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  1. I agree with that. ”Yes I’m happy to make voluntary contributions” said no civil servant ever!
  2. Whoever mentioned the QS work probably has a point. Looks like cheapest shitest materials specified.
  3. Well the minibus would have been completely empty as they all are so hopefully if any injury it will be restricted to the driver only.
  4. You’re right it’s almost exclusively the managements fault. You’re best reading the report in its entirely though as it paints a picture which I think I largely accurate. There are lots of good dedicated people who work in the PS who get a bad rep by association - by that I mean by just being associated with the meaningful proportion of piss taking lazy twats who are always swinging the lead and who are never dealt with properly. It sends out the wrong message allowing slackness to be the norm and the management usually just let those good people down by allowing low standards of performance to apply. Like Onchanlass I’ve employed a fair few of PS casualties over the years and in general I’d say many can’t hack proper work. I say that as usually the only way they’ve left such a cushy number is that they’ve been informally pedaled out of some role into the private sector by a (rare) half decent line manager - and it usually takes them only a few months to work out that life in the real world isn’t the pisstaking low expectation skive they’ve often managed to perpetuate for the previous 20 years and got away with. But equally for balance I’ve also taken a few on who have been honest and said they had to leave as they couldn’t in good conscience continue to take good money for pretty much being expected to do fuck all all day for a manager who was thick and useless.
  5. As it was one of his best friends employing these girls to have sex with fat middle aged blokes you make a lot of supposition in your rush to attempt to excuse such alleged reprehensible behaviour.
  6. MOTs is the chosen end result of all of this. Gives them a chance to upgrade and over employ at the test Centre. As per usual it’s just all about creating the case for more state employment.
  7. It’s well known that farmers pay the lowest rates comparatively (to size of land and outbuildings etc) so he is doing a bit of a Phil Gawne here knowing what the backlash might be.
  8. The only group I can think of who will be caught by this area based move are farmers http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52103 Jason Moorhouse “There is the realistic possibility those paying the lowest rates today could be paying the highest in five years’ time.” So you can be sure that it won’t happen.
  9. I completely agree with you here. I’m amazed to see anyone sticking up for any middle aged man shagging a press-ganged teenager in this situation.
  10. Yes sorry. It’s perfectly fine for a man of that age to shag a teenager. I’m sure they wouldn’t remember shagging someone 30 years younger than they were either. It all must be a complete blur of inappropriate sex memories when you get to a certain age,
  11. Oh right then so a 50+ year old shagging a 17 year old is absolutely fine then according to you? Do you do online references as well?
  12. Maybe they should set up a site for Just Taking which is pretty much what her and others do.
  13. You should be their media adviser.
  14. I’m sure any 50+ year old man would remember shagging a 15 year old. To say you have no recollection of the claimed events is pretty much admitting it. Are you providing character references again?
  15. He clearly is on the ropes. He said in that interview he had “no recollection” of shagging that girl who claimed he shagged her - not that he didn’t do it. The language is really contrived. If you didn’t do it just say you didn’t do it. Not that you have “no recollection” of something.
  16. There’s lots of idle hands around .. especially on Facebook. The really scuzzy thing about this is the made up story to tug on people’s heart strings. It makes you wonder how many times people out there do this sort of con trick? It destroys things for people genuinely wanting to raise funds for sick kids etc.
  17. Yes you’re right there. The original founders and shareholders did the IOM a massive favour in helping put the IOM in the map as a serious location for gaming, They invested in the IOM and still remain loyal to the Island in many ways. But it’s part of a huge group of companies now and I think the new buyers have committed to finding something like $100M in operational savings across the group as well as them having to run their operations out of jurisdictions which provide them with the least friction points in future.
  18. Indeed as it’s usually the crime of choice of chavvy arseholes who spend far too much time on Facebook who then (as in this case) get shopped to the cops by other chavvy arseholes who spend far too much time on Facebook usually as they’re jealous that they hadn’t thought of such a despicably lazy scam first sat on their ass at home all day watching Jeremy Kyle.
  19. Really what sort of person stoops this low to make a few quid? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/woman-creates-fake-justgiving-page-to-help-bereaved-8-year-old/
  20. Maybe but their competitors recruit from SA which is fraught with VISA and immigration issues that can’t be fixed by going elsewhere in the world. I’d say the issues with Stars are largely unique to them. But the rumour is the government in Malta currently has an open chequebook on egaming (just like we had years ago) so I suppose it would probably be rude not to if it also ticks all your boxes about future strategy, market access, and recruitment on top.
  21. I’m only going on what I’ve been told but GD4ELI confirms what I’ve heard too regarding standards of IT skills. Asia is actually the biggest gambling market as I understand it and you can service that from Malta (or anywhere else) as well as all the other EU member states Malta gives them better access to. Bulgaria is Stars chosen IT recruitment hub and it’s going to get difficult getting them VISAs to come here soon (possibly even for them to travel short term up here) so Malta is a straight switch because as EU citizens they have the automatic right to work there. No VISA no nothing and low taxes if they’re contractors. The white Anglo Saxon’s with their blue British passports will be the new third-worlders in Europe - VISAs and work permits required making them back of the job queue as trickier to employ. As I also understand it as the pool of IT workers in Malta is vast because of all the gaming activity so salaries are said to be lower than here so they get better value I’d heard plus the general cost of living is said to be lower. In a post Brexit world the IOM just isn’t attractive with that model. A 96% drop in turnover of that size is going leave a big hole but I think a lot of people have been aware that this has been happening for quite some time behind the scenes.
  22. According to those in the know: Better legal access to EU markets for their games post Brexit More certainly in employment for iT workers (won’t need VISAs for Bulgarians to work in Malta as they’re EU citizens etc, whereas IOM will have to follow the UK model for immigration and VISAs etc) Lower operating costs Lower salary benchmarks A really flexible tax system and low taxes So pretty much being inside Europe fixes a lot of post Brexit employment and market access issues plus it’s a cheap operating base for Asian markets etc
  23. As I said above in terms of employment the parking problem on Onchan Head seems to have been fixed already. They certainly don’t seem to be as busy around there already but that will be a positive sign for many of the moaning old bastards in the surrounding area who want the IOM to be an empty boring hellhole offering nothing to the young people of the IOM. Why shouldn’t they want to move to a more progressive growth focused place that isn’t full of moaning old shits trying to interfere in your business? Also EU access will be paramount post Brexit. They won’t be the last to make this sort of move either.
  24. The article relates specifically to the IOM gaming activity being down by 96% so you can safely assume that any gaming taxes on that book will now be collected by the Maltese tax office (if they have a similar levy) and not ours. In effect the transactions are not going through here anymore so we collect zero against that book of business. So it seems to me that main online commercial activities seem to now be going through Malta, and the main development activities for programmers seem to be in Bulgaria, and we have effectively a corporate office here overseeing some stuff. I drove up Onchan Head the other day. The parking problem that everyone was complaining about around Pokerstars certainly seems to have gone away so there will no doubt be some moaning bastards in Onchan delighted by the restructure as they can now sit in their cars looking helplessly out to sea eating their stale sandwiches looking for something else to moan like fuck about.
  25. I know. Admitting that you still have a Manx.net email address is a bit like telling someone that you have a shed in your back yard with a couple of fucking carrier pigeons in it.
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