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  1. It would have to be cheap given it’s useless and still not signed off radar system and all the other failings that need more money throwing at them. We’d certainly not see the £80 to £100M that’s been pumped in there by the taxpayer in the last 10 years or anywhere near back. Plus can you imagine some of those idle sods having to work for a demanding HNW employer? The place would be empty in 3 weeks.
  2. Or the equally controversial bears shit in the woods report commissioned from McKinsey
  3. Yes they could perhaps direct more but I bet it gets just like smashing your head against a brick wall over time. You have to be a very rare breed to want to smash your head against a wall 24/7 for 5 years.
  4. That seems to be the case. I think the salary quoted above has been bandied around for the head chef role so it is clearly going to be more up market.
  5. Im not sure Allan deserves all the blame. Just as I don’t think Quayle, Cannan and Thomas deserve a lot of the current flack to be honest. It’s impossible for any one person or group of MHKs to reign in a public sector that is pretty much untouchable and only does what it what’s to do. This government hasn’t been half as bad as is often being claimed.
  6. Everyone knew it would be a total disaster from day one. Is anyone honestly surprised it’s a complete mess and behind schedule. I wonder if they are at the compensation stage for the embarrassing mess they’ve made of Queens Prom already as the traders are furious and spoiling for a fight. That myprom thing is a joke too. You get the impression that all they do every day is sit round in a circle in a site hut and toss each other off in between pointless tweets that give the public absolutely no information of any value at all as they can’t tweet a truthful “fuck all happened again today” every day for six weeks.
  7. If you can skate through big piles of horse shit that is.
  8. I’ve bought a few bits from them recently and thought the prices were fine. But then again I don't get all dizzy and confused when confronted with more than 5 items for sale in a shop
  9. You are correct the salary level to qualify for the relocation grant and the NI break is only £25k. Which is ridiculously low. I’d have thought most jobs in a managerial capacity at PI would qualify.
  10. I agree with you there but exempting people as the WP committee is full of total incompetents isn’t a viable alternative to actually sorting out the problems with our WP system so it works for all. But I wasn’t talking about the WP exemptions but the active adding of hospitality workers employed in those specific roles to the relocation grant scheme while the PI was being built and Travelodge also had plans in. It’s been a given that those roles won’t be going to locals from before day-one.
  11. A cynic might also observe that the scheme was extended to specifically include all those sort of roles just as the PI was being built too. I’m sure an FOI would be deemed ‘commercially sensitive’.
  12. Well I just read the websites which give the actual picture so I think it would be hard to argue that it’s likely that some assistance may have been given or received. Seasonal hospitality work permit exemptions Employers within the Hospitality sector can make a request to the Department for specific roles to be exempted, on the basis that no suitable Isle of Man Workers are available to fill the roles https://www.gov.im/categories/working-in-the-isle-of-man/work-permits/temporary-exemptions/ NI holiday https://www.locate.im/relocating/relocating/relocation-incentive Relocation Grant tourism and hospitality https://www.visitisleofman.com/trade/business-hub/employee-relocation-incentive
  13. Most jobs in that sector are WP permit exempt now as hospitality is a ‘key’ sector so they can bring people over and not even need a permit. In fact they probably got a load of relocation grants paid for people like chefs and hotel managers to relocate here - and those who have come over will probably get an NI holiday for a year as well paid by us. Now there’s the basis for a good FOI request or a question to the People’s Prince.
  14. Maybe the contractors are trying to negotiate a clusterfuck premium off the DOI as they’ve under bid given the work now involved due to the mess created to accommodate empty trams?
  15. You’d hope so. But then when has logic ever interfered with what DOI management want to do?
  16. That chap was really badly done by. Doubt he’ll ever get a job again. For that reason I sort of support the proposals.
  17. How many times have you done that stretch between the Castlemona & Queens to Onchan in the last few weeks? There is hardly a contractor to be seen most days and that’s a fact. You do get the impression something odd is going on. The work surrounding the horse tram lines is rubbish also. I downloaded an incline meter app and it’s quite interesting to see what is the most extreme angle I can get on the tilt meter driving past Millenium Apartments. The road surface is crap just so a few idiots can ride a tram for a few feet.
  18. Some of the stuff done here is simply phenomenal. But as they don't need DfE grants you never really hear about it as it doesn’t make anyone in government look good by mentioning it.
  19. That makes me laugh. “Wanton and furious cycling” is the closest offence to dangerous driving that a cyclist can be charged with although it can only ever be used when the circumstances of a cycling accident I nvolve someone suffering serious injury or death as a direct result of the cyclist’s actions” So it pretty much reinforces that the lycra louts are above the law .. until they maim or kill someone. No wonder they’re usually such arrogant twats.
  20. I can imagine the CM plucking a sword from a lake.
  21. Im not arguing for or against. I’m just saying it’s completely stupid to declare an immediate climate emergency of national importance at the start of the week, and then start charging people to charge electric vehicles at the end of the very same week. It just shows there is no actual policy about anything. They don’t even charge people in the UK yet so how is that encouraging anyone to drop fossil fuel powered vehicles in the IOM when better incentives now exist in the UK who have not committed to the made up targets we are now talking about?
  22. Yes naively I was pretty much expecting some sort of loose link between: Tuesday = we finally accept we have a climate emergency we need to deal with urgently by cutting emissions Friday = we are going to start charging all electric car users for using electricity at public charging points
  23. Yes he was stupid enough to give them taxpayer cash just for cutting hedges. They must think he’s a genius.
  24. Its hard to see how this aligns with their “climate emergency” statement of a few days ago as it probably makes it less likely that people will now rush out and buy electric cars to help them cut emissions which is now a stated government objective. Surely if they want to cut emissions then they need to incentivize people to change their behaviour? What sort of incentive does this really offer for anyone to want to do that? I don't see them handing out any grants, and they aren’t now even going to give away any free eleccy despite the fact the MUA has clear over capacity in power generation - so they’d presumably just prefer that it all goes to waste and nobody uses it? Sounds like they’ve been knobbled by Harmer and his idiot cycling lobby who think people will now take up cycling instead if they have to pay a few p to charge their cars.
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