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  1. The time to despair is when we cannot have a laugh even in the most dire of situations.
  2. You mentioned Greta Thunderberk she claims she has the virus....anything to get attention
  3. I have just listened to David Ashford on Manx Radio and well done to him , clear, consistent and answered all the questions put to him with certainty. Glover tried to mix the pot, what a surprise trying to twist words and be clever but David very politely put him in his place. The new help line is welcome and hopefully take pressure off the 111line. A very good and informative session.
  4. Most of the motorists passing seem to be abiding by the 40 mph rule, pity it is a 20mph zone. Speed limits are not enforced over here, they used to be but this side of law has been neglected badly over the years.
  5. If this was today the scaffolders should not be erecting anything, that scaffolding will probably be up until Xmas now, it amazes me how long scaffolding is left in place after the job is done and it costs a fortune.
  6. I thought no one was to get in after today, what is the point of closing the border and then letting any sob story creep in.
  7. On a little walk this morning, on my own and keeping a safe distance from others I was really disappointed, there are still people out there that believe social distancing does not apply to them. I do not know how the government or anyone can be clearer that this is our best chance to get through this with minimal pain. The people I observed were not children or young adults. I came back feeling that with this sort of mentality we are well and truly f....d.
  8. Paul Moulton is dire, stupid questions that often answers have already been given to .
  9. They messed up today at 4.00 pm silence for about three minutes , talk about Michael Mouse operation.
  10. The TV phone and laptops make me happy.
  11. I think Howard Quayle is doing a great job, totally uncharted waters I wonder how many of the posters making snide remarks would cope ?
  12. Well the pension is going up a few quid but taking all these increases into account we will be worse off. I feel for the little families who have all these increases to contend with without any increase in wages. In fact I feel for everyone today, when the MHKs nod these increases through perhaps they should remember we are not all on fifty grand plus a year.
  13. It was David Christian leader of Douglas Town council who made this crass statement cannot be sacked. I heard this morning there is a confirmed case today, the person who told me is totally reliable, health worker. Manx Radio forgot to mention this in the news.
  14. I listened to this and thought it was well presented at least Andy Wint does not force his own opinions on you under the guise of playing devils advocate. There were some really sound views on the show with 90% of callers saying the TT should be called off now with many different reasons but on the news they played it as if they had had loads of people phoning in against the idea, in fact two complaining about the likehood lived in Ireland . Typical Manx Radio reporting.
  15. Clueless absolutely clueless and the money that they are on ..........would not last a month in the private sector.
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