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  1. Hmmm, mine broke it's crankshaft on the front journal............good British engineering....not
  2. Vondy's Vauxhall/ Opel................The place in K.M. sold Lada
  3. What work? The last three times I've been to Douglas I've honestly not seen anyone working ! In fact, I've only seen about two fellows in dayglo.
  4. I've never wanted a new car. Always been happy to buy vehicles that are at least ten years old but with low mileage, they are out there! We then keep them for as long as keeping them roadworthy is economically viable. At the moment we have a 2003 Maverick, 70,000 miles, for work, a 2007 Nissan Note, 60,000 miles and a 1998 VW campervan., 140,000 miles.
  5. Douglas-Bomb Site City-closed forever.
  6. But, I really do like soft crust pizzas, cheap from Shoprite Peel and then covered with all sorts of extra goodies by Mrs Doc. ( ham, peppers, prawns and, and, and)
  7. So, with respect, what do you suggest would be a way forwards?
  8. in Norway, I seem to re-call that commercial vehicles paid less fuel tax. There was a very strict definition of what a commercial vehicle is.
  9. Back boiler not gas boiler!. Jeez!
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