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  1. There is a move from a member of the judiciary to increase penalties for drug related offences. What procedure happens to enable this ? I am asking because my friend believes any change of laid down penalties has to be approved by Tynwald I am not sure about this.
  2. There really are some weird postings on here tonight, perhaps a tour of some intensive care units would open your blinkered eyes.
  3. The Grand Island was a fantastic hotel in it’s day.
  4. The Chief Minister left the decision to the Chief Constable. If I am a bitter, miserable, moaning old git I certainly am not alone on this forum.
  5. The march was held when there was restrictions on numbers congregating the Chief Constable chose to ignore that and let it happen.
  6. Well let us hope that fact has not escaped the decision makers, I suspect Alf will have a big say in this, not his department but it will affect his own department dramatically.
  7. Thank god you are not in charge, an expert on everything and critic of all, the best you can do is quote a load of garbage from people who are just using Covid to make a name for themselves with no credibility at all. I thought we had a superlative of experts on the promenade but these guys are just making it up as they go along and as for all the figures quoted I do not believe any of them from any source. It all depends on who is doing the counting and the point they are trying to make. For instance, a member went down when the illegal march was on and counted 737 people and a couple of
  8. I am glad David got a gong it was very well deserved he did a great job it is a shame manx crabs have to try and take the shine of it but they are usually sad, pathetic people who never do anything but envy other people’s achievements.
  9. That is the bit that attracted my attention to the article the assurance given by Ray Harmer, if it was ever given, I suspect it would not have been in writing.
  10. When little families are cooped up in a apartment, private rental, and paying £800 a month whilst people with a combined weekly income of more than that are in social housing and paying about £400 a month for a house and garden it must be wrong. The only reason means testing is not happening is no politician is willing to push for it because they are scared of losing votes in the forthcoming election, and they probably would so it is a genuine concern, it would take a retiring politician to be brave enough to take this on and then the others would be too self serv
  11. I do not follow your argument the ratepayers who support social houses will certainly not have more money to spend in the economy although I may agree with cheaper rents if the tenants were mean tested and the people who needed social housing were looked after.
  12. Or as I should have posted...good for whom.
  13. Apparently, according to a lady who works there they are queing up to get it and there are far more staff applying than redundancy packages going, says it all about the working conditions and how the Bank has gone downhill.
  14. When is a donkey track not a donkey track ? Dispute between the DOI and a company of which Trevor Hemings is a director is going to court on Friday. Apparently Ray Harmer assured said company that no work would be done on it to accommodate walkers,cyclists and trial bikes but the new broom has decreed otherwise. The story is on IOM today news section if anyone would like more details.
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