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  1. When you guys have finished arguing and baiting each other shall we get back to the subject which sadly, in my opinion is based on comparing results based on a massive variety of calculating methods, therefore most arguments are spurious because the figures cannot be logically compared...but, I've already said this twice before.
  2. Feel free to give them all to me to spend, or save.
  3. Thanks. I already have code readers but they don't do the re-set of Volvo's module although they will read the faults and re-set the engine light. Also my sis in law insists on it,'being done properly'. (not by me!)
  4. they pointed us to Jacksons too.
  5. Sister-in-law has a Volvo c30, 2007 that has just had a new steering module fitted. She has now been without the car for over a month because the only person on the island who can use the computer at the garage has been ill for a few weeks, so she has been told. Does anyone know if there is more than one outlet on the island that can do this job? I'm being very careful not to name the garage concerned.
  6. clever things crows, we are lucky that don't bother us, they seem to just sit on the church spire and the surrounding trees.arguing with the seagulls.
  7. well that's good news, still no change in our garden though,,,,,,,,,sad.
  8. For the whole island? Are they on bicycles or are they allowed a car?
  9. Brilliant! Funniest thing on here for ages. I even laughed out loud.
  10. Well, they are arguing now which dept. is going to run the new border force. Bejaysus, more expense and empire building. I thought we couldn't even afford to run the Barrule properly and full time?
  11. Well the queen goes there!
  12. They must be hiding then because I haven't seen one for a year or two. I thought there weren't any dedicated traffic cops but I may be wrong. .....Flinty, what's the score?
  13. That's very sad to hear. Yes we have a small pond and a cultivated wilderness area which includes a bee hotel.
  14. It's those locked up folk catching to roast!...........(sorry)
  15. Yes, I got two good patches of nettles and a good few Buddleia black knight, (the butterfly tree).
  16. Oh yes, My small orchard and wild garden is specifically created for just that, bees, butterflies, and lots of seed heads for the birds. The concern I have is that most of the small bird breeds have frequented the gardens over the years in some numbers which is why it is so noticeable this year that there aren't any except for the robin. So sad.
  17. Just an observation, the main areas that people are complaining about missing out on are the ancillary parts of life. By that I mean life style activities as opposed to the every day necessities. ie going out for meals, parties, frivolous shopping, sports, holidays and foreign travel etc. as opposed to basic shopping, home and family, home cooking, dwelling maintenance, gardening etc. Now whilst I can see the enjoyable and social aspect of the ancillary parts of life they are not necessities and surely can be put on hold for a time? Just musing.
  18. Thought you always were. I certainly have got to the limit on occasion.
  19. Hmm, don't think that would happen round here, there are too many dogs.
  20. Thanks for that, how strange, your experience is the exact opposite of mine. As I said, we have an abundance of the blackbirds, thrushes etc but absolutely no small one at all and I notice there are fewer on our local walks as well.
  21. Totally agree.. I think it was the worst decision ever to do away with traffic cars. The most important part of road safety in my opinion. I'm afraid I still prefer local bobbies and a small station in each village/ town area. Of course we still need an HQ with specialists.
  22. How do you know it was a Ford?
  23. Well a member of the staff has just told Mrs.Doc that, 'It's a different branch of the business so TM won't be affected by the demise of the parent group'. Make of that what you will 'cos it's double Dutch to me.
  24. Our neighbour suggested that it might be a sparrow hawk he had seen around a lot this year, sounds reasonable, sadly I must agree. I had a close encounter with one a few weeks ago, scared the beejaysus out of me. I just was going through an arched gateway into the orchard as the hawk decide to do the same in the opposite way, bloody hell, talk about aerobatics.
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