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  1. 4 hours ago, piebaps said:

    I just don't understand it. RC's normally all over mentions of his name, but he's keeping well out of this one. Perhaps he's on another media training course.

    I imagine he just feels rather silly that his various persecution fantasies haven’t been matched by actual reality. 

  2. 3 hours ago, gettafa said:

    The politicians love to flaunt themselves on these cruise liners as they bob about in the bay. I wonder what say when people ask "what is that patch emanating from the Bay?"

    The whole “business” case around the cruse terminal is absolute bullshit. I’ve never heard to much bullshit in my whole life being talked by so many accomplished bullshitters.  Saw some comments in another thread which suggest it smacks of desperation and I’d say that’s close to the mark. Our tourist industry is in the toilet and has been for so long that they can’t even take credit for anything any more as the numbers are just bollocks and still going down so best invest tens of millions of pounds in this load of old shite just so we can employ more civil servants in MNH to collect £2 entry fees on sites that lose money from more cruise passengers. It’s pretty much communist business logic similar to keeping workers in employment on state farms at all costs. 

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  3. 6 hours ago, gettafa said:

    It was actually a very good plug, although I would question Alex Brindley's show being called popular (I find all that Benny Hill as a schoolboy sort of 'humour'  a bit pathetic).

    It pains me to do this, but anyway, here's a clip from the Steve Wright show last week, which featured a local guy who had chosen some tracks:

    20190813 Steve Wright Alex Brindley 01.mp3 598.25 kB · 9 downloads


    So after the guy from the IOM rang in he quickly googled “Isle of Man” and “Afternoon radio” and Alex’s show came up in the search so that he could pretend that he knew something about the IOM to provide a 5 second relevant sound bite. These radio folk are pretty skilled in emergency content provision. 

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  4. 52 minutes ago, Max Power said:

    Belfast’s dockyards built stuff like the Titanic. It’s a pretty deep port suited to cruisers which already has a lot of big freight activity. It wouldn't need the sort of crazy investment we’re taking about. The “upgrade” only cost £500k according to that article. We couldn’t even put a pavement in on anything for £500K. 

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  5. 4 minutes ago, manxy said:

    (For gentle discussion) If the parents persist in bad parenting, then should they have full control of their child or should the child or children be removed for their own protection from bad parents? My view is that the child needs a loving stable relationship and if this cannot be given after many attempted interventions, then they should move on to foster parents but able to keep in touch under supervision. This probably happens anyway but something you don't really hear about.

    Christ you’re advocating child snatching now just to give the prison services an easy life.

    This thread really is incredible. It’s life - bad things happen. Bad people happen. We don’t live in the world of the Minority Report to stop stuff happening in advance just make life easy for the people who already have it pretty much easier then anyone else anyway. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Non-Believer said:

    Unless you're an Onchan ratepayer...?

    To be fair I’ve started to follow the tribunal reports quite avidly as they're great reading and ODC have some especially good ones but across the public sector the outputs of farcical situations like this are building all the time. It really is good reading. Usually situations that simply would not occur in the private sector as the private sector employers tend to employ managers and HR staff who are not complete incompetent bullying dicks with the IQ of amoebas. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

    Interesting reading.  The second does make you think that if Onchan Commissioners spent more on coats, they would have needed to spend less on lawyers.

    Indeed it shows what petty twats they are really. So someone gave his coat to someone else while he was off knowing that would wind him up. Then he came back, found his coat missing, and got wound up about it. It must be a bit like returning to play school after you mum and dad have taken you on holiday for a few weeks and someone else’s cost is on your peg. 

    The hilarious litigation and tribunal outputs ODC have created in recent years really is laughable. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, WTF said:

    you were close to harassment,  but  you weren't actually harassing , here have a lawyers letter.   get ready to pay out again onchan......     i was nearly speeding yesterday,  but i wasn't, where's my fucking letter??

    Good job that he wasn’t close to murdering someone by not murdering them otherwise he’d be up in court as well! Why do Onchan Commissioners always come across as such complete and utter dicks who seem to have no clue about how to act proportionately or appropriately in any given situation?  

  9. Onchan Commissioners do seem to excel themselves in relation to crazy HR issues. I see another has cropped up now - they must have Callin Wild on a nice retainer given their apparent propensity for creating Kafka-esque employment disputes.


    So someone raises issues with Commissioners to be informed that “It was resolved that the chairman and chief executive would not communicate with him orally or in writing in relation to past or ongoing staff matters unless raised at a board meeting, and even then only with the ’absolute discretion’ of the chairman.”

    At that stage they might as well just say “fuck off” which is pretty much what that means. So you can’t speak to any commissioner about anything, and you can’t write to any commissioner about anything as we won’t be responding, and even if anything is raised at a board meeting we still reserve the right to not speak to you or respond to you in writing about it! 

    Who the hell do these people think they are? So much for accountability and transparency for the ratepayer. 



  10. 1 hour ago, Albert Tatlock said:

    Load of selfish wankers in this thread that wouldnt recognise their own culture even if they'd tripped over it.

    FO back to where u came from...twats.

    Is that you Bernie? 

