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    Legco 2021

    Yes everyone thought a Big Chief in banking would make a difference….in five years he didn’t.
  2. hissingsid

    Legco 2021

    Shimmins was useless and did not stand again because he knew he would not get voted in, now he eyes up LegCo. I really hope this man is not successful there have to better options.
  3. There is always the boat…..
  4. I hope Michelle Heywood continues to tell her constituents what is going on and why, this way the public will have a better idea of the decisions that are made and it may cut down criticism from people who have heard half the story from Manx Radio or a half baked take from the papers who are only interested in headline fodder. Rob fills people in with all the events that happen in Tynwald and a lot of people are interested if you are not scroll on.
  5. Wannaburgh did vote against it.
  6. I know John will know how this plays out. On the Nations Station’s news this morning the police have started an initiative to prevent youngsters from purchasing drink, cigarettes and fireworks. The cunning stunt is to send good 😇 children into places that sell these commodities and see if they get served. Surely this could be seen as entrapment or am I watching too many second rate crime shows. Personally I do not see this working as the kids send older people in to get the goods for them.
  7. I thought owners of empty properties had to pay half rates…could be wrong.
  8. The majority voted for the increase as there is not a lot of option, when it was suggested they postpone the vote for a week he and others said a week was not long enough to go into the whole gas scenario but I think there is going to be scrutiny of the company involved….Clare Christian maintained that more gas stock should have been acquired and stored before the prices shot up….it was very interesting.
  9. Heard the sirens on there way up the mountain road again about an hour ago. Something has to be done I bet the fire brigade attends 20 crashes to every one fire on the Island.
  10. Yes the Bish and the new guy for Douglas North voted against. An amendment was proposed to delay for a week, but was not carried. Some good points were made but most stated the obvious, worried about constituents etc. There is a cunning plan to help the vulnerable,those on the dole , sick , those in receipt of benefits etc. Oil has increased a lot since the last delivery but as all the council houses are on gas now and as we know the poorest of our society live in them gas is key. I think the electric will probably be next. Let us hope for a mild winter.
  11. He spoke well in Tynwald today in the great Gas debate.
  12. All these two were doing was hedging their bets, they didn’t want to plump for one and then find out they were on the losing side when it came to positions allocated although in this case Alf has put a couple in his team that did not vote for him but they did not know that would happen.
  13. I am not angry, stopped being angry about politics years ago and I was wrong about the last lot but still do not see the difference between choosing one out of two or one out of three they all got to that position democratically. Thomas could have stood himself if he had wanted to and received backing which I am sure he could have got but didn’t so really cannot object to there only being two. Anyway it is done now but I still this pair are tossers.
  14. They had the choice of two people…no …….anyone could have stood for Chief Minister providing they had the backing of a few members you make it sound as if they had no choice and no one else had been allowed to stand it just happened that way. Previously , it was a complete circus votinggoing on for days etc. If I am correct , and please correct me if don’t remember the form but last time there were only two people involved Howard and Beecroft and I don’t remember anyone spoiling their papers. This behaviour this time was disgusting and a great many people have expressed the same view to me.
  15. I was speaking in general about the Mountain Road I would not consider using it on a day like this.
  16. I have nothing but disgust for the two who spoilt their papers and as for dumb and dumber ….enough said.
  17. Well we only get half a story ,if that , but I took it that the support wasn’t just voting for him but perhaps doing a bit of canvassing, I don’t know, pure guess work. Anyway we are where we are and will have to wait and see how things go. Good luck to them all I have a feeling they will need it.
  18. Why should law abiding drivers who pay vehicle tax take the long meandering coast road and miss the great scenery that makes a drive to Ramsey a pleasure ? The police should do their job properly and stop these idiots from discouraging decent people from using the only decent stretch of road on the Island if they are not capable of doing this get cameras up there. Everyone is entitled to feel safe making a legitimate journey for whatever purpose, it isn’t a motorway that stretches for miles it is a relatively short distance it should not be too difficult.
  19. I think Rob was disappointed and hurt that although he had supported Alf people who had not had not got Ministerial positions and from a personal point of view this is understandable it would feel like a betrayal. However this is not a playground game with team captains choosing who will play on their side and the very reason that Alf chose the people who he thinks will be the best to head up departments as Ministers leaving personalities out of it makes him a very good choice as C.M. hard nosed is good. To answer Will’s question regarding J.P.W. she studied law at Oxford then worked for a law firm in London before she joined Cain & co on return to the Island. She specialises in Corporate Law and has travelled extensively fulfilling her post. She gave up her employment on becoming a member of LegCo so she is very well suited to the post she has been given.
  20. The police have given up on speeding the odd time they do give it a go they put pictures on their media page as if this is something unique which it pretty well is on the Island. I don’t think anyone really wants speed cameras but if the Police don’t pull there fingers out this is what will happen. Perhaps this is the idea do little and that will be one job less for them and if cannabis gets legalised they will really be on a roll with their hate crime policy. If anyone is as ancient as me and remembers Henry Corlett and Rex they will know what real policing was like.
  21. All these traffic accidents cannot be helping the hospital when it is struggling perhaps it is time car insurance had to cover any medical treatment.
  22. I never mentioned the boat in the morning..although you were angling for it with your distasteful remarks about our beautiful Island. I just hate seeing someone being so unhappy with life when it is in their own hands to change it. You aren’t a Watford supporter by any chance………that would explain your misery .🤪
  23. The sooner you leave the better you obviously are not enjoying our Island and life is too short to stay in a place you don’t appreciate. Peel will no doubt survive your moving away.
  24. They should concentrate on keeping law and order and keeping speeding under control not getting involved in all this woke crap.
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