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  1. I really hate it when someone doesnt pass on the pot too.
  2. Ill ask Jebba if he fan cies doin it for a laugh
  3. All these words are just burning my brain man and where has the old way of saying things gone on the computer. That jis took me ages to read and I still cant fathom it. Ill try tomorrow though when my mind has cooled off a touch but still good to see you though/
  4. I wonder if they have to say the truth though or just goes, well no one will know really or oh I forgot about that one. Which some of us do now and again maybe
  5. Not since those funny looking bikerrs with leathers and dennims waistcoats and big patches on there backs and stuff took over the name. I think the moddy dhoo is more of a teddy bear than a big black growling dog thise days.
  6. When I read the news from the BBC, I was just about ready to pull the head off me knob.
  7. woaaah im dizzy and i dont know whats happening i think im at my house i odnt remmember i watched news tv why are they sofunny? be be bo babe i think my dog is saying my name theres patterns in my rug. bap bu de dap. Ill call jane told me not to take anymore. there was a police telling me not to smoke weed and i told him i diddnt. why are the wires glowing. i dont remember my name what the fuck? whsd wh who is this? am i talking to somebody? can the computer hear my thoughts? what? ftjf fucki myclock is floating tghism usic oisd itnzardt i can touch the universe taste an\d feel it i like dancingg theres a world growing in my mind exploding like a masssive bomb the sun is giving life to a new ear\th im listeingi to music ive jumped through the window in the portal of the space time continum. ive achived happiness love is everywhere i feel the touch of the gods aginst my skin this music makes me think about all the things that are good im falling through the heavens in a mind engaged rampage theres a bug on my wall its telling me to find the way ive found the way and now that i have. im happy i am in complete bliss i dont know how much time has passed but its fallling through time WAt theres a man telling me to draw i don tknow what time it is i put a 3 becuase i thought it looked cool i drew pretty pictures this trip is so long i dont know whats happening to me anymore what is the time? i wrote this entry like 4 hours ago yet only some hell came to take me away and the chair was getting bigger and smaller so is my computer monitor drawing is fun this man told me to do it he told me to draw a tree so i did i have many drawings now they are artistic its amazing theres so much happyness im so scared i dont know whats going on im in a breathing room. im going to stop recording times its much more then 3 hours now but i dont know how much ive lost all my senses when i fell through the window in the portal. whats happening to me? the drawings i made are trippy? and i like my sees what? tool is cool? the band trips me out im conversing with my head i dont know whats going on to me i dont know i dont know im in a state of misconseptions and disbelif i feel my head falling from me things are strange and alien i think im falling but im flying portals in my mind happyness and hardships i dont want to turn around, there might be a reeper or a creeperi looked behind me but i see nothing. i dont know whats going on. please save me. the light is cool now its hot now its cool. i need to water my brain with the seed of life this trip of what is scaring me i feel everything is trapping me in a box theres a box on my head as robbie would say nobody can hear me. nobody can hear me? if nobody can hear me who am i talking to? the way the octogons move in my mind i want to draw again my drawings scare me sometimes i dont know what i drew im messed up right now i dont know whats going on i dont klow woahhh moee schoee everything is peicing togather the universe and space the speakers are talking to me. if i can decypher the criptic sayings of the music i find the voice of all that is good who wrote the meaning of my soul? who did the coding for my skin and my brain? the sky the gods the people the parents the time told the letters that tell my genetic coding whats with me? how did i come to be who i am today? the lyrics in my head are off of me there is more to life then fantasy there is living in the present watching the swirls grow as i fall. i think that my life is woah wee me im scared. ive had flashbacks of eairler times in my life woners and times. sailing for somereason comes to mind and i think of all the good times i think this day is mine? where is my watch? is it in a safe place? whatt its weird and trippy i feel strange please dont hurt me. dont hurt the letters that im typing. my door is too small for me to go downstairs again. i must stay up here. im transitioned by the places of time water grew where there was once ice. time is in the eye of the beholder. i think about this because sometimes time moves slow and othertimes fast amazingly i dont know how. thinking about this deeply i dont know what