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    So this is me.. a contributor to the forums - but barred. Why? Alleged spammer. Why? No idea. i updated my status to say "Looking forward to Professional Beauty 2011" and it was deleted. At the time, I wasn't sure what had happened.. so I later updated it again with "busy weekend coming up". That was deleted too, and I was given a 10% warning. No interaction, no way of responding. Now I can't post anywhere on the forums... why? My post to congratulate Manxforums on the new site design was deleted. My post to help someone understand how to use Facebook pages and ads was deleted. Completely unfair and unjust.
  1. I may not be recalling this quite correctly, but I believe midwives advise when starting breast feeding to almost 'force' the baby to latch on. That's a minor example.. but the point is there.
  2. Yes, it should be added that this case (her manner of feeding) was clearly more severe than the norm - as I say, it is common to many African mothers to feed with Jugs and force the food into the baby, yet their children will grow up fine. That said, I imagine this particular mother was quite innocently (albeit very wrongly) attempting to do what she felt was right - despite having been warned not to.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-15270268 A very unfortunate and sad story.. As far as I see it, this was a terrible accident for which the Mother will face guilt and sorrow for the rest of her life, but on top of that, sadly she faces a jail sentance. It all sounds awful to our culture, but this is common practice for many African mothers. They don't mean anything by it - they have been fed this way by their own mothers, and they believe it to be effective and better for the child. I'm not defending it... and for this particular mother and child it has gone te
  4. I presume that's Athol Street? Incidentally there is a display of old photos at Jurby Transport Museum - tomorrow, Sunday (10am - 4pm), is the last day. Sorry, would have been helpful if I had provide the info and where I had taken it from! "The triumphal arch, erected in Athol Street to greet the arrival of Lieut. Governor Pigott, 14th February, 1861. Note the greeting in Manx." http://www.douglas.gov.im/GalleryShowCat.asp?Cat=Streets&ID=53
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