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  1. I bet they don’t strike over half term or the Easter Holidays, or the two weeks at TT or the six weeks in the summer, then half term next Christmas Holidays. They will have a job getting dates when they are actually doing a bit. Such a furore if you ask to take a child off for a day apparently it blights any chance of them having a decent future and may even scar them for life. They aren’t worrying about that now that a bit of extra dosh is on the horizon. There are some very conscientious teachers but there are also some really crap ones. They may on paper seem undervalued on the pay front but if you count how many holidays they get and the hours they put in a week their hourly rate is quite high 13 weeks a year is a substantial time off not many other jobs offer that in fact it is 25% of the year.
  2. It could be my long awaited hospital appointment.........no.....very improbable.
  3. There needs to be more social housing built, houses and flats, instead of letting Dandara plunder the Island so they can sell to second home owners to rent out at ridiculous prices government housing stocks should be increased so that people on a low or medium wage can have a reasonably priced roof over their heads. The most important things are Health, Living accommodation, decent food and an all around good education. These four things are the corner stones of a caring and progressive society.
  4. It does seem ridiculous and there has been a lot of general disgust vented on Facebook but to keep the lady safe he should be imprisoned or be sectioned and kept in a secure unit. If he is really mentally ill to a degree he inflicts injuries on anyone he should not be free to commit these acts, if he is not a physical threat and playing the mentally challenged card he should be locked up, no way should he be allowed his freedom to perhaps attack for a third time with more serious consequences.
  5. Nobles hospital is a joke and a very bad one.
  6. I hope for everyone’s sake, especially the patients, this lady brings a breath of fresh air to the management of the Health Service, sorts it out and sticks around for a good while. Miracles do happen and someone has the talent to do it let us hope we have found the right person.
  7. I think you have to go to the office in person and pay up front so if there is any comeback you can be identified.
  8. Some good people but we need more than some.
  9. There are still a lot of dodgy outcomes, missed diagnoses etc happening the quality of some of the consultants leave a lot to be desired.
  10. Over the years I have known four people who have committed suicide, three of them were the last people in the world you would have guessed had problems they must have been bottling their feelings up whilst putting on a good face, the last was a bit fragile but still very unexpected. I think talking helps, it does not matter who to just relieving the pressure and despair. I feel for this family.
  11. Anyway I am glad the local rags are having their wings clipped.
  12. Rugby teams go away all the time to play, they must fund the travel themselves ?
  13. I do not know why people have a hang up about anyone working 3days in the office and 2 days at home it is common practice in the modern world with all the electronic equipment available, Skype etc. Backward thinking is holding progress back, smell the coffee and join the real world.
  14. Manx Radio will never attract young people, never in a million years. I know a lot of young and youngish people, say in their 30s and none of them listen to MR . MR should cater for the audience they have which are golden oldies when they put the rap crap on they are just losing them as well. Look after the listeners you have MR leave the youngsters to Radio 1 .
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