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  1. This is from a poster who doesn’t want to know the truth about anything apparently as stated above 🙃 So why does it concern you when someone posts some truth about a situation you don’t like? It’s just an opportunity to stir. Nothing else. Some students didn’t get the email as the email address they had was incorrect. Fact.
  2. Why would you think that? I know of several students who never got the email and who contacted the department to find that they had an out of date email address. Some probably also went to spam etc. That will explain why some didn’t reply. To suggest people didn’t reply just because they don’t care is simply being an idiot. Apparently you dont want to know the truth anyway so why does it concern you so much?
  3. That’s why. Hissingsid bleats the same covid hysteria all over social media.
  4. Many didn’t even get the email so I hear as the DESC had the wrong email addresses on file.
  5. You mean like “key workers” who can come and go and not self-isolate and go about their business digging holes in the prom just wearing masks and different coloured hats for a week or so? You seem to be worrying in completely the wrong place to justify your Daily Mail fueled student hating.
  6. Many people who have managed their own risks right from the start of this just want to be told the truth so they can take the best action in order to continue to manage their own risks. It’s the same argument as testing. If we still had testing outputs and data from the 7 Day testing that was withdrawn people could decide whether to take that business trip, or take their kid back to Uni, based on the published transmission patterns from people who had visited U.K hotspots and tested positive or negative. But all of that has been denied Manx residents in favour of this eradication policy and suppressing information so people can’t make informed choices. When you can’t make informed choices you just have to accept the enforced belief that you can’t go anywhere and the can’t do anything as you might die of covid and you might bring covid back which will kill people. It’s all nonsense to be honest. Informed choice based on clear published scientific outputs was always the best way to go rather than living in a culture of manufactured fear and misinformation (or no information at all in many cases). It actually feeds the Facebook crazies more by removing actual facts to push back on them with.
  7. I agree trying to stop the nutters melting down is no excuse for not telling the public the truth. But the strategy being adopted makes it clear that calming the Facebook Karen’s down is the overriding objective and strategy of our government. It has been from the start leading to a huge perceived lack of honesty from those who understand the issues and just want to be kept informed so they can best manage their own risks.
  8. Yes a good old witch hunt is exactly what we need and what will be prescribed by government. Crank all the nutters up into a hysterical rage and let’s flush out anyone who has been somewhere else ever or anyone who knows anyone who has been somewhere else ever and put them in a quarantine hotel for 6 months!
  9. It’s not HQ specifically it’s Cabinet Office denialism. They seem to be just as scared as the Facebook Karen’s and very deeply entrenched.
  10. Considering our Minister for Policy and Reform is a total bell-end that’s worrying. Where was the public debate around this?
  11. You using VPN and it’s time zone converting. Says 3:55 to everyone else.
  12. To do what exactly in your widespread experience?
  13. I don't know why as he hasn’t got the balls to ask any difficult questions. He just needles them like some sad girls blouse.
  14. I think because if people think it’s not “on the loose” they can’t catch it so they can sit at home polishing their pitchfork for another week.
  15. I have to say I too am struggling to understand how people who clearly caught it away, who came back on a communal boat or plane with other people, who got on a communal bus, in a communal taxi, or in a communal car with family or friends and then went home, and who were subsequently traced from common communal contacts who had the infection are not counted as communal cases. It seems that the minute you go home and shut your door your not in the community anymore despite the fact you picked up the infection in the community and others you interacted with have caught it too.
  16. It’s very clear the Facebook Karen’s are driving the agenda and a lot of the kneejerk policy here. We’ve had the option to revert to science driven approaches and slightly loosen border controls and up testing several times now to no avail. Which makes the lack of any official context around the death being published even more perplexing
  17. Not sure. I’ve never stood in a 6ft trench wearing a tin helmet whilst someone blasts machine gun fire 4” above my head for 4 years. I imagine it’s more stressful than a lockdown situation. But that’s not doing down how stressful lockdown has been for many.
  18. Not convinced. The only modifying factor for me was finally selling the car after I realized that as long as I owned it it was probably going to end up in a field. I did the same thing about 15 years previously after nearly having an off at Windy corner. As long as they make stuff that goes fast it’s always going to be a problem on Manx roads.
  19. It won’t make much difference. It’s a bit like the TT argument. The technology is too quick now for most of the roads if you want to push it. That’s half the problem with the Mountain. One of my last cars could get approaching Brandish at about 125 after a standing start at the Creg. If you really want to push it you can and a lack of talent will see you off. Testing won’t fix that.
  20. Yes and probably 25% of each are goat-shaggers.
  21. They haven’t really. They’ve said someone has died of COVID-19 when it may well be that someone has died after testing positive for COVID-19. There is a very big difference there which I’m sure would be beneficial for them to clarify given some of the things being said and presented as “fact” on social media. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/person-on-island-dies-from-covid-19/
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