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  1. But why? It's so sad that some humans need drugs, booze, fags or other stimulants to lead their lives. Why on earth do folks need adrenelin or anything else? Life is exciting and stimulating without extra chemicals IMO. but then I'm lucky.

  2. Lots going on today but it all seems so confused. holes dug here, filled in there, concrete here concrete dug up there. Hole being dug in a side street. As an engineer I can't see rhyme nor reason, it just seems a chaotic, furious frenzy of un-coordinated disaster. Just STOP! Re-group and do it properly.

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  3. perhaps it could be arranged that we are actually told the truth about faults, costs and potential on costs. Also the actual amount of hours that it has actually run compared to how long it has been owned......Then, maybe, fingers could be pointed, blame apportioned and appropriate action taken...........I won't hold my breath.

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  4. 5 hours ago, The Duck of Atholl said:

    How about the fact that all of our unrestricted roads are single carriageways with adjoining roads which are not slip roads (some of which are hidden) and which are not as straight as a die like motorways yet motorways most of which have 3 or 4 lanes travelling in the same direction are restricted to 70mph?

    I'd call that a no brainer for restriction

    Exactly what I was trying to say. If you notice, I've been saying it for years! Review all roads and LOGICALLY reappraise where and what the speed limit should be.Then, DO IT NOW.

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  5. Well my neighbour is from the UK and has opted to continue to receive his UK pension. He thinks its hilarious that not only is his pension greater than mine, (which includes the Manx supplement), he also receives a winter bonus and a heating allowance. Who's the mug?

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  6. Kirkmichael by pass would have been an excellent project and wouldn't have buggered up the traffic while they messed up building it. Instead they are going to make an almighty mess of the existing road and it still won't work properly.

  7. 15 hours ago, woolley said:

    Not in the real world. People want their own private space just as they do at home and they want it parked right where they are and ready to go just when they want to go. They aren't going to get a bus to pick up some utilitarian pool car that some sweaty scrote has been farting and picking his nose in. No votes in it. Not gonna happen. 

    I agree. No car/taxi firm will lend me a 4x4 to get to work or tow a trailer or carry wood from the beach or put the dogs in or generally use for my needs neither will a bicycle nor public transport work for me or many more like me. This is a small, working, rural island, NOT an urban, elitist, environmentalist's playground!

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