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    FSI Douglas?

    Free Speech Institute
  2. Just out of interest I have two five year old machinery shed doors made from MDF, painted with one base coat of very thinned paint followed by two top coats. Still going strong and not warped.
  3. A more real life scenario is do you save your wife and kids and get them away from the scene safely and quickly, thereby sacrificing the 99, or do you take the risk of trying to shoot or otherwise neutralise the terrorist, save the 99 and risk your loved ones?
  4. mv. Goldmine. mv. Deep Pockets. mv. Govt. Choice. mv. Last ditch. mv. Resident's Dilemma. mv. Pension. mv. Rip Off. mv. Pension Chest. mv. Profit Motive. Stupid, but there ya go. I'll go back to sleep now!
  5. Yes, I think a lot of the discussion problem is that folk are saying that humans are, 'causing', climate change instead of saying they are exacerbating or making existing climate change more extreme. I would have a lot less problem with that viewpoint and it might even lessen the more vocal and extreme comments and implausible methods of attempting to counteract it.
  6. doc.fixit

    Bags for life...

    I just continue to use my good old cotton carrier.
  7. Not much good when you claim off ABTA and they then refer you to claim off the credit card company as do the insurance co. It seems that ABTA really are the last resort and then the struggle starts all over again.
  8. Thanks John, I'm grateful for the explanation rather than the cryptic comments of the previous poster. 1. If the tour operator has received that payment, eventually, then what has happened to that payment? Just gone? Paid the directors massive salaries no doubt. 2. Is the credit card company insured or does it just lose the cash it pays back?
  9. Of course I realise that. But I presume that the credit card co. pay the cash to the travel company that I am doing business with, thereby paying for the goods or services. That means that the travel company has x amount of cash in their coffers to pay for those goods or services. I then pay back the credit card co. That to me means that the travel company has a lump of money, therefore, do the travel company pay that lump back to the credit card co? If not how does the credit card co get their money back? Or does the travel business company still have that lump? If they do, why can't they just pay it back to their customers?
  10. Staying over, We went through all the hoops and still the two credit card companies we used came back and asked for more information. The one claim is still outstanding but presumably being attended to, the second company has credited my credit card account with the amount in dispute pending the outcome, whatever that means. I believe it is almost impossible to actually get actual cash back. The desk staff at Freedom have been helpful in the sense that they gave us the information they had been told to give but it really wasn't any more than we had already found out ourselves accompanied by lots of, I feel, genuine sympathy even though it's no use in helping our re-imbursment. I believe last resort, if our claims are refused, is to claim off ABTA's own insurance. Hmmm. We will see but I am of the same opinion as you about Freedom Travel. One question I would ask is if they received our payments via the credit card company, why don't they just pay us back? All the best in your quest for recompense.
  11. doc.fixit

    Bags for life...

    Interesting discussion? When I was very young my Nan used shopping bags made from fabric. When I was pre teenage we had the miraculous paper carrier bags. When I was a young man plastic carriers came in. When I was an older man, plastic carriers were on their way out and bags for life were coming in. Now I'm the same age as my Nan was when I was very young, shopping bags made from fabric are the rage. Long time passin', it all goes round and starts again.
  12. You've not been on the Peveril then?
  13. they maybe cops, but there not dedicated traffic cops.
  14. I wonder if the apparent poor driving could be slightly overcome by police patrols ? I seem to re-call that there used to be dedicated traffic police a while ago. I certainly don't see any traffic cops at all nowadays. Now I think about it didn't one of the chief constables withdraw the traffic division?
  15. loading staff who are actually friendly and aware that it is difficult to interpret vague hand signals and snapped commands in a noisy environment.
  16. was it the oil running out before the end of the 20th century?
  17. Aren't we all missing something here? Wouldn't it be a great time to instigate all island voting and at the same time reduce the number of MHKs and maybe get rid of the upper house. Just a few thoughts for discussion.
  18. That would make anyone happy John. Glad for you and hope the good news keeps coming.
  19. doc.fixit


    .........and don't forget the consultants!
  20. He should follow current laws BUT I thought it was reported that he's never had anything off the state?
  21. I don't know why you are giving him the publicity by answering him. You answers are clear and succinct. He is wrong, you and your interpretation of the law are correct, end of discussion with him and his nonsense. In my opinion.
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