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  1. FFS needless drama again.
  2. He might have got away with it if one of the first letters posted up wasn't a letter addressed to himself where his name and post code are clearly visible in the response.
  3. Of course they are it’s obvious.
  4. Exactly what’s not to like?
  5. I suppose that even when Andy Warhol opined on the matter of people achieving their 15 minutes of fame even he didn’t imagine that in the course of a month anyone could go from basking in the fame and notoriety of appearing in a highly watched new tv series as a local celebrity to eating their own shit in a police cell.
  6. That’s definitely a shit eating grin he’s got http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=50572
  7. Yes I get where you’re coming from. But I think a lot of people of infinitely less substance play the game a lot better.
  8. I don't think that’s fair. I think he does give the impression of being one of the few who has decided on a career in politics as he thinks he can make a difference so he’s in it for the right reasons, I also do think some of the progress made in this house has been ignored. Let’s not forget this government has pretty much had to try to deliver on 20 years of lying and nothing from previous governments. I don't agree with what’s been said above on the housing side of things as I think a lot of the issues are created by government - especially not bringing in means testing. But the worst member I’m sorry I can’t agree with that at all. There’s plenty who are virtual ghosts and also a fair few who are delusional chancers who haven’t actually taken responsibility for anything other than grabbed sensational headlines to deflect from their basic lack of ability.
  9. Yes I totally agree. A private landlord wouldn’t be able to get away with offering someone £500 of vouchers against the £1500 cost of carpeting a house (their house) and if they offered a house for rent without carpet then I’m sure there’s a government rule against it. As you say the assumption is that these people are likely to be skint and need support as they won’t have any savings.
  10. Do you agree that that reply is somewhat incompatible with your views on green field development?
  11. Have you seen what Centreparcs charge for a week? It’s up to the market to decide what is a fair cost or not. People are prepared to pay a lot for these type of experiences so if people are happy to pay that sort of price so be it. They aren’t being ripped off. It’s not up to stupid Commissioners or nimbys to kill this stuff. Give them planning as it will bring people here and introduce more options for visitors and if it isn’t commercially successful in the fullness of time it will either have to drop it’s prices or fold. You’ll be amazed exactly what people will pay for.
  12. No but I think the point is if they are genuinely a low income family and in dire need of housing they probably won’t have the funds to carpet or decorate (it’s dead money anyway if you’re renting). I know a few over the years who’ve been in for years with kids running around on bare boards as they can’t afford to get the place done but they desperately needed the house so took possession of it with no flooring. The elephant in the room here for me is means testing which they have still not addressed and where government is squarely to blame. Too many greedy bastards still sat in council housing who could have afforded to have moved out years ago. A lot of them work for government too in well paid jobs. This is the reason why many people still can’t get access to much needed social housing when they need it. It’s senseless us building new stocks of social housing at the cost of long millions when it would be easier and cheaper to first kick all the piss taking moochers out and off into the private sector when they can clearly afford to in order to free up stock.
  13. It’s depressing. It’s quite a nice spot and the plans looked ok too - certainly not as ugly as Groudle Glen cottages that it overlooks. But predictably we prove again that it’s not worth any entrepreneur investing a penny into this place anymore. It’s full of dead head wanker Commissioners and moaning old bastards who quite like things being shit as it gives them even more to moan about.
  14. Onchan is just a hellish dormer town that is deserted between 9 and 5. Rather than plastic wallabies they need to get some plastic shoppers cast and place them at strategic points on Main Road and Onchan Precinct to make it look like people actually live there and do stuff during daylight.
  15. It was obvious that this was going to happen. When I saw the original story on this in the paper full of positivity and hope for this great idea I thought “poor bastards they’re going to be very disappointed” because the lodges up in Bride has shown us anyone would be crazy to be bothered to invest into the Manx tourism market by trying to do anything innovative or new or interesting to expand the visitor experience and choice of accommodation here as we seem to have an embedded culture of nosy, nimby wankers with too much time on their hands who would object to just about anything as they’re dour boring old fucks who largely retired here explicitly to be dour boring old fucks. Yet another freedom to flourish moment. The idea looked good and the plans looked pretty good actually.
  16. Sorry I thought these were LA but it’s public and social
  17. Actually I think many absolutely wallow in it given the useless tit for tat bickering and arguing they seem to constantly create on this forum when topics they don’t like are discussed.
  18. I think Thomas is a decent bloke but I get the impression that he’s losing his way slightly as he’s looking for reasons for things when the reasons are often the direct result of government actions or governments general inability to look at the IOM except through rose tinted spectacles. In fact rose tinted binoculars in many cases. Bad news or worrying data sadly doesn’t fall within the positive picture they all have in their heads of the IOM so we end up with these “computer says no” impasses where a load of people on sixty grand a year with final salary pensions delivering non-services to the general public can’t work out why society isn’t functioning as it should do for normal people. We clearly do have a housing and homeless problem as the charities aren’t making the data up. We also seem to have a huge issue with vacant property both in the public sector and the private sector as data shows. They might not like it but I think many of us who walk round with our eyes open aren’t surprised at all. Might I suggest a lot of the displacement is down to: High levels of drug and alcohol dependency High levels of domestic abuse Family breakdowns and other domestic factors Lack of social housing (and people staying in social housing when they can well afford to move) Inability to afford high private rents Generally low wages High cost of living (especially basic utilities)
  19. I agree that this is all tactical so that as little of what happened on that day is uncovered as possible. It’s despicable really given the injuries he suffered.
  20. The yields must be massive given they are getting the rental stock at cost. So a £300,000 house is costing you £100,000 to build at cost and you’re getting £1,000 a month off it which is a yield of 12% or a massive 300% profit when you eventually sell it. Its money for old rope and restricts purchasable housing stock which keeps prices up.
  21. Given all the abuse that goes on here I think suggesting that someone who regularly makes idiotic posts is an idiot isn’t that bad. It’s clear you two are pretty much backing up each other’s posts defending these wasters so it’s not surprising you made that comment either. As for why people no longer give this serial offender a chance it’s obvious - he’s a complete dickhead. Nobody made him a dickhead but himself.
  22. Their comments are just typical. Nobody involved with, or associated with, the TT is responsible for death or injury ever. Looks like all the ranks are closing now the ACU and all the organisers are bricking it about the potential costs and liabilities. It’s very poor form. I’m amazed this event still gets riders to participate the way they treat people like shit the minute anything goes wrong.
  23. Away with you and your common sense. It just won’t wash!
  24. Totally agree. One of the comments in that link above suggests he’s doing it before the election to get the cyclists votes and it’s probably not far wrong as otherwise why the fuck would you this right now with all the other mess going on round the corner? It’s like they really do just want to close the whole of town down!
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