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  1. ...........and yet they are going to charge a lot more for wood? I always thought burned well so surely, they should be trying for more wood not charging nearly 200% more and therefore making folk less willing to take it there.
  2. She'll pay for it from her leaving bonus.
  3. I've never rented a private dwelling where carpets etc are renewed. It's take it or leave it there's plenty of other takers. Over the years that we have had our own house we just have to wait for renewals until we can afford it, sometimes never.
  4. Well, that really is our point of contention. I believe that most scientists are genuinely striving for the truth but so often their theories are just that, attempts to get to the truth, quantum theory, make-up of the atom to name a few. (I won't bore you with all the theories that fairly recently have expanded, altered or been trashed). I don't believe that there is a definitive answer to understanding weather patterns yet, nor a definitive answer to what causes them to change, but, I do believe at some point we will have a clearer understanding. Thanks for the rational discussion, I always put my view forwards in the hope of learning something and modifying it accordingly. 😎
  5. How do you know? Sun spots, the Earth's recessional wobble, All the natural items such as volcanoes, forest fires, too many to mention, all have an effect on weather patterns. How on Earth can one isolate a specific gas or item of pollution as the principal cause?
  6. I thought we were talking about weather and floods and ice and rain and snow not a very, very small temperature change which has happened before industry many times, skating on the Thames anyone? Tropical vegetation and shells on the point of Ayre? Sea levels that covered most of the Northern plain? Volcanos that spew more pollutants in one day than mankind in a year, forest fires that do the same, countries that spew chemicals into the rivers and lakes, rockets and wars that kill, use Earths resources and devastate countries, flora and fauna and soil. That's fine just corrupt and disrupt ways of life, it doesn't matter nature will win in the end whether I have an i/c car or not so go ahead with your banning of fossil fuels on a little rock in the Irish sea but don't dare challenge China, Russia, USA, Brazil, Middle East, India, Pakistan or any of the other polluters that spew out more poison in a few minutes than the IOM does in a year. I'm off to feed the horse so that I can go shopping and blow the methane it produces, (much worse than CO2 for the atmosphere).
  7. Why then were there major climatic upheavals before the industrial revolution? Look back especially in the 1800s.
  8. Ginger is a good restaurant; we go every Friday.
  9. I am satisfied with the service and judging by a lot of 21st century, 'innovations', I would rather stay in the 20th century thank you.
  10. We only use the airport about once a year so that's no use to us. Because we use it so rarely, we find it difficult to use and I really don't like the thought of such an outfit having access to my card. The major gripe is not really about the Ring app but the fact that there was a simple, customer friendly system in place and as has been proved, a cheap to repair or replace system. This has been replaced by a system that many find difficult to use and at a cost that we are not allowed to know about. It appears to me that simple, cheap and useable are not words in our govt's. lexicon.
  11. So London is always the best system?
  12. .........and I still believe the car park is a total fiasco.
  13. Did Q's ma think she was bad noose?
  14. I went to school with Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. My mother wasn't bothered😎
  15. The poor supporters of active travel today, oh, they'll be ok though ......in their cars!
  16. Northumbia police just announced crackdown on super E bikes.
  17. 'Nice', but impractical. Every aspect of it is worse for the user than it was before they messed.
  18. We've already commented on this, One of the operatives set off without checking taps hence the wandering line and the attempt a few months ago to cover it with dark paint. It is not a bicycle lane but an honest mistake by an employee. The proper lane as you go past Jewsons, (or whatever it's called nowadays), has a broken white line so yes, you can use it in a car etc if a situation warrants it as long as there is not a cyclist in the part of it you need to use.
  19. It was because folk coulcn't afford cars and could barely afford a bike to get to work on. Also, as has been pointed out, most of Holland is flat and purpose built historically. IOM is very hilly, wet, cold, and narrow. I have no problem with a bicycle being used to get to work if that's all you can afford but I have a major problem with packs of specialist racing pattern bicycles using our roads or lanes as practice routes or exercise tracks. Take it or leave it, that's what I think and I speak as a long time touring cyclist in days of old. The priority should be fixing and maintaining the infrastructure before all these vanity projects that only ever benefit a minority.
  20. Well, I've just had a massive hedge removed, recommended trader, brilliant job, fellas worked really hard and price was most satisfactory. Recommended by people who had used them before. I always just put the word out and someone comes up with a name based on good experience of their work. Never liked, 'Rate my Tradie', sites. Too easily manipulated IMO.
  21. I would never use a business or tradesman if they hadn't been recommended by a friend or relative, so no need for branding, awards for excellence or any other bullshit.
  22. Well, I just wish someone with the authority would see the absolute shambles that has ensued over the past twenty or so years and do something about it. The island has declined so much, the govt. had grown beyond belief, and I really despair at what has happened to our beloved island and the fact that there appears to be no-one holding the reins who can even acknowledge the mess let alone try and fix it. The first step is recognizing the ongoing disaster and then taking steps to overcome it. The establishment is so well entrenched though that mere mortals are impotent in the face of such a strong position.😢
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