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  1. Barry is still not home! It is starting to get very cold now, so hoping he will jump through the cat flap. Perhaps he was out canvassing?
  2. Someone else called from the same street with a sighting tonight and described exactly Barry! White socks at the front, and longer white bits at the back legs! We rushed over but he was gone, but at least this gives us hope! If anyone around Moaney Rd could please keep a lookout I would be so grateful. Please call if you think you see him, any time of day or night. If you could manage to grab him too that would help
  3. Thank you so much! Could you PM me the street name and we will drive over tonight for a look!
  4. x-in-man - that sounds like him! He has a pink nose but there is a bit of black too! He is very friendly and will just go into anyone's house. Can you please call me if you spot him again, or better yet, try to lock him in your garage until we can get there! Will you be home tonight? I would like to show you some photos and check if you recognize it as being him. My number is 410 824 or 471 456.
  5. No, and I am devastated. He has just vanished and it's been 5 days now. I have left posters in the letterbox of every house in Mount Murray, been to HopGarden, Mount Murray Hotel, Golf Club, walked Richmond Hill up and back every day. Does anyone have any more suggestions? We miss him so much.
  6. Cat missing since Saturday night September 24 from Mount Murray. Large black and white friendly male with silver and blue collar. Answers to Barry. If you think you might have seen him please call Carly - 410824 or George - 471456.
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