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  1. I think, regardless of how conspiracy theories are viewed, it has  to be accepted that the, 'privileged and moneyed elite', have a very good chance of getting away with almost any cruel, anti-social and often criminal activity.

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  2. But then you get such absolute idiocy like the de-restriction sign at the end of Ballacry road. Have you seen the end of the road where it turns off the main Ballaugh to Sulby road?

    It is just over a truck width and some very tight bends.................so..............it's designated unrestricted, you can go as fast as you like!

    What an utterly ridiculous situation our roads are in. It really does need a complete re-appraisal of which limit is on each road with maybe a maximum of 60mph, overall.

    Whilst I wouldn't vote for UK type MOTs, I would vote for spot checks as I outlined and speed limits that are completely checked and re designated island wide by someone sensible....if only.

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  3. 48 minutes ago, Neil Down said:

    the Fatal 4, Any accidents resulting from these should be penalised as below:

    Speed - Instant 6 month ban with a test to get your licence back

    seatbelts - Heavy fine + penalty points

    mobile phones - Heavy fine, Instant 24 month ban with a test to get your licence back

     drink driving - Heavy fine, instant 5 year ban advanced driving course plus test to get your licence back

    plus car crushed!

    I say again, roadside tests, lots of them and not announced and not in one place for long........THEN if anything serious found, off to the GOVERNMENT testing station.

    Definitely NOT a profit making organisation............after many years in the garage industry I would still rather sort my own vehicles out having seen some of the practices in big, commercial garages........PLEASE NOTE, I am not talking about many/ of the island's smaller, owner/mechanic garages, some of which I do trust.

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  4. 1 hour ago, 2112 said:

    I’m sorry but I’m going to defend Derek on this subject. I’m afraid the public figures quoted by the Director of Public Health are mostly correct, but unfortunately have upset one sector of society, who hate the truth, and would rather the truth is swept under the lumpy carpet.

    As I previously posted on here I have no problem with MOTS being introduced on a yearly.

    As I previously posted on here I have no problem with the introduction of speed limits, local and nationally. 

    Unpopular decisions have to be made, sadly we would made, which the Politicos are afraid of making. Vested Interests? Afraid to upset the TT lobby? We can always handwring at the next Coroners of Inquests findings, like the findings of Michael Moyle at the great TT accident fiasco of times gone by, ignored!

    Show me the statistics that indicate the number of deaths and injury caused by un-roadworthy vehicles in the Isle of Man and then justify your comments.

    I agree with your other point of view about speed limits and their enforcement.

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  5. Thinking of getting rid of MT landline and going to Sure. Wife has I phone and I have a simple Doro, (no data usage), and a laptop with modem.

    Suggested that we use wife's phone as hot spot.

    Trying to get my head round it all and ask questions

    1. will 50gb be adequate?

    2.can phone be used as phone while someone else uses it as hotspot?

    We don't download videos or films and may use you tube for an hour or two each evening for music and I use it for 'e' banking and checking tech details occasionally.

    Totally flummoxed by all internet tech.but hope it would work and be cheaper.

    Can any of you give us any guidance? please/thank you



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