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  1. You're comparing all the private sector to an inept example of cronyism?
  2. They clearly need a very experienced and efficient programme manager from the private sector to run this. The logistics and scale are not compatible with a public sector obsessed with separate departments, power bases and apathy, along with a complete lack of experience in doing anything like this previously.
  3. This. First few seconds it looks like he's about to ask a searching question which makes you sit up a bit straighter, but unfortunately turns into one of them fireworks that starts off brightly only for it to slowly turn back on itself and fizzle into nothingness.
  4. Exactly. Economic self destruction.
  5. Which begs the question what if the vaccine isn't the silver bullet they are hoping it will be?
  6. He rather cleverly didn't specify which year though.
  7. We're getting more and more like the UK every day, sadly. Looks like something some jumped up police force across would come up with. This minute biological entity is spawning all kinds of spin offs, there will no end to dipping in the taxpayer funded trough . No idea why a police unit has to be labelled a 'Covid Response Unit'. How about just a response unit that deals with people who break conditions/laws or do we not already have one of those?
  8. This is exactly why we pay these people a very competitive salary and a gold plated pension. Not just for arranging to fix the pavement outside Mrs Clegg's house down the road or helping to award a contract to their old mate from school. Time to attempt to eke out as much as they can from the grey matter they have and take the bullets if they get their decisions wrong. None of them thought they were going into politics to deal with a situation as serious as this, so it's sink or swim time otherwise they will be back doing the day job this time next year.
  9. It all really depends on what exactly the vaccine actually does as that is still assumed but not publicly confirmed at the minute. Does it prevent infection? Does it stop transmission? Does it just alleviate symptoms?
  10. It's typical civil servant abdication of any defined responsibility as well as being reflective of the level of intelligence we have in key roles right now.
  11. I was vocal about how well they were handling it in the autumn as we were carrying on regardless while the rest of the world was a basket case but it seems behind the scenes there wasn't any coherent policy to ensure it stayed that way other than a few fingers being crossed. They will rightly be under fire for criticism now as livelihoods are being eroded every day we are locked down. Especially so when we had documented and verifiable evidence from a qualified on island individual that this was likely to end badly if they didn't tighten up their testing policies.
  12. We have managed to go from an enviable position of being able to manage this better than most places on the planet for 6 months to now running around chasing our tail playing whack-a-mole with new positive cases, as well as dispensing with the one on island facility that could locally identify the chains of transmission. And we have an MBE presiding over this fiasco.
  13. I don't think even they would be as stupid as to go down the Comis route again. Would they?
  14. Is this accurate? So we have not only gone for a more convoluted procedure resulting in slower processing time but we are also taking a hit on accuracy too?
  15. Haha, not at all. As I outlined in a later post, I am just wondering if there could be a reason other than sheer stupidity and arrogance to dispense with qualified and available resource on island in favour of a whole number of potentially negative variables using a lengthier and more convoluted process we now have in place. Or maybe I am under-estimating our uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
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