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  1. Chill Gladys, I am not demonizing anyone the students I know of are sensible and have accepted the conditions and are concerned for their parents and grandparents and the Island population in general they just want to be home and enjoy the holidays with their families but it is disappointing that so many could not take a minute to reply to a government department that is genuinely trying to assist with accommodation and any other problems.
  2. Regarding returning students I know of a few that are back and sensible arrangements are in place but what disturbed me was the education dept. sent an email to all students advising them about travel and isolation and offering help unfortunately a good many did not even bother to reply. How long does it take to reply to an email ? Most of the students will be great but as most groups there are always the few. Leaving the term student to and side it is a large group of people who are coming over in a relatively short period of time. If they cannot take a minute to reply to an email they are not going to be worried about isolation rules.
  3. The head from Balla was on today despairing because she had lost six teachers since September, I wonder why ? Perhaps not a happy ship ? If I had lost six employees in two months I would be taking a hard look at all aspects which caused them to leave so abruptly. This is the lady who opposed JFK chicken outlet because her pupils would be tempted, even though McDonalds are practically next door.........
  4. Dr Allinson was on about the Unions on MR today he said there were four different unions, I thought a new one had just been formed, head teachers or summat so bad news for him now there are five..
  5. Alf gave his word an announcement would be made before Xmas. So watching and waiting with interest..........
  6. hissingsid


    Going to cost more money now....perhaps our lot gave their lot duff measurements surely not...
  7. That Ramsay chap has certainly got daft Daphne on fire, obviously these strategical moves to get noticed before the G.E. are coming from his direction although I doubt he had a hand in the immigrant or goat affairs.
  8. She could have rung the police for advise but no she just did her own thing and also did not cooperate when challenged. Everyone of those imprisoned deserved it, the only two I feel sorry for are the teenagers who followed their boss”s instruction when he drove them to Tesco. He admitted on MR he knew it was wrong. These chancers that think they are above the law ask for all they get and putting them in prison is actually the only certain way to make sure they did not go out drinking, watching football in a busy pub, going to Macs the minute the Police’s back was turned if they had just been warned. Some people have no respect for the law or any other human being.
  9. hissingsid

    Flu jabs

    My doctor’s surgery told me the take up was much higher than expected, people who never bothered before were having it this year, they expected a rise in numbers but not any way near demand.
  10. It was always going to be a mighty job because of god knows what the Victorians buried below the surface when they constructed the promenade. .Gas mains have always been a problem, no one knew exactly where the old ones were, remember Howard Street years ago when there was a very large hole on the pavement for about two years with a do not smoke sign, the they could not locate the old gas pipes. The only thing the Minister has got wrong is being ambitious with the completion date a seasoned politician would never have committed themselves in this way. Tim Baker came to the party after the food had been served it has been a disaster from the start. Three construction firms with little cooperation . changed plans, the saga continues and will do for a long time yet.
  11. If it is to serve as a pass or link road then it makes more sense and is certainly more acceptable.
  12. I think it is a great way to go and should have happened years ago. They are welcome to mine. It is pitiful to hear about people waiting for life saving ops that require organ donation.
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