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  1. The man is totally crackers and I didn’t think a real person could actually be that crazy on social media. I always assumed it was a fake account when I read his mental posts. Does he actually live on the IOM as I’m surprised I haven’t bumped in to such a complete penis by now?
  2. It’s a bad example for women in politics really. There are a lot of women who would have done well as MLCs who could have been put in the positions on merit. But it seems that they preferred a Legco version of Charlie’s Angels to be rushed in to play the diversity card who pretty much are mostly completely shite. It’s no surprise August-Hanson (or whatever she’s called this week), and Lloyd-Brennan (another pretentious double-barreller) jacked in the proper stuff first. Neither have any substance whatsoever.
  3. Yes because the DOI has had such a staggering success record for operational competence with everything they’ve done in the last 15 years
  4. The only proposition the IOM has now is for us to continue to keep living in the past as that’s where most people in government obviously feel comfortable as we clearly don’t have a future. In fact we can’t even strategize or think about what sort of future we want. Roll on the Finance Sector Museum in 15 years time where we can wander down preserved sections of “old Athol Street” and marvel that people had jobs and houses, then walk up to the e-gaming museum at the former Microgaming Head Office where you will be able to experience what it was like during the e-gaming boom before the industry moved to Malta. The sense of nostalgia we’ll get will be great and it will take loads of taxpayer funded MNH employees to staff. Well worth the wait I’d say. Much more interactive than the grim glimpse of redundant Victoriana you get from a trip on a horse tram on a wet afternoon which reminds you of our tourist boom before that all turned to shit as well.
  5. You get the impression that even if the horse trams end up running on some perilous rail bridge suspended 20 feet above the scooped out foundations of the promenade while they excavate down to do the foundations then that would be viewed as mission accomplished for the DOI. They can’t have civil engineering requirements dictating a project of this magnitude. It’s all about the horse trams and what colour cheap crappy paving we can put down and how much we can inconvenience people doing the non important stuff.
  6. Another £37M spent to service our dying tourism industry is just insanity. We have no strategy for anything. The numbers keep on going down and down in inverse proportion to the millions the geniuses in our government are pumping in to stuff. We don’t have a plan for anything other than to spend more millions in the blind hope that just by spending millions something positive must come out at the other end.
  7. They honestly couldn’t care less about anyones livelihood or anything else. Re installing the mega loss making horse trams so that they can clip clop on for another 100 years of burning our cash for fuck-all benefit to anyone is their entire focus. It’s pathetic. Everyone said this project would be a total clusterfuck from day one. Harmer denied this and said it would be implemented with minimal disruption. Now it’s.clear that complete embarrassingl clusterfucks are all the DOI is qualified to deliver. This whole project has turned into a complete joke much earlier than most people had imagined.
  8. It’s amazing all this stuff is in the public domain but only those who know are aware that it’s there. That case is just appalling across the board.
  9. And a big blow up cushion to sit on ..
  10. You mean like how everyone used to go to the cafe there for an afternoon out in 1973? They didn’t really have to think about not being commercial then. Probably because they didn’t employ 25 managers looking for things to be responsible for. Just one bloke who knew how to run a business and get people through the door.
  11. There’s no spaces on the road now.
  12. Longworth is a twat who should have been finally seen off by the farce he’s created on that stretch of the prom. All so he can play at being the fat controller of loss making horse trams even if it bankrupts tax paying private businesses by cutting them off from passing trade for years and years.
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