy about using his power to sock it to some eco warrior but honestly - it’s pathetic. It makes government look pathetic, it makes the Island look pathetic, and it makes whichever talentless knob-jockey pursuing this ridiculous vendetta on our taxes look pathetic. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/man-accused-of-trespass-in-ramsey-forest/ Boots Dept is clearly happy to bask in the glory of the project in order to try to hoodwink people at this year’s UNESCO Biosphere Awards to believe they might have some environmental credentials, but really someone’s clearly just been waiting for it all to die down so they can kick him in the balls just for the fun of it. Utter wankers. Why would anyone want to move to the IOM and potentially end up dealing with such total fucktards?
  9. Yes I’d agree there I’ve looked at a few shops in town recently and the rents are a complete pisstake. The only person making any money is the landlord. You couldn’t possibly make a profit for yourself as a trader on top with such low footfall.
  10. The PSPR is basically the money that was in the original schemes that was swiped when GUS came in and other Treasury money that washes through it. It’s running out and will be gone by 2021. It is under (notional) separate control as it’s been explained to me as it’s entirely separate to the GUS.
  11. You’re talking about depression though which is an entirely different thing. It’s not work related and is an illness. What in general is happening in the PS though is extreme laziness manifested as persistent time off as people can’t be arsed even pretending that they’re working.
  12. I agree with that. ”Yes I’m happy to make voluntary contributions” said no civil servant ever!
  13. Whoever mentioned the QS work probably has a point. Looks like cheapest shitest materials specified.
  14. Well the minibus would have been completely empty as they all are so hopefully if any injury it will be restricted to the driver only.
  15. You’re right it’s almost exclusively the managements fault. You’re best reading the report in its entirely though as it paints a picture which I think I largely accurate. There are lots of good dedicated people who work in the PS who get a bad rep by association - by that I mean by just being associated with the meaningful proportion of piss taking lazy twats who are always swinging the lead and who are never dealt with properly. It sends out the wrong message allowing slackness to be the norm and the management usually just let those good people down by allowing low standards of performance to apply. Like Onchanlass I’ve employed a fair few of PS casualties over the years and in general I’d say many can’t hack proper work. I say that as usually the only way they’ve left such a cushy number is that they’ve been informally pedaled out of some role into the private sector by a (rare) half decent line manager - and it usually takes them only a few months to work out that life in the real world isn’t the pisstaking low expectation skive they’ve often managed to perpetuate for the previous 20 years and got away with. But equally for balance I’ve also taken a few on who have been honest and said they had to leave as they couldn’t in good conscience continue to take good money for pretty much being expected to do fuck all all day for a manager who was thick and useless.
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