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  1. So no different to all the routes served by Liverpool, Manchester, Luton, Gatwick etc.... Don't get me wrong it's great they keep trying to offer new routes from here but in 12 months time it won't be there as it won't be viable when you're competing with cheaper competitors in Easyjet and more attractive airports. Now if only Easyjet started a Manchester route....
  2. If it's a red eye flight then great. If not then it's not a great alternative to what will be cheaper Easyjet Luton or Gatwick flights.
  3. What's with the sudden price rises for Flybe now? Just milking the island before they decide it's time to move on? Or were the previous prices too low which contributed to them going tits up?
  4. Most people won't even read the article, let alone take note of whether he is a resident or whether this takes place on the Isle of Man or the Isle of Wight.
  5. Wallabies, little red bears... we should just open the gates of the wildlife park/concentration camp/zoo and let them all out. Be great for tourism, we could even fence Jurby off and let them breed and grow. Eventually they'll overtake humans and they might set up a wildlife park/concentration camp/zoo for us to live in.
  6. Some enterprising freemason would make a killing with a Wacky Warehouse-type outlet on the island. An enterprising resident might think it would be a sound idea but find every avenue blocked.
  7. None of them can understand a word she is saying probably. She shlurs her wordshs a bit too much.
  8. Prices have gone up significantly recently.
  9. Why? Does this type of thing not happen anywhere else?
  10. To be fair the whole area did need to be razed to the ground and disinfected. The kids needed hosing down after spending 20 minutes there.
  11. They're charging transatlantic prices already.
  12. To play devil's advocate if the World Health Organisation declare radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as 'possibly carcinogenic to humans' then we should be giving it more than a cursory dismissal. Of course we need more ongoing research but let's not pretend living in an ever increasing sea of electro smog isn't going to have an effect on biological health.
  13. Having relatives who live in Singapore who have recently been through cancer I can tell you the way they approach things there, and across that part of the world, is a lot different than we do in the west, often with a lot greater success rates. They take the best of all kinds of approaches and treat the cancer as well as the whole. They'll use targeted treatments like radiotherapy combined with acupuncture, they'll use chemotherapy as an adjunct to herbal medicine and the doctors will have the knowledge to talk through each approach. Having also experienced cancer first hand in this country with oncologists who wouldn't dream of extolling the virtues (and indeed be outright dismissive of) anything other than their very narrow medical training and treatment options it strikes me that it's the west that needs to widen it's scientific scope rather than maintain it's arrogant and dated stance on the subject.
  14. Pretty poor comeback from the woman in charge of public health though. You'd expect a more robust argument than that from the woman in charge of overseeing the decline in health on the island.
  15. At last it's keeping the Cult of Greta off our airwaves for a brief period.
  16. Yes. It's not nearly as easy to get access to the decent stuff as it is across.
  17. Clearly someone who hasn't spent any time in the UAE and picks up their worldly knowledge from Google.
  18. Ain't that the truth. Frustrating, but the idiots in charge don't realise it's the entrepreneurs that keep the island's economy going which in turn keeps them in a job. Having just got back from the middle east on business, where they positively encourage entrepreneurship, it's depressing to come back to the rock and the brain numbing government culture which is dragging it down.
  19. Decent talk last night, whichever side of the fence you sit on the debate. We seem to have lost the art of actually discussing subjects anymore. It's either one side or the other, with seemingly every topic at the moment, instead of appreciating each others side and discussing the grey areas.
  20. Individual countries have their own demographic issues which, if left to follow tailored policies, would create better, localised sustainability. Then came along greed and globalisation. Mass migration. Mass consumption. Chasing ever increasing GDP and the need for more fuel to grow. The UN has said one of it's main goals is population reduction. Two ways to approach that; Reduce the amount being born and get rid of those already here. Both have dubious moral connotations but both are necessary. Where do we start? Me, my kids or my unborn grandkids?
  21. The economics are less important than the cultural enrichment that places like London and numerous northern towns are currently experiencing. It might seem like a little oasis at the moment when you come back from the shitshow that the U.K. is degenerating into but it won’t stay like this for much longer.
  22. I would be absolutely amazed if their isn’t a strategy already hatched somewhere in London for the IoM to accept it’s ‘refugee burden’ and the relentless house building will be playing into that. The two islands either side of us have embarked on a huge migration commitment, the Scottish islands are taking in their share and it’s only the Crown Dependancies that have escaped the burden on their infrastructure. So far. If we have a large amount of empty properties in the next few years we’ll get a cash offer to fill them, with a cash sweetener to go towards their upkeep and a bit extra to pay the pensions of our overlords who will sell us out.
  23. We might be getting more people but the demographic is changing. The migration is made up of retirees and minimum wage earners from across Europe and elsewhere, in the main. Not the type of people that are going to sustain an economy let alone a housing market. I read a stat that only about 7% of housing sales are over 500k. There is a diminishing middle class and it's the middle classes that fuel the economy as they have the expendable income.
  24. Government needs more people on island to meet it's liabilities. Government sanctions large housebuilding programme even though population levels are not rising by the same amount. In X amount of years lots of available housing stock. In X amount of years IoM goes cap in hand to UK as it can't meet it's liabilities. UK offers to help it meet it's financial obligations if in return the IoM takes in economic migrants IoM gets it's extra X thousand people, houses get filled, books get balanced. Island slowly resembles a rundown shithole northern mill town
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