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  1. They are far from angry man rants. That seems to be your usual backstop way of trying to wind posters up when you haven’t really got a valid argument for things you post other than to wind posters up. You really do need to try harder with your attempts at trolling. I’ll move on to another thread now as this is clearly just a thread for doom mongers who wish to discuss how the end of the world is going to roll out in the next 3 months. No other perspectives required obviously. No fecal obsession either some people literally do seem to be irrationally shitting their pants about the whole thing so no reason why not to point that out.
  2. Why should he be stepping down? What explicitly has he done or not done in your highly qualified medical opinion in relation to Coronavirus to require him to step down?
  3. I couldn’t give a shite what you think to be honest. Nowhere have I said I think it’s joke. But there really is a load of economy damaging mass hysteria being spread by a load of absolute snowflake clowns who buy their news off other morons on Facebook. They’ll be moaning about having no jobs all over social media by next month after their widespread and irrational collective pant shitting has taken the economy over the edge.
  4. The over reaction is clearly engineered and the extreme speculation on the back of the over reaction is clearly engineered. Lots of people are seeing their wealth wiped on the back of this. The ongoing instability in markets will help those profiting from this too. Now the job loses have started and the profiteering will spread wider as companies have a convenient excuse now to send people home.
  5. The whole situation is literally insane, with so many people praying for it I hope that they get the absolute doomsday they all so desperately want. It has reached the point of mass hysteria now. In the background the speculators are making shit loads of cash off shorting (where they still can after their shorts last week) and engineered falls in just about everything. They’re now moving on from just stealing people’s pension money to taking their jobs off them.
  6. Where did you see that? I’ve only seem that they’ve flipped one boat to freight only which seems sensible anyway. Nothing about French routes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-jersey-51880696
  7. The Channel Islands haven’t really done anything either. No doubt that will be Howard Quayle’s fault as well? I’m really not sure what people expect any government to do. They’re just whipping themselves up into mass hysteria as they’re shitting their pants as the newspapers and Facebook have told them they’re all going to die unless they collectively submit to the will of the state to preserve them. This is just headless hysteria now.
  8. Those employees will be the exact same fucking idiots signing petitions in their thousands and publicly shitting their pants all over Facebook demanding everything is shut down and spreading fear and ignorance. Karma.
  9. I think it looks good. But it’s completely unneeded and, as you say, just a dick waving project so that a few local counselors can pretend that they’re big boys.
  10. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Ashford is just some rambling weirdo. His demeanor reminds me of Zelig (from the Woody Allen film) a human chameleon who can pretend to be anyone. Currently Ashford is pretending to be a health minister and giving a very passable performance because he believes he is a good and effective MHK so much in his own head. If I see him shuffling through the street with his mobile glued to his ear like he’s the most important and needed person in the world again I’m going to trip him up as the performance annoys me. We need leaders not mimics. And Ashford is very far from a leader in anything,
  11. Be interesting see how you can stop idiots posting shite on Facebook. That’s pretty much all Facebook is for. It’s an idiot news trumpet.
  12. Looks like Ashford is going after Nick Crowe for spreading fake news on Facebook about Coronavirus and A & E being in lockdown according to a post he’s recently made on FB. The state storm troopers will probably be in the back of a transit already!
  13. Yes no wonder they were well out of the plane before the fire engine and the rozzers arrived.
  14. He’s a complete tool with a very high opinion of himself. He’ll fit right in. The only thing you need to do is read his twitter feed for 10 mins to see what a knob he is.
  15. Two cases apparently. Back to the TT why has that utter wank-sock set the petition up?
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