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  1. He would appear to be trying to master the art of stating the bloody obvious and hoping the electorate will applaud his reforming zeal.
  2. I cannot recall any recent comment on the current backlogs at Nobles - positive or negative. I finally had a cataract operation after several years on the waiting list and it must be said (speaking as a layman) that the whole procedure was carried out in a thoroughly professional, efficient and user friendly manner. Mr Shafiq and his theatre nurses were exceptional, as were the reception people and the nurses who looked after patients pre-op and post-op. Hopefully inroads are being made into this particular backlog. Whoever recruited this team to Manxcare to tackle this enormous problem are to be congratulated. Perhaps the way forward for Nobles is to co-opt outside professionals when possible?
  3. and wrong and oh so predictable and laughable and just plain daft
  4. I don`t dispute that. Perhaps I should have said "....their survival or otherwise...." I think we agree that the responsibility rests with those charged with the hiring and firing. Whether or not that responsibility is shirked is another matter, it would appear that inertia rules in certain areas.
  5. As with many other professional qualifications there are some real deadheads who hold an MBA. Unfortunately what natters is performance in the job which cannot be assessed before the office holder is appointed and his/her competence can be judged properly. If their suitability for the post is found to be insufficient then their survival depends on the inertia or otherwise displayed by those in chage of the hiring and firing.
  6. There is only one MHK that matters and that is Alf Cannan in his role as Chief Minister. He needs to step up to the plate and assume responsibility for draining the swamp. As a start a few "The buck stops here" notices should be placed firmly on the desks of all Ministers. Anyone found lacking in rectifying the mess, heads should roll. Over to you Mr Cannan
  7. Exactly Gladys, nail on the head.
  8. Douglas Council have discussed pulling this years Carnival as there is no ostensible economicv benefit. They go on to say that traders get no significant benefit, indeed there is evidence that road closures actually cause disruptions. No **** Sherlock. You simply could not make this stuff up.
  9. I agree with your post. Surely Comin is the reason for the dysfunctions and numerous disasters, many of them well known, including two current financial fiascos. Peter Karran had it right when describing the situation which obtains in the Isle of Man as "government by patronage". Nobody has put it better, before or since.
  10. Thanks finlo. So that means something in excess of 2 Olympic size swimming pools per day. Blows me away too Phantom. Good old IRIS, how much did that lot cost?
  11. Not many cats up trees. But there are lots of murders (mudders) to report on, they are always on BBC and they always get solved even if it does take about 6 weeks per case.
  12. Until the poverty committee and all politicians realise that the major problem facing society today is the growing gap between income levels of the well paid and not so well paid. It does not require rocket science to work out that an increase of (say) £10 per week in household expenses may be devastating for those on lower incomes, may be hardly noticed by those on the poverty committee and on similar income levels, but is a drop in the ocean to those on the higher pay scales. This is further exaccerbated by flat rate, across the board pay rises which simply increase the gap. The problem is the ever growing gap between the income levels of those with the lowest household incomes and those above them. Until politicians grasp and address this fundamental point, the gap between the haves and have nots will increase exponentially giving rise to further social problems (and unrest) in the future. With regard to Mr Callister`s glib remark about the Island not needing a food bank, he would do well to remember the old saying about mind in gear before opening your mouth. Not really what you want to hear from a high profile member appointed to a poverty committee, particularly by those who have to utilise the foodbanks. But then again, what do we expect?
  13. and, it would appear, not worth very much at all by all accounts
  14. If we can1t tell what/for whom/why he is apologising, what chance have we got of understanding the rest of the twaddle to which we may or may not have been subjected to over the last few months? Obfuscation rules OK
  15. You are well equipped to talk about lowered standards. The standard of your posts in your slavish backing of Mr Ashford clearly demonstrate a severe lack of thought and reason. As the man on the Clapham omnibus might have said, you are farting against thunder.
  16. I don`t think that they are making up figures. But the way these figures have been released does leave HQ and DA wide open to suggestions that someone is, rightly or wrongly, monkeying about with the figures which is all so unnecessary. Obfuscation rules.
  17. Dilli, did you miss the very recent apparent plagiarism of a document relating to end of life care? And in the previous Keys a widely reported instance of plagiarism by an erstwhile MHK? And recently in the UK the plagiarism of a contract relating to an embryo shipping company, apparently copied by HMG from a catering contract! Anybody know if there are/were any issues of copyright? That could be expensive.
  18. They don`t do a few grand, not worth getting out of bed for. And, in any case they are probably up to their eyes in it negotiating with Chinese banks. Rumour has it that there are six of them and these things take time.
  19. Never forget, the money being spent on these junkets is NOT the taxpayers money. Eddie Teare told me, so it must be right.
  20. ubbiali


    Did none of them manage to wangle a trip to Davos for the World Economic Forum. Surely as the eighth richest nation.........
  21. Exactly The Comin system has a lot to answer for. And, do we reallty need a Cabinet Office, other than to massage cerrtain persons egos?
  22. Probably one earning way in excess of £33,000
  23. Sorry Uhtred, I was working on 24 keys plus 8 legco plus the speaker but you are likely right. Either way, I agree we would not notice if 30 of them (any 30) made no further contribution, some of them fall into that category already. What a false dawn the latest election was.
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