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  1. Do you mean the Corn Mill Cafe?

    Grey building with red windows?


    My boyfriend works there, it's run by a family friend. It's been a long time in the opening but i can recommend it as a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. defo handy when visiting the wheel!

    I'll be sure to ask if they're planning on putting some more info about the place up online because it's been mentioned that it's not all that clear to see its actually there, (lack of signs etc).

    Glad you enjoyed your visit though i'll pass on your comments! smile.png

  2. The iBook was my machine of choice and i don't go for windows machines regardless of the specs.

    Too buggy for me with regards to Cubase specifically.

    Each to their own but the iBook isn't the only apple computer i own, it was just that one that i had more of an emotional connection towards.

  3. Actually Cubase isn't solely for presets.

    Far from it really, and i'm not even an avid user of it, i prefer not to if i have a choice but in College i didn't until during year 2 i was set loose on the protools rig.


    With Cubase you've got full advantage of being able to record audio into the sequencer, as well as being able to plug and play any Instruments or USB equipment like synths and record in realtime or steptime, as well as program the VST's built into the program.

    I actually only used to use Cubase for the rewire function between it and Reason.. so that i had full use of both programs and could include my own audio recordings as well as the MIDI.. because Reason, being one of the most noteable virtual studio software didn't have this function.


    You need computers with enough memory and a fast enough HDD to be able to run the programs in rewire without worrying too much about Latency.

    But, you already knew all of this, what with being cocky and all thumbsup.gif

    I'm not gonna argue with you though, my personal choice was to use my iBook for my work, and i wouldn't have done it any other way because it allowed me to get so much more done compared to the guys, who were limited.

  4. Hi there, i hope you wont mind this but i'm a supporter of the Mann Cat Sanctuary?

    They have a page on facebook called Lost and Found Cats.


    After reading this topic i posted on the page for you hoping someone might be able to help.. you can see what i've wrote there, it should be the top post on the page at the moment.

    The sanctuary is amazing and i know there's a lot of people who regularly check the page, so hopefully by getting the word out, maybe someone will have some information for you.

    I hope you won't mind that i did this but my cat was my world (i had to have him put to sleep in April, at 21 years old) and i can't even imagine how concerned you must be, so i thought i'd try to help in any way i could.


    Best wishes and i hope he comes home safely. Keep us posted!

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  5. I was hoping to go on one of the bat walks..

    It was being held in Laxey yesterday evening (saturday 8th) but when i tried to sign up at the Manx Museum they told me the walk was full, and that it might even be called off because of rain anyway.

    Was a bit gutted actually, i'd only found out about the walk a day or two ago but i didn't know about the Bat Group website, so hopefully i'll be able to catch another one soonish :) They are gorgeous, and lots of fun to watch.

  6. I adore looking at the old historical photos of the Island.

    I may not be Manx born but three generations of my family before me were and they themselves have photos from over the years, of how it's all changed.

    I saw many prints of old photos in the Railway Museum in Port Erin.

    Stood looking at them for hours actually, they're gorgeous.

  7. The menu does look very well thought out..

    I'm a great lover of homemade soups and fresh bread so i know i'd be guilty of giving that one a try..

    One question i do have though, is the only main course vegetarian option the vegetarian lasagne? I noticed you mentioned calling ahead if there was something specific someone wanted to order but i would have expected perhaps more than just the 1 option already on the menu?

    The Sides and Desserts look fab, and people's reviews have really encouraged me to try the place.

  8. I like to be one of those people who try to live by the motto "never regret anything, because at one point in time all of your choices were exactly what you wanted", however sometimes it's not quite so black and white... life can also sometimes be very grey.


    Most of the time i look at myself currently, and who i was in the past as two seperate people.. Or at least i like to try to.

    I didn't like who i used to be. I was, for a long time, in a very abusive and controlling relationship and i'd been turned into someone who i didn't like being.

    During this time, i hurt a lot of people who are very dear to me, myself included, and especially over the last 5 years i've really been hit in the face with the realisation that life is just too short to live it not being true to yourself and others. I didn't want to risk something happening, either to me or to someone i love, for me then to be remembered as something that i'm not.


    Some things, many things had to change.

    So i do really try hard not to regret things that happened in the past that i'm not proud of, because those things have helped me to move on and grow into a better person.. and i wouldn't be who i am today without them having happened to me, for me to learn those lessons.

    I'm human, i make mistakes and i learn from them.


    Today, i'm such a positive person. I'm exactly where i need to be, and even though things might not always be "perfect", they're certainly much more comfortable, and i know i'm in a much better position and frame of mind now to get to where i want to be in life.

