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  1. I got a VIP pass in game to get to the first of the line! WAHOO! That's what you get for freezing your balls off 6 hours earlier =P If you see some dude cutting in line, that'd be me!
  2. Right, off to go down now. See you guys there!
  3. I'll be down there at 5:45ish. You'll see me there. Come say hi if you wish. =P
  4. Bring some food too. I'll be starving by then! XD
  5. I've got basketball till 9pm, so think I'll pop home, shower, COD4 ( kiss that good bye for ever ) and then head down at about 11pm then. Dont want to be stuck at the back all night, freezing my small gonads off. Good times in deed, girls just dont under stand the concept of COD............its my new line " do you play COD, whats your favourite weapon and level? Do you like the SpetzNaz or the SAS? " Its mostly blokes that over hear reply The cheek. I'll be outside GAME when the shop closes. I've got a bloody long wait, but It'll be worth it. I'll be wearing a duffle coat and a white hoody if anyone wants to say hi Also I'm gonna be doing some promoting for my website so if anyone wants to have a word ill try and get it filmed =P
  6. I'll be there! yeah I have time off this week....mmm..I lost my pre-order paper, but I got the pre-order text on my mob, so is that enough? I'm gonna be there at about 4-5pm, about the time when the shop closes. Then I'm gonna sit there and wait for the game to open at midnight. hopefully I'll be first in line for the game, or semi first. >=]
  7. I thought I'd post this for all the Manx Xbox gamers on the island as I own this website myself with my cousin and I'm living on the island. Would be great to get some members from the island on there! Join our friendly community and website at http://XboxGamingCentral.com! We have game reviews, guides and strategies, awards and competitions in the future! If you have a gamertag, then your welcome (Not sure where to post this as it's a website but for gaming. If you have a problem with it being here you can move it accordingly )
  8. SnowWolf

    Some Advice.

    That's a good idea. Would definatley be worth the trip up there anyway.
  9. SnowWolf

    Some Advice.

    Where would be the best place to advertise my gaming website on the island? I have an Xbox gaming community at http://xboxgamingcentral.uk.to (soon to be .com) But I was told the best way to get more members is to advertise physically on the island.. I was thinking of asking places like GAME and HMV to put some leaflets/posters up for me. I'm not sure if they'd say yes though. I guess the best way is word of mouth, but I need some more ideas. Anyone have any?
  10. Rented Clean Disk = Install game Scratched Disk = Used for loading the installed game.
  11. Hey guys, I was wondering if theres any place in douglas where I can rent call of duty 4. my cousin has scratched his cod4 disk, and tried to get it fixed by taking it to faze 2 and letting them try and repair it, to no luck. I suddenly had the idea. I could rent CoD4, and then install it to my cousins harddrive. So it wouldnt need to load data from his CD, and from the harddrive instead. So, any places where I can rent it? edit- cod4 for xbox 360
  12. I preordered it off amazon because of the free controller but I heard that they wasnt doing it anymore, so I'm thinking of going down town and getting it.. is it in shops yet? This is the band bundle im talking about.
  13. Hey, I'm 18, and I moved over to the Isle of Man when I was about 7, so thatd make it about 11 years I've been here. I hate seeing some underage drinking teenagers in gangs (chavs) prowl the streets down town every weekend, binge drinking on their cheap drinks, messing around and fooling about. For some people, it can be intimidating. Well not for me. I decided that I wanted to join the police force and help out with getting these idiots off the streets and clean up the island, as well as other things that could be improved. I think the police should be doing a lot more, so the best way would be to join them! I've been looking on the goverment website, gathering information, and one of the main requirements to join the police force would be that I required a driving license. This I do not have, because I walk to destinations all the time, or if too far away, I just take a bus. But I think its time that while I'm young, I should start learning. I don't earn a lot of money, so I'd need to find an instructor that is medium priced, but also a good teacher. I like flexible teachers that accept that I am willing to learn and will make mistakes sometimes. I've taken a few lessons a year or two back, and the Instructor was awful. All he did was bark and yell whenever you did something wrong, instead of doing the right thing and explain what happened and what I did which made the situation go wrong. I thought it would be best to ask around, and I thought, where should I start? Then suddenly I remembered this place! So guys, do you know of any instructors that have a good reputation and has a fair price? EDIT- Ah.. there is a topic.. right above mine. Boy do I feel like a fool. I'll take a look at that topic instead!
  14. you reckon anyone would actually buy this game when it comes out? I hope they do
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