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  1. Oh I don't know. Most of my neighbours are South African and on a summers evening we're the only house without a Braii going on in the back garden. Does tend to make one feel a little out of place.
  2. We have it very, very good over here. Whenever I venture back to the north west to visit friends and family I see it's declining at a rate of knots. The bigger question is how long can the island keep abreast of the decline as it isn't in a robust shape financially and I don't envisage us being able to solely make decisions about our immigration policy for much longer.
  3. Lxxx


    Decided to give Vellika a try and was very impressed. Food was great, priced right the only issue was it was bloody freezing in there, had to keep our coats on. Also tried Royal India in Peel and it was possibly the worst curry we've ever had. What can best be described as slop, varying little in taste from one dish to the next and I've no idea what the meat was but it wasn't edible.
  4. Again, for clarity, why are you so personally wary about something you don't appear to understand?
  5. Why is it corrupt? It's exactly how you want your government to work, to be flexible enough to protect companies and jobs in the short term. It's a temporary fix to ensure long term health.
  6. Again, why are you so personally bothered about something you don't appear to understand?
  7. Why does that narrative bother you so much?
  8. Or he could have gone to a licensed and reputable intermediary and exchanged it for a currency of his choice. So that story doesn't ring true, on either his side or yours.
  9. Interesting. Didn't know that.
  10. Isn't a lot of wealth just piss and wind. Trillions of digits of various denominations increase and decrease by the nano second, Bitcoin is just the latest in a long line of them.
  11. True. I often wonder how these companies make it work. They clearly rely on volume but at those kind of margins it's a precarious business and every decision needs to be spot on.
  12. Exactly. If it wasn't Branson it would have been someone else. The interim holding company was only ever a short term measure until it took it's last breath. Stobart's will have a plan for the health contract. Over and above that who knows.
  13. So Malta isn't taking all the e-gaming sector then?
  14. This is about the most predictable occurrence imaginable. When Branson malevolently engineered his fingers into it (share offer 37p down to 1p!) and created a holding company the intention was to asset strip it, take the prime slots and fold it. I've no idea what his eventual plan is but he doesn't go into a business with the intention of being a saviour.
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