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  1. Quite right. What of value can he say when he hasn't even had a look at what he has let himself in for yet?
  2. Harsh. He has some good real world and relevant experience from what I can see.
  3. Agreed. It was just tongue in cheek but I do fear for the place though. It's being kept afloat by the ingenuity of the population and the private sector, despite the government, not because of it. Tough times ahead.
  4. Great when the sun is out. Not so great the other 360 days of the year.
  5. Lxxx

    Firm closing

    But if someone wants a unique experience on a steam engine where can they get that other than on a steam engine?
  6. Lxxx

    Firm closing

    Are there any other Dining Car themed restaurants on the island?
  7. The level of incompetence has been in the toilet before Longworth started and will be there when he has long gone. Let's not pretend otherwise.
  8. Or maybe he actually had some merits in terms of his skills and experience but it was the wider DoI and successive politicians that were as much to blame? Just throwing it out there, as we always seem to blame one person on this rock and overlook more general institutional incompetence.
  9. So if you had a close relative with cancer you would be prepared to go round there with the flu but not COVID? A combination of high levels of immunity and and the reduced severity of the Omicron variant has rendered Covid-19 less lethal than influenza so it makes no sense. Time to crack on using common sense again.
  10. But what if you test negative but you just have a mild case of influenza instead, which has just as much risk as COVID. You fine with subjecting them to the flu but not COVID? Which just underscores the absolute absurdity of it all. If you're under the weather stay at home, regardless of what some faint lines on a cheap Chinese made test may or may not indicate.
  11. Effectively manage what issue? The rest of the world have moved on, it's only an issue with the small minority who have become quite attached to the drama of the past few years.
  12. Is there any evidence for this or are we just assuming that everything our transport department does is arse about face? Which granted past performance does lead you to believe but the truth may be somewhat different.
  13. Things are starting to come back full circle though. We have an over supply of labour we don't need forcing wages down and an under supply of the trades we are desperate for, pushing wages up.
  14. Quite the opposite. Most people, if they test positive, have more important things going on in their lives to bother with reporting. Nothing to do with rebellion and everything to do with something called living life.
  15. Often wondered why we are churning out beauty therapists and hairdressers at a rate of knots when the island is crying out for tradespeople. Does no-one at the College speak to the Chamber Of Commerce or the Dept For Enterprise or whatever it's called these days?
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