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  1. whitworth (sorry, too slow)! abusive
  2. Just trying to read the above book by Yorick Wilkes. Wondered if any of you lot had opinions on the question? It's artificial intelligence by the way, not a person's name. That comment is for those of you who might try to be too daft about a serious question. lol.
  3. it pisses me off when folk have a 'conversation'. I don't want a conversation with an insurance rep, I want facts and then I'll make a decision.
  4. Jeez, another unnecessary band wagon that will cost us dear.
  5. happy with my off the shelf shed from Sadlers.
  6. Jeez, it scared me stupid when my old Royal Enfield Meteor broke its gearbox mainshaft and locked the back wheel at 40mph . I had previous experience on two strokes so always rode with two fingers on the clutch lever even though the Meteor was a four stroke. Didn't stop the wheel from locking though.
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