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  1. The world's becoming an even sicker place. What possible pleasure can folk get from being horrible and intolerant with each other? Beats me.
  2. doc.fixit

    Manx Care

    John, you know very well that there is a patient only parking area,. It was always packed and I would suggest it will continue to be so. I have made my point, I am not trying to convince you or anyone else that I am correct so stop trying to pick a fight 'cos I'm not playing.
  3. doc.fixit

    Manx Care

    But only for the patients, it will be worse for everyone else, maybe I didn't make that clear?
  4. doc.fixit

    Manx Care

    I qualified the aspect of it that I thought to be a disaster especially in the present situation with parking in Douglas. Other than that I think using existing unused premises is great.
  5. Although not a fan of HQ or his minions I sure wouldn't like to be in their position at the moment. In spite of all the comments and suggested ways forward on the forum I doubt there are many who would actually be able to do much better.
  6. doc.fixit

    Manx Care

    Next disaster? Chester st surgery to be taken over by Finch Hill surgery, on the surface , great, but, the parking is bad enough but with a good few thousand extra folk vying for spaces? On street parking depleted, now this, plus all the folk having to re-locate again to another surgery.
  7. It's odd isn't it how off the cuff, thoughtless comments by parents and teachers stay with you and affect you all your life ?
  8. In a field they don't have a choice so my non intellectual thinking is they don't care, however I would say sunshine doesn't hurt them whilst no sun won't help them grow. Always be sure that the growing tubers are covered else they turn green! C'mon folk, I'm sure there's someone who knows much more than me about it. Roxanne, I'm with you on the pleasure of growing your own plants. I never cease to be amazed at the way a mighty plant emerges from a little teeny seed. By the way I'm not a gardening nerd I just enjoy.
  9. Any potatoes that have chitted, (posh for started shooting). Or you can buy seed potatoes from Feltons, Farmer's combine or BQ or most garden centres. Any bucket sized containers or boxes with a few drain holes prodded in them. Handful of soil or compost in bottom, spud on top, just cover spud with soil or compost. As leaves grow keep nearly covering them until eventually the container is full. Wait, with great patience. Must keep watered, don't allow to dry out but don't overwater. Wait until leaves wilt, tip container upside down, stand back in amazement at the
  10. Planted the strawberries out today. Onion sets next along with some onion seeds I saved from last year. I haven't properly tried onion seeds before so should be interesting. Spuds in buckets and beetroot next.......I love it when gardening time comes round.
  11. Maintain, enhance and cherish what we've got as my contribution. If what we've got worked properly would be most satisfactory.
  12. The 70s are NOT jabbed. That tranch has only just started.
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