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  1. I’m sure that will happen. Arms length is pretty much a way of giving the lunatics the keys to the asylum. Then turning round and politically claiming that they aren’t our lunatics anymore. They’re now someone else’s lunatics and you’ll have to complain to them.
  2. Yes it’s as clear as day to non civil servants isn’t it.
  3. It an observation not an insult. For an English language pendant you don't really seem to be that good at using correct English descriptors yourself. So just to back track I have never made any drinking reference to you, I did not insult you above, and I have not done any of the other things you constantly bleat on about in order to try to garner sympathy and attention to deflect from your silly behaviour.
  4. Are you a child? I’m just wondering how a pensioner Are you a child?
  5. Your just a gutless wanker who bores the arse off this forum with your various identities/issues.
  6. Everyone on here knows you’re full of shit and have no guts.
  7. Hardly surprising that you stand up for useless wankers. Have you written him a MF reference too like you seem to do for all the rapists, losers, sex pests, and morons?
  8. Well for someone with good fire service experience I’m sure there’s a solution.
  9. Potentially having to deal with a total cretin like Phil Gawne is reason enough.
  10. Sorry who are those posters? I’m not familiar with any of those references and have never noticed any drinking accusations against you. I’m just wondering why you’re still arguing so strongly against the obvious fact that you are some sort of broken down schizophrenic forum character who doesn’t even seem to know who they are any more. Do you have much real-life interaction these days? Or is it just feeding the ducks and back to the Commissioners house for another 18 hour crazy stint on MF between hospital appointments?
  11. Well who would be wanting to deal with Phil Gawne in future on anything. It would be better to leave. He’ll now be a ‘Super Clerk’ able to up his hours to 15 a week when it goes through.
  12. I agree he is about as much benefit to the Island as your constant angst-ridden trolling is to this forum.
  13. Sorry what accusations of drinking have there been? I’ve made none. Pretty much sure I've never made any such accusation to you either. That is another recurring lie/nonsense item in your head that you, Neil and Dilli seem to repeat at regular intervals to any poster who questions them. You are clearly angry that other posters can see what a sad boring fraud you are who clogs up this forum with your petulant drivel and ego driven crap. Do you actually live in the real world or have you now been subsumed into the cloud by bad case of undiagnosed online schizophrenia?
  14. Like flies round a honeypot. It’s not hard to flush you “all” out is it? Pathetic forum egos pushing threads on for pages and pages because someone said something that wasn’t true but won’t accept the facts when they’re pointed out. Whose next? Dilli hasn’t had another go yet? The sequence is usually Neil, Dilli, then add PK if it’s still not working. Then repeat if that doesn’t work. Sad
  15. You just won’t let it lie will you clown shoes?
  16. You’re taking shite (multiple shite in fact). Just accept you were wrong rather than filling pages and pages full of angry bile and rubbish to try to justify what you can’t justify. It’s very unbecoming. Hate? Really? No I have just pointed out that the claims you made were wrong. It’s a simple concept to grasp if you have any concept of self analysis. You are the only one clogging up this thread with attacks and attempts to justify yourself rather than admit you were wrong. They were not trying to con the taxpayer as you wrongly claimed.
  17. Oh here comes Neil, Neil, orange peel now. That’s PK, Dilligaf, and Neil all responding to the same post pointing out the wrong facts given by Dilligaf within 20 minutes
  18. That was a fast response to my reply to PK Im not sure I have ever said that by the way. I just find it odd that when all else fails PK seems to randomly fight your battles for you when you make a total tit of yourself and you can’t bully and abuse your way out of it yourself.
  19. You don't miss any trick do you? Really interested as to why you see fit to keep popping into this disagreement with another poster as you have done in other threads too It’s not dignified really and sticks out like a sore thumb. You won’t let it lie that you posted wrong facts will you
  20. He probably just thought he could string them a line. In fact he’s probably still surprised he got sacked for just being shit at doing a government job reporting in to people who likely know little about running a postal service. Fair play on them to bin him off though if it wasn’t working as he probably thought he’d be good for at least 10 years of delivering fuck all on a good salary.
  21. Except here that is where you mentioned them wanting to steal taxpayers money ....
  22. But even if it’s £50k then £50k isn’t “nothing” as was claimed by the serial flouncer. He also claimed they had received government money which has not been proven at all. I’m only trying to fact check.
  23. It was £96K but a lot of that might have been travel costs and expenses. I grant you it’s a lot. But the guy seemed to be employed on a good deal, clearly over sold himself and his ability to get the deal, then delivered fuck all and got sacked. That’s pretty much 50% of every BD person you ever meet.
  24. Great flounce just because you were picked up on something wrong you posted
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