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  1. At least English has some experience in these matters, it is refreshing to have a civil engineer's opinion instead of all the experts who know sod all.
  2. Bit more than a keyboard warrior, hates everything that moves....
  3. Just let them get on with it....allexperts at sod all.
  4. Good the trams are an important part of Manx people's Heritage and it makes sense to put the rails down first and then build the promenade around it. Of course all the engineers that are whinging about this know better, so many experts......
  5. I may sound a bit hard and pedantic over this but for years now I have always felt that this was very unfair the way that a woman, who remains nameless, can make an allegation against a man who is named and shamed and in countless cases it proves to be all my eye. There was one in the press today, over the water, about some minor celeb who was being accused of assaulting a woman in a nightclub years ago, for goodness sake. It it even worse in a small community mud sticks even if it should never have been thrown in the first place. If the woman in this case is mentally challenged how can you take anything she says to be true ?
  6. The good doctor is just a term commonly used. You really have got it in for him haven't you ?
  7. I cannot see the hotels being effected, and how many shops ?
  8. Anyone remember Harry Lamb and his squeeze Mint Sauce....now that is a tale !!!!
  9. He was not defrocked so they would have a job.
  10. They were put there so that no one even slightly controversial would get on they looked for dopey woman and by god they got them. Jane Poole Wilson is the exception she is a lawyer and speaks well and makes her point the rest are absolute rubbish.
  11. We all knew that the promenade was going to be no picnic, there is a layer of undiscovered territory to be sorted. Just stop moaning and let them get on with it. Perhaps the Corpy could let the dozen or so shops affected off with their rates whilst their bit of the promenade is being done. Instead of bleating on here and insulting people who do not happen to share your point of view why not write a polite letter to the Corpy requesting this, you never know they could be sympathetic. I assume that you are one of the suffering shop owners. It is a wonder some people do not lose the use of their legs with the general fear of using them.
  12. I hope the good doctor sues this woman for every penny she has if it is proved to be untrue and tittle tattle.
  13. I do hope if this doctor is exonerated he sues this woman for compensation for the pain she has put on him and his family.
  14. I do not care if the woman is mentally ill, she is obviously well enough to make a complaint against a doctor and should be named. Too easy to hide behind the mentally challenged card. How many people escape punishment in the courts hiding behind this or that report, too many. If this has been going on for two years why complain now ? Sounds to me if people have been putting their oar in and using a situation for their own ends.
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