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  1. thesultanofsheight

    Planning Appeals

    You’ll find the developers will very effectively start using this new 20 meter clause by building 20 meters away from existing dwellings where they can. Odd as it’s counter intuitive to governments wish to not develop as many greenfield sites as presumably if you do a brownfield development where lots of existing housing is you will get lots of interested parties complaining, whereas if you develop out of town far enough away from anyone there’s presumably fuck all anyone can do about it!
  2. thesultanofsheight

    Pubs closing

    Please let’s not revisit the pain of that recollection (further up the thread). Yes there was.
  3. thesultanofsheight

    Man (Child?) to face rape charges!

    How can a child procure another child for an act of gross indecency? What is the age of criminal responsibility here if both the perpetrator and the victim were under 12?
  4. thesultanofsheight

    Planning Appeals

    Too many people objecting so they have to narrow it down as they’re having to work a bit harder if more people put in objections. It’s wrong I think as 20 meters isn’t that far. You could live in the same street as a developmentment and still not be an intersted party.
  5. thesultanofsheight

    Planning Appeals

    Yes asking a civil servant to do their job and assist you costs £175. Got to keep those pensions paid.
  6. thesultanofsheight

    Cut & paste

    Was she originally from Wigan do we know? Or was she asked to develop policy like Wigan’s and went the whole hog and just secretly copied it?
  7. thesultanofsheight

    Rob Callister

    I hope he manages to have a good poo before his Saturday surgery
  8. thesultanofsheight

    P.O Strike Begins.

    I got two parcels delivered at the same time our postman usually delivers, delivered to the right house, and waiting for me when I got home for lunch. So no break in service really. Plus a day without shitty flyers or bills as someone else has said.
  9. thesultanofsheight

    Rob Callister

    Sadly not. Looks like Slinky’s prediction was spot on in that it was going to be deleted ASAP to save embarrassment.
  10. thesultanofsheight

    P.O Strike Begins.

    I’ve had my post this morning no issues.
  11. thesultanofsheight

    Looks like the burglars are back!

    You’d think it would be that easy wouldn’t you.
  12. thesultanofsheight

    Pubs closing

    Their pay is shit, who would want to be one of their managers? They have no financial incentive to put up with running a shoe string protectionist operation so what benefit would that bring to anyone?
  13. thesultanofsheight

    Pubs closing

    We aren’t attractive to incoming business which is why Wetherspoon’s will never set foot here.
  14. thesultanofsheight

    Pubs closing

    Proving categorically that even China has a more liberal, free market, economy than the IOM. And that all your arguments about the brewery being clever business men are nonsense. They run a protection racket. As you admit yourself above.
  15. thesultanofsheight

    Pubs closing

    You’re the master of silly arguments. Clearly N-B is not a shareholder as the shares aren’t listed so he wouldn’t be able to buy any. So why did you even ask the question? Just made you look daft.