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  1. It's certainly taken away one of the historical disadvantages of living here, which is now easy and affordable access on and off. It can still add another £500 to the cost of a family holiday with flights/baggage/hotels but considering the reasonable tax rates and quality of living it's not a bad trade off.
  2. I agree. However you're saying our air policy is a disaster waiting to happen but the reason it's holding up is precisely because we have let the market dictate with a light touch open skies policy. We can't have it both ways. If our government weighed in we'd be following on from the expensive seas policy by trumping Guernsey's model for burning taxpayer funds.
  3. Exactly why we shouldn't let our government anywhere near our aviation policy. We'd trump that and more.
  4. I suppose it's a glass half full/empty scenario. We now own our ferry service, granted the port fiasco will probably end with Peel running rings around us and costing us money but the same could be said for most things our government touches. You're expecting our transport strategy to somehow make sense when everything else that has gone before it, covering all aspects of island life, has gone tits up and hit us in the pocket. On that basis I think market forces are doing just fine on the aviation side, entirely because it's not got a government minister/civil servants hindering us with their lack of wisdom.
  5. Is it as bad as we make out though? It's never been as cheap to get on and off, we've got three daily routes to London and daily routes to other main arterial cities like Manchester, Dublin and Liverpool. Granted that's more by accident than by design but it's not too bad. I agree we do need some kind of joined up policy and someone acting on our behalf with the aviation industry who knows what they are talking about but we're not big or wealthy enough to go down the loss-making Aurigny or subsidising other operators routes. It was only 10 years ago we were paying £350 for a return to London and only had one option to get to north west cities. We always want more but market forces will dictate what we get unfortunately.
  6. A 7am - 7pm to Southend would work. Gatwick isn't too bad as a day trip airport, the only issue is the flight times. The Thameslink to London Bridge is a great route into the centre; reliable, reasonably quick and arguably better to get to the Docklands/the City. If they left at 07:00-07:30 then it would work perfectly, however then you'd put LCY out of operation so their would no longer be any 'cheap' flights to Gatwick for the leisure passengers, as business and leisure would be sharing the same slots so they'd have a capacity issue.
  7. Heathrow slot back maybe? At hugely inflated prices?
  8. I don't post for a while, come back and it's the same people with the same arguments in the same virtual echo chamber patting each other on their imaginary backs for having the same views. It used to be a decent forum before Trump and Brexit polarised everyone, now it's black and white with no discussion over the very obvious shades of grey.
  9. Liquidators take over our government?
  10. I'm not spoon feeding information to a 21 year old student on the internet. Try reading, I've got a business to run.
  11. Try reading a broader range of material and you'll find out.
  12. I just listen to different experts. No-one has a monopoly on knowledge.
  13. Which is precisely why I don't listen to your opinion.
  14. Isn't that what opinions are though? We can go round and round in circles on here and no-one is any wiser what the future may bring.
  15. I thought that was the point of Nobles Hospital.
  16. You keep asking for things that no-one on this planet can give. On reflection I think it's probably a good move to leave the EU. To get back control of key aspects of our constitution at a time when the wealth of the world is pivoting east is a good thing, in my opinion. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. The more people talk about doom and gloom the more it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. It's why I choose to steer clear of negative people in my personal life. It's just as difficult to escape them online too, it seems.
  17. You're emotionally wedded to staying in the EU, I get that. It's a perfectly reasonable point of view. However you and others scour current events with your confirmation bias to try and find nuggets of news which reaffirm your core belief, or if it doesn't you'll twist it to suit. All the while overlooking anything else which doesn't fit your narrative on Brexit. No-one has a crystal ball. Whether we stay in, leave or agree on a halfway house there will be groups of people who will continue to claim it was the wrong decision.
  18. See, you make more sense when you bother to respond properly. All valid points, kind of, but you're not really selling the idea of Armageddon outside of the EU to me. You talk as if the UK is going to be suddenly set adrift in the atlantic once we lose our formal ties with the prosperous european economies. That land mass across the water that is predominantly in recession. Really, some people are too emotionally involved in picking a side on this to see the bigger picture clearly. There are always pros and cons in making any large decisions and in the short term there will be uncertainty and turbulence. Then the world turns and business finds a way of ironing itself out.
  19. No it's not, clearly. However if you want to just cherry pick six words from a bigger post which explains a lot more about the current situation then fire away. It doesn't do you any favours though.
  20. We used to rule the world. I think we may have some expertise in negotiating trade deals with the majority of the planet. You talk about the UK as if it's on a par with somewhere like Albania. We have one of the largest economies in the world, we have the centre of global finance here and the President of the wealthiest nation on earth is promising that they are going to do a lot more trade with the UK. There will be casualties along the way (although nothing compared to the steep decline happening across Europe) but the bigger picture is anything but Armageddon. It's clearly your choice to have an unhealthy obsession with all things negative around the coming years but you might want to focus on the good points of life again. Your sanity and probably your family will thank you for it.
  21. You got any other arguments other than the colour of a passport?
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