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  1. Apologies and congratulations finlo few teachers would have spotted that.
  2. I predict a lower than ever turnout, none of the candidates are well known I just hope that Sole the clown does not get in or the Lib Van one, Josem he will just be as annoying asBeecroft with no constructive ideas just disagreeing with those that have for the sake of it. There will be end to end interviews on MR next week and the week after......they have to be commended for warning listeners.
  3. So Helix you are discounting the 200+ who have not joined a union it is not erroneous to suspect they would not support a strike. The whole scenario is pure Michael Mouse , why on earth do they have five unions, one being recently formed. I hope Dr Allinson tells them to fly away the treasury minister has told them as much, greedy and stupid and they are teaching are children, they disgust me. Teaching used to be a vocation, sure they should get a decent wage but lots do it because they think it is an easy ride with loads of holidays and when they find it is not they are unhappy. I had some crap teachers when I was at school but only realised it a lot later on in life they would not have survived in any other career.
  4. Tescos don’t make me laugh, I have been trying every day since March to get a slot so have hundreds of others. There are no major other supermarkets who have the facilities. Lots of volunteers, from rugby clubs to other groups who were doing a sterling job during lockdown. The Government are not a complete nanny state yet surely everyone knows someone who will do a bit of shopping for them and most people have freezers they can stock up before they go the Creamery deliver, so do most butchers, and with a few tins it is quite feasible to plan ahead. Also there are more places delivering food now. Some people are just completely useless how they get through life is a complete wonderment.
  5. Going back to the score board I suspect it was a done deal when the consultation was announced that is usually the way things work when the government is involved then when it proves unpopular that is the defence. To spend any money improving or altering anything TT associated is wrong when the whole affair is problematic.
  6. No it is not a great scenario if the Clerk of the course wants to hitch his loyalty to the Isle of Wight lot he should not be welcomed back here, although if his appointment is made by the ACU perhaps we have no say in the matter. I do not think this man is good at his job at all he seems to be Teflon coated, get rid.
  7. I was just getting catches of this debate this morning on MR so have I got it right.....there are currently 800+ teachers on the Island, 200+ do not belong to any union that leaves just over 600 who do , out of this 57% went to meeting to vote on possible strike action so numbers now down to 300+ who voted. The most interesting comment was sent in by a teacher who said he was tired of the situation and just wanted to get on with his job and wished the public would not judge all teachers who were being lead by union action. Now apologies if I am not absolutely spot on with this info but this is what I gathered. Was anyone else listening and could agree or disagree with my interpretation of the current situation.
  8. A big no to a submarine there are some on Facebook that think we should have given the business to GB but when their government gives France the business of producing the Blue passports even when a British company had previously had the contract for years why should we, we need the best deal we can get.
  9. So we have a crazy yank trying to get votes and an Aussie making stupid statements about landlords getting loads of money to improve their properties when it was pretty clear the money was mainly for ordinary people what the hell is the Island coming to, mind he is a Lib Van man and it is their policy to decry everything the government plan to do he had a good teacher on this score.
  10. I went to the IOW ten years ago for a few days in late September and the weather was not that great I do not think they will be troubled by Sunburn in October.
  11. If the Isle of Wight is so wonderful with can do people by nature what on earth are you doing slumming it over here ?
  12. New boats are a must, buying the Steam Packet was the best thing this Government has done especially in the light of the recent emergency the next step should be investing in air travel.
  13. Well the clear favourite appears to be, without doubt,........none of the above
  14. hissingsid


    Disgusting attitude Declan.
  15. I have just seen where I read about the TT costing Ten million it is a the topic by Holmes end.
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