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  1. Not sure. There’s loads of people boasting about how much money they saved during lockdown. I know of one double Government couple who claimed they’ve saved five grand doing nothing in three or four months. Plus a lot less burned on petrol and diesel which are big VAT items. I hope I’m wrong but I can’t see a big VAT windfall.
  2. It’s a mix of T & Cs and control freakery. In most commercial situations social media channel managers are trusted to be on message and are employed exactly for those skills - so to be able to reply at 3am in the morning and be either on message or suitably vague enough to respond to a question without making the company they are contacted to look stupid. In government it’s usually some marketing person with little expertise in social media who gets the job as anyone with actual experience in social media wouldn’t take it. Then they get offered a 9 to 5 contract like everyone else in government so they go home at 5 on Friday evening and log back in on Monday morning. It’s almost a waste of time to actually employ those sort of people on those sort of contracts to manage social media engagement. Look at @myprom as a perfect example. That team has given up engaging with the public as really how much varnish can you coat a turd with? I bet they’re still getting paid though.
  3. I’m sure you’re right but the logical conclusion is something that causes even more damage for little additional gain. So you attribute virus transmission to some envelopes or packages. Then what do you do? Ban eBay and Amazon and shut the whole postal system in an entire country down for weeks or months causing yet more economic destruction and unemployment?
  4. Not to also mention that the purpose of social media is supposed to be that it is quick and instant in terms of finding out information. Not getting a reply in 2 days time after the social media team is back at work. Social media is 24/7 which is totally incompatible with government T & Cs.
  5. I’m thinking of snatching the wording and changing it to I’m sorry I may have farted in your personal space just in case anyone ever takes offense. It’s always good to be prepared. Random written apologies for inconsequential things may become the norm at some stage the way things are going. At least they’ll keep IOM Post profitable.
  6. I wouldn’t try to over think about it or obsess about it. It’s happened. Just like it will inevitably happen here at some stage. Even if it got in on an envelope what are you going to do? Stop tens of millions of people and every business in an entire country from receiving post?
  7. Probably via a recent traveller who was tested and subsequently found positive but then again at that stage it’s been found, the rest of the family tested, and all now in isolation to protect everyone else. But never mind let’s just tell 1.6 million people to stay at home on top just so we can claim to have the second wave that’s been foretold. It will happen here too. You can’t stay Covid free forever and 100 days was pushing it. Just like our 80 days are pushing it. And the same will happen here too. One person will bring it in, it will be found, it will be isolated in one or two households, and then a load of wailing muppets will insist we shut the whole island down again for months on end.
  8. That’s a good article I read it a few days ago. Wrightys view would be interesting. Yet despite this NZ locks down Auckland and 1.6million Kiwis are told they can't leave home as nation records FOUR new cases of Covid-19 after 100 days of no cases. How utterly insane is it to lock up 1.6 million people because they have found 4 cases? Those 4 cases were all in the same family as well so rather than isolate them from society the answer is to isolate 1.6 million other people from each other instead. We have reach new heights of Covid craziness just to manage peoples unfettered media fueled fear.
  9. I do like his claims to be “almost an MHK”. You wonder if he means he almost became an MHK (but didn’t as he didn’t get enough votes) or that he thinks he’s so clever and important that he’s almost an MHK really? I read a book on law once. That much make me almost Chief Constable on the Kemp scale of comparison.
  10. I reproduced in its entirety the original report of last night above. It has changed.
  11. It’s not the situation at all. Neither is it a rant. Government is pandering to the doomsday scaremongering of far too many and it’s stopping sensible policies and protocols being tested and ultimately introduced. Its like they’re paralyzed by fear of the invariable backlash from the Covid crazed many of whom seem to be getting off on all of this a little too much. It’s also keeping far too many people out of the economy making it more difficult for things to recover. It’s like Brexit all over again. A load of rabid retired Daily Mail reading knobs with little to lose financially trying to snatch opportunity from everyone else because they’re scared.
