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  1. That is totally correct. It won’t matter what the actual specifics of the case are in relation to the IOMs involvement because we’ll just be made to look bad anyway. Why wouldn’t a foreign domiciled person buy a house in London via an IOM company in 2017? It was legally the most tax efficient way of making sure that they won’t pay UK inheritance taxes on UK domiciled assets at the time. But the focus will be on the “anonymous” company that isn’t anonymous anymore as it’s owner will be recorded on the register of beneficial ownership.
  2. Yet the main budget we are trying to pull back on is health and social care, and the main areas in the quality of life survey that people say are going down hill fast are health and social care.
  3. It’s common knowledge how most Liverpool property development has been funded in the last 15 years.
  4. I would imagine it’s very much a case of imagining what football would look like if the FA was run by village commissioners.
  5. They should have factored in that Liverpool is one if the most corrupt cities in the UK. So £20m of the total cost will likely just be skim off to high level drug dealers and their bent development companies to get it done.
  6. There’s a link in somewhere to the Liverpool Echo which says we bought it. But I’d agree that bought could conceivably include the acquisition of a long term lease. It’s an easy question for any MHK to ask in Tynwald or the basis for an FOI.
  7. I think you’d probably have had to work for the police or the mental health services to have had such in depth dealings with a person like this. I’m therefore surprised at the number of posters offering opinions based on things they claim they know.
  8. Less fortunate is normally the result of terrible parenting and other bad circumstances.
  9. You seem to also have a very low view of people less fortunate than yourself. Are these forums now sponsored by the Daily Mail? Both those reports suggest someone who is troubled rather than any major threat to society.
  10. I think you’ll find it is. You sound very angry and frustrated to be honest. Is it sour dough withdrawal?
  11. It’s you who appears to be somewhat angry to be honest
  12. Noa is trading off past glories and the sourdough bread is pretty awful too as it’s just too heavy to eat. I wouldn’t buy it in Shoprite and I wouldn’t buy it there either. There are plenty of places in the IOM where you can get good quality food at a reasonable price. Your view seems to sum up the pretentiousness of the metrosexual elite cycling and finance sector wallies who you usually see swanning around in there just to be seen.
  13. Staring Audrey Hepburn as Lisa McGhee, and Jean-Paul Belmondo as Sergeant Eddie Quirk from Traffic
  14. Sounds like someone who has problems IMHO not a dangerous criminal. Most of that is for shouting and swearing at cops, getting pissed and making nuisance calls. Just sounds like a troubled person who can’t cope.
  15. It does the one round the corner by the Co-op is pretty good as well (can’t remember the name). It was sort of inferred by the opening tone of the post. You’re more than welcome to steal that phrase though. I’ve heard it a few times now.
  16. Sorry aren't other posters allowed to have a view which is contrary to yours? Why would the direction of a forum thread be of so much concern to you? People seem to be posting what they think not what their entry into some nonsense big sausage competition seems to want to portray.
  17. That report is hilarious http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53253 So they chased a 17 year old girl on a moped through the streets of Douglas like Starsky and Hutch because she was troubled and actually didn’t throw herself off Douglas Head. Perhaps they were looking to talk to her in order to ascertain why she didn’t kill herself to see if they could do her for wasting police time or not?
  18. You’re right but as some have pointed out the costs are rather at odds with what is happening in the economy but people still seem to be spending. I won’t go to Noa for the same reason either. Used to love it when it was in the crappy old Osborne’s shop with the rickety furniture and crap music. Now it’s a cycling metrosexual wanker paradise I wouldn’t go near the place which saves me a fortune when it’s £6 for a sausage bap. You save a fortune walking back up the road and going to the Caff. But then again you aren’t “seen” there by anyone but a load of toothless old ladies which seems to be the only point of going to some of these places - so that people can assume you’re worth a few quid as you’re seen eating and drinking in there.
  19. Well we’ll never know as there is no breakdown between public and private sector employment whether that’s deliberate or not is anyone s guess but it seems to be a strange omission.
  20. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53277 Very sad indeed.
  21. Says bought in Liverpool Echo. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/35m-funding-approved-new-isle-11644998
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