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  1. Thanks for compliment. I am thick-skinned. Added in a few more words of explanation for people who did not listen to Mannin Line today about Port St Mary Post Office retirement and possible closure. My basic point was that Hissingsid did listen apparently but didn't mention anything about what was said in the programme.
  2. What services provision? Access to cash is important. DfE should report to Tynwald in October on that but does not seem to be doing so. Community hubs are important, and Southlands seems to be Welcome Centre pilot site in south. Social security and pensions payment matters, and Treasury are evolving arrangements. Vehicle licensing is the responsibility of DoI and it has promised many times to report on what it plans but as yet plans remain opaque. Postal services are evolving. New access points and methods are being introduced all the time. The independent retail network includes sub-post offices. The Port St Mary changed situation has been known about for more than a year. The local MHKs and Commissioners have tried to make alternative arrangements. The Post Office has always welcomed clarity and certainty from Tynwald and Government about plans and acknowledged all the good will from the local partners which have kept that sub-post office open.
  3. What are you unclear about? You are hardly unbiased commentator. There is nothing in your comment to enlighten anyone where you are unclear. You do state you understood that Ms Edge had a sore throat, and so therefore you seem to realise I phoned in given the suggestion made on Mannin Line that the Post Office had not responded.
  4. For clarity, acting speaker is a non role for 5 minutes to act as speaker for Speaker election. Apparently I was proposed as normally the MHK with my service would fulfil that role. It is an insignificant role and election.
  5. You misremember. When did I propose that? Several sports grounds were ruled out during and through the Area Plan process before the plan got to the public inquiry. I also spoke against development at public meetings, pointing out that a developer who was interested in the site suggested that Council might allow that but Council made it clear this was completely untrue.
  6. Is your view reliable? For instance I have not been in 10 years, only since 2013. Just three things to do with the election as evidence against your assertion (and I could cite other things in many areas of policy): I took the law through CoMin and Keys which will be used for the election; Only MHKs will vote for CM because of my motion at Christmas 2017 to cease MLC involvement, and I used a constitutional process to do that which had only once been used before; and CM election is delayed by a week to encourage focus on policy and ministerial team because of my motion in Keys on 29 June 2021. But an important point is that it is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit!
  7. Yours was a very partial quote and the rest was: "Surprised that Manx press did not report the May Tynwald Public Health Regulations vote for backbench amendment as a vote of no confidence. Only Mr Quayle and one other voted against the backbench amendment I had drafted over the previous bank holiday weekend, with all the Ministers taking the opportunity to vote against Chief Minister’s position when he announced in his summing up speech his incredible decision that the vote on Government-brought law was a ‘free’ vote. I think this ‘isolation’ led to Mr Quayle’s announcement of his standing down as Chief Minister nearly three months before his predecessor made the same announcement." Many backbenchers have spent a long time preparing and lobbying for successful public health legal amendments and policy changes since last May.
  8. RPI is not biased higher than CPI in Island. That is U.K. characteristic because of calculation methodology.
  9. Boghtynid. State pension has used triple lock policy for years. Prices change for varying reasons.,
  10. When? How? Why? In fact I was the political lead to change the calculation method of RPI for legacy use and to change to CPI use.
  11. Evening. Post Office is not being corporatised. That is Tynwald and Board policy. It is - or should be at least - an arms length statutory board.
  12. You are right. I imagine what you suggest is going to happen will happen. Ms Christian MHK might already have been attending meetings. I have personal instance of this in that I shadowed in a department in 2013 after being elected for several months, and then did not accept the offer that was on the table. The press release does state that "the appointments come into effect immediately" too though!!!
  13. Read. Thank you. Minister Baker sent copy of two notices and wrote: ”Please find the notices attached for your information. Initially, the bus/cycle lane was introduced as an advisory lane with effect from 15th June and did not need a formal notice. Unfortunately, it was reported that some drivers were abusing the use of the lane, creating a safety concern. As a result, a 7 day ‘Emergency Traffic Signs Notice’ was issued the following day to facilitate enforcement action, should it be required. The Department has also implemented a statutory notice so that enforcement can be undertaken until 8th September. The appropriate notice period was given in a local newspaper before this notice came into force and I can confirm that the Department has acted within its powers at all times.”
  14. S16 of first act refers to s15 of Road Traffic Regulation Act 1985 which covers signs. In fact it turns out the reference should have been to another section of that act according to a letter sent to all Tynwald members today.
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