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  1. You surely do. I got the grand kids 1/4 size tractor and jeep out today after their winter hibernation, blew the tyres up and put the batteries on. After about half an hour, POOF, both sets of controllers up in smoke. Dunno why. The main triac blown on both of them. I built the things about three years ago so I suppose they have done reasonably well considering the full bore, drag starts that they have been subject to over the years. (Started by their dad when number one grandson kept beating him around the garden). I'll have to think of a better, simple system, maybe back to the old ways with
  2. No it shouldn't be 20000 watt,should be 2000w. well spotted. Nice set up on your van. My son in San Francisco has a similar set up on his van. ( the same as you) but he's a computer person so everything on the van is computerised, air temp, humidity, lighting, how long the kettle boils and sock smell test.....totally beyond me and dare I say unecessary? Still him and his missus are very, very computer persons, they may even have been absorbed into a system and they are really holograms! BTW. Did you get round to planting the spuds? Mine are just emerging, two lovely little leaves stickin
  3. Well spotted that man, it should have said 2000 watt. and it says its pure sine wave, thinking of if I have to use electronic stuff on it.
  4. Quick resume. Two 100 watt solar panels charging a bank of old batteries that power a 2000 watt inverter. The inverter powers my workshop, lights, bandsaw, drill battery charging, grinder etc. It's not quite powerful enough to power the welder and trips out. The other benefit is if we get a power cut it can easily power two freezers and a few lights, even in the winter. It is also quiet unlike the generator. The other solar system is in the campervan, a small half amp panel to keep the engine battery charged whilst parked up and a 2 amp panel to keep the domestic battery charged. Th
  5. Just had a solar panel delivered by Hermes. On time, in good order, no problems. Can't say I've ever had any probs. with them. Fingers crossed eh?
  6. 7000 UK citizens booked to arrive by plane to UK from Pakistan before deadline on Friday. (just reported in Independent.) Gosh!
  7. But..........were the tenders just picking stuff up or transferring personel ? in which case what about isolation....just curious.
  8. Once again see the Scandinavian countries where the option is public service or military service. works a treat.
  9. I'm sure we will but that's not the point. The problem is the proposed cost and the length of time the job will take compared to similar jobs in other jurisdictions. .........I think.
  10. I thought Andy's proposal was that as they have to string temporary cables then why not make them permanent and separate to the bridge while they have all the works to do anyway. I'm quite happy to be wrong.
  11. Stealth capability coating? Maybe she's eavesdropping on the important messages shooting between IOM and GB? I am joking!
  12. Doesn't alter Andy Onchan's proposal.
  13. Fillipo you really are an outspoken type of fellow. I did not impose my views on anyone by suggesting that some folk who take exercise to excess are selfish and yes, it does reflect what type of person I am. One who is concerned for other folk's welfare and the way that some people can affect that. In my opinion, some of your views are very accurate whilst other of your views reflect what type of person you are. I would not like to be like you or have a lifestyle like you but everyone to their own, that is your privilege. Welcome home.
  14. The cost and the time are just too expensive and too long. Check out costs and speed of build in other countries.
  15. doc.fixit

    Manx Care

    But as has been previously stated, how is the budget, the need and the spending reviewed and the years budget correlated to that review?...It isn't as far as I can see.
  16. I'm one of the vulnerable and don't get my second jab until the second week in May!
  17. It's the spy centre for the IOM.
  18. It's bloody disgusting that one human being can amass such an amount of wealth on the backs of the worker drones!
  19. Interesting but it honestly never did it anywhere else and it was used for work and competition.
  20. Don't tell them Roxanne Pyke! (I don't look anything like Capn. M thank goodness.)
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