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  1. Lxxx

    Cafe Lingo

    Of course English is the main language of Nigeria, we’ve addressed that if you care to read the thread.
  2. Lxxx

    Cafe Lingo

    I hope they have a lovely time on the island then.
  3. Lxxx

    Cafe Lingo

    It's my understanding that these Café Lingo classes aren't just about teaching the English language but are about helping migrants with socialisation and information about life on the island as well as Manx history. Something which I think is a very good idea. Don't insult me by trying to infer anything which clearly wasn't intended.
  4. Lxxx

    Cafe Lingo

    In what way? There were a large number of people, some wearing traditional kaftans, clutching green Nigerian passports as we walked though to board the plane. Is it frowned upon to recount what we see now?
  5. Lxxx

    Cafe Lingo

    We need it. The plane back from Gatwick last night looked like I was arriving into Lagos. I've no idea how these people find themselves in the Isle of Man but I would hazard a guess the island doesn't get a say in the matter. We might not be taking in Syrian refugees but we're certainly taking in our fair quota of African economic migrants to swell the population.
  6. Lxxx

    Plans for lord street

    Yes I get that but if they went pop then market forces would dictate someone else would pop up in their place, probably a number of smaller garages like we had before. If there is no business case for it and it's not working then it can't continue indefinitely.
  7. Lxxx

    Plans for lord street

    As much as I don't like to see island businesses fail in this case it would be nice to see. A complete bully boy tactic of driving everyone else out of the market and replacing it with crap. If they were improving standards, reducing costs and offering a great service then I'd be on board, that's the free market economy. There's doesn't appear to be anything free about this market though
  8. Lxxx

    5G Network Radiation?

    Just be sensible then. Wire your router to your computer via a cable and switch it off when it's not being used. Don't sit on top of the TV, don't carry and use your mobile more than you have to and don't worry too much. Seriously manxy I do appreciate your concerns but the best you can do is take (sensible) precautions and look on the bright side.
  9. Lxxx

    Plans for lord street

    I took advantage of their £99 service. It unsurprisingly came back with a whole host of issues and a requirement for two new tyres. I said thank you very much, paid the £99 and said I'll sort everything myself. Took it to my mate who is a mechanic who checked it over an told me the issues were non issues and the tyres were fine. Me thinks they're desperate for cash.
  10. Lxxx

    Plans for lord street

    If so Jackson's haven't got the memo.
  11. Lxxx

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Yes point taken I wouldn't dispute that may be the main reason but I would argue it's not the only one.
  12. Lxxx

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    I think you under-estimate the depth of distrust a lot of people on the island have for Nobles hospital now. The horror stories just within my family and circle of friends are enough to force you private and I'm sure we're not the only ones.
  13. Lxxx

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Won't make that much difference really will it. The reason most people go private and go across for it is they don't trust the staff and system at Nobles. Whether they're doing it out of hours and getting paid for not makes no difference to the quality. Every time our family has gone private we've done our research on where to go and who to see and gone across, and will continue to do so. Close it, save some money and divert resources to the main hospital.
  14. Lxxx

    IOM New Gimmick

    They have to do something other than drink coffee and internet shopping though. Gives them something to do for another year towards early retirement and jackpot.
  15. Lxxx

    Red Cross lose contract for patient transfer

    I get there's a slight gradient to the field but they're still subject to market forces. At the moment people can get the bus, a minibus, a private taxi, take the car or get a lift. All ranging in cost.