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  1. What a load of rubbish our Government’s approach was spot on and the results prove it. Figures and graphs can be, and are , manipulated to suit the point that the producer of it. I expect you are one of the clever sods who thinks they could solve the worlds problems in half an hour when in reality you could not get a job in McDonalds, pathetic rhetoric.
  2. I hope the protesters who are bending the knee next week remember social distancing.
  3. The looting and general hysteria in this case does the root cause no favours. In the 60s we bought a Joan Baez record of we will overcome and there was a few marches but the wide scale damage by the idiot faction that always take over peaceful protests just because they can regardless of the cause is making nations more divided and not helping race relations at all.
  4. hissingsid


    I just have a neighbour that force feeds sea gulls with those fatty balls and my car is on the flight path when they fly away so the hose is handy.
  5. Yes English zloty I agree he is full of waffle and wonderful ideas which come to nothing I hope his constituents see the light at the next election.
  6. hissingsid

    Gas bill

    Perkins has moved to planning. I have just had an eye watering electric bill, estimated , as I am sure your gas bill is, just take a reading and ring them up and they will send you a corrected bill, as least that is what happens with the electric.
  7. hissingsid


    Yes it was on the cards last day for car cleaning tomorrow.
  8. 2112 those are the very ones I mean when I said usual suspects anything to get their faces in the paper, grandstanding as per usual regardless what the protest is about, always standing in the front or at the front of the march. Watch this space.
  9. The protests for anything start off with the best of intentions by good people but are soon infiltrated by thugs and hooligans who apparently do not work as they are always on tap half the time they do not know what they are protesting about just enjoy looting and causing mayhem.
  10. After seeing the performance of the women currently in Tynwald at the minute I as sure as hell would never vote for one they are abysmal.
  11. When is this protest going ahead ? I do hope they adhere to social distancing and remember how many people have stayed in, not worked etc to get us where we are. No doubt there will be the usual suspects in the front row waving a poster and grinning at the cameras. I believe in peaceful protest as long as they happen in a calm and civilised way. Most people are back at work now so I would not expect great numbers there will probably be more queing to get served at McDonald’s.
  12. hissingsid


    Well listening to the forecast this morning it does not look good for the foreseeable so let us hope we have not had our summer. The races would not gone ahead on Saturday and the beginning of next week does not look great so no one is missing much TT wise.
  13. If you want fly to UK feel free planes flying every day but it will be a long time before our borders are open. You obviously did not listen to the CM the other day.
  14. It would not have mattered who had been moved or promoted it would not have suited the bitter government haters on here who probably take ten minutes each morning to sort out which foot to put their shoes on.
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