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  1. I would say red heads and pleasantly plump people get more stick than any of the snowflakes that are kicking off.
  2. Shares in Boo hoo have fallen dramatically since this story came out .
  3. There names were onFacebook a couple of weeks ago but they have now gone to ground.
  4. So that explains the anonymous bit, does not want to upset any sponsors. Unfortunately for her anonymous and Isle of Man do not sit well in the same sentence.
  5. Well she has said she is going back to the States so let us hope she stays there.
  6. Attacking ceremonies that honour the war dead is disgusting, and beggars belief, obviously you have not lost loved ones who fought for the brain dead like you Declan.
  7. Totally agree FDR the names of the committee of the Manx lot were on Facebook so unless she is a new member people will know who she is......but does it matter.....is anyone really that concerned about her beliefs especially as she has not got the integrity to stand up and be counted, I just cannot believe she got airtime when she would not say who she was. Not to be taken seriously.
  8. Yes I think he is second n command to Kate whatever....is this correct Josem ? No offence meant I hope none taken.
  9. No Sticky Vicky was a real person who appeared at various pubs and clubs in Benidorm, she was famous for what she produced rumour was a Xmas tree appeared once. Her daughter took the act over when she retired but I think she did not have the same success. Her name was a password in Benidorm.
  10. Meanwhile a man lamps his wife and walks another one who has assaulted a young girl walks.......what is going on ? Info from Isle of Man Today.
  11. Helix, this is a private forum where most people are anonymous not really to be compared with someone who is getting prime time on our Nations Station. If you rang them up and asked them for an interview and prime time to popularise your new group but would prefer to remain anonymous would you get very far....no way. The only reason this woman got her five minutes of air time is because she played the race card and Manx Radio are weak and spineless. The discussions and banter we have on this forum are private for our own entertainment or to have a moan or laugh we are a group not to be confused with a person who prefers to remain nameless but uses our Nations Station to further her cause. You are trying to be smart without the ability to do so.
  12. On the 9:00am news today an a woman who wanted to be anonymous was spouting off about this new movement Colour Isle of Man. Why are we now listening to stuff from people who want to remain anonymous.? Manx Radio’s managing director then came on and made some remarks about every business could learn something. If they are going to allow anonymous people air time to further their cause I hope they are going to allow any other anonymous people to spout their convictions on the news. Disgusting.
  13. Really dogs dangly, really, you must have been listening to a different interview I thought he was patronising, they will get used to it, not a great start to a 15 month career.
  14. They will do what most civil servants do nod, agree, and then continue to do things the same way as ever.
  15. He should be allowed to take comments by text about interesting happenings it will be like the other two stations if it is just unadulterated music. Black is black I believe is the new introductory music followed by That old black magic. My god he is going to have to be super careful what tunes he plays. Meanwhile the Bishop is scouring the cemetery’s for slaves graves. What a carry on.
  16. Well it has started several commentators are refusing to wear the BLM badge that they were asked to wear by Sky. People are realising what this organisations are. This will be the summer of discontent because a lot of people have too much time on their hands. One luvvie actor will not wear his medal , still keeping the Sir bit though I expect it helps him to get preferential treatment on the planes, because the figure on it has its foot on a black man’s neck, some years ago apparently the black man had been changed to a white man without any help fro BLM. this is according to the Daily Mail so it must be right . The footballers were instructed to take the knee apparently. So if people are doing this because they feel obliged or made to it rather takes the point away from the purpose.
  17. And the band played...Believe it if you like.....
  18. In his interview or chat with the nation on Mannin line today Baker said they knew there would be opposition to the Glencrutcheryroadgate but it would settle down after a couple of weeks as people had accepted something similar they had done down South after that time. What a plonker. He reminded me of an excited puppy having his first playtime with the big dogs. However, it is a massive department perhaps it need splitting up, the list of what it is responsible for was read out and it astounded me, too unwieldy by half it is really not surprising that things are not getting the attention that they should be getting. Anyway we have his word that the promenade will be ready for next Easter and apparently things are sweet between the contractors and his team and sweeter between him and his team....all good then.
  19. There is obviously some checking going on or the two that went out for a meal and a pint would not have been brought before the bench.
  20. hissingsid

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    The first one 1V .
  21. hissingsid

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    The old Ben was my favourite x
  22. The man of the moment, although to be fair it was probably a done deal before he became Minister in charge of DOI is a guest on Mannin Line tomorrow...........
  23. I expect ebony and ivory will be out of the window very soon there will be quite a few songs banned, That old black magic.......Black is black etc.....what a f. ...... g liberty. .
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