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  1. Lxxx

    5G Network Radiation?

    Aren't Huawei Manx Telecoms celebrated partner in rolling out 5G here? I'm sure I saw some promotional video on it somewhere.
  2. Lxxx

    Airport Security...

    Amazes me this place. It's a piddly little building with very little to do most of the time yet they manage to make a pigs ear of pretty much everything they carry out. Can we do a mental acuity assessment of the Directress?
  3. Lxxx

    5G Network Radiation?

    Manxy take a step back. Granted there are many universities, institutions and other researchers that have raised valid concerns about 5G, mainly because it is so experimental so we don't have years of knowledge and evidence to go back over and make an informed judgement. Of course no-one wants to be bathing in a sea of electro-magnetic frequencies 24/7, any more than we already do, but the best way to go about this isn't to bang on as if you're one of a band of warriors who is raising awareness by preaching on the internet. Take your evidence, book an appointment with your local MHK, express concerns about the effects of this on young children, potentially in schools, and have the courage of your convictions. Posting on Manxforums won't get you very far in your quest.
  4. Agreed. To an extent. Until it comes to the point that it hurts industries in those countries to lose a huge market for their products. Blacklisting the UK will severely affect the powerful German car industry for example. There will be thousands of other industries that will feel the same. The EU can't even attempt to try it, it's on it's arse as it is.
  5. Lxxx

    The 'Trans' Issue.

    Very good. I see what you did there. Excellent.
  6. Lxxx

    The 'Trans' Issue.

    I'm sure it has but that doesn't detract from the fact that it still attracts the tiniest percentage of the whole population. We shouldn't be turning society upside down on the basis of a small number of people and their needs/desires. You can address the requirements of minorities sensitively and inclusively, indeed the vast majority of trans individuals would prefer this to be the case, I would imagine. However we do seem to have a militant fringe which seems to have hijacked this subject and as humans are great mimickers it'll run and run regardless of the collateral damage.
  7. Lxxx

    The 'Trans' Issue.

    You would have expected a subject like this to grow organically over time, bearing in mind the tiny percentage of the population that it actually affects. However it's come crashing in out of the leftfield, with legislation changes, movements, flags, dominating the media and unfortunately young impressionable minds will be caught and lives ruined along the way. As is the case with an increasing number of people who underwent the process of sex change now regretting it. I've no issue with people who genuinely feeling like they don't belong and have issues with their sexuality and gender, I genuinely sympathise and of course we should over time decide what the best courses of action should be in terms of how society evolves to fully include and incorporate people who feel excluded or misrepresented. However I can't help thinking that it's a bit soon and completely over the top to try and turn generations of societal norms on their head in the blink of an eye. It benefits no-one and as I mentioned creates the opposite effect to what it is purported to do.
  8. Lxxx

    The 'Trans' Issue.

    Twas ever thus. 'Progressive' western society and it's planners love to divide people up into ever smaller boxes, far easier to rule over if everyone is at each others throats and people are unsure what is and isn't 'allowed' to come out of their mouths, let alone pass through their brain. Beam me up Scotty.
  9. I think you're going a little overboard on this one. The people of Europe have much more hatred of their elected politicians and unelected in Brussels than other countries now. A lot of your rhetoric is just that, historic.
  10. Lxxx

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    Aye. I haven't seen Daftne the crusader highlighting this huge injustice. Maybe because she's not associated with a charity on this subject.
  11. Think you've gone off the deep end there.
  12. Lxxx

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    She's preparing a motion to trade them for Syrian refuges. They get food and we get her dream realised.
  13. I'm sure the EU trade with plenty of offshore jurisdictions and other countries which have varying taxation levels. The reason they've made a point about this is that we currently fall under the EU sphere of influence. What happens when we don't? Will they still have the authority to swan overt here at will and make recommendations to the UK about us? Serious question as I genuinely don't know. Paging Barrie....
  14. So how will Brexit affect their ability to bully the UK (and us) on matters such as these?