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  1. Is there anywhere on-line that the proposals can be viewed?
  2. The question of how to carry a week's shopping on a bus especially when you are of an age.
  3. So formalising common sense then?
  4. So will we pay extra for sheds and greenhouses, poly tunnels etc?
  5. I would think a lot of the rhetoric on this and similar subjects is because of the lack of clarity on the subject. When there are questions over the conduct of parties involved and massive pay outs to individuals and there appears to be some sort of cover up then of course folk will be concerned. Therefore I would think it entirely reasonable to look historically at what happened and maybe if there had been better scrutiny over the years of all the big losses as well as the questionable investments and poorly managed civil engineering operations then maybe folk would be a little more trusting.....maybe. These comments are not directed at your comments Woolster.
  6. Are the floor areas of dwellings not recorded somewhere? The land register for instance?
  7. My concern is the quiet ones to whom the cash went!
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