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  1. Who'd have thought that the roads are in poor condition? I'll bet the DOI think the speed limits are logical as well!
  2. The ways of testing may have improved but greed hasn't changed heart. Although I've just heard that at least one of the manufacturers has said that they will sell at cost until the pandemic is over.......hmmm.........might slightly re-appraise my view.
  3. I just wish that after booking a flight I could go to the airport half an hour before the flight, park easily, go straight through security, gather in assembly for a few minutes and straight onto the plane which then takes off. Minimum fuss, pleasant, helpful, adequate amount of staff. I'm absolutely sure that there is no need for the current state of affairs which make air travel such a distasteful, painful undertaking. I have travelled like that when I was much younger, (no, not Imperial Airways), but nowadays, Jeesh. I am aware that if I was one of the privileged elite I
  4. A weighing machine for taxing the weight of vehicles except official government ones?
  5. I'd go with 60mph max limit
  6. It's a cymbal of the times!
  7. no good for getting to work! tried it a while ago from ramsey to Ballakermeen. Jeez, If I wasn't travelling or working I was sleeping!
  8. What a surprise, the flap gate is going to take considerably longer to finish.
  9. As an ex special needs teacher I totally agree. Most ordinary education professionals didn't seem to understand the needs of our pupils, so I don't know how the government or the general public are in any position to judge SEN teachers or NNEBs.
  10. What have cats got to do with fish? lol.........oh gosh, there's lots of puns that could follow this thread.
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