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  1. Yes I agree but I would bet it will be Steve Jobby who will be the one to push others to say silly things. He’s clearly a poster in this original thread now posting under a new forum account to try to spread a bit of dirt. He might as well go headfirst in rather than be a big girl about it all.
  2. Fair enough it just annoys me when regular posters register new forum accounts to start going on about this sort of stuff. It happenened in the post office thread as well with new posters appearing. So really if they want to wind people up by justifying their own job they should at least use their usual forum names otherwise expect a bit of push back.
  3. A private police force (if that’s what is being proposed) is a bit worrying but let’s face it the job in the IOM is one of the biggest gold-plated skives going. Only surpassed by the airport firemen who can spend a whole 30 year career playing snooker or being in the gym without even attending one fire.
  4. I’d think people would only have to be careful if they say untrue things. Most of his protectors in IOMG are no longer around.
  5. After Stu Peters impromptu security advice on the Radio today I might try Cafe Two-Six and see if there are any drunk pilots in there who can use their secret key to get me into the airport security area unchallenged
  6. I know enough about invisimail Steve Jobby. As I’m sure do many on this forum. I just thought it would make sense to start a new thread as this is about the MEA in the heading so people might not bother reading the thread.
  7. Why choose to resurrect this thread that has no real link to the claims you’re making? Set up a new thread with a proper heading not one about the MEA surely? Heres the link https://www.courts.im/media/2128/chancery.pdf
  8. Oh that’s really hilarious. Someone has died and you make some shitty joke about it.
  9. Yes but remember when the baggage handlers were getting up to £50K a year through a variety of Spanish practices? So I’m sure £15K is possible. As they’re such a bunch of ignorant rude bastards when you go through it’s hard to think the service quality will go down either if they outsource to a private company. Overpaid rude wankers a good bunch of them.
  10. Of course they do. But this is the IOM remember.
  11. The guy is clearly a fucking nutter, why does he even get airspace?
  12. It’s amazing that people still transfer across if they work in the public sector to be honest. Would anyone trust IOMG with their entire retirement needs? At least in the UK they can just print more money to pay you out and, as you say, you benefit (currently) from a huge number of DTAs with other countries. Brexit could possibly change all that though.
  13. Because they are so deluded and desperate for something to sell that they like to ignore the reality staring them in the face and really believe it wasn’t all one massive big VAT scam and that people actually thought the IOM had anything else to offer because of its ‘location and expertise’ !
  14. Speeding is not really a proper offense. Just drive like less of a dick and you won’t get any points.
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