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  1. hissingsid

    Manx Radio

    I think there seems to be more adverts because they are the same few reguitated time after time and they are mostly boring and intrusive. Some smell of desperation and would not encourage me to go anyway near the places advertised. Years ago adverts had some catchy tunes that stuck but having a name shouted over and over again does nothing for me.
  2. hissingsid

    Manx Radio

    I hope this new boss wake s up to the fact that Manx Radio has very few young listeners and plays more middle of the road music. I like Manx Radio but when that bang bang music comes on with some soft dame repeating one word for the duration of the song I have to turn to Radio 2. I am not a miserable old git when it comes to music love Queen and all the 60 music country and western ,Adele, Doolittle and most peices with a recognisable tune , big band whatever but some of the rubbish churned out is beyond reason I am not alone in this a lot of people have made similar comments. If you do not believe this ask your kids if they listen to Manx Radio. This was actually pointed out in the report before last when it was said that the Station should cater for the audience it had not the audience it would like leave that to Radio 1.
  3. hissingsid

    Alistair Ramsay

    I think he spouts total rubbish it is easy to see which politicians he is friendly with and what qualifications he has to make the observations he makes are minimal another reason not to buy that rag of a newspaper.
  4. hissingsid

    Don't worry - Howard has our back..

    The Chamber of Commerce is a laugh, they will not disclose how many members they have but I believe it is under 100. Think of all the businesses big and small on the Island, thousands, so why do people give them an credence as for the CM meeting with them it is his job to share information, which is probably not a lot which is not his fault because there is no worthwhile information to glean at this moment in time. He can only tell it as it is we are as much in the dark as everyone else. I know it is the National sport to take a pop at anyone in politics but when you see the lying, scheming scum that inhabit the Houses of Parliament I think we do not do so badly. We voted these people in......they are political amateurs that are relying on civil servants for advise all the way,. there are a few idiots amongst them but they are not going to be on a long haul ticket. We need to have a cull on numbers and increase the bunce to attract more experienced people who are capable of thinking for themselves and know how to deal with stuff that is constantly being ignored or languishing in long grass. This lot are too busy trying to win popularity, and culling wildlife when the cull should be focused on themselves. We should start encouraging people with political ambition who have proved themselves at being successful to stand at the next election, they will have to have very thick skin of course.
  5. hissingsid

    Manx Radio

    A pundit is a person experienced in not a lot but gets paid top dollar because there face fits such as that creep the Walkers crisp wanker.
  6. hissingsid

    Richmond hill

    No one has said who is paying for the repairs......unless I missed it, to me this is the main concern.
  7. hissingsid

    Richmond hill

    Do not forget the caps.
  8. hissingsid

    Rob Callister

    There are a lot of one term politicians in power at the minute I feel at the next election they will be out of favour, out of work and still none the wiser as to what they have done wrong. If they listened to the voters they would realise they have failed to address any of the big issues facing the Island at present and will escalate as time rolls on. The pension problem ? The rateable system ? The Health Service ? The trimming down of Government and civil service !!!!! Instead they hade tiddled around with various schemes such as Manx Radio, seagulls, goats, wallabies, fairy houses to smoke screen their total lack of appetite to sort the big, unpopular, issues out....means testing...do not be silly that may cost me votes etc.. They are cowards simply covering their own backs for the next election and not giving a flying duck for the good of the Island and it's people. Their day will come, unfortunately for them voters do not remember any good , if they have done any good they have done just the silly, insignificant things that they have wasted time and tax payers money on.
  9. hissingsid

    Over £80K of heroin found on Island in 3 weeks

    Does anyone know where the party is ?
  10. hissingsid

    Ronaldsway Airport

    Has anyone found out who is paying for the resurfacing, apologies for dragging discussion back to original subject.......so wish we could put funny faces on the forum.
  11. hissingsid

    Sir Nige to grace the island.

    I still think he is great... and I think Boris is great as well, Theresa May needs locking up and as for that Sourbry woman...words fail.
  12. hissingsid

    Fairy tales?

    Pictures in Indy with Beavers or Brownies with lovely little fairy houses they had made to replace the ones that were vandalised in Summer Hill Glen. So instead of paying thousands of pounds to someone from over the water why did not our various art departments, schools, anyone get approached to make the houses for not a lot ? Why, because the department responsible have little or no imagination plus of course it is not their cash they are spending. Could have had a competition even like the lovely Christmas tree one at the airport. This money could have been spent on something much more worthwhile. I think that it is time the various departments had their budgets scrutinised and the Health Service was given a bigger slice and other departments who seem to have money galore have their portion reduced. There is so much waste and so much deprivation I despair.
  13. hissingsid

    Sir Nige to grace the island.

    I think Nigel Farage is great.
  14. hissingsid

    Manx Radio

    The worst one by far is that dame in pain that advertises the Ramsey Garden Centre, I would never go near that place if that is their idea of attraction , it is dreadful just like an out of tune violin played badly.
  15. hissingsid

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    They were discussing this on Talking Heads today and Stu put his finger right on the spot he said there were loads of laws such as speed limits that were never administered and he was dead right. The only way to stop or cut down the road kill human and otherwise is to adopt speed cameras and introduce MOT some of the condition that cars and vans, mostly vans, whiz around is is unbelievable. If the Government really want to make the Island safer roadwise they need to be brave and make unpopular decisions. Think of all the revenue in speeding fines it would generate and no one could complain because if they obey the limits they would not be penalised, much fairer than whacking road tax up every year.