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  1. doc.fixit


    Newsons on the quay, Osbournes, ah, the good old days.
  2. Didn't know that. Very sorry.😮
  3. Maybe just an ordinary timer> No app, no messin'. Get a nice warm friend?
  4. You are totally unaware of what I know and what I have done and also that my brother was a bike fanatic and used to do road racing. I also have no idea about your credentials and experiences so you may note that I don't slag you off, just ask questions and have a point of view and also learn. Maybe that would help you? Do you really believe that folk with zimmer frames have no life experience or maybe have been in the forces or run a bike shop or have learnt something in their life? Say what you will, I have said my piece so carry on with your blinkered view of life and continue to believe that nastiness will get your point of view over.
  5. I'm already on borrowed time at 75 so I don't care. There are many other things that should be altered in the world before a small group of 80,000 folk with no heavy industries and virtually no effect on the polluted world needs to take action. Heavy industry, Putin and other war mongers, vehicles used for show, image or competition and wasteful feel good attempts to prove your green credentials are a few that come to mind.
  6. ....and you speak rubbish. However that is your prerogative. Are you saying that it is fine for cyclists to use bikes made for racing on the road? Maybe we should allow Manx Nortons or formula 1 cars too. Maybe if you could get your toe clips off quickly then you would be able to get a foot down to save yourself when your super thin, lightweight tyres get caught in tram lines or your wheels buckle with the rough roads.
  7. Just make cycles have wider tyres instead of narrow, high pressure racing tyres. Cars and motorcycles have to have safe tyres, why not b.cycles?
  8. Plus when there is a power cut, non of the new systems will work!
  9. So there's no pollution producing the hardware i.e. the steel, electronics and transport and installation of the heating method, the method of producing the electricity and the hardware to do it and the transport to the site and the machines used building it and the short lifespan of the hardware, compared to say, my wood burner which is nearly 30 years old and still going strong?........just asking.
  10. I heard it was a practice programme on the scanner that had been left on or accidently corrupted a scan and there was no bomb, only in the programme...........maybe.
  11. Some of us judge by results. We have also done our bit for society in our long life and feel able to make our views known with some degree of experience. The anonymous aspect is a red herring. How do you justify the mess, the cost, the lack of front line staff and the overload of managerial and non jobs at the top? Is there really a need for a democratic services officer at whatever grade? I'm not arguing, I'm bemused by the demise of a beautiful place and the increase of non-front line staff that appear to be necessary while the staff that keep the place in good condition are made redundant or let go by other means so there are not enough cliff face workers and no continuity of knowledge and blue collar skills.
  12. doc.fixit


    That I'm very glad we imported!
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