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  1. I think, regardless of how conspiracy theories are viewed, it has to be accepted that the, 'privileged and moneyed elite', have a very good chance of getting away with almost any cruel, anti-social and often criminal activity.
  2. My brother tried to get me into listening to, 'Slipknot'! Jeez !!!!!!! well, it was interesting.
  3. we are away for a few weeks then we'll return to the fray. Thanks for all the suggestions. As an aside Wrighty I'm just reading, Critical', by Dr Matt Morgan. absolutely fascinating.
  4. except I don't like the UK! lol
  5. But then you get such absolute idiocy like the de-restriction sign at the end of Ballacry road. Have you seen the end of the road where it turns off the main Ballaugh to Sulby road? It is just over a truck width and some very tight bends.................so..............it's designated unrestricted, you can go as fast as you like! What an utterly ridiculous situation our roads are in. It really does need a complete re-appraisal of which limit is on each road with maybe a maximum of 60mph, overall. Whilst I wouldn't vote for UK type MOTs, I would vote for spot checks as I outlined and speed limits that are completely checked and re designated island wide by someone sensible....if only.
  6. plus car crushed! I say again, roadside tests, lots of them and not announced and not in one place for long........THEN if anything serious found, off to the GOVERNMENT testing station. Definitely NOT a profit making organisation............after many years in the garage industry I would still rather sort my own vehicles out having seen some of the practices in big, commercial garages........PLEASE NOTE, I am not talking about many/ of the island's smaller, owner/mechanic garages, some of which I do trust.
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