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  1. The Alan Carr shows will probably give us a spike in a few days time a nice present for fans for Xmas. Packed in the Villa with little ventilation sounds a recipe for disaster to me.
  2. No Hermes couriers dumped them the police are currently involved.
  3. I read the threads but don’t always agree with them and I am entitled to my opinion, and by the way Onchan is not and hopefully never will be part ofDouglas.
  4. I am sure that a prerogative of city status is a cathedral there may be other conditions that are brought into play but without a cathedral it is a no no.
  5. I should have said Iwould hope it was three quarters way built with the money already spent, I may be a bit ambitious in this estimate perhaps nearer a half.
  6. Surely some of the £72 million has already been paid they would not be building without stage payments, so roughly £32 million to go. There is no alternative we just have to smile and pay we need a landing stage at Liverpool and it is three quarters way built now. On the bright side we will own it and perhaps charge other shipping to use it. Tough but true.
  7. I bet he will stand for election again some people never get the message.
  8. I doubt you will get a response John 😏 .
  9. hissingsid


    Really felt sad when I heard the news about Kush he was a little character and the grandchildren loved going to see him. There are only his partner and three female Cubs left now I hope they get a male one soon. One of Kush’s Cubs is going to a zoo across.
  10. The Doctor is more interested in the hospitality business than people’s health that is very apparent.
  11. Yes he was on Mannin Line and he said the housing and road would need lifting a lot, he mentioned he could supply the rubble if required 🤣 .
  12. Hasn’t got his Manx tartan cap on…….missed opportunity 🙄
  13. The developer has just said , on Mannin Line, the houses will be dry and safe for their lifetime ? How would you term a house’s lifetime ? It will have have the usual mix of affordable and other priced properties blah, blah, blah. The doctor seems supportive as it will relieve traffic concerns especially around the T.T 😚 it is a green registered site but poor land for farming. Costing a cool forty million….loads of fauna and flora there. Investment seems to be firing up in the North for the building industry and the relative services.
  14. That is the only link I have come across but I am sure it will not go away.
  15. The council are not pleased at being called racist….this could be the end of Skippy. Liberal Vannin will be distancing themselves from this clown any day soon if they have any sense.
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