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    Loads of things really, I'm into most sports (esp. cricket). Love music and playing/writing songs on my guitar.<br><br>etc...<br>etc...
  1. Im listening to a mixed bag really, alot of Led Zeppelin lately and also Drive - by Incubus, I love that song at the moment. It must be the opening guitar riff.
  2. Cheers Uni they're lookin good, can't wait till the film comes out!!
  3. lol, well what can i say, (I also live in Sulby ) but cheers for the concern!
  4. Ok, I am looking to form a band with my mate, (Phil Barry - Sulby), but we desparatley need a drummer... any offers either post here or send me an e-mail (adamski@manx.net)
  5. who the xxxx are you?
  6. well i live in sulby lol, might have to pop down and see if there is anyone i know around!
  7. im not gay!!! and who art thou?? plus i have never got pissed in sulby lol
  8. Ok guys, what modern bands are amongst your favourites?? I know they aren't that modern, but Muse are amazing
  9. closest i've got is seeing the video,
  10. You're having a giraffe!!! :(. what about Chazfest??
  11. probably the locla favourite...BELTHANE!!!!
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