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  1. I'll treat myself to kopi luak, just try not to think about where its been
  2. any chance its an 'amsterdam style' coffee shop?
  3. umm, I think thats a little low, we spend that in pounds. USA must be many multiples of that "The report said the combined effects of crime, health and costs relating to drug prohibition policies leave the taxpayer with an annual bill of £16.785 billion a year." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/5115189/Illegal-drugs-cost-the-country-16bn-a-year-says-charity-Transform.html
  4. is it possible to be a bit gay? is that like being a bit pregnant?
  5. yeah, old news. I've been following the story for a while, left a message and made a donation (I'm not manx) She is an amazing girl, she was shot in the middle of her exams and apparently one of he first things she asked for when she came round was her school books because she needed to study for her second paper. Also her father is a great man. Not only for raising a girl like Malala but he runs one of the few schools in the area that allows girls to study there. Does make you think when you see fat chavs boycotting schools because they dont serve chips
  6. can you look deeply into a mirror? due to the reflective properties are you, in fact, looking out of the mirror... but backwards
  7. @LDV it was BS in my school pretty much every lessen someone would say "Miss, Miss, Sean doesnt believe in God" followed by the teacher ranting at me. RE in my school was more like Bible Studies (also abbreviated as BS, coincidentally), we did very very little on other religions. Also I loved science and maths and when questioning 'why' to always get the stock answer 'because it says so in the bible' just didnt cut it with me and I switched off.
  8. totally agree with learning a language as a good thing to do. I hated language at school (science geek) but learnt spanish later in life and thoroughly enjoyed it. But langauge is about communication. If everyone that speaks manx or welsh already speaks english then whats the point. better learn a language to speak to people that dont speak english, like spanish or manderin. To learn a foriegn language (and culture) is going to open your mind more. imho but horse for courses, I guess (I'm not manx so maybe have a different perspective)
  9. I opted out of RE because it was BS I also opted out of English Literature - everyone read chapter 2 of To Kill A Mocking Bird - I've read it Miss - well read chapter 3 - read that was well, I've read it all - what, since Friday? - yeah, its a good book Miss - well read it again - no, I wouldnt enjoy reading it again straight away, and it would lessen the experience - well you have to for the exam - in fact I dont want to analyse it, pick it to pieces and write essays on it - how do you know you understood it - I understood it was a good book and I enjoyed reading it. Dont need
  10. could never really see the point of learning dead languages like manx and welsh just for the sake of being able to speak it better off learning something useful spanish, mandarin or javascript
  11. ooh, politician admits a mistake... but blames someone else http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9688040/Jacqui-Smith-admits-cannabis-reclassification-was-wrong.html
  12. just type some suggestions into google maps... Dick Lane, Bradford Knob Hill, Stretton-on-Dunsmore
  13. wow, a pretty damning reflection on the members of this forum that 50% think he shouldnt be charged. of course he should be charged, tried and found guilty of manslaughter. The mitigation should be reflected in the sentence
  14. £185k awarded Entwistle should pay it!
  15. wasnt there a guy called john the baptist, not john the christener isnt religion supposed to be a personal choice? so let them get themselves baptised when they make that choice rather than forcing christening when they are too young to decide
  16. its not a cement wagon, its a concrete pump cement is an ingredient of concrete, same as yeast is an ingredient of bread (obviously not the same, but similar)
  17. well its not really toppled over. Righting it would be easy enough except for the weight of the red tape now bearing down on it.
  18. yes, legalised. But many many more have decriminalised it, roughly a third last time I looked but thats increasing all the time Obama said before his election, the first one, he would look at decriminalising it at a federal level. maybe he will now hes back in.
  19. obviously 'kids' shouldnt, same as fags and alcohol but at the moment I doubt any dealers ask for ID
  20. I just use the built in email. I have 2 different personal accounts configured and a work email. Each goes into its own folder, or all can be displayed in one list. None of them are gmail. (I have a gmail account, just by default, but I dont use it.)
  21. absolutely, estimated value of illicit drugs is £6bn a year (Home Office report, 2007), money currently going to organised crime. Estimated cost of enforcing the current policy £14bn a year, money coming out of our pockets cant argue the current drugs policy doesnt work, cost a fortune and no results. I can see it, you can see it, dont know why 'the man' cant see it The Portuguese, Spanish, Italians and Swiss worked it out. Half of Australia, a third of America worked it out. Canada worked it out and of course the Dutch worked it out ages ago. What a forward thinking, liberal country w
  22. disagree on one point Pierrot that if half the prisoners are drug offender I doubt half the staff are there to look after them. I would guess the drug offenders are generally moral and otherwise 'law abiding' and frankly shouldnt be there in the first place. Presumably the staff spend more time guarding the murderers and rapists than some poor unlucky bastard caught smoking a joint
  23. is there a right to trial by jury in IOM? Are the manx people as forward thinking as those in Colorado in that they know its against the (federal) law but simply refuse to convict? How many expensive jury trials would it take for the government to stop try and listen to the people they govern?
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