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  1. Blimey John, you've been incredibly patient.
  2. But it's on a branch not on the riser, that's what I thought he said.
  3. Maybe but I've done well on them so far..........for over 70 years.
  4. Thanks, memory isn't what it was.
  5. Does anyone remember, 'Kemlo'? A story about children born in space written by, I think, W E Johns but I could be wrong about the author, it was 70 years ago.
  6. It's the usual question, if your little girl was raped, beaten, dismembered and drowned would you wish the person who did it to have normal human rights, remain alive, be looked after and given the chance of rehabilitation? What do you suggest should happen to them?
  7. fish fingers on fresh white bread spread with butter, oh god it's bliss!
  8. maybe because Jersey and Guernsey have larger populations?
  9. What's wrong with cannibalism? Survival is everything!
  10. The history of.........Their political career? Their moral background? Any criminal activity? Their good deeds? Their attitude? and whatever else you consider relevant to the position they seek.
  11. I've never understood why there should be any strategy involved, it should be the right person for the job based on past record not the way they approach the election process.
  12. I would like to see a maximum age for public office, any suggestions?
  13. My big worry is the mercury, is it still there? How will it be disposed off? What security measures are in place to protect the rectifiers from damage or vandalism? Nasty stuff mercury.
  14. But that's exactly my point, (which you misunderstood!). IF it is understood, there is no need for a pedantic, rather old fashioned approach to grammar. That is to say there are many anachronistic, unnecessary remnants from a bygone age.
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