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  1. It's what happens in the real world pal. It's not nice but don't act all hard done by, everyone else has to make do with the cards they are dealt. Welcome to reality.
  2. Will it police itself or will the corpy be taking on more staff to facilitate this? I suppose they could redeploy the airport bobbies to check discs instead, might be a bit more going on in their day then.
  3. If you thought the cash would go to good causes elsewhere this would have to seen as a positive. If we're just cutting staff in one area to add them elsewhere somewhere centrally, which is what will undoubtedly happen, then it's just another example of more deckchair arranging.
  4. We all get touchy when our job is under threat or faced with the potential for redeployment. You have my sympathy. However let's not overuse the words 'security threat' to justify your position though.
  5. Always amazes me this topic. It's as if people assume that IOM Customs and Excise has somehow gone rogue and started making up their own procedures without running it by the same people they speak to and get direction from on a weekly basis across the water. It was and still is one of the many ways for the island to stand on it's own two feet without more funding from the UK than they already get via the VAT agreement.
  6. I think you're missing the point. In times of high passenger numbers or a specific situation which might warrant extra security then you can move resources as and where they are needed. Like what happens in all lines of work in the real world. We don't need a bobby scratching his arse and chatting to what few passengers there are on a quiet Monday night in November until 9pm.
  7. I think they are yes, which begs the question why we've got enough slack in the outsource contracts to substantiate such high numbers of staff. Or maybe it's just poor rostering? Or maybe you can get three Menzies staff for the price of one government airport worker? Who knows.
  8. Caught a flight the other week and counted eight staff walking around outside the plane, picking their nose, having a chat or just generally milling around. For a flight that was half full with a handful of bags for the hold. I also had a similar experience walking through security when I was the only passenger there and an army of them were having a chat about last nights footie. If bloat has to be cut then it has to be cut. Granted management should be the first to go but you've got to start somewhere.
  9. They turned down an offer to shareholders many multiples of what they ended up selling for only a few months before didn't they?
  10. Bit of a slow burn this one then.
  11. Absolutely. A genuine fun barn, not like the scruffy greasy thing in Onchan, with a decent pub/restaurant attached would make a killing on here, especially with the amount of cold and wet days we get on the rock.
  12. Didn't he also get refused planning permission for a Wacky Warehouse type pub and play facility in Tromode? They don't like outsiders these manx mafia do they.
  13. Maybe she was a Branson agent sent in to drive the company down so they could sweep in and buy it for peanuts.
  14. Wasn't she on the island the other day? Presumably to negotiate with our overlords about maintaining a base here and the Health contract.
  15. So far as I can see it will only really be a major problem to people who live in these new 'smart' city centres who live and work in high rises and socialise all within a square mile radius surrounded by telecoms towers, numerous 24/7 high powered wi-fi routers, smart meters and I imagine a 5G base station every few yards. Common sense tells you all that electro-smog can't be good for a human body with no respite. I'm not well read on the science behind 5G so I can't really comment but at this stage it's still very new technology and as yet untested over long periods so on that basis it's probably fair to have caution until we know more.
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