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  1. They have plenty of expertise in dreaming up wheezes to take more money out of the pockets of the public to pay their salaries and pensions. Which of course is all this climate change nonsense is once it gets to governmental level.
  2. How do you motivate an entire workforce when there just isn't enough work for them to all be busy every day of the week. That's the truth of the matter. We're a small island with a tiny population and there just isn't enough to do to keep thousands of public sector workers happy and motivated. Sure, you can pay them a decent wage and keep them comfortable but when your brain isn't being engaged then a sick day seems like a bit of respite, I would imagine. So too does a bit of gossiping. Or ten tea breaks a day, Or a paid jolly off island for some spurious reason. Anything to not sit down and try and look busy. They know they can't move jobs as no-one in the private sector would spend hard earned funds on people with no discernible skills so they're stuck. As much as I have little sympathy I can see it would be a pretty miserable existence.
  3. I've long had a particular dislike of civil servants, could we start with them please. Ginger ones first.
  4. Can we not just sack them all anyway. We'd save a fortune and the island would run a lot more efficiently.
  5. So no different to all the routes served by Liverpool, Manchester, Luton, Gatwick etc.... Don't get me wrong it's great they keep trying to offer new routes from here but in 12 months time it won't be there as it won't be viable when you're competing with cheaper competitors in Easyjet and more attractive airports. Now if only Easyjet started a Manchester route....
  6. If it's a red eye flight then great. If not then it's not a great alternative to what will be cheaper Easyjet Luton or Gatwick flights.
  7. What's with the sudden price rises for Flybe now? Just milking the island before they decide it's time to move on? Or were the previous prices too low which contributed to them going tits up?
  8. Most people won't even read the article, let alone take note of whether he is a resident or whether this takes place on the Isle of Man or the Isle of Wight.
  9. Wallabies, little red bears... we should just open the gates of the wildlife park/concentration camp/zoo and let them all out. Be great for tourism, we could even fence Jurby off and let them breed and grow. Eventually they'll overtake humans and they might set up a wildlife park/concentration camp/zoo for us to live in.
  10. Some enterprising freemason would make a killing with a Wacky Warehouse-type outlet on the island. An enterprising resident might think it would be a sound idea but find every avenue blocked.
  11. None of them can understand a word she is saying probably. She shlurs her wordshs a bit too much.
  12. Prices have gone up significantly recently.
  13. Why? Does this type of thing not happen anywhere else?
  14. To be fair the whole area did need to be razed to the ground and disinfected. The kids needed hosing down after spending 20 minutes there.
  15. They're charging transatlantic prices already.
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