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  1. You must be looking with closed eyes if you think all the enthusiasts are old they are a mixed bunch, plenty of young people. Perhaps you do not go near the races just spread your gloom and doom where you think people may care 🤣.
  2. Perhaps Manx Forums is not for you Port Soderick it has existed for a good while now without the dissection of the terms and conditions …..just saying.
  3. hissingsid

    TT 2023

    I don’t watch the races now but when was younger I love the sidecars they were the most exciting to watch we used to go to Sulby by the bridge, before it was modified, those were the days.
  4. Yes mirrors were covered, every curtain closed that was the way.
  5. They won’t be happy until they have spent what is left of the 42 million that was, it has probably diminished considerably already with wages etc for the Green Team or Team Green as that sounds better that are costing now and will be costing our grandchildren with their fancy pensions. People love spending money especially if it isn’t their own we have seen this illustrated with successive Governments. Accountability is a stranger to councils and governments.
  6. It is if you are left to pay for a new Telly or new phones or other equipment, routers etc. this happened when there was a storm last year or thereabouts to a lot of people in Onchan. A Manx Telecom engineer told me to prevent this happening again if any thunder or lightening was forecast to pull out all electrical plugs, apart from freezers , and cross my fingers. How effective this will be I don’t know but after having to replace phones and a router I am going to give this a whirl of course the thunder may just be a few rumbles this time around it was pretty full on when multiple electrical stuff was damaged.
  7. Welcome back Roxy been on your hols ?
  8. If Gizo really intends running his taps 24\7 Karma will strike……he will be up all night pissing.
  9. The racer who died lived and breathed racing and especially the Manx circuit this statement was made by his brother who as a mark of respect and in his memory waved the flag to start one of the races today. And that folks explains the magic that claims the hearts and minds of those who do it. I think we will call that a wrap.
  10. Rates reduction for single occupants as well 🤣.
  11. Apparently a wet March/April have saved us from the dreaded hosepipe ban, good news.
  12. hissingsid

    TT 2023

    Anyone who owns a drone should realise the implications of flying one near airports and other places where they could could endanger life, flying one near a course where racing is taking place is just stupid and irresponsible. The consequences of his actions could have been deadly I think he got off lightly.
  13. What about the tenants of this estate ? Where are they supposed to go ? it is a disgrace and before they start knocking houses down they should make sure there is suitable accommodation available. A lot of people on the Island are living in housing which is substandard not great of course but better than being on the streets. I wonder if there is a plan to build some eco friendly houses and this estate is to be sacrificed to make way for them. Until suitable and acceptable alternative housing is found in the Peel area these houses should be left alone with immediate emergency repairs done to keep them safe if necessary.
  14. The fallout was huge and the subsequent proposed Dragfest has now been cancelled according to the DM today.
  15. There are certain companies like Heinz who are just taking the proverbial £1.80 for a tin of soup in Shoprite and similar in Tesco and the Coop but M&S do their own brand soup for about 80 p and it compares very favourably also McVities digestive biscuits Burtons are fine and half the price the same with M&S wheat bisks just as good as Weetabix and half the price. The answer is to buy own brand products and let these greedy firms feel the pinch. The answer is to shop around.
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