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  1. Almost anyone is more visible than Mr Perkins. IMO
  2. ....and then have to import it from China at great expense?
  3. ............and Glen Auldyn along the river.
  4. Until the Toyota snaps the chassis in the middle! lol
  5. I think the point I was trying to make is Land Rovers are working vehicle whereas modern vehicles made by LR co are luxury vehicles not what I would class as working vehicles.
  6. There are no 'Land Rovers' after the defender and the MK1 range rover, maybe the MK1 Defender. There are only vehicles made by the new LR corporation.
  7. I think folk have trouble with LR/ Freelander/ Disco etc. anyway, quite apart from the battery.
  8. I would love to see a united, independant Ireland. There should never have been partition in the first place.
  9. Rubbish! How can it take power from the cigarette lighter to charge the battery? The lighter gets its power from the battery! The best bet would be to use a small solar panel on the dashboard to the cigarette lighter socket ,( if its live when the ignition is off), otherwise two croc clips on the battery. I use this system on my camper to keep the domestic and the engine battery up to scratch.
  10. But it depends on the definition of both items how they are discussed and dissected in discussions.
  11. There are racists and religiousists in every nationality.
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