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  1. I think they are yes, which begs the question why we've got enough slack in the outsource contracts to substantiate such high numbers of staff. Or maybe it's just poor rostering? Or maybe you can get three Menzies staff for the price of one government airport worker? Who knows.
  2. Caught a flight the other week and counted eight staff walking around outside the plane, picking their nose, having a chat or just generally milling around. For a flight that was half full with a handful of bags for the hold. I also had a similar experience walking through security when I was the only passenger there and an army of them were having a chat about last nights footie. If bloat has to be cut then it has to be cut. Granted management should be the first to go but you've got to start somewhere.
  3. They turned down an offer to shareholders many multiples of what they ended up selling for only a few months before didn't they?
  4. Absolutely. A genuine fun barn, not like the scruffy greasy thing in Onchan, with a decent pub/restaurant attached would make a killing on here, especially with the amount of cold and wet days we get on the rock.
  5. Didn't he also get refused planning permission for a Wacky Warehouse type pub and play facility in Tromode? They don't like outsiders these manx mafia do they.
  6. Maybe she was a Branson agent sent in to drive the company down so they could sweep in and buy it for peanuts.
  7. Wasn't she on the island the other day? Presumably to negotiate with our overlords about maintaining a base here and the Health contract.
  8. So far as I can see it will only really be a major problem to people who live in these new 'smart' city centres who live and work in high rises and socialise all within a square mile radius surrounded by telecoms towers, numerous 24/7 high powered wi-fi routers, smart meters and I imagine a 5G base station every few yards. Common sense tells you all that electro-smog can't be good for a human body with no respite. I'm not well read on the science behind 5G so I can't really comment but at this stage it's still very new technology and as yet untested over long periods so on that basis it's probably fair to have caution until we know more.
  9. Lxxx


    Currently. Historically the club has really been a show of prestige for the Grimaldi Family, having persuaded lots of local clubs to join together to make AS Monaco.
  10. If it seems too good to be true it usually is and in this instance, I would think this is definitely the case.
  11. End of BA City now then maybe. Can the island justify four different London airports daily?
  12. Lxxx


    So either we do away with the funding from the FA and go it alone or we carry on playing pretend football against a load of glorified pub teams in front a few dozen fans. Money for pensions or sport. Tough one.
  13. What's going on with the new pricing policy at Flybe since the takeover. Never seen thee types of prices to get to Manchester before. £100-150+ for quite a few flights. Profiteering of a captive market perhaps.
  14. Same old suspects putting a lot of their energy into online discussions about decisions that have already been made by people a long way up the food chain. Just sit back and whatever happens happen. It really won't affect you a great deal either way if you work hard and focus on your own life.
  15. The island could be a perfect model in tidal power.... if we hadn't saddled ourselves with debt on other means of power generation. The answer to the bigger problem lies not with politicians.
  16. Government are so scared of negative publicity they'll do anything to keep it under wraps. It's like East Germany. They're fearful of further down the road something like 'Island's biggest employer moves to Malta' or something of that ilk so they try and keep a lid on everything, just in case.
  17. I accidentally shot myself in the temple once with a spring operated spud gun when I was a teenager. King Edward. Hurt like hell.
  18. I've walked past some of his displays. Mannequins of mutilated bodies on display isn't art and if he thinks it is then great, but keep it for his own consumption. In my opinion he's either a little twisted or a wind up merchant.
  19. Before you start with your smart comments the displays are supposed to be for public consumption They face onto a busy junction and the big window is an 'art gallery' on display to be noticed by passers by. That's kind of the point.
  20. Some of the stuff isn't great to look at to be honest, especially for young kids. Taking the religion aspect out of it. Whether he's committing an offence though is another matter.
  21. When and where I was growing up it would have been a few bricks through the window, not complaining to the police.
  22. You're a threat to herd immunity. Please get yourself down to the doctors and demand all your boosters asap.
  23. Someone must have mentioned the hundreds of millions to be made in the medicinal marijuana market so they’ve kicked into the long grass in the hope it’ll get covered by the 2020 version of the film industry.
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