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  1. If you think the last twelve months have been difficult hold on to your hats !!!!!!
  2. They looked like a right rabble to me. I think the public have lost any sympathy they had with them judging by the many comments on Mannin Line. There are teachers that put extra hours in and go way and beyond but there are others who do the bare minimum. There is no other job that enjoys having 12 weeks off a year that is for sure except if you are an MHK of course, same situation applies to them some put in the extra hours and some do not.
  3. Onchan collections are weekly, prompt and efficient we do not want anything to do with the Douglas incompetent City Council and their cock ups.
  4. The teachers were getting a hammering on Mannin Line today the public are fed up with these antics and they have not got the support they started with.
  5. hissingsid


    On MR today there was a warning of rate increases by a merry band of Commissioners who have banded together, substantial, now that is a surprise. Something to look forward to in 2023 . The rents are going up in social housing as well 5% Mr Thomas announced. Happy days indeed.🥲
  6. It will be fun and games over the Christmas period with all the extra debris.
  7. 30 🤣 double that and you will get nearer, don’t forget the engineers and the back up team, news room etc. You will never get an answer to the number of employees even people employed there either don’t know or won’t tell. Why they need two people on the breakfast show joined by a third in the last part of it is a mystery, Radio 2 manages with one, they just have a conversation regarding their likes and dislikes of various food stuffs and television programmes I think half the time they forget they have listeners.
  8. The Mail today ran a story about a Doctor that was a locus at Nobles was struck of for improper behaviour , strange it did not get a mention in the local media.
  9. Well Daft Daphne is on Mannin Line on Friday so it is a chance to ask questions 😃.
  10. Apparently there is going to be a picket line on Strike days. Manx Radio is covering it…..just saying.
  11. The MUA are not keen on giving them credit on account of them owing money on invoices a while ago . There is more to this that meets the eye someone knows that there is going to be tears before bedtime as far as this set up is concerned and does not want to give them credit. If they are not getting monies due in because of their screwed system how will they have the funds to purchase.
  12. As long as they don’t like daffodil🤣s
  13. So the meat plant’s problems are being sorted, as long as it is heavily subsidised by the tax payer, we are told. A swimming pool that would have given work to many and a pleasure to many and is badly needed for our young swimmers who compete in competitions is knocked on the head. And then to add to the misery we are being asked to cut back on planting daffodils for some crackpot reason, the sight of which heralds the Spring and gives pleasure to so many people after a cold, miserable Winter. This Department needs sorting out big time it is not fit for purpose nor is the MHK n charge of it.
  14. I will continue to plant, have already done so, daffodils they are a welcome sign of spring. No wonder the Meat plant is in such a state when DEFA is faffing on about daffodils, just what is going on ? I know every time a new lot get elected people shake their heads and say…worst government ever… but in this case they are correct 100%. There is not one Department that seem to be doing a good job and swiveling members of the Keys around is not helping . I despair I really do.
  15. It has been reported in the Mail again, using the information garnered by the Guardian, and apparently this company was used without any proper checks made. Whether there will be an appetite for a more intense investigation or even an enquiry is doubtful as this is only the tip of the iceberg regarding people and companies who made millions out of supplying stuff for Covid which was never used and is now costing fortunes to store. The adjacent Isle has a carpet too.
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