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  1. Most if not all of the ex owners are good people who over achieved and did well and many still contribute to Island life. It’s gone corporate now the main founders have got out and you can’t control corporate businesses as they will just do what they need to do to cut cost and maximize profits and survive. Government should know that by now. There is no loyalty at all once the main share owner becomes distanced from the local management team.
  2. What do any others on MF need to apologize for?
  3. And Lawrence Skelly says ................ ?????????
  4. At least Bonnie and Clyde got shot in the end.
  5. It’s just like everything else the DOI does total crap. I’m not sure any of them care at all about anything anymore. It’s even starting to look like the prom is now just one great big fuck you to the tax payer from those in charge. I mean short of standing by the road waving their cocks at passing motorists they’ve done just about everything else to show general contempt to the public who’s taxes are paying for it all.
  6. How long have you been reading his posts on MF for?
  7. That surface was a joke so you are probably right. The tarmac on the pavements looks totally crap as well. It looks like one man laid the tarmac with a trowel.
  8. If you use social media it’s pretty hard to escape them as he literally carpet bombs the most popular politics groups. It should be something you subscribe to not something that is thrust into your face as a social media user. At least the PAG stopped reposting it some time ago. I presume as it’s general lack of substance was of little interest to anyone interested in political or social progress.
  9. Insurance claim and can’t be disposed of until inspected by a loss adjuster?
  10. I don't buy that sorry. I think that was the scenario used to justify what happened but it was a pretty unlikely scenario.
  11. Can’t disagree with that in general but I was sort of leaning to the fact that they’ve effectively made media stars out of themselves in their own heads. Didn’t “Goldie” (not the Blue Peter dog, although that probably ate it’s own shit too) say “Do you know who I am” to the unfortunate bouncer in his latest arrest? To say something like that he clearly thinks he’s famous as he’s been led to believe that he’s famous by seeing himself on TV and seeing things about him being written in the press and social media.
  12. I agree 100% with that but sadly this Island has already decided that cycling is the future. The sweaty-arsed masses have already spoken and our future is to be soaking wet and half an hour late for everything we do - as all major routes will have been adapted for cycling only by Ray Harmer the Islands head MAMIL.
  13. I totally agree Moffatt was, and still is, a very good actor. He’s like one of those special branch officers who went so far undercover he doesn’t really know who he is anymore. He’s one of the architect’s and grandfather of the bloated public sector.
  14. Good that you make your first post since July to state this. It’s great that lots of legacy posters seem to be popping up all at the same time to continue threads that have drifted away from other former regular posters views.
  15. It is fairly bonkers and considering Ramsey’s seafaring heritage in its own right it’s sad that all they can come up with to justify a considerable investment into an unneeded facility is something aimed at cruise ship passengers - who they seem to rather optimistically believe will land in Douglas in their masses and then get the bus to Ramsey just to see their made up ‘thing’ aimed at cruise passengers.
  16. Is there any specific reason why you’re trying to bump every thread in this forum down?
  17. I bet they get them printed off Island and they don't arrive in time.
  18. You couldn’t make it up. So the property that never should have been bought in the first place, and which they can’t really think of what to do with it now it’s been bought, is now going to be a facility pitched at “cruise visitors”? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/ramsey-community-hub-perfect-for-cruise-visitors/ Yes let’s jump in the cruise bandwagon now to try to justify another load of nonsense.
  19. Or properly explain the rumour constantly being hinted at.
  20. Tesla has its product right. The markets might be knocking him but he will win long term. The technology platform they are building will be as important as the internal combustion was 100 plus years ago.
  21. Perfect thread derail though. Funny largely unused accounts are popping up to de-rail threads now.
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