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  1. Decided to give Vellika a try and was very impressed. Food was great, priced right the only issue was it was bloody freezing in there, had to keep our coats on.

    Also tried Royal India in Peel and it was possibly the worst curry we've ever had. What can best be described as slop, varying little in taste from one dish to the next and I've no idea what the meat was but it wasn't edible.

  2. 15 hours ago, Manxberry said:

    Looks like HRMC were already helping them out by offering them an annual return rather than the monthly return that is required of everyone else. https://www.gov.uk/money/air-passenger-duty

    I see FlyBe do 350,000 passengers through Ronaldsway, so ~175,000 departing passengers all paying £13 a go is £2.25 million they must owe the IOM Government. 


    Seems corrupt to me, offering one airline something that others don't get. 

    Why is it corrupt? It's exactly how you want your government to work, to be flexible enough to protect companies and jobs in the short term. It's a temporary fix to ensure long term health.

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  3. 57 minutes ago, MrPB said:

    Yes but it’s the boasting that comes with the illusory wealth that annoys me. I actually met a self proclaimed bitcoin billionaire in South Africa a while ago. He still didn’t seem to have a pot to piss in like anyone else either despite his virtual bank vault of largely worthless tokens. I suppose he could have bought a pint in the Thirsty Pigeon though if he could have used some of his worthless tokens to buy a plane ticket to the IOM. 

    Or he could have gone to a licensed and reputable intermediary and exchanged it for a currency of his choice. So that story doesn't ring true, on either his side or yours.  

  4. 1 minute ago, MrPB said:

    You can’t. I know so many bitcoin self proclaimed millionaires who would be extremely disappointed to learn that their theoretical millionaireship was all just piss and wind. 

    Isn't a lot of wealth just piss and wind. Trillions of digits of various denominations increase and decrease by the nano second, Bitcoin is just the latest in a long line of them.

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  5. Just now, winnie said:

    I often fly to and from gatwick with easyjet, and average price is say £25 each way. Take away the £13 tax and there's not a lot left !! 

    True. I often wonder how these companies make it work. They clearly rely on volume but at those kind of margins it's a precarious business and every decision needs to be spot on.

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  6. 1 minute ago, Derek Flint said:

    In fairness, Branson et al are just circling the dying wildebeest. The eventually fatal injuries began to be inflicted about ten years ago. A succession of poor CEO’s, flawed strategy and some atrocious PR. The handling of baggage restrictions and high fares haven’t helped. 

    If it does fold, It will be interesting to see who fills the void. This could cost IOMG dearly if they have to incentivise someone to come. 

    Exactly. If it wasn't Branson it would have been someone else. The interim holding company was only ever a short term measure until it took it's last breath.

    Stobart's will have a plan for the health contract. Over and above that who knows.  

  7. This is about the most predictable occurrence imaginable.

    When Branson malevolently engineered his fingers into it (share offer 37p down to 1p!) and created a holding company the intention was to asset strip it, take the prime slots and fold it. I've no idea what his eventual plan is but he doesn't go into a business with the intention of being a saviour. 

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Neil Down said:

    Never mind the "bobbies on the beat" what happened to the "bobbies on bikes" initiative some years ago. I don't recall seeing one policeman/woman on a bike after the photoshoot.

    The bikes got nicked right after that photoshoot.  

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  9. 20 hours ago, Utah 01 said:

    Probably just silly old me but has flybe abandoned through ticketing on their own system?

    Just tried to book IOM - Southampton in February.  Before it would give you all the options via Manchester - now 'route not available'.

    Ignore - looks like a glitch (how strange!) in the flybe website - seems normal now which can't be said about the fares!


    Flybe prices are terrible now.

    My usual trips to Manchester are now via Liverpool for half the price.

  10. So if any would be burglars times his business spot on then right at the end of the new designated 12 hour shift is about the perfect time to go for a walkabout, when all the existing bobbies are thinking about knocking off and the others haven't got started yet.

    Better still, target Peel when it'll take 20 minutes to get there on a good day.

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  11. Any recommendations for a decent curry on the island? I must admit I've not been impressed with most of the curry houses in the past but having not been out or a curry for years we're deciding to venture out again.

    Anyone any decent experiences recently?

  12. 1 hour ago, Non-Believer said:

    All redeployed from other areas though, not, apparently, new recruits for these new 24 posts. Wonder where they got their expertise?

    They have plenty of expertise in dreaming up wheezes to take more money out of the pockets of the public to pay their salaries and pensions. Which of course is all this climate change nonsense is once it gets to governmental level.

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  13. How do you motivate an entire workforce when there just isn't enough work for them to all be busy every day of the week. That's the truth of the matter. We're a small island with a tiny population and there just isn't enough to do to keep thousands of public sector workers happy and motivated.

    Sure, you can pay them a decent wage and keep them comfortable but when your brain isn't being engaged then a sick day seems like a bit of respite, I would imagine. So too does a bit of gossiping. Or ten tea breaks a day, Or a paid jolly off island for some spurious reason. Anything to not sit down and try and look busy.

    They know they can't move jobs as no-one in the private sector would spend hard earned funds on people with no discernible skills so they're stuck. As much as I have little sympathy I can see it would be a pretty miserable existence.

  14. 2 minutes ago, Ham_N_Eggs said:

    We could do but what particular aspect of the public services would you get rid of first?

    I've long had a particular dislike of civil servants, could we start with them please. Ginger ones first.  

  15. 35 minutes ago, Andy Onchan said:

    So no different to all the routes served by Liverpool, Manchester, Luton, Gatwick etc....

    Don't get me wrong it's great they keep trying to offer new routes from here but in 12 months time it won't be there as it won't be viable when you're competing with cheaper competitors in Easyjet and more attractive airports.

    Now if only Easyjet started a Manchester route.... 

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