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  1. Crazy gang? You mean people who refuse to buy into the rampant hysteria you try so hard to spread?
  2. There’s no reason why alternative views should be discussed at all. Seems to me there’s just a lot of frightened idiots on this forum who just like to spread doom and mass hysteria. Particularly worthy of debate is the apparently non existent checking system we have at the moment for anyone self isolating. It isn’t good enough and it isn’t effective enough for a start. You continue deluding yourself that covid won’t come here just because we’ve claimed to shut out the real world when every person caught has been shopped by the public not actually discovered by the people who are supposed to be checking up on them.
  3. Because I’m Manx fella which is more than you are. When were alternative views not allowed to be discussed on this forum? There’s nothing wrong with discussing flaws in our system or questioning why more testing and tracing isn’t being done with a resultant ability for a few more people to be able to move between here and the UK or elsewhere. I’m not accepting a boat in the morning comment from a frightened come over.
  4. It seems to be all about spending money. Little else.
  5. It’s not really a poor analogy. The UK has just acquired a national debt figure higher than its annual GDP for the first time since 1960 so we’re paying for all these none covid deaths through huge debt accumulation and mass unemployment. Yet bizarrely despite being so concerned that people shouldn’t die we still sell fags at a profit to people so that more people can kill themselves a year from smoking related cancers and heart disease than will ever die of covid. I think that’s quite a good analogy really.
  6. Don’t put yourself out on my account. I think there is a good analogy with tobacco deaths if killing the economy is apparently the only way to stop (less) people dying in this case. Of course I respect that you disagree.
  7. You really sound quite furious and sweary now to be honest..I haven't been on here all day long. I made a few posts in my lunchtime and then a few again this evening. No need to be so angry at people for just expressing their views. All views are valid but looks like the covid tides are now turning and many now have had enough of the whole thing as none of the scaremongering has panned out as “predicted”
  8. Why? They allow it to be sold so that people can kill themselves. Surely if protecting people from death should be the primary concern of government above all else (as we are being told) then tobacco should be banned?
  9. I haven’t plagiarized it from anywhere. No need to be so angry. I googled illnesses which have more deaths per population than covid to see what they were. Smoking came up. You’re starting to sound as angry and confrontational as dilli Other people have opinions too.
  10. Of course you can. If government is so concerned about protecting people from death it should ban cigarettes forthwith. It’s so concerned about less deaths from covid that it’s put millions of people on the dole.
  11. In the UK tobacco kills over 300 people a day. That’s 13 people an hour. Waiting for government to protect people from that too by putting 1/3 of the working population on the dole.
  12. I’m rarely cool or savvy. I just tell the truth as I see it. There really is no need for a meltdown over this. People are just expressing their views as they see them. I personally don't see anything especially wrong in what John Wright said. He’s had a dig at me enough for stuff. You just take it on the chin.
  13. Im not sure it’s that relevant when Alderney as pretty much an enclave of 2,500 drunks and inbred misfits.
  14. He was probably thinking of the actual online and searchable MF character reference you gave to a rapist as being a bit of a lovable rogue which seemed to conflict with your comments above. Just a thought. I think you really might be misunderstanding what banter is.
  15. Which nicely counters every point you’ve made in this thread. So why are we protecting anyone by creating mass unemployment if that’s the case?
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