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  1. doc.fixit

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    with respect , campervans or vans were T2. splitties were Type 2 but they were the model 1 or first model of their kind. The beetle was type 1.
  2. No, didn't even know it existed but I will now! Sort of makes my point though, I live here of course but was unaware of it! My bad or rubbish publicity? Thanks for the heads up though.
  3. doc.fixit

    IOM camping

    I wonder if there is a list of campsites on the island? I see the Claddaghs is re-opening and booking is through,'Eventbrite'. As usual the report does not indicate how to get in touch with Eventbrite, whoever they are. I get so frustrated when such things are reported without easy instructions to how to book them. The Mooragh t Ramsey is booked through the town hall, Peel is booked through their town hall or sometimes the site warden but it's a game to find out such information. So, I would think it very beneficial to our so called tourist trade if there was an easily accessible list of sites and locations and booking contacts. It would certainly benefit me ! How about a central, well published system available to all? Maybe that's too easy and, 'they', actually don't want campers and motorhomes here. I know, that's silly and I shouldn't think such things but I can't see any other reason why it's not made easier but then I'm not paid long thousands to push the tourist trade, or lack of it.
  4. We've got Covid, what more do you want?
  5. ..........and Iran seems to have had an,'incident', as well!
  6. I rather think you would be the ideal candidate even though being able to tell folk how it is , is no doubt only one of your many, undoubted talents!
  7. Does Maska have ANY expertise or knowledge about infrastructure, road structure or any physical, structural expertise?
  8. Mrs. Doc's GP appointment was straight forward yesterday but the bloods at Ramsey took about 1 1/2 hrs! Told it was because of the 2 metres separation requirement because there wasn't enough space in the bloods room. Certainly not complaining just reporting.
  9. You can't say, 'this or that', or anything else unless it's been passed by the racial, equal, minority, cyclist, green dreaming world party!!! So there!!! I'll wait for the knock. Then it has to be approved by the Gov.
  10. It's not the pace of change that bothers me, I'm 74, it's the difficulty of having a meaningful interchange or indeed any communication with banks. To put it in context, I am having a conflict with M and S bank, all I wanted to do is cancel my credit card. I have been given two different dates when it was supposed to be cancelled and still don't have a definitive answer after over two months! I have used e mail, letter and telephone and accidently found out that their parent bank is now not taking receipt of letters or,'white communications', as they call it. Is there any wonder that folk want to retain face to face interaction?
  11. ..and that is what I have said many times before. Some of us have to live on that and not always because we didn't make provision for a works pension. Real life intervened and that's what we are left with. Not complaining, just stating facts.
  12. My six monthly consultant appointment was conducted over the phone last week. My wife's doc's appointment next week is going ahead.
  13. yes, think they are called, 'Flasher's Ferries'!!
  14. There have been a few experiments with cylindrical, solid sails and also automatic sails, no ropes and things. I believe there are a number of wind powered ships about without conventional sails.
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