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  1. I think you can pretty much assume something dodgy probably went on. The fact it wasn’t surveyed I’m amazed doesn’t breach some sort of investment code of conduct rules as when they’re spending other people’s money you’d expect they’d have to justify fully the actual value of the asset they’re buying as well as the potential cost to the ratepayers of putting it right. I wonder what the auditors will have to say about it all as I assume the “asset” is now on their balance sheet.
  2. Stick a big extension on Peel Harbour and re-instate the Peel Customs House then clear a trading route through from N Ireland to Liverpool. We could be bootlegging everything across the Irish Sea in no time at all.
  3. Or that he was put up to it? It’s certainly not his finest hour but I’ve always thought that it was a bit of a set up by the people who are supposed to be his media advisers.
  4. You can read the report two ways. I was skeptical myself but no VAT reclaim, no real direct action or criticism, just a call for more post transaction checks to be carried out - largely because of what I’ve said above. That some of the charter arrangements are probably superficially compliant but that depends on how deep you want to dig into some of the linked companies and air time reselling arrangements of these “airlines”. But I bet the same happens in the UK - as it also does in the likes of Monaco, Cyprus and Malta when it comes to aircraft and yacht chartering structures that aren’t audited by the equivalent VAT inspectors. Lets not forget an element of this is HMRC protecting itself so it has to try to blame us for something as were “offshore” and they aren’t. Do they probably should apologize in some form.
  5. I think that clip was deliberately leaked to make him look bad. I don’t think he was crapping himself. He was just very excited about having something high profile and important to do.
  6. We could be back to the running trade in no time at all if it all goes well. Government will love it though as it will probably mean loads of new customs folk and general clipboard holders will need to be engaged to man these new borders. Headcount will just go up and up by the time we’ve set up a Department of Homeland Security to replace humble old Home Affairs. Hmm, maybe that’s why HQ currently wants to do away with home affairs thinking about it. Maybe they have much bigger ideas than simply policing an island that, according to its own crime statistics, hardly has any crime and we now have to go off looking for fictitious borders to police and fictitious immigration breaches to keep them all busy with?
  7. It’s a bit like here. It’s the same people all the time and mostly watching them argue and post the same shite is like watching two tramps fighting over a half eaten burger they’ve just found in a bin. By contrast Buster is actually unintentionally funny with his crazy statements.
  8. It depends on how in-depth the post inspection checks are supposed to go I suppose. The whole idea is that they shouldn’t find anything as the CSP or manager will have a comprehensive charter records that will always validate that the jet has not been used for private use for any more than is allowable to substantiate the VAT claim. Whether these records are true and accurate though is another matter as a whole web of other charter entities, companies, and online airtime resellers sit behind these “airlines” charter books. Is HMRC now expecting them to dig deeper than they have before? But I agree with you they are unlikely to have found anything at face value that would have changed the VAT status as the companies running these schemes aren’t that stupid.
  9. Cllr Christian lamenting the fact that nobody can any longer go cottaging surrounded by stiffs.
  10. Post registration checks - ie, make more efforts to spot how many “fake airlines” are managing charters and keeping false charter information to hide the fact that the jet is pretty much used for private purposes.
  11. You get the impression that he and Desperate Dan don't get on that well given the refusal to confirm whether his interim position is being extended or made permanent or not and now possibly a new minister too.
  12. They’re a nuisance. The problem is that their government pensions mean they can afford to buy a shit load of booze every night and then go on a social media rampage. Most people can only afford it a few times a month.
  13. Yes I read that. Funny how we let so many online gaming companies rip off players daily but turn up at the Cazzy looking a bit dodgy and it’s 5 days in the Jurby Hilton for you until you can prove you’re innocent. Double standards and most likely shopped by the management shitting a brick that they might have to pay out on something.
  14. It will now be sat in someone’s man cave for the next 20 years. When you think of how many people were born at the Jane it’s a disgrace that some idiot only saw for it as one step up from chucking it in a skip.
  15. It’s also disgusting that no announcement was made in advance as I’m sure some heritage groups or even successful people born at the Jane would have been prepared to bid high as a memento or keepsake that some clown civil servant thought only fit for the bin. What they did to those hospital bed plaques is disgusting too as I’m sure family members or the original donators would have been happy to pay good money to have them back as a memento of their dead relative. Typical actions of some thick head jobsworth public sector twat who probably wasn’t even born here.
  16. What happened to Laxey Live Aid which was going to raise millions for these people?
  17. He’s still too “ill” to stand trial I believe.
  18. Maybe meaningless plaques will take on and could fuel the next Manx urban tourist boom? “In loving memory of the late T E Brown Manx scholar, schoolmaster, poet, and theologian who once had a crafty piss against this wall in Market Street”
  19. The clock is halfway up a fucking wall. Who is going to even see the plaque?
  20. Just the thing a client is looking for for his new online dayglo butt-plug business. I must call Cllr Christian and see how much it costs to get a van wrapped.
  21. Most normal businesses think how can we meet peak time demand for our customers without whom we would not exist as a transport company. Whereas Bus Vannin seem to think how can we fuck our customers off just when they need to use buses to get about at the weekend to save money to spend on ourselves. They certainly don’t seem to exist to provide a service to the end user as this and the Jurby situation clearly demonstrates.
  22. How is the pavement widening going to affect the TT though? It must be tight through there as it is at 160 mph.
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