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  1. New doesn't always equate to better!
  2. They are sending us all down the river!
  3. SMJ We have only seen 2 in that time !
  4. doc.fixit

    Manx Care

    I'm with that consultant! the past history mirrors yours Quilp and for the same reasons. The Spanish lady consultant a few years ago cut through the bullshit, thank goodness and put my drugs regime on the right path. I feel I owe her my current existence. It was a shame Baghmani went though, a good man.
  5. They filled a few little holes in the lane and left even more. Can't see any tangible reason why 'cos they are all a good few inches deep and over a foot wide. It isn't as though they got so far and are then coming back, it just appears random.
  6. Paper shifting, conferences, internet working, working from home, discussions, conversations, designing, predicting, lawmaking, arguing, group thinks. Doesn't anyone in the Western world actually produce anything physically tangible any more?
  7. .....and jamming up mowers too.
  8. Try reading the new, proposed green future document. It seems we are going to have to pay a fortune and end up trundling round on electric scooters because the IOM will save the planet by cutting back its tremendous pollution! Jeez, it so pisses me off, we certainly shouldn't create excessive pollution, whatever that means, but the IOM going zero emission is not only impossible it's not necessary either. I don't mean to upset anyone but that's my opinion based on experience and my view of the world.
  9. Jeez, we were on a tram going round that corner the day before. Blimey.
  10. Do they have catalytic converters on? (Or any other pollution control measures?).
  11. It'll come loose or wear out soon enough! lol
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