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  1. How much has the Government spent on this ridiculous scheme ? I can see that 42 million melting like snow in a heatwave with nothing to show for it.
  2. The person who asked the question is the dick head.
  3. There was a new young news reader on yesterday and she did well, clear voice, very good I hope she gets to do it on a regular basis.
  4. I would rather make a cup of coffee at home just the way I like it before I go out and have another one when I return home without the hassle of translating all the crap on the coffee menu board in an overpriced outlet served by a barista…..whatever the f… that is in a cardboard cup that is creating junk and possibly endangering some poor polar bear..🤣.
  5. They are looking to extend the visiting season through the Autumn to possibly the Winter. If they are to do this they will have to extend services. I am not saying this is a good idea just stating the intention.
  6. It is dodgy enough sea bathing with all the extras in the water without sharks thank you very much.
  7. As long as no one kidnaps our Rob 🙄
  8. But Douglas is a CITY now……🤣
  9. Weird is the word I would use 🙄 unless there is a lock on the door and even then why two urinals ?
  10. I wonder why the Manx police force do not do an exchange of a couple of ,willing, members of their drug team with different forces away just for a few weeks at a time. The team over here must be known faces, even the cars they use must get recognised it being such a small place. New faces on the block could be advantageous and I am sure some of our coppers would enjoy an opportunity to spread their wings and have a change of scenery. Other small populated towns no doubt have the same problem of recognition of officers and may like to join a swap pool.
  11. Some things are worth saving some things are not and at this moment of time this building is an eyesore. It is unsafe so should be dropped, whatever replaces it should be designed with the harbour area in mind and this will be the sticking point as obviously viability to profitability enters the equation. The Castle Mona is a great building with loads of history but it’s fate is looking grim it very much looks as if it being left to rot, now that is a shame.
  12. People are asking on FB for recommendations for places doing Xmas lunch apparently most are fully booked. Eating out on Xmas Day has never been cheap for obvious reasons so the very fact that they are all over subscribed surely tells its own story there is no shortage of money around in certain circles.
  13. I can see the whole green plan faltering somewhat with the situation at the moment the UK are considering permitting fracking which would have been a big no no a year ago. Whilst there may be a ban on installation of gas and oil boilers in new builds houses already standing will be having them installed when the old ones need renewed. There is much virtue signalling regarding the green way forward but not a lot of progress goalposts can be moved very easily.
  14. I take my hat off to anyone who is hosting Ukrainian refugees it is a big ask to take strangers into your home for six months. I wonder what will happen at the end of six months where will these poor souls get accommodation I should imagine job wise they will be ok. I have this week seen an ordinary bungalow, three beds etc up for rent for £1,750 p.c.m. one near me is £1,250 and I thought that was extortionate but now mortgages are rising ,because of rising interest rates, buy to let landlords seem to have put rents up to meet them. Who can afford to pay these rents ?
  15. Planning has always been suspect on the Island, unexplained decisions etc. If Newsons is unsafe it should be dropped. The owner has now done a flounce, and who can blame him, and it it up for resale as of today. No doubt someone who has a face that fits will buy it and be granted permission to build a 6000 ft skyscraper with neon flashing lights and apartments to house 100 people, or something similar. It has always been the case why change the habit of a lifetime.
  16. There are many people who put less hours in and do less demanding work than teachers and get a lot more money of this there is little doubt but it is like comparing apples and pears some jobs pay more because in the line of business they are in that is the going rate, the same thing could be said about junior doctors and nurses they are not rewarded as much as they deserve. Life is not fair I bet most tradesmen at the moment with the high demand can knock out more than someone who has done years at University etc and good luck to them. Things are changing. Some dog groomers are charging £50 a dog….good luck to them but they have the potential of earning far more than a nurse or teacher I am not saying this is wrong just pointing out how things are changing. Teaching and nursing used to be viewed as a vocation there was never a lot of money in it but the teachers did not have the stress of dealing with the situations that arise today it was a highly respected position.
  17. People will vote with their feet and eat out less and less. One of the groups I lunch with are meeting a lot less than we used to due to unexciting menus and price hikes. There are going to be quite a few closures after Christmas I am sure.
  18. I go to the Doctors in Village Walk and have today booked a non urgent appointment for next week. I have never yet been refused an appointment on the same day when I have been in pain or had a serious concern, perhaps this is because of my age. Last time I was in the doctors the notice strip was saying how many appointments had been missed in the last month….disgusting amount. Some people just love to moan.
  19. The thing is Alf can only work with what we the voters give him and the voters can only vote for the people who are willing to stand for election. There were motley crews that stood for election in most constituencies and it was best of bunch. Until the bar is raised and we can encourage people to stand for election with the ability to alter and change the departments that are not up to the mark this will never alter.
  20. I think the Queen was a great lady that did a great job she has my full respect not many people work until they are 96 and up to two days before their death. The alternative to the Royal family is pretty grim imagine Cherie Blair as First Lady and Tony Liar as President. The Royal family bring in a lot of money in Tourist wise to London.
  21. So, who would you suggest that would tackle this big ask ? Turning the Health Service around is going to be a massive job the only person I would have given the position to with half a chance of making a difference is Jane Poole Wilson, very intelligent, does not take prisoners and gives 100% unfortunately he has got her as his side kick and she will be watching his back and smoothing his path as much as possible. This is a poisoned challis position and I don’t envy anyone taking it on. I am sure Rob will do his best and I wish him luck he will certainly need it.
  22. I knew the Rowell family that lived further up the road but Africa House was not named that when I was young, was it Greenlands or something similar?
  23. Always the same ones complaining .
  24. It’s a day..just a day…24 hours…what on earth is the fuss about.
  25. The housing stock in Onchan is a different entity and does not impinge on the rates. It is very well run and the rent arrears, up to now, have never been high.
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