  11. On 8/16/2019 at 12:05 AM, slinkydevil said:

    // Off topic

    but this is the oddest question I've seen:

    24. The Hon. Member for Douglas East (Miss Bettison) to ask the Minister for Policy and Reform

    – Which Departments, boards or Government offices have printers: HP Laserjet Series 4000, HP Laserjet Series 4050, HP Laserjet P2015, HP Laserjet Series 4, HP Laserjet Series 5, HP Laserjet Series 3500, HP Laserjet Series 3550, HP Laserjet Series 4500, HP Laserjet Series 4550, HP Laserjet CP3525, HP Laserjet CM3530 or HP Laserjet P3005?

    It's a bit like just asking "Which Departments, boards or Government offices had toast for breakfast?"

    Those are old printers. Perhaps they get them from Moochers Market and we have an MLC raking it in selling 20 year old ink cartridges to IOMG? 

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  12. 31 minutes ago, Roger Mexico said:

    No for drugs.  Though oddly enough she was done for shoplifting clothes (to feed a habit?) a bit before that.

    That makes it even more mental. Employing a man in prison to go shopping on behalf of a convicted shoplifter. Maybe next week George Stores could be seen hanging round the Rose Gardens trying to score some gear for an incarcerated drug dealer as part of a similar reward strategy? 

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  13. 14 hours ago, pongo said:

    The best way of doing the news would be to read it out and put it online. No need for an old fashioned radio station at all. Ditto TV. Shut it all down and sell off the frequencies. Spend the money improving connectivity.

    Like the terrible 3fm news reports? 

  14. 2 hours ago, Manx Bean said:

    To be honest, nothing but nothing would now surprise me about the life these people lead inside the Prison. I used to be cynical of people that referred to is as the Jurby Hilton. But not now. As for the underwear shopping - jeez. Surely, the simple solution would be for either the Deputy Governor or George Stores to head into M&S lingerie then FaceTime the young lady requiring new undercrackers..or maybe it wouldn't be convenient for the prisoner if it was at a time when they had their gym session or busy with the "Sista" doing their nails whilst watching Loose Women eating their Salad Nicoise?

    The programme is getting more embarrassing by the episode.

    Quite why anyone needs butt lifting jeans in prison is anyone’s guess. Good job it wasn’t on the male wing! Although I suppose it pays to advertise. I have to agree that whole shopping thing was pathetic. When we’re feeding old folk who the DHSC are charging £800 a week for a room for about a fiver a day and you can’t get food in the hospital as they’ve always run out it’s bloody disgusting how we treat these arseholes quite frankly. Yet more proof that in the IOM the less you decide to contribute to society the more you actually get. But then I’m guessing the civil servants are used to that sort of system as they’re the biggest beneficiaries of an economy that works like that. 

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  15. 48 minutes ago, Mr Helmut Fromage said:

    Craig Varey is now a married man obviously a changed character......

    Married within a year to the widow of the Cocaine Cunt Caldwell - I fucking hope that Social Services are close to the unfortunate offspring of the these 3 wastes of skin

    She'd fuck a Tram Horse for a lift to JAKS....

    How’s dare you HT he’s a cheeky chappy who has been shown to the world tonight as a roaring success story for the Manx penal system. Up for a bit of stabbing, gets off, gets a glowing reference off the prison staff, then marries a dead mates wife. This series paints such a fantastic picture of the life of violent convicts in the IOM! 

    His Nobel Prize is probably just at post office HQ now en route to his new mansion! (Or is it the Pulitzer Prize you get for fiction?) 

  16. On 8/12/2019 at 8:58 PM, Gizo said:

    Can someone explain to me how one is convicted and sent down for 5 years in 2018 and yet I see him on the outside already?

    I see your mate got his 15 minutes of fame tonight. Even got a character reference off one of the guards as a nice bloke. FFS this series is an embarrassment. No wonder he got out early. 

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  17. 6 minutes ago, Uhtred said:

    My thoughts too. And midway through the current administration is about the time to start putting your name out there.

    If he stands fair enough. It’s a straight fight between him and Allinson or Hooper. I can’t see him taking votes off Allinson in particular but nothing should stop people from putting themselves forward. 

  18. 1 minute ago, Neil Down said:

    You said yourself 5,507 people died in 2016 from alcohol related deaths alone. Alcohol is clearly a bigger societal problem than cannabis. End of.  

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  19. 2 minutes ago, Neil Down said:

    Is that official conclusions or just those off this forum?

    It’s an interesting observation that he has de facto resigned and he has de facto resigned before any comment or output seems to have been reached by the diocese in relation to the reasons why he was originally suspended or relieved from his duties. That’s all. 

  20. 7 hours ago, gettafa said:

    Let Jersey and Guernsey test the water.

    There are too many stoners and pot heads hanging onto the periphery of the 'medicinal cannabis' thing, adding to the nervousness of politicians on this matter.

    It’s about choice though. Even if there are hangers on cannabis is likely to do them less long term harm than alcohol abuse so it’s a matter of proportion. We plough so much into dealing with the effects of alcohol abuse anyway which kills a huge number of people a year and is entirely legal. A few pot heads hanging on to the medicinal cannabis debate isn’t going to make any difference at all IMHO. 

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