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  1. Is the 2022 TT going to happen here?
  2. I re-call fifty years or so ago banging on about mechanics leaving tools in engine compartments to a chap whose car I was fixing. Shortly after when he drove of I very red faced, went and picked up a socket I had left in the engine compartment, hope he didn't hear it fall to the floor!
  3. I was trying to find the split brake line...................Coincidentally I've just replaced all of mine, (before they split).
  4. Well my 6 monthly check has just been moved back again! It's now 18 months after my last one. They are very sorry but that doesn't help my health.
  5. My point is that talk of Manx gov or MU or any other entity, 'paying it back', very conveniently hides the fact that it is the GMP that are supplying the cash
  6. Doesn't that actually mean that whilst paying for gas and therefore making a profit for the gas company we actually paid the loan back ourselves?
  7. Sounds like a strong possibility.
  8. check out the interest rates in the late 70s and early 80s.
  9. If they spent as much energy in trying to lead a conventionally acceptable life they would do very well indeed.
  10. I didn't write that but I think I would struggle to learn Welsh! ( I've been trying to learn Spanish for years)
  11. Does this mean we will see the aurora in the North?
  12. It's just a right load of old bollards!
  13. No but I've seen a horse crossing.
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