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  1. What do you mean by underneath? To avoid confusion the collar and cuffs should always match!
  2. It would be great to see two Kappa wearing Vicky Pollard look-alikes slug each other around the head with empty baby buggies!! A whole new sport.
  3. Is it me or would actually putting some news on it "improve" it considerably. Its the only "news" site on the internet that actively puts no news of any significance on it so that you have to spend 60p buying the Examiner and then another 48p buying those 4 sheets of paper that masqurade as the Indy. Usually all you get is two paragraphs on any news item that say nothing at all, and they only stick those up at the end of the week after the Examiner has gone to press.
  4. Er.. He does not actually teach people how to launder money. Rather what to watch out for to thwart the intentions of those who do. Your point is clearly to suggest that the Island is a centre for money laundering. I would point out that any place that is home to one or more banks is potentially a centre for money laundering. So your point is?
  5. Watch it. If you click on the link given it probably takes you to a fake paypal front page that asks you to put your passwords in. Once they've got them that will be it.
  6. We'll open the cupboard tomorrow and find the scallies made off with the stamps last week!!
  7. In my day ADD was simply referred to as being "An irritating pain in the arse" my how things have changed. Wow ... that dog has a fluffy tail .....
  8. I bet the real Fuck Cho Seung Hui is mighty pissed off. He should have registered that domain when he could!
  9. I have to say you have by deepest sympathy with your situation. However I did take exception to ddavid1111's comments. When the administrators of this site have already taken a legal beating on other things quite why he feels he needs to post personal details about his employer's salary and bonus together with accusations as to why a particular person shouldn't be paid it is astounding. Amongst other things, as has been commented by other people, its highly naive and unprofessional. You would expect people in the corporate / CSP field to be aware of the omnipresent danger of litigation regardless of the personal situation they find themselves in. Particularly if they are looking for alternative employment.
  10. ... but the schools have closed Half Term is 29 May to Friday 6 June
  11. As with anything in America at present its as if its pushed its own self destruct button. The laughable thing about this was that the cops sort of thought it was ok to not seal the halls off after the first shootings because the alleged perpetrator was believed to have "left the scene" - then he pops back up two hours later and shoots another 30 people having walked freely through the college halls. As they demonstrated after hurricane Katrina the US has a government and a support infrastructure that does not work. Everything has been so decentralised it might as well not be there. It takes personal empowerment to a new level so no wonder they're all buying guns. If I was in the US I'd have my own gun too because when you call the emergency services you get a bunch of ill disciplined, lardy, morons who could not think their way out of a paper bag.
  12. Yes I'm sure refusing to pay people bonuses could have kept the company going for longer, but there are such things as contractual obligations etc. How would you "get back" money that is paid to an employee / director which he is probably legally due in respect of services performed.
  13. Where there many killed in friendly fire? Seems to be the US's standard MO in any situation these days.
  14. Douglas Corpy I don't think own it. Their argument at the time was that by the time the lease expires the new building would be past its useful life and therefore they have no long term liabilities. But I never saw any explanation of how you use capital (sale of Lake Road) to pay for rental or lease fees upfront for x number of years. Any way no resultant drop in rates ensued which you'd expect if substantial capital was used as a "one off" rent payment to offset predicted future expenditure. You'd expect a huge drop in rates if your paying all the rent in one sum rather than out of ratepayers funds over the next 25 years or so, add to this the maintenence payments your saving by moving from old premises to new it should have freed up hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to be spent elsewhere.
  15. Police expose yet another seedy crack den.
  16. Those associated with the bus during its passenger-carrying days ... so that's ordinary people then? For anyone who's interested my car is 5 on Sunday, there will be cakes, ice cream and a car sized bouncy castle on the forecourt at Corkills.
  17. Barry Gibb. Was he not the one who admitted to being a teenage arsonist in Chorley?
  18. Perhaps they think the menstrual cycle of some sort of moped they use to get to work? Therefore being asked to document your menstrual cycle shows that you can get you, your husband, your cousin, and both your aunties to work on time. "I'm sorry I was late, my menstrual cycle had a puncture and I had to walk the last 10 miles"
  19. My pleasure. Actually, looking at the pictures on that site, it really struck me how much more grubby the island used to be! Yes. Do you not remember the plastic window and exterior paint boom circa 1988?
  20. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story! As usual, comments made by individuals who know nothing about the process or how the company actually dealt with the redundancies at all. The redundancies were not "planned months ago". Staff are not on year long contracts. People weren't called in and told your job is gone and here's £500 for your trouble. If the company were based in Douglas, no-one would bat an eyelid. But "My Manager" told me all this stuff!!!
  21. I think people were more worried it was Bruce Hannay's idea. Now it seems to be endorsed by the emergency services and the marshalls I think people are more relaxed. I still think its wrong. Nobody wants death and carnage for TT Week and whatever happens will be wrong. I think this decision is wrong but I pray with all my heart that its me that's got it wrong and that it will make all roads safer.
  22. Apparently the police are still looking for leads
  23. God I'd pay for that! Better still you could have the Alex Brindley Iris log flume where they shoot him out at Meery Veg into a pool of floaters.
  24. I'd say they are now going against keeping the 1920's layout. I tried the stretch from the Creg down to Cronk Ny Mona for the first time today - much improved you can now do the bend at about 90mph in relative comfort. That's what I call progress! You don't want cats eyes knocking you off line. Now that WOULD be dangerous.
  25. I would hope so. I would not want having to use a toilet designed for 6 years olds as part of my job description (if you excuse the pun).
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