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  1. Individual countries have their own demographic issues which, if left to follow tailored policies, would create better, localised sustainability. Then came along greed and globalisation. Mass migration. Mass consumption. Chasing ever increasing GDP and the need for more fuel to grow. The UN has said one of it's main goals is population reduction. Two ways to approach that; Reduce the amount being born and get rid of those already here. Both have dubious moral connotations but both are necessary. Where do we start? Me, my kids or my unborn grandkids?
  2. The economics are less important than the cultural enrichment that places like London and numerous northern towns are currently experiencing. It might seem like a little oasis at the moment when you come back from the shitshow that the U.K. is degenerating into but it won’t stay like this for much longer.
  3. I would be absolutely amazed if their isn’t a strategy already hatched somewhere in London for the IoM to accept it’s ‘refugee burden’ and the relentless house building will be playing into that. The two islands either side of us have embarked on a huge migration commitment, the Scottish islands are taking in their share and it’s only the Crown Dependancies that have escaped the burden on their infrastructure. So far. If we have a large amount of empty properties in the next few years we’ll get a cash offer to fill them, with a cash sweetener to go towards their upkeep and a bit extra to pay the pensions of our overlords who will sell us out.
  4. We might be getting more people but the demographic is changing. The migration is made up of retirees and minimum wage earners from across Europe and elsewhere, in the main. Not the type of people that are going to sustain an economy let alone a housing market. I read a stat that only about 7% of housing sales are over 500k. There is a diminishing middle class and it's the middle classes that fuel the economy as they have the expendable income.
  5. Government needs more people on island to meet it's liabilities. Government sanctions large housebuilding programme even though population levels are not rising by the same amount. In X amount of years lots of available housing stock. In X amount of years IoM goes cap in hand to UK as it can't meet it's liabilities. UK offers to help it meet it's financial obligations if in return the IoM takes in economic migrants IoM gets it's extra X thousand people, houses get filled, books get balanced. Island slowly resembles a rundown shithole northern mill town
  6. Hang them on a hanger in the bathroom and let the steam from your daily shower relax the creases. Might take a while, possibly over a year, and cost more in hot water than your jackets are actually worth, but it's worth a shot.
  7. The island's government have no idea how to make the island more attractive, as evidenced by the constant rebranding of the department responsible for economic development who come up with white elephant after white elephant and costs the taxpayers more than they bring in. This whole cruise ship idea smacks of a typical response all politicians come up with, worldwide, when faced with a difficult dilemma. Do something. Anything. It's far better to waste money doing something than to save money while being seen to be doing nothing.
  8. I hear a rumour they are hardly here anyway so it's just a waste of an asset sitting idle, so better to disappear. Monaco or Singapore the likely destinations for an abode.
  9. It's just a formality though. Anyone showing any ingenuity which might contribute to paying their pensions for them will have government officials all over you like a bad rash.
  10. The 'small change fee' never used to be there. We caught an early flight back from Rome a few years ago and didn't get charged anything as I had look at the website in the hotel room beforehand and decided to go down to the airport as it never mentioned a charge. Nor did we get charged one either.
  11. There never used to be.
  12. Easyjet offer that service. If you're ever at an airport where they fly more than once a day.
  13. Lxxx

    War on plastic

    Wouldn't use a water fountain even if they put them everywhere. We had a whole house filter installed at home for about 10 years now and every now and then I'll taste the tap water if I'm round someone's house and once you've not drank chlorinated shite for a while you realise how awful it is.
  14. I wonder if we just give everyone a grant to have a wood burner fitted and then furnish them with an unlimited supply of Manx £10 notes to heat their homes it might turn out more cost efficient and environmentally beneficial. Than to establish another government department to do nothing but PR exercises and fly around the world telling everyone else how the Isle of Man is doing it's bit.
  15. Have never read such absolute rubbish as this. A Climate Emergency Consultative Transformation Team ? What exactly does that mean in old money? The climate has been and will continue to change in perpetuity but now we need a 'team' to navigate our way through it? Keeps a load of timewasters in jobs I suppose instead of them clogging up the dole queue. Apart from our newly imported environment guru obviously.
  16. Wonder if they'll add the IoM as a stop off route from Dublin, if that route isn't putting enough bums on seats to fill the planes.
  17. Any recent feedback on this from people in the know?
  18. If it's scumbags knifing scumbags then at least it's a much needed form of societal cleansing.
  19. I thought it was only high priority armed backup that was coming from Douglas. Pretty sure I see the local plod in their cars and parked outside the station around Peel most evenings including weekends.
  20. Love the phrase ‘fake news’ when in relation to government. It basically means how do we stop news getting out that we would rather have kept under the carpet.
  21. Haven't got a problem with it. The issue in Peel yesterday was teenagers, probably had a few to drink and thought, after watching the news across, that it was cool to carry a knife and look hard to his mates. He'll be regretting it this morning. We're hardly talking about gangs roaming the streets with weapons terrorising the general public and needing armed patrols across the whole island. Isolated incidents always get blown up like this.
  22. Got a mate of mine with a legal background to look over my UK tenancy contract for me to use on the island. Changed a couple of obvious wordings and he said it was good to go. We give the legal profession too much credit just so they can keep their cosy little club going. The reality, I think, is the emperor has no clothes once you start to think for yourself and not continue to feed the trough without giving it a second thought.
  23. Regardless of your views on the matter there's enough scientific studies querying it's safety, or lack of, to warrant a pause and further investigation before they plough ahead with putting an antenna on top of all lamp posts outside kids bedroom windows around the island.
  24. I'm sure Skelly will spin it as some kind of 'middle eastern investment' when he wipes the milk from around his mouth and looks up from his Coco Pops tomorrow morning.
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