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  1. White Fiat with red flash on side. I was behind you and blew my horn when you backed into a layby on Switchback Rd because you were backing into a large hole. As it was, your left hand back wheel was about a foot in the air above the bottom of the hole!! As you didn't acknowledge it I presume you either didn't realise the dangerous situation you were in or you just thought I was annoyed. I'm not on Facebook so if anyone knows the person please explain.....cheers.
  2. Max, you said it better than I could , spot on . I do wonder exactly what the eco warriors think will alter climate change. I wonder if they know what happened in the 1600s when the world population was much smaller than now and virtually no human impact on the weather. I also wonder if 'they' understand the repercussions and consequences of the alterations they want, ( when they actually know what they want to change). Do they even understand that the temperature may well fluctuate in the opposite direction? Since I was a child so many years ago I have always thought that Venus is good example of what may happen to Earth. Runaway, sudden heat possibly caused by reflected heat from clouds not allowing any of the Earth's heat to escape the atmosphere...................maybe?
  3. I pay the same as you and only do 20 miles a week.......bloody expensive but good fun. However low mileage is never taken into account in the pollution calculation typically.
  4. Thank you . I would rather see practical examples in their lifestyle though and then let them be publicised. Much more meaningful in my opinion. I am not a fan of demonstrations by groups though and yes I am very, very cynical indeed and very happy to be so. To see hypocrisy in action please read, 'The Way Home', by Mark Boyle. There just may be an awaking. Thank you too for a reasoned reply, many on here could learn from that alone. ps. I am not just writing off a whole generation and I agree with you that many youngsters are probably more aware than me, although, not as educated nor experienced yet, neither formally nor practically. Hmm, that was a cumbersome sentence I hope the meaning can be understood. hah. pps, I taught at a Steiner school for many years as well as in state schools. I am also a formally qualified engineer and teacher and woodworker. Not blowing my own trumpet just emphasising that I do have a varied background and as with all of us am still learning even in my seventies. May your gods go with you.
  5. What a ridiculous comment or were you trying to show your superior intellectual ability? How on earth do you know that they were re-using an old number plate? It appeared shiny and new so my view is just as valid as yours. If you really want to know about re-cycling then drive a second hand vehicle and keep it for years. Store and save old wood. screws etc. Don't buy new things, repair them. Never use any plastic receptacles. Don't keep buying up to date phones. computers, etc. This computer for instance is over fifteen years old and it's internals have been updated as necessary. If the children had a life style that encompassed these ideals and actually understood what they are talking about I might give them and their parents more credibility. You may sneer but when we were young we all re-cycled to survive. Have you ever taken old wooly clothes to pieces and re knit them into new garments? In other words don't even think of putting me down, I live re-cycling and don't need folk like you to try and force their populist ideas onto me.
  6. just had to smile at a picture of one of the little dears in the news holding a slogan against plastic...................on a plastic number plate as a noticeboard.............oh the irony.
  7. MEANWHILE...........Trump's older sister evades tax problems/investigation by retiring from being a judge so that she can no longer be investigated. Me cynical? What makes you think that?
  8. Which is an environmental disaster area in it's production and still uses fossil fuel in spite of trying to rely on solar generation which still costs a lot environmentally. If Musk really was concerned about the environment he wouldn't be worried about phenomenal 0-60 acceleration and would be creating a simple people/cargo carrier using environmentally safe batteries, (is there such a thing) or inventing a truly environmentally safe source of energy production. But then, that doesn't make money. I've just finished reading , 'Insane Mode', by Hamish Mcenzie, hmm, space rockets? batteries? how very good for the environment. I'm off for my tea now, bye.
  9. When India, China, Russia, Africa and most of America establish the same rules as the IOM are proposing then I will support the Islands proposals. Until then I absolutely don't support the proposals. Those countries will pay absolutely NO attention to our insignificant efforts on the world playing fields and anyone who suggests that we should set an example must be living in a privileged, moneyed, utopian dream world.
  10. Just saw the headline VAT re-imbursed to private jet owners. Sounds as though the folk who said the Paradise papers would bite us on the bum was right. It was in the Guardian, sorry.
  11. Wooley, you're a gud un! seriously. I couldn't have said it better. Thank you.
  12. I am totally baffled that one or two vociferous entities can create a situation where life will be seriously affected for the quiet majority. All I want to do is just get on with my life doing as little harm as possible while managing to support my family. Does anyone who is sane seriously consider that there is any sort of meaningful pollution problem on the Isle of Man? Do they consider that quality of life is a very wide brief? Do they even think that one aeroplane taking off will cause more pollution than I create in years? Do they believe truly, that their input to WORLD well being is meaningful? Do they think? Why don't such folk stop trying to be clever and just go and peddle their meddlesome views to the countries that cause REAL pollution, the countries that have real human rights problems and the countries that create terrorism and fear? I fear that there lives wouldn't last very long even though they might believe they are doing, the right thing'.
  13. all of that and I only do twenty miles a week.........wow, how polluting!! lol
  14. In my experience, some after market parts can be better than OE. Not always of course and you have to be careful and do some research.
  15. I have never yet met a moneyed person who pays much VAT. The ones I have acquaintance with nearly always offset most personal vat through their business dealings.
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