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  1. I wonder if we just give everyone a grant to have a wood burner fitted and then furnish them with an unlimited supply of Manx £10 notes to heat their homes it might turn out more cost efficient and environmentally beneficial. Than to establish another government department to do nothing but PR exercises and fly around the world telling everyone else how the Isle of Man is doing it's bit.
  2. Have never read such absolute rubbish as this. A Climate Emergency Consultative Transformation Team ? What exactly does that mean in old money? The climate has been and will continue to change in perpetuity but now we need a 'team' to navigate our way through it? Keeps a load of timewasters in jobs I suppose instead of them clogging up the dole queue. Apart from our newly imported environment guru obviously.
  3. Wonder if they'll add the IoM as a stop off route from Dublin, if that route isn't putting enough bums on seats to fill the planes.
  4. Any recent feedback on this from people in the know?
  5. If it's scumbags knifing scumbags then at least it's a much needed form of societal cleansing.
  6. I thought it was only high priority armed backup that was coming from Douglas. Pretty sure I see the local plod in their cars and parked outside the station around Peel most evenings including weekends.
  7. Love the phrase ‘fake news’ when in relation to government. It basically means how do we stop news getting out that we would rather have kept under the carpet.
  8. Haven't got a problem with it. The issue in Peel yesterday was teenagers, probably had a few to drink and thought, after watching the news across, that it was cool to carry a knife and look hard to his mates. He'll be regretting it this morning. We're hardly talking about gangs roaming the streets with weapons terrorising the general public and needing armed patrols across the whole island. Isolated incidents always get blown up like this.
  9. Got a mate of mine with a legal background to look over my UK tenancy contract for me to use on the island. Changed a couple of obvious wordings and he said it was good to go. We give the legal profession too much credit just so they can keep their cosy little club going. The reality, I think, is the emperor has no clothes once you start to think for yourself and not continue to feed the trough without giving it a second thought.
  10. Regardless of your views on the matter there's enough scientific studies querying it's safety, or lack of, to warrant a pause and further investigation before they plough ahead with putting an antenna on top of all lamp posts outside kids bedroom windows around the island.
  11. I'm sure Skelly will spin it as some kind of 'middle eastern investment' when he wipes the milk from around his mouth and looks up from his Coco Pops tomorrow morning.
  12. Lxxx

    Premier Inn

    Some right whingers on here. Twas ever thus obviously but for God's sake get a life.
  13. 'Pissed up blokes in drunken fight' shocker. Is this really news nowadays? it's a rite of passage in most of the western world and carries on until said blokes decide to grow up. Anyone who frequents Quids Inn or is still wandering around at 3am on a weekend can't really have too many complaints if they get involved in a bit of bother.
  14. A lot of people go to church to meet other like minded people with decent Christian values. Whilst it's not really for me personally and you won't catch me regularly frequenting such places I can see the current attraction in a society degenerating into one devoid of any morals, ethics or said values.
  15. Lxxx

    Premier Inn

    To be fair a large proportion of the accommodation stock on the island is still stuck in the 1970's. Times have changed and if they don't have the time, money or inclination to change with it then the market will leave them behind and they'll wither on the vine. It happens. Such is life.
  16. The Isle of Man even less so. Won't stop grandiose posturing from our intellectually challenged politicians wanting to justify keeping busy, getting their face in the paper and flying off to 'green' conferences though.
  17. It's satire dear. Do calm down.
  18. I agree with the concept that you don't want to release too much information too soon on a small island but by the same token the fact it is a small island means most people will know all about the incident anyway. For too long the culture of secrecy has prevailed here, across all areas not just policing, and it really needs to come out into the 21st century. In the world of social media and real time information keeping a lid on everything isn't realistic anymore. The whole of government needs to have a wake up call and become more inclusive if it's to regain the trust of the next generation.
  19. A series of tweets to inform the public that we don't have the resources to tweet to inform the public isn't the brightest media move by our top policeman.
  20. Why don't you ring Elite Cruises or whatever it's called in Peel. I presume if they are flogging cruises from the IoM they'll have a list of insurers they work with.
  21. I thought it was the shape of the meat that was the issue.
  22. Imagine if this was your job. What kind of brain thinks this nugget of information is worth a tweet?
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