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  9. Let it be known i honestly didn't feel offence towards anyone, just maybe got worried about perhaps offending some locals who are more traditional than most?

    Anyhow, share the love, all is cool here.


    I've never actually done the whole "trick or treat thing", granted i did actually spend a portion of my time in America while growing up so in some ways i am Americanised i suppose, but not towards this holiday since my mum is Manx, as i said earlier.

    My family are Manx and Irish, so i have celtic traditions passionately running through my veins and i wouldn't wish it to be any other way!

    I'll be honest, i love a nice pumpkin or two because i just think they're pretty, but i love just as much to carve and hollow out the turnips and squashes too!

    (I have about 3 sets of professional carving tools.. i could spend all day carving them and making them look pretty!)


    Autumn is just a special time for me all round, and i like nothing better than getting friends together for a nice apple dunking, lantern carving, party food eating and a drink. Usually we do things like spin your own toffee apples and costume competitions too.

    Fireworks and sparkly things are a bonus! wink.png


    So besides the organised festivities on the Island is anyone planning anything smaller and more intimate?

    I don't know enough people yet to throw a party! HAHA

  10. "Freya Q", i wasn't the one who listed some of the events on the events pages i've read, as halloween events.


    Sorry again to have seemingly annoyed a few of you.


    Ive no idea why you think Im annoyed at you. Im not!


    I acually thought Id wished you well in my reply ..... let me check ...


    Hope you find some friends here on the Island


    Yes I did.


    I think my comment was more towards Passing Time and macmannin, i just wanted to cover myself against anyone feeling offended or annoyed.

    Thank you muchly for your well wishes though it's appreciated ^_^

  11. Sorry again to have seemingly annoyed a few of you.

    Don't worry - some people are just naturally grumpy! Hope you have a great time at hop tu naa and good to see people keeping old traditions alive.


    Thanks so much, thats lovely of you.

  12. what i do know is i wouldn't have gotten through College if it wasn't for my iBook.

    For me Steve Jobs inspired me to keep going through all of my hours of pain and hard work trying to prove to all of the guys in the studio that technology shouldn't be bound by gender.




    Hello btw.


    Really. The College PC's were buggy as hell and running copied versions of Cubase SX.

    My ibook had registered copies of Reason and Cubase, amongst other programs but only to name a few.

    It was faster and in general just so much more reliable, and since i could take it away with me at the end of a College day, i had more time to work on my music at home, which the guys couldn't do since they'd saved all their work on the College PC systems.


    And hey :)

  13. Yes "Passing Time", i'm completely for real.

    Have i offended you in some way?

    It's not easy being new wherever you move to, and "Freya Q", i wasn't the one who listed some of the events on the events pages i've read, as halloween events.

    I was respectful enough to call the celebration by its traditional name.

    I know the difference, since my mum is Manx.

    I was just looking for some events and celebrations that i could get involved in to feel more part of the community, because this time of year has always meant a lot to me personally, and keeping things local and traditional is part of the Islands natural charm that i love.

    What's the harm in wanting to support local events?

    Sorry again to have seemingly annoyed a few of you.

    Thanks for your kindness "Manxy", it's appreciated.

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  14. Hi there, new to this website and this is my first topic post.

    My name is Laura, i moved over here in July to be closer to my family but i've always loved being on the Island and never wanted to leave.


    My favourite time of year is coming up, and i wondered if any of you locals knew of anything exciting going on for Hop-tu-Naa that i might not have heard about?

    I know of a few train trips, castle trips, halloween markets and i think a halloween ball..


    I know i'm a little early but i'm just so excited, i've already got my costume ready and waiting! smile.png



  15. Hi, i'm new to this website and this'll be my first post here..

    I just wanted to add my message on this matter.

    Steve Jobs for me represented possibilities with no boundaries.

    When i was in College i was the only girl on my course, it was a 3 year music technology course and pretty much everyone who knew me told me i wouldn't be able to get through it because of the work load.

    I don't agree with some of the questionable decisions Apple has made in the past, but what i do know is i wouldn't have gotten through College if it wasn't for my iBook.

    For me Steve Jobs inspired me to keep going through all of my hours of pain and hard work trying to prove to all of the guys in the studio that technology shouldn't be bound by gender. That, coupled with my ibook and software of choice i could be just as good as them if not better.

    I took the news very hard and can only imagine the pain his family are going through right now.

    Even if you're not that big of an Apple fan, anyone who's into tech in the slightest will be able to appreciate this is a blow to the industry.


    A true visionary and he will be greatly missed


    Oh and as a side note, hello everyone my name is Laura :)

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