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  1. It is not waste land it is wilding don’t yer know 🤣.
  2. It has always been the case that anything goes parking wise for the TT period with the SP bringing over 13000 bikes what do you expect…..it is only for two weeks ffs.
  3. One caught doing 110 mph……here we go
  4. When are these dratted cars going back one nearly took a motorcyclist out yesterday on the mountain mile.
  5. Leave Onchan alone dogs and humans can piss for free 😊
  6. Caldric….sounds like a refugee from the black adder show….🤣
  7. I would not want to bait my breath until this little lot is sorted it would be fatal 🤣
  8. The results should be interesting with a lot of enthusiastic amateurs having a go 🤣
  9. I think someone suggested that Tours be used to fill in on the public service routes that is where the ticketing remark came in. The cruise passengers should be accommodated by Tours if they are willing to do it but I am not convinced that the cruise contracts are the problem there are cancellations on days that there are no boats in. I think the bus drivers are discontented with their pay and conditions and are suiting themselves when they work which they can do under their new terms. Tim needs to give them proper contracts and a decent wage and things would return to normal very soon saying they are resting before the busy TT period is ludicrous I could not believe my ears when he came out with this tripe the other day on MR.
  10. Gerry Dean who was a real character used to bring his black Labrador in and one of the security guys pulled him up about it so he went to the front desk and bought the dog a membership for a year it was a very well behaved hound. We seem to have lost all the characters that used to be around Douglas. Happy Days indeed.
  11. I really hope not, this is what bugs me about the 42 million it does not have any specific funding role, it could be used for all number of stupid purposes in fact I would wager that there is no longer 42 million in the pot. We all know how quickly money can be spent, a bit here, small purchase there an so on and when you add up what you have spent it is surprising to say the least I do hope it does not get chipped away at until it is no more and nothing concrete to show for it.
  12. It really was the place to go in the day, Cabaret, live music everyone dressed up that is when the Americans ran it. The membership was five pounds a year.
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