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  1. It was The Mayoress's chain and that got lost in Ireland.
  2. Ah well we will leave it alone until next time.......
  3. Can a person who is being filed for bankruptcy be a MHK ?
  4. She has not given much empathy and understanding during her reign as Minister of Health...no sympathy from me.
  5. I could have done without hearing Phil Gawne's drawl on when I tuned in for a bit of music this affy.
  6. No it is just sometimes it is ok and then there is a lot of chat and I just get bored.
  7. I have turned to Radio 2 now for the foreseeable except for Carnaby Street on Saturday mornings the drivel on MR was affecting my nerves.
  8. Well said Uhtred. Regarding the notice she must have taken legal advice on this perhaps it is to do with the cleaning contract with the hospital that was pulled when she was in charge. Karma, no sympathy at all.
  9. Common sense really sadly so out of fashion it has to be pointed out.
  10. I see Kate Beecroft is changing her name and has a notice in the Courier stating she will not be responsible for her husband's debts.
  11. Now we have the Christmas Carol singers to look forward to. First Christmas song chosen by gull Moorehouse was played on Manx Radio today..never heard of it it was fu....g awful. You were think we were a lot of kids waiting in anticipation the way the presenter said...it is too soon now to play any more as if it was up to him when Xmas would start hypocritical really when Ramsey Garden center has been advertising it for weeks now.
  12. There is some woman traveling the Island and you have to guess where she is it would be more interesting if she went further abroad...say Australia...on a one way ticket.
  13. It is obviously too much of a challenge for MR PB to extend his arm, now why does that not surprise me.
  14. I think Julie Edge is a good MHK, some get easier challenges than others, the Post Office debacle should have been sorted out many years ago and opportunities were lost when online shopping started, they could have had it all already had the depots, the vans etc but was loaded with useless managers and a board that was not fit for purpose, she was up against a strong union. I would certainly vote for her again.
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