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  1. Wheelchairs or scooters do not block the aisle there are spaces for them Dilli, just shows how much you use the bus.
  2. You are right Declan about that wheelchairs can be restrained in place but they do not get restrained on the busses they just come on the bus ,park ,and put the chairs brakes on.
  3. Apologies I meant to say far bigger motorised wheelchairs that are larger than Eric’s scooter and I am sure weigh more .
  4. I am not taking anyone’s side I just think it stinks that an anonymous person for reasons we do not know is having a public vendetta against a person who he has named if the accuser has good reason to think that all is not well then he should stand up and make the accusation under his own name not hide behind a pseudonym. It is easy to point the finger and spew poison whilst keeping your head beneath the parapet, too easy.
  5. Actually I use the bus a lot and have seen some large, much bigger than the scooter that Eric has on the busses and the ones we have just lower the step. It is just the DOI being pedantic and Moorehouse showing what a pompous jerk he is.
  6. Agree completely Woolley, at least if you have a problem or gripe you can always get hold of someone in the commissioners and some action, if a big central government took over no chance, it would be passed from department to department. Also with local authorities the people involved will have the same interests/problems as they will be living in the same area. Bigger is never better.
  7. It was. I was not referring to the childish tit for tat remarks made between forum members I was referring to some sad person who joined this forum to try to discredit a doctor who is still doing his job and happens to be under an investigation by the GMC I cannot believe this organisation would permit him to keep on working if they thought he was a danger to his patients. This personal crusade to discredit him is disgusting and does more to say about the person who is behind it than anything else. Bitterness is ugly and destructive.
  8. So Vixen the Viking appears from nowhere to stir the pudding because everyone is bored of her mate swinging the hatchet. Give it a rest forums are no place for personal vendettas.
  9. So would I Neil especially as the axe grinder is so tenacious in fact if I remember correctly the first post PC made was on this very subject obviously a hidden agenda if ever there was one.
  10. Yes Manxy that is the nail in the coffin another condescending plonker.
  11. Disregarding the ins and outs of the situation it was quite an arsey response from Moorehouse, putting people in danger for goodness sake it is quite easy to reject someone’s request or answer a letter with out this superiority attitude which most MHKs affect after being in Tynwald for a few years. Just pointing out any impracticality of the matter in hand a a bit of sympathy to someone with only one leg may have been the way to go. There is more than one way to say no and it can be firm and polite. Moorehouse is getting a right roasting on FB regarding this and I am not surprised.
  12. According to 3fm it was within 12 months so quite alarming.
  13. In the good old days when the Peel pupils travelled by train in the winter bullying often took the form off hanging the victim out of the train window. Nearly every assembly the Head would say would the Peel pupils please stay behind ......
  14. What is the difference between an electric wheelchair and an electric scooter ? Is it a weight issue or size. I thought Moorehouse was over the top with his letter, putting the public in danger how ? I thought we had just passed a new disability bill, ok he has a car but there could be some people affected by this ruling that have not.
  15. 53 teachers off with stress apparently, now whether this is just the usual attention seeking garbage as it could have been over a long period I do not know as the article then progressed to page whatever inside and I will not buy these rags on principle, so if anyone has the full story pray do tell. The reason I am asking is if it is current, which I doubt, it would influence the unions voting figures unless of course the teachers were not stressed enough to attend the meetings and vote.
  16. Bringing knives into schools should be taken seriously it only takes a split decision for a tragedy to happen and usually by accident, young people do not realise the consequences of what started off by a bit of pushing and shoving and then a knife is produced and it is a very different matter with a possible dreadful outcome. Children, not just one, rang their parents because they were frightened, it was free time so mobile calls were permitted but when the staff saw this happening they told the children to stop and that is when the panic started. It is alright for some of the remarks that various members have posted but if a child had been fatally stabbed it would not have been funny. Parents are entitled to know if their children are in danger.
  17. Innocent until found guilty this case should not even be in the public domain and the constant airing of it is pathetic.
  18. A lot of my friends listen to the news and weather on MR and that is it. Where these figures come from I do not know if they covered a period say 7 in the morning until 10 at night I bet 10% would be nearer the truth if that.
  19. They get to choose the MHKs and that is not an unqualified success.
  20. When I was a kid, long, long ago firework regulations were pretty slack every corner shop sold them and they were kept on a shelf in display mode, we made our own bonfires, one on most street corners but the fireworks got sold after hop Tu Naa, when you went around with a smelly turnip lit by a candle which kept going out and got the money after the 5th of November that was it until next year, now some idiots are setting them off all the year around without warning and it disturbs children, animals and some people. Have your fireworks on the 5th or the day after if the weather is bad but then pack it in.
  21. No this will never happen Neil they may do the job of scrutinising too well and have more experience than the MHKs, which would not be hard, they have been around and know too much. That would never do would it. The idea is to fill the places with pliable people who will nod things through and not ask questions that is why the women got appointed wholesale last year despite having little experience of not a lot, that did not turn out well.
  22. I think anyone looking to be an MLC should have some political experience or some experience in law if they are supposed to be overseeing laws etc., I also think they should be culled to to five at the most and no Bishop.
  23. Who actually collates these figures ? When I hear figures mentioned my cynicism creeps in there is nothing easier to manipulate than a set of figures ask any accountant or politician.
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