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  1. It was a very bad connection all sorts of back ground noise. Abbotswood charge a lot more than a grand a week and it is the responsibility of the care home to be prepared and get stocks in. The NHS are helping them out as obviously they want to keep the staff and residents safe and well. This woman is wrong blaming the government for this, the home was ill prepared for this eventuality. I do hope everyone recovers and there is a good outcome but with the age of the residents it is very worrying and I feel for them and their friends and relatives, also it is dreadful for the carers and families.
  2. Yes the insults and bitterness increases as the night goes on, pathetic nowts
  3. Chancer is spot on with his remarks, this thread is unnecessary and shows how nasty people with not a lot between the ears can be.
  4. Thanks guys that makes sense, just thought it was a strange thing to do.
  5. I do not feel sorry for any of the politicians patient centered, I think they are all doing a decent job in uncharted waters, and I doubt even with your experience on what goes on in Noble’s Hospital or in your dreams you could do any better.
  6. I think that is a disgusting thing to say stinking, he is doing really well and well prepared to answer the questions posed to him by the media, even the ones that are stupid and have been answered before. He has come over on top of his job in crazy circumstances. Constant criticism of people who are really doing their best is pathetic.
  7. In the news there is apparently, due to the virus, going to be an easing of work permits...why is this ? I would think after the virus disruption is over there will be quite a number of Islanders looking for work. The hoteliers are the only people who are going to be ok, what with getting help from Skelly they have all the deposits that visitors have paid, they will not be paying staff, laundry, food, etc everyone else will be scratching and some small or large businesses will close. Easing work permits does not seem to be purposeful.
  8. These people showed poor judgement at best stupidity at worst. The woman who was bleating on about her daughter being stuck at uni is a complete fool. Dr Allinson warned students to get home a week or so before the borders were closed, most did. Why do some people think they are special and the law does not apply to them ? The writing has been on the wall for a good couple of months yet they still decided to go on holiday in some cases or not make their way home in others. No sympathy I would leave these fools where they are.
  9. With the reputation some hotels are getting lately the tourist trade will suffer no doubt but I am sure Skelly will look after the hoteliers even if no one else gets a look in.
  10. Manx Radio has good parts no doubt about that but it does need to up its game it comes across as being amateur and when it is getting subsidised by the taxpayers it needs to get more professional. I realise there is not a lot of news around because of the current situation but yesterday’s morning news was practically the same as Friday teatimes. Come on, make an effort.
  11. I think David Ashford is doing a decent job in the very worst of scenarios I really despair with this constant derision and name calling by people who would not have a clue how to respond to the current situation.
  12. I do not know who Roger Mexico is but he is twisted in his thinking and should be ignored.
  13. In the current position we are in if the best you can come up with is calling the Chief Minister a toad then you a truly a sad git. He is facing a challenge that is unprecedented and all the idiots come out to criticise from the comfort of their homes most who have never had a challenge other than what colour socks to wear. Disgusting, how about pulling together until this ordeal is over ?
  14. Totally agree with chancer, there are some people on this forum who are so bitter and twisted it is unbelievable.
  15. So sad, used to love a day trip to Fleetwood then on the tram to Blackpool, happy times .
  16. It is hospital radio by another name, stuttering news reader, dreadful music mostof the time, not worth the money.
  17. The Island pays money to the British Government so that the British Consulates provide and protect Manx residents. The British consulates in the countries of the countries in which these unfortunate people, or sublime idiots, depending on which way you look at it are doing their best to repatriate these people to the U.K. If the Manx Government then can find a way to bring these people over on the boat and find accommodation to isolate 100 people , separately, or in family groups, then I think they will. This is not a waving of a magic wand scenario it is a complex issue, these people are dotted all over the world. They have first got to get back to the UK before any plan can be made. As for the medicine issue surely there are pharmacy’s where they can have their medication made up of course they will have to pay for that, unless they are in darkest Africa in a jungle. The man in New Zealand has been there since November so a couple more months will not hurt. Why should the Isle of Man Taxpayers suddenly be responsible for these idiots who obviously have not been reading the news or taking responsibility for their own actions. It was their choice to go they ignored warnings of this virus. We need to look after the Islands health as a priority. This is just being fanned up by the media because basically there is no other news except the virus. The other motley pair are Shimmins and the Bettison woman who are using the opportunity to grandstand, no one is listening but we will remember your attempt at 5.minutes of fame when the elections come around.
  18. hissingsid

    TT 2021

    Working around the clock to prop up a failing tourist industry, no regard for anyone else.
  19. I read the Daily Mail online for free, that is why I am full of very little knowledge and a lot of S..t. do not knock it anything free has to be good, I also read the Courier online .
  20. hissingsid

    TT 2021

    Do the government subsidise that revolting fair ? Mind you it won’t be here anyway because of promenade works which will be ongoing for ever.
  21. This is exactly what I have been thinking, on the bus has hit it on the head, no forward thinking at all, persecution of shopkeepers when they most need help, do they want to turn Douglas into a ghost town ? The ridiculous parking charges are bad enough, I am aware that they have scrapped these at the minute. Shops are changing hands and closing down at a rate never before seen and this is their answer....unbelievable, perhaps they are purchasing a couple more chewing gum removal machines or perhaps more fireworks, they waste money on self promotion all the time. Well I hope the small shops don’t pay the worst that will happen is the small claims court where they will be allowed to pay in manageable installments. I bet the hoteliers get help with their rates Skelly will see to that.
  22. The things that are going ahead are required by law, no law is valid unless it is read out on Tynwald Hill. It is a very wise precaution to stop the fair or boot sale and I am sure all the rest of the auxiliary stuff will be cancelled too.
  23. The lady on MR said they would be happy to have the booking transferred to next year, so she was not demanding a refund and she made the point that even if the hotel was open if the border closure was still in force how could they get here. These hoteliers do not deserve support and should not be getting any.
  24. Sorry, I will transfer to T.T. I am just furious Skelly is giving this Industry preferential treatment when this type of behavior is going on.
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