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  1. Send them a lawyers letter challenging this it will make them smell the coffee they do not like bad publicity.
  2. Well done to the Isle of Man Bank, I have just had a text saying if I had paid for a journey with my debit or credit card to go onto their website and they would assist me in making a claim. Now that is what I call a service We’ll done.I am referring to Flybe bookings.
  3. I have faith in a few of them but not the majority it will be interesting to see how the voting goes.
  4. Yes John, is Virgin not Branson’s company ?
  5. They should clear out Ramsey cottage hospital and make that an emergency clearing area for virus victims, since Beecroft downgraded and ruined it and shipped the old ward 5? patients which she closed it is just a half way house for the elderly after treatment at Noble’s until they are sent home or placed in a home. They should not go near Noble’s.
  6. So Branson has a share in Flybe ? Is that right ? Why does he not chuck some cash at it. He has certainly chosen the wrong time to invest in that huge liner he has just launched it got refused a berth in New York because of the viral scare.
  7. I was in town today walked past three travel agents in the street and they were all deserted apart from staff and this was lunch hour which is usually busy. This is the biggest peice of bullshit I have heard for ages. Friend of mine are cancelling holidays others have had flights pulled most are holding back on booking until they see what the next few months bring. If you are self employed the thought of catching the virus even if is very slight and having two weeks off to recover there would then be another two weeks isolation it is a no brainer who can afford this ?and even worse if you come home unaware of being infected and pass it on to your work force it could be the end of your business.
  8. Well she has certainly accomplished what she set out to do, get the sympathy vote, poor woman abused by nasty people I just hope our worthy members are not dumb enough to fall for it because her credentials would certainly not get her the job.
  9. She should resign from LegCo, should never have been there in the first place.
  10. Ramsey cottage hospital would be the best place.
  11. Chris Thomas will be voting for everyone as he did last time so she may get one vote the people we need are people with political experience or knowledge of law to oversee the laws that are proposed, scrutiny is the object of the excercise so sound knowledge of both preferably should be the ultimate aim.
  12. Yes he was found not guilty so let it be.
  13. The government need to be proactive on this and also there should be testing done now at the airport and ferry terminal, anyone that has been to Italy ,China or Iran should be tested, also anyone who feels unwell. I know this will be met with shouts of overreaction but better safe than sorry. Be prepared, we were told in the scouts and it was a sound message.
  14. It was Mrs Hughes’s remark that astonished me regarding the rumour that it was worse because of the season....
  15. Scallops, cheese, small engineering parts, beef, lamb, small beer really.
  16. It could only happen in Peel, two sets of woman had a bit of a rumble whilst dancing in the Creek. One that was done for it said she had been subjected to rumour that she had assaulted a pregnant woman when in fact the victim had been in fancy dress with a cushion stuck up her dress.... Mrs Hughes said the offence was aggravated as it had occurred over the Christmas period what......ever.
  17. The son who is employed by her and has other offences in the past, MPs should not be allowed to employ their relatives as secretaries or whatever and we think our gravy train is bad.
  18. Playing the race card, on the front page of local rag whining, pathetic, her lack of expertise is what she should be judged on. Anyone with any intelligence would have let any mention of her heritage go over their head, would have risen above it, no .......whine and complain I certainly hope she does not get elected.
  19. As I was saying before they advertise for people to Marshall on the boat so when they arrive they go to grandstand and pick up their instructions and then the plan is to place the novices with experienced marshalls what the safe ratio is goodness knows, if there is one so in a major incident the experienced Marshall has to deal and instruct at the same time... it does not seem much of a plan to me. Marshalls should have training and instruction or it will end in tears...again.
  20. I do not know what happened there apologies to Teapot and yourself.
  21. You are brave Sultan... however, if you ever read Jame’s IOM News and Politics you will see what I mean, spiteful, horrible remarks about MHKs, now criticism about their actions is one thing but about their personal appearance etc is poor practice and usually made by people with axes to grind. He seems to have about six faithful followers who are full of poison and shite every day really unpleasant characters who probably have never achieved anything.
  22. There must be more to this than the bare bones we are reading about for this decision to be made. There are irritable marshalls on FB saying they will never Marshall again. Thing is there are more and more pick up marshalls being used with little if any training and this leads to a less safe environment for the races to be held in, it is ok to say that newcomer marshalls will be placed with experienced ones but the ratio is important especially if there is an incident.
  23. Is it this forum she was moaning about or IOMToday comments ? She will have to take much more than this is she gets elected the essential part of a candidate is a thick skin. If you cannot stand the heat keep out of the kitchen
  24. Good result, well done John.
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