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  1. You clearly do as you follow me round this forum making snide comments about almost everything I post
  2. Yes, sounds like a convenient excuse for getting tanked up to me.
  3. Just like the staff then https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/nurse-was-almost-three-times-over-drink-drive-limit/ “All that workplace bullying made me get shit-faced and crash the car”
  4. Wow 3fm and Energy also reporting on this heinous crime. We’ll be locking down the ports next so this mirror clipping white van driver can’t escape this island wide manhunt by sneaking off to Latin America. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/collision-in-braddan-probed-by-police/ https://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_599854.html
  5. But who gives a shit what you think about anything?
  6. I think the main issue to back track to is who owned Manxonia House before this exceedingly fortuitous transaction involving ratepayers money took place?
  7. Yes, anyone seen a white van being driven by a total bell end in the last month? I hope they’re getting paid overtime to man the phone lines!
  8. So you don’t think it’s pitiful that this 3 week old non-event minor traffic incident dressed up as a manhunt after a serious crime is front page news in a local newspaper? Was it the chief constables mums mirror that was clipped?
  9. Much as I generally can’t stand MAMILS I think this has some merit having had to follow some sweaty, fat arsed, blob of a man on a bike clogging up the traffic through Laxey this week. They should really take the needs of these these wheezing idiots into account and clear some space for them off public highways so that they can cycle to an early death without interrupting traffic flow.
  10. For a white van driver who clipped someones mirror at a roundabout http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=51529 Has the Chief Constables mum been impacted by crime again? Or maybe it was an important civil servant who was exposed to this appalling crime to the point that we need to launch a high profile public manhunt?
  11. Loads of people in their core listener group - ie, people who were in their teens in the 60s who are now in their 70s.
  12. The tender looks to be to run the site for them not that they are offering up the land for a private business to profit from.
  13. So 1500 patients apparently just said “Fuck it I don't want that important operation after all. Cancel it please” ?
  14. The auction link is a good point. But I think they’re all backing the wrong horse with the TT being the only thing they can now think of to potentially bring more tourists in to the IOM. It appears now to be all about pushing anything TT related. But for an answer to your question you should perhaps ask one of the trustees of MNH what the real reason for this change to a TT feature is? Probably best not to ask the one who is also charged with growing the TT and tourism as part of his role at the DfE though.
  15. What do you have to do to be an accredited Raja household? Offer to write someone in MR a glowing reference?
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