  12. What I want is easy. Which is to be allowed to go about my life how I want to go about it - but taking appropriate risks to safeguard myself and others because I’m not a complete moron who has been frightened into some submissive trance by a wall of fake news, media sponsored lies and bullshit. I also want all those panicking to just stay in doors and leave it to the rest of us if they’re really as scared as they portray. If you don’t want to go to work that’s fine - but I ain’t paying for it either as in 95% of cases here there is absolutely no reason not to go into work (if you still have a job that is). Also if you’re worried as you’re in a high risk group - that’s fine so stay in doors as you should be protecting yourself anyway. Don’t expect me to fuck my life up or make myself poorer because you can’t be bothered to take entirely sensible precautions to protect yourself as any sentient human being would. And don't expect government to provide some sort of guarantee to protect you. They can’t. Just protect yourself as well as you can and get on with your life and stop telling everyone else what they should be doing and shutting down the world because you’re crapping your pants about a virus that is very unlikely to actually kill you. Remember at the start of all this lockdown was only about managing NHS resources not about nobody ever getting Covid ever. There has been a lot of ‘mission creep’ by various parties whose sole role in all of this seems to be to keep people perpetually scared as that is where they themselves either feel more comfortable or they have some other vested interest in creating a state of perpetual fear.
  13. Well in the UK they still have Covid unlike here. I’m happy with inflammatory language to be honest as a lot of them are lunatics as far as I’m concerned. If they’d rather be unemployed and on the scrap heap for the next decade instead of risk catching a virus which has a very low mortality rate then that’s their business. They’re completely free to lock themselves inside their own houses for the next few years if their concerns are that great but trying to restrict the freedom of people who accept the risks is unacceptable. The whole thing has got out of control. Some are scared and some are just lazy and don't want to go back to work and think the economy functions in some magic way that if you do nothing you still get paid. Some hard lessons going to be learned as furlough schemes unwind.
  14. IOM Update We don’t want to upset a load of Covid obsessed lunatics who want to ignore reality for as long as possible.
  15. Has HM Sole not withdrawn though? Looks like a few candidates have fallen by the wayside.
  16. You need an ice pack on your head. Your reply to me is in the wrong thread for a start. And anyway the woman is a thief and a scumbag I have no issue in saying that. If you don't like that then that’s fine but she has defrauded the public purse and stolen taxpayers money by filing a false claim in a job that she is paid to do by the very same taxpayer. I’m sure most honest, law abiding, diligent, public sector workers fully accept what a completely shitty and unacceptable thing she did not try to justify it like you. But that was another thread.
  17. Your head has taken a right knock hasn't it?
  18. Yes but if you read it and filter it for PR speak it actually says: Government apologizes after plane mix up [we did it] Rugby charter diverted as Ronaldsway was shut [ie, the airport wasn’t open to accept a landing plane] Government has apologized [we have categorically apologized for our error by name] after a plane carrying rugby teams from Guernsey was turned away from the Isle of Man at the weekend because Ronaldsway airport wasn't open in time. [ie, the airport wasn’t open] A statement issued this evening says: "a rugby charter from Guernsey to the Isle of Man made an unscheduled stop in Manchester briefly due to Air Traffic Control in the Isle of Man not being open initially. [Ie, the airport wasn’t opened by us on time to accept the plane] "Both the IOM Government and Aurigny [the airline who didn’t shut the airport] would like to apologise for the delay incurred, which was due to a communication breakdown. [ie, we’d like to save embarrassment by loosely claiming there was some sort of communications breakdown by one party] "The flight continued on to the Isle of Man with no further issues [other than the airport being initially shut] and the return flight was delayed an hour and a half to ensure that the rugby match was completed in good time.[ie, they missed the kick off time of the game due to the delay so the return had to be extended]. "Aurigny [who are not connected to this cock up, but are mentioned by association] and the IOM Government continue to work together and are proud of the airbridge between the islands which has enabled many locals to take holidays and also competitive sporting events to be held with no restrictions [other than the restriction that airports have not always been open]
  19. It’s pretty hard to prove fraud when you have not received any money as a result of fraud. Is thinking about fraud an offense in your book?
  20. Err, they’re shit because they’re the DOI?
  21. All is revealed. We fucked up. But after the apology by IOMG in the headline and the early part of the release it’s made to look like a joint effort via a promise for IOMG and Aurigny to work together closer in future. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/government-apologises-after-plane-mix-up/
  22. Yes agree. Can’t see this happening here https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-53552245
  23. Absolutely 100% because it is thoroughly scummy behaviour.
  24. Which MHK has stolen money by committing fraud on the taxpayer? Friend or yours? Or have you had a big knock to your head that’s affecting your judgement?
  25. Scumbag is fine by me. Thanks for your feedback. Anyone who does something like this and abuses their taxpayer paid position by stealing off the taxpayer is, de facto, a scumbag.
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