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  1. Well hopefully they have an email / written instruction instructing them to do whatever they did from whoever their contract was with to rely on otherwise I’d say they might be screwed as it’s going to be a big claim and I’m sure the house insurers will be looking for recovery to limit their losses if they think it’s not just a case of an natural disaster.
  2. You have a Facebook timeline that tells you how unpopular Stu Peters is? I know some people follow some weird shit but how does that work?
  3. Reading IOM online the blame game has well and truly started. They’re all pointing fingers at everyone else in an attempt to avoid what looks to be a clear liability for someone as the insurers of the damaged properties are going to want to recover off someone the minute it’s suggested that the construction works could have caused it. So regardless of IOMG saying “It isn’t important who is to blame its about fixing the problem” it is actually going to be very important as to who is to blame as this could easily be a multi million pound claim against someone. It’s not just a random natural disaster.
  4. No bookie would take them that’s for sure. Almost dead cert.
  5. Sandbox is the new corporate wank-phrase for a test environment. Although I’m sure many in government think it's got something to do with buckets and spades.
  6. I agree but now what’s the betting that next time it happens the weight of water will take the new bridge out now all controls and obstacles have been removed? .
  7. FFS money for [more] old rope.
  8. No that’s your standard bullying tactic “Neil” Looks like the temperature is rising in this thread and all I did was mention his name ... spooky Sort of proves exactly what I said above. Lots of dismal trolls coming out to play.
  9. But I don't want to as I think Daphne is an ok MHK. That’s just my opinion. But I won’t harangue you for insulting her on here if that’s what you choose to do, or call you a “hater” (whatever that is) just for suggesting she’s shite.
  10. What fixation? I don't comment in this thread more than anyone else. Do you accuse DT of having a fixation about HQ or Watterson, or hissingsid for having a fixation about Daphne Caine? They make negative posts about those MHKs all the time (in fact there’s one above). But it seems to only be posters who have commented negatively about RC who are accused of having fixations or of being “haters” (which is a strange word in itself). Proof really of exactly what I said above. There are 23 MHKs, why is taking the piss out of just one being singled out by certain posters when there is far worse on here about others?
  11. I don't need a cup of tea. So you’re denying that almost every time this idiots name is mentioned the resultant threads seem to go a bit weird for days with claims like Neil’s? Sorry but I’ve said often enough I really don’t understand how criticizing one MHK seems to be looked upon as worse than criticizing the other 23 and maybe all mention of RC on here should be banned for the general good order of the forum. I dont see Juan Watterson getting all arsey about the crap posted about him, or HQ or Thomas. But it seems to happen in this thread time and time again for some inexplicable reason. That’s all I’m saying. And Neil raised the issue first anyway calling a poster a “hater” for some strange reason.
  12. In the context that the figure usually quoted includes the NI reserve fund then they are largely imaginary unless they intend not paying us our state pensions in future.
  13. Yes 214 pages as opposed to 98. But apparently thats fine. As I said above I really do not understand the weirdness and strange hysteria that seems to take over these boards whenever one particular person is criticized in anyway. It’s completely disproportionate. I’ve said often enough maybe his name should be banned from being mentioned on here as it seems to instantly trigger yet another forum meltdown whenever he’s mentioned. Yet I never see anything but glee and hand wringing being shown whenever HQ or Ashford (or Watterson) is ripped to pieces. You do wonder how far his social:media activities actually reach ..
  14. Juan Watterson had well over 100 about being sick on a bus for starters. Ashford and Quayle have had very insulting things said about them. I don’t see you getting bent out of shape about that though. .
  15. Im not. I comment on these board like anyone else does. I don't comment any more than anyone else does on this topic either. Just as other people freely comment on other MHKs they think aren’t very good. Some of the stuff said about HQ or Ashford is just plain insulting. Do you pick other posters up for hate crimes in relation to that?
  16. How is pointing out the obvious in anyway construed as hating? It never ceases to amaze me the weirdness that takes over on these boards whenever that tits name is even mentioned. It seems fine for people to openly criticize Quayle, Ashford, Beecroft, or Thomas or indeed any of the others in the most insulting way going often - but question the actions of this perpetually self publicizing muppet and it seems to become a forum hate crime. It is very odd indeed.
  17. That’s pretty much guaranteed to be the case.
  18. As I said in the other thread - we’re great at disasters. The DOI can now spend tens of millions on a major project to stop flooding with grand projects that look great in the papers (providing you forget that we’re paying for them) instead of employing people to maintain the fucking river beds, beaches and sea defenses so that most this work and expense isn’t actually needed. It’s called job justification.
  19. He keeps a low profile. Although I have heard he’s been taking some PR tips from Rob Callister on how to build more engagement on social media.
  20. Perhaps they fancied a bit of salmon fishing with a digger? Just get them all racing upstream and straight into the digger bucket and scoop them off into wagon! Make a fortune!
  21. Sort of makes sense now with this mornings announcement. Slimming down as part of the process of being acquired. But the IOM operations become a very small part of a massive listed company now.
  22. The answer as usual will be - we need to buy more buses. New spangly electric and hybrid ones with massive contracts linked to them so that all the empty buses we use for the people we don’t move around the Island won’t kill us.
  23. Try reading the book Chernobyl for the perfect case study in what’s happened in the IOM. How to pretend that you haven’t had a nuclear disaster as all the senior officials you employ tell you that there’s been no nuclear disaster as they know that’s what you want to hear despite the fact that they’re dealing with a massive nuclear disaster. It’s the same here. If anything doesn’t fit the management dashboard in DOI HQ it doesn’t matter. It hasn’t actually happened. So the fact that nobody is doing day to day maintenance of anything isn’t an issue because we’ll just set up a massive project when a disaster happens and it will make us look like we’re really good at dealing with disasters - when in fact were actually causing them by being fucking useless and listening to nobody at the coal face.
  24. If you manage to pull off a Whale on MR I will doff my cap to you. Edited I mean pull off a James Whale style show obviously not pull off a whale. That would just be wrong.
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