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  1. I'm thinking, I'm thinking....no not working.
  2. I'm busily wading through, 'Radical Uncertainty', at the moment. It's well worth a brain reset by reading it IOM.
  3. Didn't even intimate that I would be happy!
  4. Oh yes, I'm in total agreement about accelerating fast being a brilliant sensation and I have followed American drag racing since the fifties and my own truck is over 200 bhp and accelerates like a crazy. So maybe more venues where speed lovers can enjoy their fix and then limit road vehicles and treat them as what they should be, comfortable, safe, practical transport.
  5. Why? Most modern small cars do 0-60 around ten seconds.
  6. So does that mean that super powerful cars won't be a selling point any more? Never understood why in the present climate the manufacturers are still producing cars of more than 100 bhp, especially in the UK with a max limit of 70 mph. Maybe it's just because of image and ego?
  7. Although most of the face workers aren't too bad
  8. Still think the KM to Peel road is a good example of how a road should be.
  9. doc.fixit

    Peoples Wood

    Hmm. I'm bemused! How on Earth can our little dot in the ocean have any affect whatsoever when the big polluters continue on their merry way? If the IOM was all trees with no IC engines or if it ceased to exist altogether there would be virtually no change to world pollution either way.
  10. I believe there is a major problem with getting rid of the blades as they can't be re-cycled? It's not very, 'green', is it if they only last twenty years and can't be re-cycled? Just think of the energy and pollution caused by manufacturing, building, transporting and maintaining.
  11. The shop needs to be twice the size and the car park three times as big. Wonder when they will apply for plannng?
  12. Hey, how ya doin? Haven't seen you on here for ages.
  13. Thanks for that. I would like to add beat policemen in local villages. I have never seen a foot policeman in all the years I have lived in Ballaugh. Bring back the village bobby and police house I say!
  14. I fancy a bus for everyone! I think I'd turn mine into a campervan.
  15. The legislation should say they are illegal!
  16. It's the arrogance that gets me, why can't they just admit they haven't a clue and that they have made a massive cock up of the whole thing. Even the police are saying that the finished prom will be an asset and a wonderful first view of Douglas. What is it with folk, do they actually believe their misguided view of the island's needs? Jeez thrice over.!!
  17. There is no comparison between Mr Cringle and the current incumbent.
  18. He visited our house campaigning today, Jeez, he's even worse than I thought.
  19. Exactly, most proposals only affect the lower income brackets
  20. ......................and can afford an EV!!
  21. All of my vehicles are well older than that. Oh well, typical I suppose, those that can least afford it are hit the most, as usual. ( 2007 Nissan Note, £1500, 2003 working 4wd £900, converted camper van 1997 £2000.) So one of them will have to go at least, maybe two. Thinking about it the van is diesel so won't be affected and our joint annual mileage is only about 6000 miles. Sorry, just musing out loud.
  22. Cosmo's vintage shop is pretty good.
  23. Tried to watch the flight path on, 'flightradar', but didn't show?
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