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  1. 'Living with the virus' means dealing with it via the health service when it becomes a concern for the individual involved. Like any illness. We live with influenza, norovirus etc... We deal with it as and when needed, otherwise we go about our lives. I'll ignore your ridiculous malaria analogy.
  2. Lxxx

    TT 2022 ??

    Is this satire?
  3. This is like something off a comedy sketch. Is it any wonder this place is left to rack and ruin if this is the best we have.
  4. You're right none of it make sense. We should just scrap it all and move on. Ditch LFT's, PCR's and all relics of that lost 2 years. What will be will be.
  5. The virus never will, that's kind of the point.
  6. Is self testing even still a thing? I thought everyone had moved on.
  7. But where do you get the physical test done on island? I have just rang 111 and said 'Sorry love we just do certificates without a QR code on.' Otherwise it means travelling across 2 days before we fly just to get a test and results done in time.
  8. Apologies if this has been answered but where do you get a COVID test with a QR code on the island, as I believe Public Health are still on certificates from the dark ages.
  9. You're comparing all the private sector to an inept example of cronyism?
  10. They clearly need a very experienced and efficient programme manager from the private sector to run this. The logistics and scale are not compatible with a public sector obsessed with separate departments, power bases and apathy, along with a complete lack of experience in doing anything like this previously.
  11. This. First few seconds it looks like he's about to ask a searching question which makes you sit up a bit straighter, but unfortunately turns into one of them fireworks that starts off brightly only for it to slowly turn back on itself and fizzle into nothingness.
  12. Which begs the question what if the vaccine isn't the silver bullet they are hoping it will be?
  13. He rather cleverly didn't specify which year though.
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