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  1. hissingsid

    TT 2018

    Roads open for 7 mins then incident at veranda, roads closed, must be some kind of record.
  2. Kate !!!!! do not give me nightmares,. funnily enough I was just reading about her latest outburst on IOM today and a few people who have worked with her have given her a right slating. She has been off sick since Xmas, wonderful peace and quiet but now the 6 months are looming ( she would be on half pay) she is back.
  3. These fairy houses, if we had to have them could have been made at schools or the college as projects for sod all and when they disintegrated the next years students, those who wanted too, could make replacements, a bit like the trees at the Airport at Christmas where the schools have a competition and enjoy doing it. This is madness in the extreme and an indication of the governments attitude to the spending of other people's money. And do not get me started about the new artwork being proposed for the roundabout at the Cooil, how long before some boy racer takes that out. Thes schemes are nothing short of misappropriation of public funds.
  4. As long as Chris Thomas does not get his hands on it, he is rubbish with his leisure tax and Year of 2018 etc.. he has empty headed dreams just full of piss and water.
  5. hissingsid


    Now vandals have had a go at a £6,500 fairy house, it has been taken away for restoration costing god knows how much. Vandalism seems to be on the up, sentences seem to be on the way down. There is so much community work being carried out it is amazing, what are these people are actually doing I hope it is something useful it would be nice to see a finished project that had been accomplished by all these people doing community work. Perhaps a work shop into how to make fairy houses could be considered.
  6. Members post their point of view, that is what the forum is about. If you do not agree with this point of view you put your case forward on why you do not agree or add something you know to diss it, simple. There is no reason to insult anyone who does not agree with you or to start a tit for tat playground rant I think this discourages people from joining Manx Forums, people that may have some interesting contributions to make. A bit of banter is great but when topics get hijacked continually by people who take remarks personally it drags the forum down. Lately I have noticed quite a few new contributors which is great for a debating forum I hope they do not get discouraged or even worse join in this anti social behavior.
  7. It is a good idea, why should people run around the roads free while the rest of the mugs pay. Perhaps paying in installments like they do have in the kingdom that was united but now in disarray.
  8. hissingsid

    TT 2018

    I see the ridiculously bad reporting on the Mercer vACU case is causing some bewilderment. The ACU want it heard here where no doubt Mercer will be screwed and Mercer wants it in the U.K. so that he can attend more easily as he is still very poorly. The headline was misleading and typical of the reporting we are subjected to. Why don't the ACU do the decent thing and admit culpability? instead it will line the pockets of lawyers. I think the whole thing is a total disgrace and a sign that some marshals are not trained sufficiently or the Clerk of the course is not up to the job. Whatever, Mercer has life changing injuries and should be compensated without all this disgusting argy bargy.
  9. Charge 50p for one use plastic bags, charge a tax of 50p on bottles of water. There is nothing wrong with our drinking water, get a proper bottle and fill it up, there are more and more establishments providing a bottle fill service, free. When I was young people did not wander around with bottles in their hands it is ridiculous. If these nob heads want to posture with plastic bottles charge them they must be stinking rich to afford to buy them as well as paying the exorbitant toilet tax/water rate.
  10. Kate Beecroft stood up for these bullies when it suited her, now they have gone. Who the f...does she think she is...lamentable failure. She has never improved anything she has touched. A deluded dame if ever there was one.
  11. hissingsid

    TT 2018

    I hope it gets held in a U.K. court and Steve M gets a massive payout, this lot over here will stick together like melting shite and in the end responsibility will be passed around like a game of pass the parcel at a kids party until the whole matter gets so confused that it will end up with the only winners being the lawyers. Someone is to blame, someone should accept responsibility but they will not, never, it will be excuses and lessons will be learned...not good enough. Just for once wouldn't it be great if someone stood up and was counted...that will never happen. Disgusting does not come near.
  12. Yes, agree completely, failing that at Jurby near to the Hilton for easy access. Why this tat is encouraged god knows.
  13. In my day....years ago you had to pay a yearly membership to go into the Casino, it was when it was at the Castlemona, run by the Americans, and had a bit of style. There were Cabarets and the breakfasts served from about 3.00am. That was the life. It was a guinea for a year. Gerry Dean was told he could not bring Rex in, Rex was a black lab/something lovely dog very well behaved so Gerry bought him a membership and that was that. Those were the days everyone dressed up and I never remember any trouble it was just a good time and something to look forward to on a Saturday after a hard week at work. We had the best of days in lots of ways. Memories last for ever.
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