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  1. Will it support the weight? Oops, that wasn't meant to be a joke, I actually meant the plane's weight.
  2. Isn't the true situation as I previously suggested? ie, all of the worlds figures have different baselines and and have different definitions so are not only not accurate but also cannot be compared, believed or rationalised to be able to discuss them, believe them or come to any logical conclusions. We truly are in the new dark ages.
  3. The question was aimed at Gladys but thanks for your response. I'm sure I really am confused about the worlds responses and the current state of play. No one seems to know where it's all going or what to do about it.
  4. I agree with you. Do you think any govt's response was adequate?
  5. Er. passive smoking killed Roy Castle if I remember correctly....sorry to dis-agree Dilly.
  6. and a new joint emergency HQ and a new Douglas fire station!
  7. I believe that their NI payments come over with them?
  8. Saw one on tradeplates in Ramsey today!
  9. You are all arguing based on mythical figures created to forward whatever action each govt. wants to put to the population. All the figures are based on different calculation methods throughout the world and of course not all cases are known about and not all attributed deaths are actually covid related just as some non attributed actually are covid caused. Soooooo, why are we all arguing about which govt. has done the, 'best', when our arguments are based on myths. All we really know is that there have been many more deaths in populations reportedly caused by a new disease.
  10. I'm just curious about the three UK registered motorhomes I've seen around Ramsey today.
  11. So now the UK are going to force unlicensed inoculation on the public, enforced by the armed forces. What do you think of that?
  12. Is Ramsey IOMB closing or closed?
  13. The column and the box are still there though.
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