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  1. I understand that but you do have to go a good way back to see any examples (as you’ve shown) and those examples would pretty much not have much grounds to them today either. Think I’ve seen DT post that claim before and I have no doubt it’s probably true. Which puts you at a loss to understand what motivation could possibly have been behind it.
  2. It does seem to be just pond-life on pond-life attacks.
  3. Isn’t that what did for John Hougton and got him banned from entering the building? Seems odd they even pretend to claim that they might mythical powers in relation to private citizens.
  4. I’d forgotten about him. Was never sure whether it was a ‘thing’ though. Donald’s very specific reply intrigued me though. I take it you were talking about Watterson above DT?
  5. Sounds like an attempt at sarcasm to me.
  6. I was just interested what was said as I haven’t seen any mention in the media or Facebook who I’d have thought would have been all over such a gaffe. Interesting answer. So are you suggesting that he also regularly posts here under a pseudonym? I don’t think asking people to back up silly statements voluntarily made is trolling either.
  7. I don’t think it is really. Only if you have no sense of self-awareness and an inflated sense of self-importance to believe the public should in some way defer to your superior status and not point out the silly things you might do or say. As you said Corkish had that attitude and went for MF and where is he now? Richard Corkill had that attitude and went for MF and where is he now? Hooper chucks his toys out of the pram a lot on FB and Twitter and John Houghton was the same but he went for the mainstream media in general. I’m sure Juan Watterson doesn’t give a toss what anyone says. Neither does Chris Thomas appear to. I’m sure Quayle doesn’t give a shite either. There are lots of MHKs who just roll with a few of the punches on social media as that’s part of the engagement. It’s not one-way traffic where adoring fans have to blow smoke up their asses even if they post rubbish. If you expect it to be that way then your likely mentally impaired in some way.
  8. That’s good value. Amazing more don’t do it.
  9. What was said? It’s hard to see what grounds exist to say that the public is not able to disagree with things an MHK says on social media or pick holes in many of the Swiss cheese like social media statements a politician chooses to make. Chris Thomas is just about the only a dignified social media user who gives as good as he gets usually. If people can’t take criticism they shouldn’t make statements that seem to be open to attract criticism as they seem to be perpetually clumsy or ill-advised.
  10. It gave Nigel Farage and his smug face another couple of hours of airtime. I’m sure he was happy.
  11. You are clearly a very responsible cyclist who values the need to insure yourself and other people in the event of accident and / or injury. It really is just a prudent and sensible precaution isn’t it? I can’t really see why so many posters have become so hot-headed just because I mentioned the benefit of adequate insurance for both parties in these situations. Luckily this was only £4,500 of damage to property not paying for someone on a life support machine for 6 weeks. It works both ways when differently insured / uninsured parties use the very same roads.
  12. You will find that he generally follows this forum relentlessly 24/7. Quite why nobody knows. Years ago good old Neddy Flanders (another Onchan based RC) used to do exactly the same. I’m not sure whether having those initials and being an Onchan MHK is a contributing factor to obsessively following Manx Forums and then making embarrassing statements when you see negative comments about yourself or not.
  13. That seems to be a big issue on this forum. Faux outrage usually it’s for comedy effect (for most readers) I find.
  14. Yes indeed. People now staying at home on a Sunday and making their own coffee and bacon sandwich rather than driving in for a bit of social time. Or sensibly driving to Cycle 360 in Braddan where you can park free and walk approximately 20 feet before getting a coffee and breakfast. Yet they just can’t see how their pricing policy is killing local businesses
  15. Highly probably because there aren’t any. You’re clutching at straws to try to challenge manxst.
  16. So how many bed nights and tourists is this due to generate?
  17. It would if they forced the bikes to be registered and have plates. Stops the smarmy cyclist riding off after maiming someone without being caught.
  18. It doesn’t surprise me. Douglas Corpy are just greedy incompetent bastards. People are parking less as they’re putting up their parking fees all the time. But you can’t se what’s right in front of your faces can you?
  19. I’m not that bothered what you think. You sound like the typical self-entitled idiot cyclist who thinks they can do no wrong and the world owes them something. If they have bikes and gear costing £4500 they are idiots not to insure it anyway regardless of whether they’re required to or not. The bikes probably cost more than his van in this instance and they expect a payout even though they are not insured themselves if they hit anyone else. Children don’t generally ride on public roads either you muppet. I was taking about cyclists driving on public highways with cars, and motorbikes, and vans and trucks - which all have to compulsorily be insured in case they have an accident with another road user.
  20. That doesn’t make sense. They’re trying to stay healthy so as a result they should legally not pay for perfectly sensible insurance which would pay out if they crashed their bike into someone and killed them? So it’s their right not to pay insurance in order to live longer, but not the dead persons families right to any form of insurance based compensation?
  21. Yes that is the only possible outcome.
  22. Why did he have to pay them £4,500 if they had insurance? The insurance company would have covered it just like any other motor accident if they had a policy in place just like every motorist.
  23. But as you said, people said so on social media, so it must be true.
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