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  1. thesultanofsheight

    Pubs closing

    Which is nobody. Effectively making the site worthless to anyone but H & B for redevelopment.
  2. thesultanofsheight

    Pubs closing

    That’s the point. The building is basically unsaleable now. Deliberately so I’d say just so they can build a case for knocking it down.
  3. thesultanofsheight

    Rob Callister

    “Keep your eyes peeled for social media updates from Tynwald members, making sure we all know how hard they have worked.” I agree no need to guess too hard on who he means!
  4. thesultanofsheight

    The budget

    Back to the days of the Acqua-cars !
  5. thesultanofsheight

    Crayons at the ready!...sorry, oil paints.

    Use it. Nobody is interested in hearing you pointlessly bicker
  6. thesultanofsheight

    'no current plans to close Ramsey library' ?

    And they should be stopped forthwith. Horrendous waste of money pebble dashing the prom with shit and blocking traffic.
  7. thesultanofsheight

    Crayons at the ready!...sorry, oil paints.

    We should probably have a last orders rule on MF round about 10pm looking at the last few weeks. Little of sense in some areas is posted after about 9:30.
  8. thesultanofsheight

    'no current plans to close Ramsey library' ?

    “Current” usually means this financial year.
  9. thesultanofsheight

    Pubs closing

    Planners decision now being appealed as predicted. It’s not viable as a pub that can’t be used as a pub apparently which is sort of stating the obvious. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=45700&headline=Appeal%20launched%20against%20refusal&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019
  10. thesultanofsheight

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    If there is a definitive case study for “fake news” then it’s that site. Most of the “news” items are just ranty shite against someone Corrin or any of his other idiot admins seems to have a grudge against (and that seems to be a hell of a lot of people).
  11. thesultanofsheight

    Manx Gas profits Officially too high

    You do wonder if the standing charge was an attempt to regularise income so they could ramp up and borrow more like the former SPC did. I hope they haven’t already signed those loan agreements now it’s all been challenged!
  12. thesultanofsheight

    Crayons at the ready!...sorry, oil paints.

    Yes we’re really keen to save taxpayers money aren’t we.
  13. thesultanofsheight

    KFC & Starbucks

    Agree their service is terrible but nothing is as bad as Costa @ the Sea terminal. That place is the absolute pits with clueless staff who are also the absolute pits. That’s how bad the competition is.
  14. thesultanofsheight

    P.O Strike Begins.

    I dont think there’s much sympathy for them. The pickets were a bit of a waste of time too. Who turns up to picket on shift time? So half of them were standing there like idiots at 6:30 in the morning freezing their nuts off when everyone else was in bed. People only noticed for a few hours before they were then off playing golf or doing their second job when their shifts ended.
  15. thesultanofsheight

    Year Of Our Island

    I think whoever dreamed up Year of Our Island should for 2019 have a Year off Our Island.