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  1. That chap was really badly done by. Doubt he’ll ever get a job again. For that reason I sort of support the proposals.
  2. How many times have you done that stretch between the Castlemona & Queens to Onchan in the last few weeks? There is hardly a contractor to be seen most days and that’s a fact. You do get the impression something odd is going on. The work surrounding the horse tram lines is rubbish also. I downloaded an incline meter app and it’s quite interesting to see what is the most extreme angle I can get on the tilt meter driving past Millenium Apartments. The road surface is crap just so a few idiots can ride a tram for a few feet.
  3. Some of the stuff done here is simply phenomenal. But as they don't need DfE grants you never really hear about it as it doesn’t make anyone in government look good by mentioning it.
  4. That makes me laugh. “Wanton and furious cycling” is the closest offence to dangerous driving that a cyclist can be charged with although it can only ever be used when the circumstances of a cycling accident I nvolve someone suffering serious injury or death as a direct result of the cyclist’s actions” So it pretty much reinforces that the lycra louts are above the law .. until they maim or kill someone. No wonder they’re usually such arrogant twats.
  5. I can imagine the CM plucking a sword from a lake.
  6. Im not arguing for or against. I’m just saying it’s completely stupid to declare an immediate climate emergency of national importance at the start of the week, and then start charging people to charge electric vehicles at the end of the very same week. It just shows there is no actual policy about anything. They don’t even charge people in the UK yet so how is that encouraging anyone to drop fossil fuel powered vehicles in the IOM when better incentives now exist in the UK who have not committed to the made up targets we are now talking about?
  7. Yes naively I was pretty much expecting some sort of loose link between: Tuesday = we finally accept we have a climate emergency we need to deal with urgently by cutting emissions Friday = we are going to start charging all electric car users for using electricity at public charging points
  8. Yes he was stupid enough to give them taxpayer cash just for cutting hedges. They must think he’s a genius.
  9. Its hard to see how this aligns with their “climate emergency” statement of a few days ago as it probably makes it less likely that people will now rush out and buy electric cars to help them cut emissions which is now a stated government objective. Surely if they want to cut emissions then they need to incentivize people to change their behaviour? What sort of incentive does this really offer for anyone to want to do that? I don't see them handing out any grants, and they aren’t now even going to give away any free eleccy despite the fact the MUA has clear over capacity in power generation - so they’d presumably just prefer that it all goes to waste and nobody uses it? Sounds like they’ve been knobbled by Harmer and his idiot cycling lobby who think people will now take up cycling instead if they have to pay a few p to charge their cars.
  10. Agree, we will get into that bizarre state of affairs soon where spending £10M on new zero emission electric buses will suddenly be presented as a “vote winner” to get someone back in and signed off without a second thought. You just know it’s going to happen.
  11. That is the theory anyway. Until you spend time dealing with a company which has outsourced its IT support and realized how dysfunctional it’s set up actually is.
  12. The man is a complete and irredeemable clown who plays the “I’m an old Manx yessir card” to hide the fact that he is actually dangerously clueless.
  13. But Moorhouse’s only contribution to Manx politics is pretty much the fact that he is not Phil Gawne. It’s been an idiot swap where the voters only marginally got less of an idiot.
  14. Interesting when you search that word for common forum usage. We have some very confused forum users I think
  15. It was a private function. Problem with applying for a license is that you have to agree to only serve over 18s to get the license - which is a bit difficult when you know that you only have a load of 16 and 17 year olds there celebrating their GCSEs! It was a great way of making sure it was never going to happen this year as even if they got a license they’d be in clear breach of it within 10 minutes of serving the first pint.
  16. Premier aren’t cheap anymore. They are consistent and efficient though.
  17. They are saying it as they are totally desperate to claim it as an endorsement that external investment is happening in the IOM tourist industry. BTW. It’s interesting to note that Premier has also now announced its picked a site in Guernsey for a build that is said to complete in 2021 (which also seems to have at least a distant sea view). Therefore it would seem to be more a post Brexit / UK staycation play than any particular endorsement of the IOM or DfE as they are vehemently / desperately claiming. Good to see Rob Callister wax-lyrically about the opening of a Premier Inn and the infamous Premier Inn breakfasts on Facebook yesterday. I hope he laid off the beans. It’s like he’s discovered fire and the wheel all in the same week!
  18. Hardly faux outrage. The guy subsequently died and they treated him in a totally disgusting way over £350. They should be completely ashamed of themselves.
  19. Good I hate the bastards. Flying rats.
  20. It’s usually in a field at the back of Begoade Road - the nearest residential house is a good 2 miles away either side. It really does defy all logic why it’s now become such an issue for the police.
  21. He was in arrears by about £350. A few weeks rent. What bunch of shit bags skips the contents of someone’s house and chucks them out in the street for £350?
  22. Much feedback received this year that any more speed limits during race week will strongly impact on TT bookings. Cant actually see them being implemented.
  23. It’s pretty obvious what he’s wailing about. We don’t seem to be acting like a civilized society in this case if someone can be evicted for such a tiny amount of arrears by a few poxy councilors.
  24. Except, of course, all limits will be removed for TT week so that other people can enjoy freedoms we will no longer be allowed to have while we pay for it all.
  25. Still it will be a 20 mph all island speed limit next too; and already no raves, no illicit after school parties allowed, and no using 50p worth of cannabis or you’re in jail. And they wonder why our young people aren’t coming back? Soon we’ll just have to pop a pill in the morning by law to keep us law abiding all week and then the police can go on holiday all year as we go about our lives like soulless zombies!
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