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  1. Bullying in any shape or form is never acceptable.
  2. What a load of nasty bullies….complaining on one hand of bullying by civil servants and doing the very same thing on this forum. David Ashford was democratically elected as I am sure he will be again and I am sure he will continue to act in good faith in his constituents interests. The people I have spoken to still think highly of him and he has more support than you imagine. This shuffling around is not good, not Alf’s fault who is going to have the enthusiasm to front up the task ahead of attracting visitors to the Island he obviously has not got anyone in mind. Allinson had enthusiasm and energy for the job I cannot see anyone else stepping into the role.
  3. The latest from Tim…..now the drivers have had rest before the busy TT period hopefully things will improve…I kid you not this was on MR this morning.
  4. The usual flower baskets have not appeared on the lampposts in shit city yet perhaps the new ones will not take the weight ….shame they always looked nice.
  5. The Cathedral in Peel is not down at heel and Peel promenade and beach are light years ahead of Douglas sea front.
  6. It seems to be settling down, hopefully.
  7. All of the contenders for a seat in Tynwald give a nod to the green dream it is a vote catcher for a proportion of the population. However it is a dream and is unlikely to happen anytime soon, in the meantime it is criminal to ignore the gas which is going to cost nothing to explore and hopefully utilize. Crogga are not venturing into this operation for the good of it’s health they obviously imagine they will make money out of it, whether the Isle of Man will who knows 🤔 but it has got to be worth while having a supply of gas within reach especially in these uncertain times. As for ruining the sea life the poor birds are suffering greatly with the wind farms especially the migrating ones so that is okay then ? These people do not have a clue, they offer no alternatives they are attention seekers at best and should be concentrating on matters that they can improve.
  8. Crogga have just been given an extension of time and good luck to them. If Joney Faragher had had anything to bring to the table she is a bit late.
  9. The old scoreboard would have lasted fora good bit longer if it had been looked after, it used be checked over and repaired and painted if necessary every year.
  10. There are quite a few a few regular contributors who have stopped following this post as they are probably finding it rather disgusting to be honest.
  11. I think the drivers are unhappy with their pay and conditions and have decided to flex their muscles in an unofficial way and who can blame them.
  12. So where is the temporary score board going to go ? No sign of it yet.
  13. Well said voice of reason the comments being made are low indeed.
  14. Add to this number the local cars, vans,bikes,scooters and bicycles and the roads will be busy.
  15. More learners driving around today, it cannot be best practice to start driving bus loads of passengers at the busiest time of the year.
  16. It was down to weather conditions apparently something out of our control.
  17. This is exactly what I have heard Andy and you probably will get shot down as I have been some some of the people with the guns would have been totally out of their depth trying to keep all the balls in the air in a pandemic let alone try to keep people with different opinions happy. Just say they had closed the borders a week earlier how many Islanders would have been stranded abroad with such little notice there was enough of a ding dong trying to get the ones back with that extra weeks warning, there is a lot of stuff to go into the mix before decisions are made.
  18. Well everyone is entitled to their opinion and there are a lot of the public who are on David’s side he is very well thought of by a lot of his constituents. Inquiries and tribunals aside nothing is ever black and white and none of the people who are playing judge and jury were in the playground at the time, lots of questions asked, lots of questions unasked, it was a tricky time for any health professional or politician. I wonder how many of the critics would have handled a pandemic?
  19. I think David should stay, he has worked incredibly hard since he was elected and hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  20. Phil Gawne and and Dr Glover……no thank you…..
  21. I hope David does not resign, I don’t see why he should. He has worked tirelessly all through the pandemic and probably was not in the playground when the three woman were having their differences of opinions. The venomous Thomas has not done anything of note in the entire time he has been a member of Tynwald except waffle . I sent David an email a short time ago, a reply came the next day with all the information I had asked for he is extremely hard working and conscientious. As Dr Allinson said today they were difficult times with lots of different opinions from respected health professionals. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  22. It looks quite continental with all the palm trees there, I don’t know how they will fare when a good easterly comes in. Apparently they are being constructed off site and will be placed in position when erected. How payment will be made will be interesting as we are told by Tim that there are no machines available on Island that will take coins and cards although DC have managed to find some to fit on the toilet doors in Nobles Park. To be fair to Douglas Council you will be able to pee for free when the sprinklers are switched on. Alice in Wonderland keeps springing to mind every time DC is mentioned I cannot think why. I really hope and pray they do not get City status the implications of what they will do next is horrifying if they do.
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