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  1. I live in south wales, we moved here for hubbys job. previously lived in hampshire, leicestershire, derbyshire and ayrshire. I have liked everywhere weve lived, but we all absolutely love it here. we live in a little village called sully, which is around a 15 drive to cardiff. I live a 2 minute walk to the beach, very low crime rate. village school is very good, and my daughter is enjoying learning welsh. the local secondary school is in the top ten best high schools in wales. I found work within months of moving here. house prices are not too bad either. we have certainly got morefor our money here than anywhere we have lived.
  2. My daughter's school is constantly on about kids eating healthy- which i'm all for. However my daughter is 6 and im having problems with meal times because at school she said the teachers tell them that if they eat too much they will get fat- shes 6 and weighs less that 3 stone! There is nothing of her! We have had tears in the supermarket if i so much dare to get anything that even says sugar or fat on it! She wont eat sweets because she says the teachers say she will get fat! We have been up to the school who say they can do nothing because its on the curriculum!
  3. all the banks will probably have them-I work in a bingo hall and have a massive coin sorter- called a jet sort, So if the banks wont let you use theirs- pop over to the bingo or the casino and they will do it for you- we get loads of people in doing this sort of thing.
  4. the one and only time i got thorugh was to tell me they had sold out!
  5. good idea- thanks very much slim- i think i will try that route instead cheers!
  6. i have been trying for an hour to get through, each time it rings i just get hung up on, tried the website the first 5 minutes and then it crashed. i dont live on the island, but am over that week so visit, and wanted to get tickets for me and my dad to go and see him. obviously dont think il get tickets now!!
  7. a lady i work with has her dad's car in autotrader and has also had this happen to her! She came into work the other day, and said a lady was interested in buying the car, and she was from the Isle of Man, heavily pregnant & her husband is away! My friend is going to bring me her details into work tonight- shes got her name & address, she wanted me to check the address was for real. I will tell her to report it to autotrader too.
  8. There were stilll protesters there anyways, and the usual police presence. Everything passed peacefully. The Freedom Youth group do an amazing job in providing support and a place to go for lesbian, gay, bi & transgender people, and i fully support them putting on a play like this. The WBC should have been allowed in to say their piece, i seriously doubt many people would have taken much notice anyways, as someone already mentioned it's an individual choice as to whether you listen to them or not.
  9. I have a ford KA & i love it! Its my first car, but i just loved it when i first saw it! A full tank costs me between 25-30 pounds & for what i use it for lasts me about 3 weeks, which isnt too bad. It didnt cost me much to insure (as a first time driver) & i love driving it
  10. Im with virgin media & they dont class IOM as international.
  11. My husband works for a large company in the UK, that we relocated for, no problem there as he got the job off his own steam so made the decision to relocate. (much further down south where house prices are ridiculous as well as the cost of petrol and other things!) So all is going well, he works about 15-20 miles away, home in time to put our daughter to bed etc, doesnt get mileage allowance or money towards a car or anything because thats our choice to live the distance we live from his place of work. However fast forward a few months down the line & the company decides that instead of having an office in Reading, they are now going to relocate the office to Bristol, all the employees that want to carry on working for the company are offered some kind of compensation, inour instance it was that my husband can now work from home for 3 days out of 5, and in addition to that we got a lump sum for a new car and also he gets petrol allowance. He is now locked into a 2 year deal though so he cant leave the company until that time is up & we wouldnt have to pay the money back. The point im trying to make is that the older prison officers (not age wise i mean people that have worked there a long time) should be compensated for travel, either in the form of petrol allowance, or some way to get them to work (ie a bus specially laid on for the staff to get to Jurby) so that there is no extra cost for them to do their jobs. The newer prison officers, ones that were emplyed after the prison was being built at Jurby and therefore knowing that in a few months they would have to travel to Jurby would not be compensated because as someone has already pointed out this was their choice to apply for a job in that particular area.
  12. if you mean wonder web- you can get it from woolies
  13. My daughters godparents are all christened, the vicar that baptised my daughter asked me the dates and places that the godparents were christened. He said it didnt matter that they hadnt been confirmed, but that it was important that they were christened. Not all churches will ask this, but mine did.
  14. Feelslikeitshould- they do batter quite a few things in the chipper's -I miss my scottish suppers though- king rib & mock chop suppers! mmmmm
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