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  1. hissingsid

    Manx Sport is Golden

    I know a few people who would get medals at Tourette's..
  2. hissingsid

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Ha ha....Thomas is the biggest bull shitter around....what a roaring success he made of Year of our Island.......
  3. hissingsid

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Rushen Spy it is a while until April 1st.....leave the jokes until then.
  4. hissingsid


    So the slides from Turkey have been delayed because of Brexit....the dog over the road has just had puppies, I expect that is down to Brexit as well...here we go..
  5. hissingsid

    Doing It On Your Doorstep

    You could always go to Screwfix and have a skeet ....if it is raining.
  6. hissingsid

    Dianne Abbott

    No he was pictured enjoying entertainment by belly dancers at a presentation for the best kebabs, priceless considering he is a vegetarian.....I do not blame him really, why not, it was probably more useful than the rubbish that he has to listen to in the House of Commons. God bless the good old Daily Mail for keeping us up with the movements of the good and the great. There was also a picture of the Queen and Kate sharing a blanket or car rug going somewhere. Was is that guy Nero who fiddled whilst Rome burned ?
  7. hissingsid


    Not their money.....so who cares.....
  8. hissingsid

    Year Of Our Island

    I do not think there was a call for crowd control......
  9. hissingsid

    Dianne Abbott

    There is a rumour today in the Mail, so it must be right, that Jeremy is getting a little weary of politics now that he is approaching 70. I have thought he was looking a bit strained lately.
  10. hissingsid

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Bercoe has struck. .....now it gets interesting
  11. hissingsid


    It was sea water so no chlorine and no germs, mind you we were tough in those days to be fair viruses and allergies had not been invented so you were well or ill you lived or died, life was so much more simple. And no one got verrucas..... I did not really excell in swimming until I got to Balla when the method was to put a bicycle tyre with a bit of rope around the victim and pull you across the pool, I kid you not. I have still got my certificate for swimming a breadth without putting my feet on the bottom of the pool. We knew how to live, we did not need a floor that went up and down. Happy days.....
  12. hissingsid

    Manx students go on strike

    They should get their little arses kicked back into school, lucky to get an education for free, ungrateful little sods and the parents are worse for encouraging them.
  13. hissingsid

    Blacksmith gets boot

    The state of the shed repairwise is pretty dire, that is why he would not commit to a lease, they were probably going to make it a repairing one. The way it is now they should be paying him for putting up with the condition it is in. Why can't they just leave him alone, if the tram people use it they won't be paying rent and they will no doubt expect a complete refurb...costing more money. Spend, spend, spend....
  14. hissingsid


    The old Nobles baths , where I learned to swim, lasted for yonks it was always busy, in a central position and was really well designed, remember sitting upstairs looking down when all the schools competed. Those Victorians knew what they were at when it came to building and design. The Government motto must be Have money must spend....Have no money...spend twice as much. Do not worry about healthcare, housing, foodbanks just make sure the bottom of the swimming pool goes up and down and the slides are the most expensive in the world.
  15. hissingsid


    Just four and a half million, not bad if you say it quickly, not on time but that is normal. It makes the mere twenty million quid we are paying for the promenade a bit of a bargain, after all everyone uses the promenade not just a fraction of the population. Will the new swimming pool be Olympic sized as was the one at Summerland where it could have been used for competitions or is it just going to be pretty. The price of tiles must have increased a lot since I had my bathroom done, man on Talking Heads reckons it will be great not to have mouldy grouting to contend with so well worth four and a half million then. How old is it anyway ? Never mind the sporty group will always be well looked after and whilst we have the dosh to spare we may as well spend it.