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  1. to be taken seriously maybe you should research the difference between effect and affect?
  2. I disagree, you may have a Type 182 but the Doka wasn't a type 247, you can't just put the word type in front of the model, it was a Type 2 T3 with the rare M955 package ;-)
  3. and some kit aeroplanes used vw aircooled boxer engines.
  4. and a T25 doesn't exist, its a Type 2 T3 not to be confused with a Type 3
  5. +1 for the Honeywell Evohome heating solution.
  6. I don't actually advocate the stopping of motorsport on or off closed roads, what annoys me (and goes back to my original post) is the way that (some) people who are involved in these events do not think of other people when they are driving recklessly around our Island. The Atom drivers who visited the Island over the summer were equally guilty of taking the piss !
  7. I get your point however when the last rally was on in the north of the Island I drove round a bend by Sandygate to find a rally car coming in the opposite direction on my side of the road overtaking another rally car, and yes this was on open roads. Yes, I might quite equally experience the same thing on any given day of the week traveling over the mountain. Such motorsport events however seem to boost people's testerone to the point that they will drive in a way that they wouldn't do normally. Look at the TT, I bet most of the visitors that hooliganise the Island every May & june wouldn't dream of driving like that in their own back yard. If the people that participate in these closed roads events don't wake up and respect their surroundings then eventually there will be a backlash and closing roads for motorsport will become a thing of the past.
  8. How about the fact that the competitors, their pit crew and joe public watching the rally and traveling all over the Island have little regards for posted speed limits and other road users?
  9. The Beat played at the Crescent as did Bad Manners (not at the same time !)
  10. No RSS feed any more either, or if there is its well hidden !
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    Cheers Yoda, as you say its not a valet its a "full bring your car to showroom spec makeover" anyway if I was to do that and offer a full 12 month warranty then I could add £1500 on and sell it at a forecourt price. thanks for putting the record straight Yoda, I was quite sure you didn't offer a £125 mates rate vlaet !!
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    I know I'm out of touch but £125 !!! the wierd thing was he said he'd had a quote to get the cambelt changed - £100 including parts and its a b**ch of a job !!! needless to say even though we eventually agreed on a price and shook hands his wife later sent me a text cancelling the deal as her husband wasnt authorised to make such decisions !! cest la vie....
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    I had a guy round the other night, looking at buying my car, we got to the bartering stage and he said the car could do with a clean, he said he had a mates rate quote from his next door neighbour who works at Starwash - £125 for a full valet, is it really that expensive to wash and hoover a car or was he just taking the piss ?
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