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  1. Do you just enjoy trolling, or is it personal?
  2. I have not been evasive. In fact I have spent quite some time informing and explaining. Along those lines Tynwald considered these figures a month ago, and I was aware of the methodology change before that. See Hansard for 19th February when Treasury and Enterprise members questioned them in particular: “I remember a newspaper article talking about a change in methodology this year, which may have impacted on passenger numbers. Can he comment on the impact that methodology change has had on the passenger numbers? Lastly, I remember these numbers appearing very briefly on the Heritage Railways website and they now appear to have disappeared, and I am just curious as to why.” Also, you should not quote me using the phrase “valid statistics” if I have not used that phrase. Not sure why IOM newspapers used FOI process. It might well have asked directly too. I always try to share information with media if it is not already available, and also discuss statistical and other issues whenever possible.
  3. No MHK has an allocated parking space. Why? Yours is a completely illogical and wrong deduction.
  4. Not sure why. The quality of official statistics is one thing. See IOM in Numbers for the sort of statistics I mean. Thousands of additional datasets are also produced in all sorts of places for management and policy. This is a perfectly normal separation. See Wikipedia or ONS website for further discussion. Thanks for your interest and comment.
  5. What a huge question? The Information Commissioner can be involved following due process. IOM Newspapers knows what it is doing under the FOI regime.
  6. Official statistics present a true picture. More specifically, citing UK ONS standards, they are relevant, accurate, reliable, timely, punctual, accessible, clear, coherent and comparable.
  7. Heritage transport statistics have been questioned in Tynwald/Keys, weeks ago, and in Government before that. I guess you realise that there is little point a Minister asking another Minister a question in Tynwald/Keys and in any case it is against the Government Code for obvious reasons.
  8. No. Many official statistics are prepared elsewhere in the public service.
  9. Yes, inside policy, process and law. DHSC staff neither administer social security nor prefer labour market figures. Monthly ILO estimates are published - which capture the phenomenon you describe - alongside the claimant count unemployment figure.
  10. They are statistics published by official bodies, and subject to FOI process and law, and Government codes etc.. But heritage railway statistics are not ‘official’ in the sense of inflation, national income, employment, even air and sea passenger. These ‘official’ statistics are subject to a quality code and publication schedule, as announced in Tynwald in December 2019: “Whilst the data produced by Economic Affairs is not subject to political interference, Council of Minister’s recognises that this is about actual and perceived interference and therefore some additional safeguards will be put in place. These will include an annual publication schedule for all planned statistical releases for the year ahead, published in January of each year, and a ‘Code of Conduct’ specific to statistical data production.”
  11. Thank you. I noted that. And your point? Is it about the way that the journalist wrote the article, or about the questions and answers in Keys, or about the merits of economic analysis and application of economic impact assessments? Can I assume you have read the Hansard? I noted that. These are not official statistics, but your question is a good one.
  12. When starting this thread I wrote: “Economic Affairs Unit in Cabinet Office is the principal producer and collator of official statistics in the Isle of Man. See https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/departments/cabinet-office/economic-affairs-division/ for some further information. This topic is offered in Manxforums.com as a thread for clarification and consideration in respect of these statistics.” I don’t believe there is any open issue in this thread in respect of official statistics. In fact there has been little discussion of them at all.
  13. You might be right. But your statement is one that I hope is tested at the general election in September 2021. The Programme for Government 2016-2021 is clear and each ‘independent’ candidate can and should make their pitch in terms of which parts of it they applaud or criticise, and how they intend to try to take it forward or to change it.
  14. Manx Radio, IOM Newspapers and other media are good vehicles for policy discussion. Government gets as frustrated with the presentation of issues as you and others seem to do, so the coverage is obviously balanced!!!
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