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  1. Braddan Commissioners has more commercial rateable value than Douglas Council I believe. I would post link to written answer to I think Juan Watterson Tynwald written question about this in September 2022, but Tynwald website is proving difficult. Is that fair? Is that rational for making the best use of ratepayers funds? Similar disparities elsewhere. For instance Malew has more much more rateable value than Castletown and each of the Ports, as does Arbory and Rushen. Bride does rather well in the north etc..
  2. Treasury and Coroners collect debt, and you are right this extent of unpaid fines needs attention which I think it is getting.
  3. You are right. Ronaldsway does not need to have the new scanners. It might though. Consideration underway and decision eventually.
  4. Treasury and DoI authorisation in fact. Why should housing authorities not borrow for housing and other things, although the impact on deficiency payments might be significant at the moment as loan rates float? Braddan facility was approved some time ago.
  5. Enforcement is increasing. Discussions taking place with local authorities about new vans regulations which can be made under existing law, but several did not seem to think it was necessary to have them.
  6. I don’t remember that. Which video? When?
  7. MEA overspend you reference has been addressed in years of select committee and other investigations, and I think three refinancings and electricity pricing policies. Airport matter which was apparently mentioned was before DoI was formed. I joined DoI to tackle current challenges, including through better communication.
  8. Mr Cobb moved to the Island to take up his new role mid-August, as previously announced and mentioned. Media interaction scheduled for mid-September, including about airport and air services matters.
  9. Thanks for feedback. Your basic point is excellent, if I understand it correctly. That is that our post office is about much more than the social obligations of village post offices. An efficient and reliable postal and logistics service for our Island is paramount, and providing this is by far the largest component of the post office.
  10. Which tracking is that? Perhaps your item(s) were not on the Island, just 'tracked' as on the Island. Please check with the Post Office. Apologies for the inconvenience of the delay, whatever its cause.
  11. Letter stamps are a small proportion of the IOM Post Office business - use has declined hugely. Management has reduced rather than increased. The new arrangements for pay and operations, alongside strategy and investment, seem to be turning operations around for Island postal services and IOM Post Office. In town co-delivery of letters and parcels, and the new automated parcels machine, are surely the major changes at post office this year?
  12. IOM Post Office does not have a monopoly at all for parcels. I am told its ability to compete off Island has also been hindered in the past by political decision not to allow it to operate in certain ways off-Island. John Wright is right. The issue is scale. Social obligations are also very important and are often focus rather than logistics matters.
  13. It does represent a significant inflation in bills during this financial year until next April, if Treasury forecasts are realistic and adjustments are not made.
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