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  1. hissingsid

    Manx Radio

    Phil has been drawling on lately again, irritating, why does he not ploughing another field or take a ride up his nice new road ?
  2. hissingsid

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    Or too expensive to remain, the cost of basic food is ever increasing, sure there are offers but not great if you live on your own. Then there is the housing aspect there are young families stuck in flats paying high rents who cannot get social housing because of single people occupying three bedroom houses, there should be more sheltered housing and people should have to vacate when they are sole occupants, this will never happen because politicians are wary of losing votes. If you look around on polling day it is mostly elderly or middle aged people who bother to vote so they must not be upset. In fact this is the reason the big issues do not get addressed politicians covering their backs, no controversy, eyes always on the next election. I know in the day when politicians were usually men of means, excluding the Labour Party who were usually postmen, it may not have been as democratic as it is now but then the members were not so worried about losing their seats and would stick their necks out if they had a cause to support, now what would most of them do if they got the flick at the next election? Also jobs, I doubt many speak English, if they had to go to court who would interpretate . There is one bright spark who is pushing for this who says she speaks the language is she going to be with them 24/7 to assist them in daily life. I still maintain they are after another million pounds to go away, sickening.
  3. hissingsid

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    No, I thought it was about 600 at the last count and there were 500 on the dole, not IT experts apparently.
  4. hissingsid

    Manx Radio

    All this breast beating about Manx Radio is a cunning stunt to distract the public from the real problems the Island have such as the Health Service, pension black hole, rating reform etc.. It gets resurrected every few years and now they have discussed Syrians, goats, seagulls etc.. they find something else, lets have a go at Manx Radio that will keep the great unwashed occupied for a bit. Next will come Brexit in some shape or form and all our troubles will be blamed on that. Some of the new intake of MHKs are so shallow it is frightening they are supposed to be running the country for gods sake not complaining about their brothers Sarnie has been nicked, or trying to exhort another million pounds guilt tripping us about vulnerable Syrians, there are vulnerable people on the Island. I would rather give the Salvation Army, who do untold work in a very quiet way a million pounds.
  5. hissingsid

    Flooding at Richmon Hill

    They used to, in the day, have cambers on the roads so the water drained off either side and down the numerous grids it is only since they built flat roads there has been this problem.
  6. hissingsid

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    Agreed, nothing against anyone but these Syrians are vulnerable so it is being said, we cannot look after our own vulnerable people, has anyone else noticed how many suicides there seem to be in the last few years, it is a tragedy and I have no figures but It seems to me an awful lot for a small Island. The Island has become a two tiered society the haves and the have nots and if it was not the the Salvation Army who do a great job and the food banks goodness knows how some people would get by. How would they get by I doubt they speak English so jobs would be a problem and there are actually not a lot of jobs going at the moment unless you are into IT or a care worker.
  7. hissingsid

    The Art of distraction

    I am sure that we all agree that there are some very serious issues on the Island that need addressing, difficult and tricky...yes but the longer they are left in the long grass the bigger the problems will get. We all know what they are, pension black holes, the Health Service, rating reform, social housing fairness and so on. What is getting done about these pressing problems...not a lot instead we have politicians, mostly the new intake, banging on about seagulls, goats,water wheels,Syrian immigrants, again and again, Manx Radio, again,again and again and now happy day !!! What is going on , is it cultivated distraction to keep everyone's minds of the really serious stuff or what. Do they feel they are not capable of tackling the sensitive issues, lose a few votes perhaps, if so they should stand down and let people with a brain, even half a brain would be a plus try to sort things out. The longer this deliberate avoidance goes on the nearer we get to the next election when all action stops in case anyone gets upset. It is extremely frustrating, anyone can be forgiven for getting things wrong but no one gets remembered for doing nothing of consequence.
  8. hissingsid

    Account`s Hacked

    I am certainly not a sock puppet, not even sure how it works put calling other members horrible names is not on and obviously done by someone with a sick mind, it is obviously personal and that should not be allowed.
  9. hissingsid

    Account`s Hacked

    I really do not know why we have to endure the vile outbursts from this character Linz have the moderators gone on holiday or given up. He or she, I suspect the latter has some vindictive, hate related issues with one member but I do not see why the rest of us have to endure topics being hijacked and sidelined by this bitter and twisted person. Pack it in Linz, whoever or whatever you are you are sick.
  10. hissingsid

    The mayhem is to commence anytime now

    They will have a cunning stunt.......
  11. hissingsid

    Nobles hospital

    There were three miserable looking females with clipboards at the hossy today, not writing anything down just looking bored,. Doctors and nurses doing a great job rushing around trying to keep the plates in the air. Get rid of some of these clerical workers and more medical staff, or would that cost to much to give them the pay off.
  12. hissingsid


    To be fair I do not think anyone fully understands what Theresa is trying to achieve, she has managed to create mayhem....applause.... from a tricky situation it will not be long before the EU collapses anyway we have just loosened the first brick. It is anyone's guess how things will pan out.
  13. hissingsid

    Bexit (who the f#*k cares)

    I don't know where the Manx lot buy theirs from but by the price they are charging they must have got a crap deal.
  14. hissingsid

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    This charity that is winding Daft Daphne up are after another million guilt money, plain to see. Tell her and her cranky pals to do one and be done with it.
  15. hissingsid

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    Daphne Caine is now asking for a select committee to look into the ins and outs of bringing vulnerable Syrian refugees onto the Isle of Man. How many times does she have to be told no and explained the reason why she is like a backward child and I am sure there are more pressing matters that need dealing with. If any of them have bad eyes they will be waiting for 18 months to even be examined by the eye clinic let alone treated and if they have no money to go private I hope their teeth are in good order. Can we not sort out the ongoing problems we have before encouraging immigrants to share our problems, homelessness due to exorbitant rents, food banks etc and do not mention hips or knees. Perhaps this charity is just after another million to go away, why not we are full of money are we not ? I know pensioners who sit with rugs around them because they cannot afford heating costs. She was elected to look after the people of this Island she should remember that.