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  1. While I was over last year Mrs Clarkson was defending her husbands footpaths against people's right to roam. What happened have the paths been re-opened to ramblers? They are really nice and wild.
  2. Your views are quite similar to Warrington but a councillor over here can walk down the street largely unrecognised. I got the impression that wasn't the case for MHKs, councillors and commissioners in Douglas - people would often say that they do recognise their members and quite often know them and their family - thay may have been to the same school, know where they work. Often the older residents know where their surgeries are and do use them or phone them up and they will call round. In general I though that Manx people prefer face-2-face contact with their members, this is less s
  3. Hi I'm doing some research into how our politicians communicate with the public and I would like to know what ways they communicate with you and vice versa. Do you prefer face-to-face at their surgery, face-to-face at your home, by telephone, by email, facebook, letter, blogg, twitter, skype, discussion forum, none of these? I've just started a thread on Warrington Worldwide in my Town of Warrington so you can see what locals here prefer.
  4. <br /><br /><br /> Hahahaha!!!!! You are not fooling anyone, no one from the UK would call it across and no one from across would give a monkeys about the Manx election!!! Good try though :-) Anyway, I do actually think that a few hopefuls are worthy of a vote. It is not up to me to name names, people can make their own minds up, but if you read the manifestos, do some research, and avoid anyone who think that being Manx born and bread (sic) is more important than delivering good policy and budget control, you should be okay. Hi yes it's me again - been busy
  5. Hi I'm from across and this is my first post - I wanted to strat my own thread but don't seem to have the priviledge. I'm interested and would like to know why in your view are none of the candidates are suitabe? Have they a historty of not delivering or is it that you just don't like their policies. How do they communicate - by leaflet, email, web site etc?
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