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  1. The only Swedish twins I want to see CCTV footage of are big breasted lesbian ones.
  2. Why would we want to do that? In 5 years time the Japs will do what they always do and have devised a cheaper, faster, better, more efficient version of the TT. Maybe they'll put it on the first week in June and fly the fans in from Germany. Instead maybe they could send the DOT over to advise them on how to do the roads, that will f**k their plans up!
  3. I wonder why you are surprised. Surely you read some of the threads before posting?
  4. Maybe you could have clocked it with your knuckle-duster before strangling it with your big gold chain. You'd risk getting some blood on your Rockports though!
  5. Somehow I'm guessing that there's a Darwin Award nomination on this one
  6. Where does it actually say he's an idiot? Well I suppose he's likely some fuckwitt who thinks its fun owning a vicious dog. So he's an idiot alright.
  7. I think the justification for having to resort to abortion has changed in recent years. I can understand historically that there's very little you can do when mistakes happen but now that there is the option of a morning after pill its being a lazy fuckwitt if you still get caught out. I understand you can now buy over the counter in Boots so a lot of cases that would have previously ended in a termination could be stopped. It is therefore about better education a lot of the time, however I still believe in the right to choose.
  8. What is the purpose of this "announcement"? They are not making thousands of pounds, they are selling stuff that is either old or surplus to requirement at auction. What did government do before this wonderful idea - give the stuff away for free? "The total sum of money raised, which will be ploughed back into government services" oh good I thought they'd just take the cash and burn it on a big bonfire. Stop presenting this irrelevant sh*te as news!!
  9. Really? Doesn't seem to be a very reliable mechanism does it? We have had two massive bubbles in eight years. Funny how extreme market movements stopped today as a ban on shorting 30 prominent stocks was introduced. I bet they shit themselves as they tried to close their exposure off and found they couldn't.
  10. Charge a lucky 40 something woman for a really good time. PM me, I'm really cheap!
  11. Well I understand one of the main banks here has put a moratorium on mortgages from this week. Its interesting that if people can't borrow money to buy, others still believe that property here will just level off with no real damage done.
  12. Its nice that they waited for the kids to go back to school to do this, not when traffic is lighter during the holidays. There must be a DOT 'awkward' department that devotes its time to finding the most inappropriate times to undertake roadworks to guarantee maximum chaos
  13. Its too little too late. Not all funds post results (or are obliged to) so this is the work of the more secretive funds going for gold. If you remember Soro's virtually broke the Bank of England in '92 - all you need is to be able to make big bets quietly. London should ban all hedge activity too and make them register when they take a position in anything. Its shorting causing 80% of the problems we are seeing. Current circumstances are symptomatic of a total failure in regulation.
  14. So you bought a car you can't afford that has a fault on it, and somehow its their fault for not paying for it. Am I following this thread correctly?
  15. Is it about fuckwitts and the type of fuckwitt that likes owning aggressive dogs? Because they are fuckwitts and like owning fuckwitts dogs because owning a fuckwitts dog makes them look hard to other fuckwitts. Only a total fuckwitt would like owning a fuckwitts dog and showing it off to another total fuckwitt would make them feel that they have reached the top of the fuckwitt tree.
  16. Caveat emptor is an important point. How many of the 20 counter parties actually know what security they have? The CDO's they hold have been cut and diced so many times they are completely distanced from the mortgage book (and the assets) the contracts are written against. Its meaningless paper to everyone. If one defaults they have no idea what the knock-on effect is, or what security is in the portfolio. Its finance for morons, and you seek to defend it. There has been a definate change in the last three days from hopeful optimism to total panic. HBOS is being taken over by Lloyds, 4 weeks time from now Lloyds shareprice will get shorted to shit and the same will happen to them. Its unregulated hedge fund activity causing all of this and the government (in the UK) failed to rein these funds in properly years ago. The unscrupulous are making millions of the back of the fears of the average guy who is worried about his bank deposit. Its sick, its opportunistic, and its downright wrong.
  17. Yes. But not with a listed company. No No No No, apart from house insurance. I really couldn't give a toss. Not so much. Read Anatole Kaletsky in the Times today. 10 years ago if you had a mortgage it was a contract between you and your bank, Now its about 20 counter party transactions which probably end up back with your bank anyway. Cut the 20 profit centres out of the loop and its clear your contractual relationship stays just about the same. Just less scumbags get their noses in the trough.
  18. Please re-word this to make it intelligible. If you mean what I suspect you might be trying to say, you are not necessarily correct. No he is correct. If you have IOM deposit's with the RBS Group (IOM Bank, Natwest, RBSI) your only covered once not for each subsidiary. So if you hold £50k with RBSI, £50k with Natwest and £50k with the IOM Bank - your maximum compensation is £15k because they all have the same parent. Lehman are dead in the water. Chapter 11 is likely irrelevant in these circumstances. It might take time for them to realise that they can't meet their liabilities. But that is what will happen.
  19. This is going to be the real tester, if the default insurance goes then a whole new layer of failures will start happening. The worse thing about all this though is that those at the top of the tree are still making big bets and they won't care if they short your bank to the point of collapse, they don't care that you might lose your savings, and they really don't care whether your employer is in business tomorrow, or your pension fund is completely worthless. They're still making billions of of speculative trading - its one great asset grab so like I said yesterday - at the expense of sounding like Tyler Durden fuck them. Screw the whole fucking bunch of them. They'll all have to disappear off to their own private Islands before long because you won't be able to drive your Aston into Canary Wharf because it will be set on fire with you in it before you get to your gated office compound. I understand they were coming in from the Isle of Dogs yesterday to stand clapping outside Lehmans offices as the newly redundant emerged because the average bloke on the street has known for years that they are pondlife. It will be worse when the job losses hit the 'real' economy and maybe its going to get very ugly for the rich if they carry on because the rest of us will become very, very angry if we lose our life savings and our houses through what really has been the complete financial engineering of the economy to generate stupendous bonuses for the lucky few.
  20. Aren't exercise books the ones that you write in yourself? Tell him to write less - it will save you buying new ones in Moochers at £1 each.
  21. I think its quite funny that you have an army of middle class ladies out their doing the ironing with a phone stuck to their ears as a legion of poor sados tug-off thinking that they're talking dirty to some porn star.
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