to think. is there really such thing as time? is there? what is it if there is? if there is time why does it slow or speed up? time is supposed to be constant, time i do not think is real. i found my soul in a box of reason im touching the skies of insainity i think all of the greatest minds in this universie have been on drugs everything shows a pircure of nothing and everything. all of life. why am i typing what im thinking? it seems like its been foreever but its only been 2 minutes. see this is why i say time is not real. i feel like ive aged for hours on end for the past 2 minutes. space is the coolest thing ever its massive bigger then i can fathom in my head. why am i typing all of this? who will read my random babbling? but space goes on forever and ever. where is the end? and what is the end of space and time? where is there a wall where there is nothing? and what is this nothing? how big is the universe? is it infinite? are we just a molecule in the skin of another creature? our enitre universe is just a cell of another creathure, now time has stopped space has continued. everything is bending. stop breathing walls please stop breathing. i want some food i typed i want some food? i thought i just thought that not typed it. eating did not go well, i forgot how. i wonder if i'll ever be the same again of if forever i'll be trapped in this trip please help me. im scared im very scared. i was ready for anything but this. feelings i dont know i dont knowidontfeel anything now. my brain is falling down a tube of sorrow what is happening? skip skip along the path of life i dont know how or what is happening i see a path that forks in two its a colorful path and it seems to be made of brick which way do i choose? i have to think about it... where do they lead to? who knows never knowing i dont know i dont know what im saying anymore why am i typing why am i alive? why is there life? what is going on? im desperate? am i? what am i feeling? these drugs make me feel like im in a ring of fear i cannot excape from i dont know whats goign on i cannot explain it should i sleep? yes im going to sleep it off. goodnight. i think ive gone insane. i shouldnt have taken those i think im permentaly like this help me! from this place it feels like a dark room im going to sleep. i hope im not like this forever. . goodnight.
  8. well I'm not too sure what your all on about to be perfectly honest, so ive not much too say on this
  9. well if you ask me we should have kept quiet because when you think about it the English aren't going to be all that happy about the people who invest millions of pounds over here so they can go skiing each year and send there kids to posh schools too. Well the chancelor is going to say "hey, I know the Isle of Man now, thanks for reminding me I was goeing to do something about that one day" Unless as someone already said he is part of it because you never know do you
  10. well it is always nice and clean and that when we go there and it has to be kept tidy and smart lets face it. but when you think of all the people who are involved in building a big house for that sort of money then I do wonder what they are goeing to do, especially when you tthink that buying a house for 300 thousand pounds includes the cost of the land which is pretty expensive so really the example shown is even worse.
  11. when she came her she said how lovely the place was and was always smiling about it. then some of our own celebrity bloke agreed with her and was smiling too along side her and he said something like :- even better we are the Isla of Man and we can do whatever we like. I think he ment by way of laws and rules but if you asked me it sounded prety arogant considering all the money men over here and there are some people like her who simply aren't impresed with greediness and money men either. If you ask me she probably realised and met some pretty unpleasant people or at least knows of them to make her think like that but so would you if you had been exposed to fat cats When I lived across I met a pretty nasty bloke from the isleand who was filthy rich and he and his family made me say ugggh, I don't like the Isle of Man much even though we had never been there then, but in reality there are lots of quite nice people here. So I would say she said it from her experiences maybe.
  12. added to say, thst as far as I am aware I have never owned a condom. But after googleing I now realise it is best to have one just in case.
  13. well i dont take many holdays but tt is a must sept they still need to cleen offices but anyway we were down cstletown for s100 classes and there was a yung woman pushing a pram with a 3 month old baby and actually looking for the father who she met the once in and out side the George or was it the Union pub. Anyeway she said she could recognise him anyday becasue he was wearing a black leather bikersjacket, jeans and had greasy hair. I suppose it all adds up to cross-breeding which is you is a good race of peoples.
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