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  1. I quite agree but if the structure of the tax system doesn't ask for it you don't expect people to voluntarily pay more than they are legally obliged to do so do you? McDonald and Corbyn have enough soundbites between them to be able to form a judgement that they're not going to be too accommodating when it comes to renegotiating reasonable increases to the tax system, if they come to power. It's still unlikely they'll get in but while there is a chance it's prudent for people of wealth to make alternate provisions. Most sane people would do the same.
  2. Of course Richard. When you've finished ironing your Che Guevara T-shirt have a read about what life is like in a hard left, communist state.
  3. Which, I would hazard a guess, is behind the thoughts of the likes of Radcliffe, Dyson and others. The short term inconvenience of Brexit is something that can ne negotiated and overcome if you have a strong enough product (s), business model and a pro-business government. The thirsty hands of a communist regime is something that nothing and no-one will be able to evade.
  4. Airlines go bust around the world most weeks of the year, even the UK averages about one every other year or so. It's a cut throat industry and unless you have the economies of scale that Ryanair and Easyjet do you're going to struggle.
  5. It's a great time at the moment for the management of companies who don't have robust business models. Just blame Brexit and everyone will shrug their shoulders and say they understand, without even so much as asking the harsh questions that need to be asked of a failing business.
  6. Try logging off for a few days, see if it helps your sanity. It's starting to look a little frayed round the edges lately.
  7. Hang your head sunshine. Your posts are usually decent but this one was a bit low. Was there really any need?
  8. Twas just a joke luv.
  9. I think I'll piss everyone off by pointing out I identified Uhtred as a smart arse from absolutely day one of his emergence on these pages.
  10. Not if they're wrapped in tin foil.
  11. He really is the absolute perfect example of why this island is the way it is. Someone you wouldn't trust to deliver free newspapers but he's somehow managed to get himself a very important seat on the gravy train at our collective expense.
  12. Should be relatively easy to nip any resulting spate of burglaries in the bud then. Keep a very visible eye on the half dozen who were arrested and released last time and throw them in the back of the van at the slightest sign of an offence, however minor. Or get someone from across to come over and take them for a trip in a boat and drop them off somewhere between Peel and Ireland. Are police forces allowed to do that here? I know it works in Mexico, I've seen it on the telly.
  13. Lxxx

    Isle of Scrotes

    It's society in general, not just here. The difference is across it goes up a level; What over here is a fracas with a bouncer across would be bouncer shot or stabbed. Shoplifter from Tynwald Mills turns into bank robbery or mugging leaving old lady for dead Car stolen with dog inside would probably be an epidemic of car jackings It really is small fry over here. Some of the scrotes from Douglas would be crying for their mummy within five minutes if you dropped them into a genuinely rough area of an inner city across at night.
  14. I think it's completely fair to ask questions about a new technology that we don't fully understand yet. The key is to not get too alarmist about it though. You're approaching it from the wrong angle manxy. Channel your passion in the right way, you'll make yourself ill before you even see 5G.
  15. Nah, just give them both a going over with a baby wipe and they'll be fine.
  16. I'm baffled why people are so wedded to the concept we need to be in the EU. It seems to be driven by some kind of pathological desire to be seen to be as far away from anything they might perceive to be right wing than any real evidence based analysis. It's why I do have some form of respect for Corbyn. He's about as far left as you can possibly get but he always saw the EU for what it was, which is a dictatorship driven by unelected elites obsessed with their own power. That is until he started playing games recently, but he is a Fabian so we should expect it.
  17. The second largest economy in the EU is currently in a state of paralysis, not 30 miles from Dover. Running battles around the country as the people revolt against the policy of the globalist president. The third largest economy is in the EU, Italy, is now officially in recession. They would like to stick two fingers up to the European Commission and retain control over it's own budget but they're being told more austerity is needed. This year Italy will be forced to choose between the people and the dictatorship in Brussels. The newly signed Franco-German treaty for an EU Army can't come soon enough for Brussels, so they can turn Greeks on Germans and Germans on Italians etc...when it starts to disintegrate. History always repeats. When an empire dies they surround themselves with foot soldiers on the payroll to protect themselves.
  18. Have you raised these concerns with any of our elected representatives manxy? Or approached Manx Telecom on the subject?
  19. Whether we stay in Europe or out of it will make not one iota of difference to the bigger plan, if indeed there is one.
  20. It's just reality. Of course the IMF is driving a lot of this so the reprieve may only be temporary but it is what it is. There will be positives and negatives in whatever direction the UK decides upon. Such is life.
  21. The best hope for the crown dependancies was Brexit. Without it, as pointed out above, the crackdown on 'tax havens' would have gone up a gear. This way the city keep their slush funds and we dodge a bullet. For now.
  22. It's all bluster. The EU need us more than we need them. They need our trade, our financial contributions and our contribution to the military. The EU failed from the off as they didn't consolidate everyone's debts at the outset, like the US did with the separate states, which has meant they couldn't have a single debt, a single interest rate and then compete with the dollar. Now the EU interferes with everyone's budgets and the countries are like occupied territories. Germany has an export economy and Greece has a tourist economy, they share a currency but have their own individual debt and try to implement a centralised monetary policy. It's bonkers. It's unsustainable from a financial point of view. The ECB has run out of bullets with this low interest rate experiment. Better to sit on the outside with some popcorn and watch.
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