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  1. I use XC weather and then a quick check with two others to compare, fairly good result I think.
  2. If that's a fact why on earth didn't they follow good practice from elsewhere? It seems that we always try to invent the wheel instead of using proved methods.
  3. Hi, greetings and good luck, you'll need it!
  4. Did I say it's not happening? I have absolutely no idea whether any changes are man made or not, is that clear enough? I asked the question whether your informed scientific information base will change their minds in my lifetime? I have lived a very long time and experience indicates that most things are not cast in stone and humans are fallible. I am surprised that someone as apparently as clever as you is so absolutely certain that human pronouncements are accurate, mine certainly aren't. Hope that helps you to question your certainties more closely and that you live a long and happy life, I certainly have.
  5. of course RH was about taking from the rich to give back to the poor!..........I was pointing out that here the opposite takes place, the poor are robbed to pay the rich.........got it now?
  6. Do you mean like it used to be?
  7. It's Robin Hood in reverse! Rob the poor and pay the rich. All of the recent, 'innovations', only affect the pockets of the average fella, (in a negative way).
  8. No doubt, 'they', will do something bizarre, illogical and very, very costly!
  9. I wonder if I'll live long enough to see the, 'experts', say that alleged global warming is not man made.
  10. wonder if I'll still be around when, 'experts', tell us that climate change is not man made?
  11. and the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer..............ain't it all a bloody shame!
  12. yup, just tried three times to send a message. seemed to cycle between a new format and the old one.
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