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  1. Wow Gladys...? Apologies...
  2. I am trying to leave to Island this year to taste the big wide world! Only problem is... everytime I get a little bit of money behind me, someone is waiting there with there hand out. Makes things seem impossible I have two months left to gather as much as I can. Does anyone have any jobs I could do for cash. I'll do almost anything- Cleaning Dog walking Babysitting Advertising Etc! Thank you
  3. Can anyone recommend a good place to apply for a loan?
  4. 'We need to talk about Kevin' Waste of my night... Kinda seen the story behind it, awfully slow, with no capture!! 3/10
  5. Well thanks guys, for both the informative and sarcastic comments. You never know, sometimes you get lucky with people putting you in contact with people that have moved there and know a little more... Anyway heading in June, so soon to find out whether I’ll hack it or not! Thanks again
  6. Hi, I am leaving the Island in June, to try out a bit of traveling (21 year old). Firstly, I’m setting base in Broome WA for a year (just to get used to being away from home)... Does anyone know anything about the area...? Work, people, accommodation.... That could be useful to me? Will be very grateful
  7. Yeah think the football and rugby is the only option.... Tried old friends... They don't rent the big room out on a Sat :-/ I'm Douglas based... Closer to town the better Thanks for your help guys...
  8. Tried Yacht Club- its booked for the time I want it... Chose the best time. 2nd June 60-80 people Bar.. Can organise own entertainment 3-4hours..... Not fussed about food... Can do some buffet food ourselves... Thank you
  9. It topped my Miserable Monday- Over it now, just won't be my first choice again....
  10. Leaving the Island this year and really would like a leaving do (60-80 people). As I am going travelling, I need every penny I can get and havent got much to spare on Venues.... Anyone know of any reasonable places for hire?
  11. I can imagine... The free soup deal works though... Well unless you HAVE to ask for the 'free soup'. The food is just thrown about. I will not be returning there again after today... Will have to find a new place
  12. What is it with these lunch time take aways going down hill.... I was a big fan of the Picnic basket, the owner was a lovely man, food was good and very reasonable. Just got charged £4.15 for a tuna salad box.... Which was completely different from what I remember it used to be like... I would love to say the food complimented the charge... But it didn't... Quite upset!!
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