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  1. The hundreds of houses getting proposed in Onchan are very real believe me Dandara have been champing at the bit for years now and have bought houses for access roads, they are not messing about. I have a nasty feeling that this is done and dusted despite many really valid arguments against it, disgusting does not come close. What is happening down South today will be happening in Onchan when these houses are built, all founded on a dream of mass immigration to the Island which will never happen.
  2. After all sixteen million is not a lot when you say it quickly and it is not your own money getting wasted.
  3. As I drive around I am astounded by the amount of cars parked outside houses and drives remain empty....
  4. I can only come to the conclusion that the building industry is a sacred cow to be revered and ring fenced at any cost. Sure a lot of work comes with a new estate for a lot of tradesmen and that is good but at what cost ? If this Middle East oil business gets much worse petrol, oil etc everything will rise in cost and living on an Island with travel and more importantly freight costs going through the roof it does not paint a pretty picture. Gambling on tomorrow is never a great idea and that is what Chris Thomas is doing. Every time a new house is built the house you are living in will depreciate a bit because it will become a flooded market. Our countryside is being raped and our streets are becoming full of for sale notices. Mark my word if anything like a depression happens we are all going to hurt, and unlike Ireland or Greece or Italy or Spain we will not have the EU to lend us a few bob until we get on our feet.
  5. Wait until Chris Thomas gets his way and lets Dandara build all over the Island this will be the norm.
  6. Online report in DM tonight. Andrea Leadsome or Angela ,government minister ,has revealed problems with the new smart meters, faults aplenty, now the date has been moved to 2024 before it will be law that every home in Britain must have one, and counting....Surely our government should hold back a bit and take notice of this, it is not working and is costing billions. For our government or to be precise the debt ridden MUA to blithely go ahead spending 16,0000 on something that is proving unreliable is madness. Would it not be wonderful if lessons could be learned before a monetary disaster instead of the usual lessons have been learned crap that is churned out afterwards. Well it would be a first would it not.
  7. When are the deck chairs being moved ?
  8. Thomas lives in la la land, where these thousands of new residents are coming from only he knows. Where they will work or get medical attention from is another puzzlement, where they will educate their children another. He is a blagger and bullshitter and I think the electorate in his ward are starting to recognise this.
  9. And...they would get the project going after they had raised £250,000...just saying. Having given it little thought perhaps Skelly could chip in, after all it is to accommodate the 45 cruise ship visitors who need to do something in the rain. Just imagine going on a cruise, raining, what a delight it would be to be bussed to Ramsey and watch some school children, dragged out of school, in the rain, dancing. I do not think Manx dancing is taught in school or singing which might be a slightly better option. The price for this would be , going on the Lady Isabella trip, not cheap. The lady was full of enthusiasm so good luck she will need it.
  10. I think the lady mentioned yoga at 7.00am ,please accept my apologies in advance.
  11. I thought the When I ....s . lived in and north of Maughold .
  12. I believe, may be wrong, that you have to get planning permission for solar panels if this is true it does not really encourage installation. Please put me straight on this.
  13. Most probably Max, but a lot of people used to go on day trips in the day and buy loads of stuff from Liverpool. This is when the fares were cheap and you got a full day and evening in the pool.
  14. Did the retailers in Strand Street and Castle Street get compensated for the disruption and noise, dust etc.. when the streets got regenerated ? I do not think so they just had to suck it up and it is going to start again when the shops that are empty from salmons to the lane are changed into a five story mix of apartments and shops, whenever this happens !!! 0nce compensation gets to be the given there will be a stream of never ending demands consequently nothing will ever be done, just saying.
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