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  1. Wait and see what? You haven’t said anything so pretty much in hindsight you can claim you’re miraculously right having not publicly said in advance what you are actually right about.
  2. I don’t know so much - it read like he had a right stiffy getting on the plane to America!
  3. I think that in order to be right you actually have to say what it is you are right about in advance of something happening
  4. Irony alert acknowledged forum know all calls out all forum know all’s.
  5. Yes they were probably answered by a civil servant while he was in Greece or wherever he went. I don’t know where he went as at least he didn’t post 2,000 words about it and a load of pictures all over Facebook.
  6. Callister isn’t even a Minister. He has no responsibility as part of COMIN so the answer is “no”. What could the CM possibly be responsible for in terms of advice to a back bencher? I’d stretch it perhaps that the CM has some sort of vicarious responsibility for the conduct of Ministers who form part of his Cabinet of Ministers. But back benchers?
  7. Who said that? It’s the opposite in that you can’t expect one person to receive special treatment as some sort of special needs case when other independent politicians seem to frequently embarrass themselves on social media too as well. It’s not the CMs responsibility when they’re all independents. They aren’t his party members. They are responsible for their own social media output as independent politicians affiliated to no centralized political party.
  8. Who else should they also be reigning in and consciously protecting? Harmer? Moorhouse? Cregeen? They all make complete tits out of themselves. How is Callister a special case? They have no duty to protect anyone. They’re all independents and therefore responsible to themselves for the way they project themselves to the public. If they get it wrong tough.
  9. 36 rolls for £15 https://www.galleonsupplies.co.uk/toilet-paper-c10/320-sheet-toilet-rolls-2-ply-embossed-p20/s20?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=galleon-320-sheet-toilet-rolls-2-ply-embossed-tr320&utm
  10. Hate is a strong word. It’s more like a vicarious embarrassment via social media osmosis I’m sure in most cases. It’s like everyone else in the world can see how awful and inappropriate his seemingly delusional postings are from a safe distance but sadly he can’t seem to see it for himself. You can’t blame the CM or anyone else other than the person who wakes up in the morning and says “I’m going to post this on Facebook today because this is what my ego is telling me other people will think is important. Because it’s about me!”
  11. But cutting it up how many normal sized sheets do you get for 85p?
  12. No I wouldn’t. As I said they’re all independents. There is no party whip or line. One singular MHK making a complete tit out of themselves on Facebook is of no concern to the CM I’d say - especially if they aren’t even a Minister. He’s not even on COMIN so it’s got nothing to do with the CM really. Best advice would be to just stop posting embarrassing shite.
  13. Of course. I’d forgotten about that.
  14. This is politics. Why should it be anyone’s responsibility to tell you that you’re a bell end who is ruining all chances of getting re-elected? You have to assume that an independent politician is responsible for his own actions. The party machine is not there to reign anyone in and neither should it as Tynwald is not a party. If you choose to present yourself as a complete tool to the general public as a holder of political office then that’s your fault. It’s not the fault of the people around you.
  15. What does a director of motor sports actually do fir £90K?
  16. I wasn’t going to mention Christmas at all until you brought it up!
  17. I’d say that in times of austerity for many with some of his constituents perhaps likely to be using the food bank to feed their kids this summer it could look to many like being more than just being your own your worst enemy. It gives the appearance of having absolutely no ability to self analyze or have any form of common sense or empathy whatsoever. We all know MHKs go on holiday. But as you say nobody needs to read the excited 2,000 plus word diary of Adrian Mole aged 50 advertising all the fantastic things he’s doing while others less fortunate are stuck at home paying taxes which contribute to his salary. Can you imagine Howard Quayle or Alf Cannan being daft enough to post about the expensive resorts they’ve been to this year in Facebook announcements to their constituents? They'd get totally slated for being rich and elitist (not least by James Corrin on his Facebook Group) and rightly so. It’s immensely poor judgement on display and that’s about it. I’m not surprised some people have commented negatively at all.
  18. Agree, the standards are pretty terrible.
  19. Actually it isn’t. I had a look when I read this thread and it’s actually about 2,000 words solely about his fucking holiday with pictures. It’s hard to see what interest or value it confers to anyone interested in local politics other than giving the appearance of some big headed twat having a really great time on his tax payer funded salary. You do wonder what goes through his head (if anything)
  20. I’d be asking serous questions about the buyers of some of this stuff. Looks to me like way of paying the VAT debt might have been found.
  21. More like egotistical bell end who believes he’s a human deity who the people of Onchan worship. All that blog does is publicly embarrass him every week.
  22. I agree there. Most empty houses I’ve seen are often still on timed central heating to keep the place ticking over and aired. Given how expensive power is here it doesn’t take much to rack up bills. It’s not a good benchmark from what I can see. I’m not sure why Thomas seems to be fighting the obvious so hard.
  23. Statistically at least one will probably have kicked their clogs by then.
  24. They knew when the school was returning from holidays so why the fuck didn’t it occur to them to have everything properly back to normal in time before thousands of cars a day were picking up and dropping off in the same spot by the Islands biggest school. It’s like the DOI are deliberately doing this shit just to piss people off. They can’t possibly be that unbelievably stupid. That Total station must be losing a fortune too. Who the hell would go through 3 way traffic lights just to waste 15 minutes filling up.
  25. Yeah who ever thought using a 6 litre Diesel engine to just charge a battery made environmental sense at all? Plus the ongoing cost of maintaining two power systems.
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