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  1. I’ve found the other me who the email was supposed to go to and she’s now got her confirmation
  2. That’s reassuring, thank you.
  3. This is the vaccination email that came through to me. Looks legit but can’t be.
  4. Anyone had a false / spam vaccination email? I’ve had a pretty valid looking one from 111@gov.im ‘confirming’ 2 vaccination dates in jan and feb. There’s only one typo in it and it uses my name rather than ‘dear patient’ so it seems mainly kosher except that: I haven’t lived in the Island for 20 years now and am not elderly or a health care worker or any vulnerable group There are no links to click on or anything dodgy. It tells me to ring 111 if I can’t make the dates Very odd type of spam unless they’re trying to overwhelm the 111 number 😕
  5. Thanks stud muffin - you're right about the little red graph. There's a little blue one too as I've enrolled it in the kindle lending library so I get to see how many pages have been read and get a share of a royalties pot. Someone's actively reading it today because the page numbers read are rising - it's very exciting. I just used the amazon cover creator, hence the rubbish cover, but I'm struggling to think how I'd get a decent cover on it (for free!). I'll have to get working on a sequel!
  6. Hi Albert, There's a couple of different price points that give different royalty values. I chose a cheap price point that comes with 30% royalties but if you choose a higher one you can get 70%. I reckoned that I'd struggle to sell any at the higher price point and I just wanted to get the book out there. The thing I didn't know is that you have to accumulate 100 worth of royalties in a currency before they pay it out, so I doubt I'll be seeing any cash any time soon. It's really gratifying though whenever I see that someone has bought one (they do a little chart where you can see your sales volumes - my sales axis goes no higher than 8 at the mo!), even if I know most of the purchases are by friends.
  7. Sorry if sounded a bit mean. It wasn't meant to. I like to support local talent when I can and would have bought your book at a higher price. I am not much of a reader, but I've bought quite a few locally written books. I didn't read any meanness into it at all. It was a genuine thanks for purchasing and it genuinely is a bargain if it's free.
  8. Ha ha, this thread is where I 'outed' myself.
  9. Even more of a bargain then. Thanks.
  10. Oo, I wonder if the Cullen skink is still on the menu?
  11. I say, are the people who buy your tale revealed to you as an Amazon seller? I'd buy one, I enjoyed the look inside preview, but I wouldn't want to compromise my MF anonymity. I've no idea who's bought it unles they (the purchaser) tell me. All I can see is sales numbers by currency.
  12. Thanks guzzi. And thanks for the well wishes. I really don't expect anything to come out of this, it was more of an itch that needed to be scratched, having had it sitting on my laptop for a decade or so.
  13. Thanks Stu and anyone else who's bought it. Today is already one of my top selling days, with 3 purchased.
  14. Hi China, I actually wrote it back in 2006 over the course of a couple of months. I tried a couple of agents a few years ago but got disheartened after a couple of rejections. Only recently realised you can self publish via Amazon these days so thought 'why not?' It was dead easy to get it on there, uploaded from a word document. Took less than an hour I'd say. Worth it if you've got anything laying about that you've considered sending out to the world.
  15. I use a kindle app on my iPhone (other phones / tablets are available). Just have to log in to your Amazon account. Thanks for the interest
  16. I know I haven't been on here for aaaaaaaages and it's a bit mercenary for me to pop up again only to plug my book, but I wrote a book! It's about a normal person who develops super powers and she's a woman and all! I've self published it on Amazon, hence the crap cover. I'm plugging it 'cos I don't get any royalties until the total hits £100 and I've only got about 3 quid so far. It's here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XSR3Q4W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1491683067&sr=8-1&keywords=josie+kelly What are you waiting for? It's only a quid!
  17. aww, nobody missed me. *flounces off and sulks for another couple of years*
  18. Team GB had 4 guys chasing around 30 in the break away group. It was just too big a job. The Germans at least should have helped out (to get their sprinter, Greipel, in contention) long before they did but they wanted GB to wear themselves out to leave Cav without a lead out train. Everyone was so worried about Cav winning it that they let the breakaway get just that bit too much of a lead. Big shame, especially with Vinokourov winning.
  19. People who publicly flounce off forums and then return should be banned for life. Wait no, I meant killed.
  20. Apologies if this has been posted before (definitely NSFW):
  21. I already did - the future I came from is a curry-less dystopia. I came back to change the course of history and ensure that jalfrezi never dies.
  22. Thanks for the suggestions, y'all.
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