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  1. I'm surprised that there are no comments about the gov's desire to get rid of work permits! Are there any views or is it ok if the gov. just carries on with it?
  2. The mere mention of the words, 'plan', and 'value' make me laugh.......okay, cry.
  3. Ramsey, parliament street. Don't you recall the twit in the canoe paddling along there a few years ago?
  4. Oh no, no, no, not even you can get my lovely little Smart off me! I've even got an electric motor kit for if the diesel ever lets me down.πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ƒ
  5. Make do and mend has always been with some of us!
  6. Oh yes, rocket, lettuce, tomato and cucumber!!
  7. I think there are probably enough haves on the island to keep certain places open and as long as the upper echelon, (financially speaking), are happy, then that's all that the powers that be care about. However much us lower financially blessed point out the obvious errors of judgement that will cost too much, are unnecessary or are ill conceived, those at the top don't seem to care, we have no say in the matter, no influence and don't have the ability to benefit the top dogs, ergo, we don't need to be made provision for. Phew! That's better, I'm going to to have pork pie, crisps and salad with a cup of tea and a follow up of fruit cake...........common but oh so tasty. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ƒ
  8. Our satellite as just gone down . No freesat! Thank goodness we have an aerial as well.
  9. Always ta. Hope you are keeping well too.😎
  10. πŸ˜ƒIt's sorta black and tarry .Sorry, couldn't resist it.
  11. The mind boggles that anyone can believe that infrastructure should be privatised. Just think what that sort of money could do for railways, water, electric, gas, national health etc. if they were in public ownership. Instead they just line investors pockets at no advantage to the public.
  12. Another example of something that was pointed out here a few years ago! No! I'm not searching back to prove the comment.
  13. It's baffling that a lot of us pick up on potential problems when these things are mooted but the folk who are paid to do so seem to be oblivious. Maybe the people who accuse us of crab syndrome or of always moaning can justify this anamoly?
  14. I still prefer the old ways.
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