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  1. doc.fixit

    TT 2021

    I wonder if anyone has listed all the failed endeavours of the last three govs?
  2. I've got no beef with him other than thinking he is not very able and the system has benefitted him and his fellows too much, so I believe any anger should be directed at the system and the earlier and current Tynwalds that have perpetuated the current money grabbing group of unsuitable politicians and CS management.
  3. Cheers James, Mrs Doc mentioned it to neighbours and they collected some for us. What a wonderful place we live in! Thanks again.
  4. Dunno about luck, he has a mint of money and hoardes of servants though.
  5. Well, we are finding it a little difficult to find eggs today. the local Spar didn't have any and our other supplier wouldn't add to our weekly order. We are trying the creamery now to see if they will add eggs to our milk delivery. We went in the car, (we are both way over 70 and have permanent illnesses), and tried two different farm shops, fortunately found half a dozen at Sandygate. We looked like robots, surgical masks, gloves and then sanitised and disinfected the car door handles, house door handles and each egg, Jeez, what a palaver.
  6. Erm, you might need a shotgun and some cartidges as well!
  7. Just a thought about wondering if , 'flue', has been mis-diagnosed for years and has been covid slowly mutating and getting stronger? Just one of those random dark thoughts that wizz through my brain at times like this, especially when I'm so at risk.
  8. Thanks, but when does a vehicle become veteran? The swines got me again cos my truck was just coming up to half price tax a few years ago and they changed it and now I have another van 2007 and was looking forward to the tax going down and bugelations, they've done me again!!
  9. Thanks Piebaps. I still couldn't find a definition of, 'veteran vehicle', or the age that a vehicle becomes eligible for a 50% reduction. Can anyone help?
  10. Gosh, that's made my brain spin!
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