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  1. True, but Covid has made it much worse, however they really are pulling out all the stops out to try and catch up the Liverpool hospitals have stopped non urgent ops now, friend of mine had their op cancelled this week. We do not want this to happen I know we have some catching up to do but non urgent ops are going ahead at Noble’s atm.
  2. So it has been brought to the Minister’s attention that his original date April 1st is April fools day ...
  3. Everyone I speak to including tradesmen are busier than ever, the only worry is an ability to get certain materials. People who do pet boarding are turning to doggy day care . The Island cannot afford another lockdown mentally or financially and most people are doing ok. Unemployment is down again to about 800 or so and there are about 600 jobs on offer, obviously some are in IT or specialised so no help to the hospitality trade, there are vacancies for careers being advertised etc. obviously this situation can not go on for ever but it would be madness to lower our guard now. Noble’s i
  4. Alf did say the decision would be taken over the next couple of months and definitely before Xmas and that was a couple of weeks ago.
  5. As long as it is reliable and built to time that would be good, is Turkey building it ?
  6. Well any MHK that votes for this may get a drumming next year, the same applies to any that vote against free TV licenses for all pensioners, the silver voters are many and this age group usually do vote as opposed to the younger generation, which is a shame it would be great if younger people would take more interest in politics after all it is their future not ours.
  7. Why couldn’t she have made a phone call or email instead of going on Twitter ?
  8. Alcohol sales down , drug sales up by relatively the same amount in Scotland, info supplied by M R today..... . The hospitality industry need this silly move like a bullet in the brain, wine by the glass is a ridiculous price now in pubs and restaurants so let us increase it...and discourage people from going out. Come to the Isle of Man for your holidays, you will pay a fortune to come then you can enjoy yourselves in our indifferent restaurants and pay over the odds for drink or dine in our pubs with most of them offering the same menu and pay more than you do for a drink than you do
  9. The press conference was delayed last week because of over running so no big issue about it being delayed this week.
  10. Why should Grumpy outhimself.....you haven’t...
  11. Cregeen is putting his pennyworth in now too.
  12. I think the students should be encouraged, as Allinson seems to be doing, to come home soon if they possibly can. I don’t know if all courses can be done online but if they can they could get home do their isolation and enjoy Xmas with their families and friends. It cannot be much fun for them at the minute by reports I have been hearing.
  13. Hooper seems to favour the growing of hemp so he is not a complete party pooper, I quite like his approach to politics and he seems to be looking out for Ramsey. It is just the Lib Van connection that ruins it for me.
  14. I have never touched it, seen the bother it has got Trump and a lot of famous people into though especially M.P.s it is to be treated with respect.
  15. Fine John I will I did not realise you were a fan of twitter.
  16. I am not stating my case just commenting as I am entitled to the same as everyone else, I do not do twitter but there has been a lot of publicity about people, who should know better, airing their disgruntlement about personal matters who regret it but their comments have gone viral.....too late...very unwise.
  17. However did you come to that conclusion? Way off the mark....
  18. How do you know I am in the minority ? Lots of people despise twitter and even Facebook as a means to throw pity parties and state their case regardless of the rights or wrongs, there are ways of doing things and having hissy fits on public forums is not one.
  19. Anyone who resorts to Twitter to whinge about a supposed slight is a complete loser no matter how important they view themselves to be it is the action of a zero rated celebrity who is attention seeking.
  20. She is self promoting, has her own business I know Dr Khan played a big part who played a big part in setting up the testing also the continuing success of this service along with others.
  21. Totally oblivious to all that is happening I would say, an economic tsunami? what on earth are you on about.
  22. I don’t think you have tried to get a tradesman lately, everyone I speak to is fairly happy so I think it is you that does not understand economics.
  23. Or just carry on as we are doing, living near normal lives, economy doing ok, except for hotels although how many visitors come over this time of the year is negible, they are getting Xmas party bookings etc. The shops in Strand Street may not be busy but that was happening way before Covid due to greedy landlords and the internet. Tradesmen are busy enough, building going on. Why would we want to endanger all that ?
  24. Not on this forum but in other media reports.
  25. It has been stated it was not from Guernsey but a high risk area, one had been in close contact with a Covid sufferer but came to the Island anyway ......
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