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  1. I was always told it was a pub and club thing as so many scousers on the boats were here at weekends that the locals had to learn to communicate on their own wave length to get by without a fight. Ramsey was full of paddy’s so a different dynamic.
  2. You beat me to it. Most butty’s who were adults in the 70s all sounded like scousers. It was the boats coming in and out with their scouse crews in the clubs and bars at that time. The early 80s was just as bad for badly affected mouser accents.
  3. All these people moaning about lock downs could just voluntarily not go places. It shouldn’t need government laws to force you to be sensible. That said I think the whole thing is totally overblown.
  4. He was definitely born in Willaston. I thought he still had that property.
  5. She’d have been a better bet than Knob Mercer.
  6. It’s all shite and made up numbers. They must sit round a table literally pissing themselves laughing at what they think they can get away with next as it’s only the public who seem to care. Like this one. It’s only an FOI reply that looks like it’s complete made up shite thats got people asking the question about a lot of it clearly being made up shite.
  7. Those thousands of people getting on at Colby and Port St Mary for a one stop trip (because that’s apparently what people do, drive all the way to Colby with a ticket that’s valid from Douglas, then get on a train and travel one stop to Port Erin) dramatically skew the numbers apparently.
  8. That was probably a wise move. Looks like a few long haul airways are going to be in trouble especially the Asian ones. Flights back might be tricky.
  9. I have never tried to get you or ND (not sure why you even mention him) banned at all. I have explained this to you more than once. You seem to not accept that you are responsible for all the crap and nonsense that you post. People do not report you or pick on you. You often just piss the mods and other posters off with your fragile ego and embarrassing drunken shenanigans. As I said I find your sudden concern for Derek amusing given a lot of the things you have posted about him on these boards. Clearly I have sympathy for DF if his son is trapped in limbo in Asia as nobody would want that.
  10. It makes me laugh when you are nice to Derek after all the nasty abusive stuff you sent via PM when he got that job at the hospital that you hated him for. You appear to be a very two-faced poster who can’t even remember what you say about people from one week to the next.
  11. There’s a good secondary point around that though in that what is the point of FOI responses if the information contained within them doesn’t seem to be accurate in anyway.
  12. I am surprised not to have read a post from Manxy yet blaming aliens and lizard people for the mass spreading of Coronavirus.
  13. Exactly I wasn’t criticizing you. It was very unlikely that you would have got the discussion you expected using this platform.
  14. For reasons stated previously he was always on a hiding to nothing. There are much better platforms than here.
  15. You see people are saying that IOMG are doing nothing about corona virus but I think quietly cutting the islands air routes off is maybe a shrewd move that they aren’t getting full credit for. It’s certainly going to help people self isolate as they will have no other option.
  16. Well done Alf Cannan is sending out the message that we won’t be fucked about https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-51824849
  17. I think it’s a bit like the Great Escape in that for years they’ve been casually putting all those heavy metals into their pockets when they’re up there riding about then letting it all fall out of their trousers legs into the harbor when they’re buying a crab bap on Peel Breakwater. It’s as plausible as any other theory held by the DOI.
  18. I can’t wait for all the death and destruction to start. People have been shitting themselves into a frenzy about it for weeks now. They’ll be really reassured if it ends up as even half as bad as they’ve been building it up to be. All dying with dirty arses to as they’ve ran out of bog roll weeks before it happens.
  19. Iran remains Chinas top trade partner https://www.scmp.com/news/china/military/article/3045253/china-and-iran-relationship-built-trade-weapons-and-oil Italy becomes the first to join Chinas new Silk Road project https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47679760 Its a shame Brexit was all about not liking and restricting the movement of Europeans. Otherwise it might have actually made a difference by now.
  20. I know I lose interest when pointing out the obvious suddenly becomes flipped to being critical of government and therefore open to attack and claims of ranting etc on these forums.
  21. Ah yes claims of ranting. They always seem to start to undermine a perspective when unarguable points are made on here. No doubt if I apply any more logic to this matter claims of meltdowns will inevitably ensue too. These forums really are very predictable
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