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  1. Which is all very well if we are using a similar type of technology tested over time like the flu vaccine, for example, but this vaccine is using new technology to turn the bodies cells into viral protein-making factories. It's still experimental across large groups of society. Anyway, I'm not necessarily against this vaccine I was just speaking from the perspective that as a new father, I wouldn't have wanted to my wife to take part in this live experiment, just yet. I'm not ideologically opposed to anything, apart from racists and women from Peel. As I said, the stupid comment was,
  2. We were referring to pregnant women. As far as I am aware there were no pregnant women in any of the trials so no-one knows the effect of this new kind of vaccine on foetuses. Mrs Lxxx, who was pregnant last year, is quite insistent on this fact. Of course if someone wants to take that chance then that is of course their decision. Maybe it was ill judged of me to call them stupid but it would be wise to omit our most physiologically vulnerable in the first wave. I also don't personally think I am a 'bit of an anti-vaxxer' at all. It would be silly to be anti anything if it is safe a
  3. A codeshare with all the major international airlines would be very welcome, especially at a time when you have to fill in the passenger locator form for when you arrive in the UK and one of the drop down options is transferring to another flight without going through passport control, but you have to go out then back in to get your baggage at the moment due to the lack of onward baggage options via codeshare.
  4. Or choosing to be rooted in reality and not buy into the doom-mongering by a portion of the population who would love nothing more than to be locked down so they could say 'I told you so' from behind the curtains.
  5. It would be a wise PR move, especially considering we are letting all manner of other people come over (key workers, house buyers etc...)
  6. You would have to be a special kind of stupid to be injected with a rushed vaccine with side effects unknown at a time you were carrying the most precious cargo imaginable.
  7. As far as I am aware it stops symptoms not the transmission. In the Oxford vaccine trial on monkeys they still had the virus in their nasal passages even though they were not exhibiting outward signs of having it.
  8. Instead of the Berlin Wall we have a moat.
  9. Without trawling back through the thread who is it that is flying to Heathrow? I'm lost now.
  10. 'Carnage'? Can we just have a reality check for a moment please.
  11. I don't get your point. If society is functioning okay, the local economy is ticking over and Nobles isn't over-run what's the problem? It's like some people are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of an outbreak so say 'I told you so.' I personally think some people are too obsessed with testing, testing, testing and think the more we know the better it is. On the contrary, in my opinion we continue to be sensible and we take as we find.
  12. Haha. Fair point. I suppose what I meant was he was saying the current approach is 'literally insane' but here we are at the end of November and things are pretty okay here as things stand. Sure we need to sort this 14 day quarantine and drawbridge mentality but I walk out my front door and it could be February 2020. Not so sure many places in the world can say that.
  13. With all due respect, that's just your opinion.
  14. Completely agree we need to act as a stand alone jurisdiction in this and find a solution that works for us but as our health department is so entwined with PHE across we have left ourselves little wiggle room. Or so it appears. I'd like to see Ashford take a more decisive approach but I'm just not sure he has it in him.
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