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  1. Not that I'm a massive fan of on-line polls: I'm just not that convinced that professional polls or market research is much better; no doubt its better designed and fair in one sense, but philosophically speaking I don't think they're really that much more reliable. The man has been dealt with already by the appropiate person or authority. There are much more important matters to deal with. If you dont like Juan Watterson you may do worst than look at his political ideas, which some may find nasty right wing , rather than some imagined slight on your emancipation. But the poi
  2. To the off duty policeman who went out of his way to help my Nan yesterday I just wanted to say thankyou. I know you didnt want me to post on this forum but ..well here it is. My Nan is 90 and was getting hassle from local lads. Her hero not only sorted them out but he came back, got Nan's shopping and carried it to her house and gave her a contact number for his wife. Thanks ever so much Sorry if Ive embarressed you
  3. Aye, but that's a pretty big assumption to make, especially if you want to be strict about issues of probability. Plenty of people have an opinion, but simply don't like being hassled on their doorstep, over the phone, or in the middle of the street on their way home or to work. You also have those who don't see any reason to take part in polls; in election polls, for instance, you will get people who feel no reason to spend time answering some pollsters questions since they're already going to be expressing themselves via their vote. Then there's those who may have an opinion but distrust po
  4. The difference between us is I actually check statistics and data prior to posting whereas you ............... (well I do wonder) Far from being stupid I seem to be one of the few people posting this forum to realise we are reaping what we have sown with our low tax policies. Wake up, smell the coffee, we do not raise sufficient tax revenues. If you cant bring yourself to accept what I say ..then check out any country with a comparable public sector and compare their tax rates with ours. For avoidance of doubt there are numerous reference jurisdictions you can use so please dont call o
  5. OK it is presently only proposed so it may not be 7 years without a pay rise. However if it is in my view it is totally wrong as it is just MHK's bottling from having to make decisions. A blanket freeze is much easier than to look at sector by sector and to amend each accordingly. If after that a freeze is required then so be it but first bloated salaries and terms and conditions in certain sectors must be tackled Picking on Public Sector Employees is not the answer to the Island's difficulties. Its little different to whats currently happening with the unemployed where the radical rig
  6. The more likely result would be further problems for the housing market. People need to get a hold of reality on the Island. The reason we struggle to pay for our Public Services is because we dont raise enough tax. This is the entirely predictable result of basing the economy on a low tax regime. There are avenues open to us to raise tax revenues and we should consider them. (Hint: Look at what action OECD recommends and what figures in our GDP calculation go untaxed. )
  7. This is getting out of hand in my opinion. For goodness sake its worst than putting the poor man in the old Village Stocks. It was for Mr Bell to deal with and he has done that already. Let it drop guys.... in the name of common decency
  8. Child Benefit is an insured benefit. Everyone pays everyone benefits. It would appear to me that some of our politicians dont understand the notion of N.I. Can we now expect to see the rest of the National Insurance scheme dismantled?
  9. I thought it may be easier to post an ILO definition and here it is. You can see that carers are considered not economically active for the purpose of statistics. " According to the definition recommended by ILO, an individual should be considered economically active when he/she has worked at least one hour during the reference week. The only "domestic" activities that should not be considered "economic" and therefore identify a home maker are the following: - maintaining of dwellings (cleaning and repair); - preparing meals, washing clothes, shopping for the household; - car
  10. add on to wheels question - Can they claim any other benefits as well? No, the full time carer as defined here by wheels, is not counted as economically active. The criteria, as I posted earlier, is either in work or actively seeking work. You have already said they "had to give up their job" As to claiming other benefits (manxy) thats quite a different thing to the published statistics. However, anyone who satisfies the basic tests of citizenship (usually a length of residence test in the IOM) is eligible to claim one or more of the benefits available. Provided that person satisfie
  11. OMG !! Well at least you werent sat at your computer wearing a dirty mac To be fair to you I did think the subject was unusual for you. Edit: I must see if I can find an old uni essay on "The Double Standard" & "A Womans Work is Never Done" I kept most of my hard work (!) but some of it was interesting.
  12. France Italy, Spain and the Irish Republic are ment to have there credit rateing downgraded tonight. And silver gos up 30% in that time over what might happin. thats some gain and greek bonds up to 400% You were right. The French rating has been downgraded. http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20120113-711174.html
  13. Most people get the opportunity to bend their MHK's ear in places like the Post Office or a local cafe or pub. Possibly that may mean there isnt a desperate requirement for a mechanism, such as e-petitions- to bring issues to the attention of politicos. Does that make sense ?
  14. Any thoughts ? How about what is it you typed into a search engine to find that ? Lets face it, it isnt easy to come across accidentally.
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