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  1. But why? Aren't they satisfied or just greedy?
  2. all these acronyms, I'm just going to check what it all means...lol
  3. but what happens to their common sense?.......(both pedestrians and cyclists).....The same applies on the roads BUT then there are those motorists who have no sense in the mix as well. I cannot understand why anyone, vulnerable cyclists, vulnerable pedestrians or controllers of lethal vehicles put themselves and others into dangerous positions just to prove a point or how clever or macho they are and I include women in this comment.
  4. It's the nasal whine that gets me coupled with the accent and because she has worked as a nurse she believes she understands all societies ills.
  5. doc.fixit


    without supporting anyone particular, I wonder who the bullies are now?
  6. There you are, we all feel better now!............they're all still slimeballs though.
  7. ooh, you are awful!
  8. Although non of us has much idea of what will really happen and how Boris the Bold will work out I would suggest that his job is to actually see the end game, and the path and the detail are his generals' job. He's the director not the drone.............I think..............although all of them drone....maybe, probably, mumble, mumble, dribble, sleep.
  9. Thanks folks! I just had to vent my spleen. The old lady was getting fed up of my grumpiness.
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