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    Fancy a pint?

    can't understand why they stopped parking on the prom. No doubt a minority have their ear.
  2. Of course it's easy to understand what they say but of course that doesn't make it right!It is right and proper that if a member disagrees with the collective they have a right to let the public know how they voted and to sway the vote. You may of course stick to your point of view but it is not a democratic way of government.
  3. Cost, availability and delivery time plus getting there. That's enough reason's for me. The goods I require are always available within a few days from the suppliers I use on the net, good quality and a lot cheaper. They are also available for my ancient, well used drills.
  4. doc.fixit

    easy jet

    Just got an e mail from easy to say our a/c has been hacked! ..........But don't worry 'cos they didn't get passport or credit card details............oh goody!
  5. What the hell is the point of a vote if one is told how to vote> It is not a vote anymore it's a joke!
  6. doc.fixit

    easy jet

    How about pedal planes
  7. FWIW I have never had any problem getting new drill batteries via Amazon.
  8. I think the covid virus must have affected their collective brains! Heaven help us.
  9. I still don't understand why folk need racing bikes on the road, fragile, uncomfortable and just not necessary. Racing bikes for velodromes or organised races! In places that are bike friendly, Denmark, Holland etc. there are very, very few bikes with low handlebars and splitter seats, quite the opposite actually.
  10. Shades of Jurby Junk?
  11. Sorry. my friend was one of the dead! The verminous cretin who caused the crash was the one who got out with no injuries at all! , He caused two dead, two teenagers with life changing brain injuries and an injured baby and mother. My friend was on the way to work with her friend, goodness knows what the vermin was doing driving a loaded car, or any car for that matter. I shall never forget getting to work and then getting the phone call that my friend and colleague would not be arriving because she was dead! Then when I heard about the circumstances ........................well, there are no words .
  12. My friend and her friend were killed on the corner at the top of the Ballamhoda, two teenagers were damaged for life and a woman and a baby were thrown from one of the cars and all caused by some low life without the necessary skills or documents to even be on the road who thought he was invincible and able to handle a car at high speed. How on earth we can keep the roads and society clear of such zombie cretins I don't know, however, bleeding hearts and concern about their, 'rights', certainly don't bring back the dead! As an aside, he managed to get out of it uninjured!
  13. Because some of them are doing a reasonable job?...maybe?
  14. ditch the current number of mhks and totally ditch mlcs. plus half of the CS management.
  15. well the daily blog was on but now it seems to have disappeared?
  16. Results when they've done what? I didn't suggest a specific, I said make a choice. Depends on your definition of, 'youngish', I would suggest anyone under 45 yrs old..(I'm 73 so am very aware of age, experience, education and common sense benefits.). As you seem to know what needs doing give some suggestions.
  17. We either scrap the lot and have a modern frontage for residents or we work hard to create a Manx heritage theme island for tourists. We can't have both so someone please take the bull by the horns, have some balls AND JUST DO IT!!!!! Oh for a youngish, educated, intelligent person with common sense, experience and awareness of the island's heritage AND it's current needs who has the bullishness, compassion and power to just get the island back on track, (whatever that is), get rid of the entrenched, greedy, powerful elite and turn our cherished home into the utopia we all desire. That's it! I'm so pissed off I think I'll have another cup of tea but with sugar in this time.
  18. Remember when I was a kid in the 50s, it was a mighty climb up from the beach and even a bit scary!
  19. How? What can be actually done? By whom? What method to remove hundreds of years of arrogant privelige?
  20. just as it was designed to do!
  21. why? no visitors, no folk about but still clearing the beach for them?
  22. DDG...No comment about the wasteful, non investigated spending of Government and the incredible list of financial disaster projects and waving through of monumental mistakes that lost money? There would not be the need for talk of additional tax if the basic moral and maybe legal bad errors were and had been attended to.
  23. Thanks Helix, got me thinking , say 10 familes say of four folk, earning £50kpa. just talking of necessary items now, minimum of 10 cars and possible hp. on them. 40 lots of food, clothes etc. 40 lots of entertainment and media,plus maybe 10 to 15 lots of tax, NI etc. ie, almost every outgoing x40. for every 500k. 1 family of say four folk= x4 outgoings for every £500k. Never thought of that! Plus of course the big earner won't have to waste cash on hp unless there is a tax advantage. ok I know it's simplistic and not full of graphs and percentages but food for thought rightly or wrongly.
  24. DB..........OK. I'm not disputing that a bigger lump is paid by higher earners. I'm suggesting that there are more opportunities to alleviate that heavy burden. I refer you back to the conundrum I mentioned and the fact that there is no easy answer, therefore we are discussing a dead end. My views haven't changed and I have nothing else to say except thanks for a civilized discussion.
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