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  1. Although we are low income (20,000 pa between us), We have always put a little away in a savings a/c for each grandchild since they were born. We give the result to each G/child as they reach 18. to use as they see fit. So far they have been sensible and left the cash in their a/c and added to it as a help towards their house deposit.
  2. I say let cars park on half of the prom again.
  3. Oh yes, forgot that. Never mind it's a good reason to spend more millions. lol. Maybe drill a small tunnel through to Fenella?
  4. My solution is similar, put a river by pass similar to Laxey harbour and let the water do the work. Oh wait a minute, will that cost enough? Or of course , get rid of those stupid, costly, maintenance heavy flap gates. ( wonder why we have not seen the maintenance costs)?
  5. doc.fixit

    Next AG?

    Because there don't seem to have been any women in the post and it would be a welcome change to give the other half of society a chance. It would be good IMO to see a different perspective giving a view.
  6. It just means the public fork out even more cash!
  7. You just beat me to it. What a major profiteering exercise it appears/
  8. At 75 yrs. old I have known poverty, in fact up until I was in my late teens I would say that struggling to keep a roof above one's head and food in one's belly was certainly the norm amongst my family, neighbours, relatives and friends. What is called, 'poverty', now is just not being able to afford the nic-nacs of modern society. Basic welfare, (unless corrupted by self inflicted drugs, drink and tobacco), is pretty well catered for by our modern welfare state, certainly on our island. IMO.
  9. doc.fixit

    Next AG?

    I would like there to be a female AG!
  10. doc.fixit


    ......and then Russia or China or Iran or ??? make their move.
  11. doc.fixit

    Next AG?

    Sticky situation!
  12. Why not just say the number of schools? 'Over 15', is that 15 1/4, 15 1/8, why not just say 16, 17, 20, not, 'over 15'?
  13. doc.fixit

    TT 2022 ??

    My son was a first responder and totally agrees with Wrighty. It seems that some folk are taking this subject lightly, I refer you to a post I wrote quite a few years ago about the scene that presents itself to first responders, the post includes the phrase , 'a quivering, steaming pile of what was a human being'. Absolutely horrible but the reality of a first responder!
  14. I was going to say, 'but you're a woman'............Then I thought about self preservation and totally and completely retracted that statement. ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  15. Unfortunately my friend and his wife in their late forties, are really suffering with chest and joint pains so it isn't always as benign as the news may make it appear.
  16. Maybe it would help if there was a removal of the tax cap for the cash accumulators.
  17. Best inventions ever?? I would suggest wheel, crank and fridge. Whaddya think?
  18. I rest my case, no further argument. We are going for a walk through the plantation now with our family. Enjoy the new year y'all.
  19. Thanks for the reply. I rather think the massive govt. outlay and the expenditure on needless, overpriced projects needs attending to first and then maybe we wouldn't need more working folk. Part of the island's charm is it's empty, accessible spaces.
  20. So, is there a reason you don't live there ?
  21. I think we only have to look at the UK to see the negative aspects of unlimited population growth.
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